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The Confession [FOLLOWERS]

FOLLOWERS Sunny and Natsume.mp4_snapshot_08.21_[2020.03.05_13.49.01]
Sunny and Natsume (FOLLOWERS Series)

So, as some might have seen the disparity between the video posted and the words written in the last post, I had a completely different video in the beginning but Netflix struck and blocked my video worldwide because I had Sunny’s Love Confession in there!!

I had no choice but to cut it out and re-do the video going from an almost 9minute video to just 5! And so, I know not all will be able to get their hands on the series, at least not anytime soon so to not be left out, here are the captions of the confession that I grabbed from my other video!

Still, I feel like only a video would do justice to this scene! Natsume’s emotions in this scene made the confession that much better and it was already great just from the skeleton of it!

Anyway, enough talk. Jump over for the confession!

PS: Sunny is girlfriend goals!!!!

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FOLLOWERS [Netflix Japan]



Followers.2020.S01E02.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 01;35;03.482 Followers.2020.S01E02.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 01;47;09.861
Followers.2020.S01E01.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 12;14;48.032 Followers.2020.S01E01.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 12;27;41.919
FOLLOWERS Sunny and Natsume.mp4_snapshot_08.04_[2020.03.05_13.48.26]
Followers.2020.S01E05.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 08;10;09.163 Followers.2020.S01E05.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 08;16;41.074
Followers.2020.S01E03.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 10;46;01.076 Followers.2020.S01E04.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv - 17;27;17.295
FOLLOWERS Sunny and Natsume.mp4_snapshot_03.09_[2020.03.05_13.42.23]
So much WIN but so much PAIN too >.<

Mika Ninagawa strikes again!!!

Yes, this is that Director that slapped some sense into the Idol world with AKB48’s Heavy Rotation MV! She then went on to kill it in the movies with Sawajiri Erika’s return hit Helter Skelter, that also starred Mizuhara Kiho, both of whom by the way, are among the cameos that graced this Netflix series – Followers!!!

Given her limited number of projects though, I think I have already pegged her! She is in that same slot as Sion Sono as they have a lot in common in the way they shoot their projects and the subject matters they put forward along with the way they shoot their yuri!!!

Speaking of yuri, our girl Sunny (played by KOM_I) is the fuckin shit!! Total girlfriend material right here! Her character is worlds and beyond fuckin everything!!! She is cool, she is fashionable, she is good hearted, she is 100% gaygod, she is an artist, she is a goddamn ICON!!!

God Damn, I only watched this series yesterday and I already dreamed about her! Like, what the hell even…

Now, as for the real meat of the yuri in this show, and by that I mean Sunny and Natsume (Ikeda Elaiza), this was the most painful love I have seen in a long while! I am kinda pissed off at the ending, like, they did not make it clear where Sunny and Natsume stand!

Yeah, one can guess that she loves Dick and does not return Sunny’s feelings but all we go that shows that she denied her was the (maybe) sorry she gave during the confession scene but one can take is too as her apologising for un-knowingly hurting Sunny!

And Sunny did make it clear that she would be loving Natsume still from now on and forever given the way she swore to stand by Natsume no matter what! Watch the video to see what a great confession scene that was!

And speaking of video, I think I broke the record of longest MV ever!!! Like, almost 9 frikkin minutes people!!! NINE MINUTES!!!!

You thought I pitied those that watch just less than two minutes of an MV in the last post? Heh, poor people will want to go lie down for a week after this one, if they manage to finish it this decade ^^

Seriously though, I am happy with it and I think it needed to be that long to deliver the full feelings of Sunny and show Natsume’s side too. Yeah, it’s the dialogue that makes it that long!

Anyway, back to the love story, Nina left us hungry for the conculsions like she did with Helter Skelter’s Ririko and Kozue during the ending when Kozue went to Ririko’s bar!

That’s kinda of a dick…sorry, vagoo move there Mika!

But even so, all kinds of shippers can construct their own endings. Though it is sad that we never got a private convo between SUnny and Natsume since the confession (that happened in ep7 of 9), Natsume still interacted with Sunny as usual, in fact the very first kiss we see her give Sunny (albeit on the cheek) came after the confession so…And that tender moment during Limi’s final speech, kind of reflecting how Sunny held her face during the confession, is all kinds of mutualism, if you know what I mean…

But, even if one thinks that this is one-sided, it makes no difference! Sunny still made out with two other hot girls, in two of the hottest make out scenes you will ever see on Japanese Television! Nah, you will never see that on Japanese Television! That was ‘The Forest of Love’ levels of hotness!!!

Anyway, jump over for the caps…


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AI ~ Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou [J-Drama]

アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00272 アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00062
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00020
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00252 アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00180
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00243
AI – Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou

The yuri story that we deserve but first, credit where credit is due!

Did you fall in love with Ikeda Elaiza watching ‘Boku wa Mari no Naka’? Did you feel robbed when you first get to know her in such a disheartening queer-bait of a story? Well, you are not alone! Either way you choose to look at it, our girl of the year (other than Gal of course) went out of her way to cleanse us new fans of hers by giving us two series that ran back to back. When this show was airing (beginning of last month), ‘Boku wa’ was also airing at the same time, still is in fact.

Our girl did not have to, but she did anyway. She decided to give us another ‘off the books’ series, so to speak, one that actually has yuri, unlike that despicable ‘Boku wa’. I truly hate that show with a passion! But despite my feelings towards the story, I can’t deny that the girls were brilliant in it, especially Elaiza! I have so fallen in love with her since then and I was turning the interwebs hunting for more relevant works of hers when I stumbled upon this gem!

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Boku wa Mari no Naka Official MV

indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00137
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00014 indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00092
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00180 indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00174
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00082
indigo la End – Kane Naku Inochi / 鐘泣く命 MV

You know what, I don’t care anymore. Mari and Yori have won me over three whole weeks before the show has even began! The teaser had already got my curiosity but with this MV, this drama now has my attention!

Before I continue it is only right to thank one of my Readers gekikara hachibi for bringing this MV to my attention. I seriously don’t know how I missed it.

It was so good! The first impression I got was that this show is gonna look so beautiful! I already suspected from the teaser but that being only 720p kind of had me missing the quality aspect of it but this MV, if the actual show is anything like this, it is going to be one of the most beautiful shows ever! And depending on the result, it is going to be one of the very few TV shows I get on Blu-ray. That is if it does get released on that platform! Shows rarely get BD releases but this just has quality oozing out of it so hopefully it does well and that is usually a sure way to getting it on BDs!

Also, while I watched the teaser I had come up with some conclusions and this MV drove the points home for me. Mari and Yori’s relationship is going to be one filled with pain and emotions and that point was supported with what I saw in the MV. It seems Yori is going to be the one most affected but since I don’t have all the answers, no answers at all as to the story, I can’t speculate.

Okay, maybe a little. A spoiler kind of flew across my eyes (damn you internets) that said that the Guy (as the title implies really) was just Mari’s imagination. But in the teaser, when Mari says ‘Boku Yori-san ga suki’. I took it as the guy saying he loves Yori, when he is in control. This was what had me frowning because it would be kind of like that Korean show where an old guy was given a second chance and came back in the body of a woman! I hate that sneaky attack where it isn’t actually 100% gay.

I thought it was the same story here where it is not Mari herself but rather the guy inside that was in love with Yori.

But then get this!

I wonder if it was a spoiler but in the MV, there is this scene which I took it as happening inside Mari’s mind, somehow, because if it was in her mind how did Yori get there? But then again, it can’t be anything but that because of the lighting and everything that hinted at a different plane of existence. Anyway, in this scene all three are present; Mari, the guy and Yori. This scene showed a possessive Mari, a brooding/scared Guy and frightened Yori, frightened of the advancing Mari.

This confused me because it looked like Mari was fighting for Yori and the Guy did not seem that interested! There were no answers here but that is all I need. I am sure we shall get them in the show when it begins airing next month.

Sadly, the kiss teased in the teaser did not make it in the MV but what we got instead were other great moments between our girls like Mari taking Yori over to her place, then there was that moment where they were on the rooftop and Yori was about to slap Mari but instead she leaned forward into Mari and rested her head against Mari’s bosom. Talk about a show after my own heart! And let’s not forget that opening scene to the MV, I can’t wait to see what that is all about. I am sure it is going to be an important one, the way Mari was taken aback by what Yori had said.

Then there is also that scene where Mari pulls Yori on top of her. The lighting in that scene had me salivating at how both beautiful and romantic it looked. Lord help me.

I know that we have three weeks before the show drops but Mari/Yori are already towards the top of my list of ships for this year! I mean you never know, we might get surprised and have a YURI END! If the show progresses the way that both the teaser and the MV did, in that the Guy takes most of the early episodes where as Mari takes the later ones, we might be in for a surprise ending you all!

Anyway, jump over for more delicious caps and the videos…..

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