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Nogizaka Danso Returns

Ikuchan! Miona!! Nanase!!! >.<

But something is very wrong with this video. I can’t put my finger on it but something is wrong and stopping me from losing my mind over this CM/Next Single?/Making of!

A Cookie to who knows what’s wrong…

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Nogizaka 46 – Influencer

乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.mp4 - 00067
乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.mp4 - 00112 乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.mp4 - 00018
乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.mp4 - 00000
乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.mp4 - 00047 乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.MKV - 00001
乃木坂46 『インフルエンサー』.MKV - 00000

Almost perfect, almost!

Song? Perfect! Choreography? Perfect! Costume Design and Makeup? Perfect!! Overall Senbatsu? Perfect! PV Quality? Perfect!!

Wait a minute, those are all perfects so it should be 100% perfect! What are you on Black Gekikara?!

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[NOGIBINGO] Merry Xmas Nogizaka!

161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00415
161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00143 161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00383
161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00229
161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00109 161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00104
161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00181
161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00094 161220 NOGIBINGO!7~サンタコスでファンのお願い叶えます!~.ts - 00115
i fear nothing

Holy! What an episode! Talk about fan-service! All them ships sitting together and being given focus continuously! Waka-sama and Minami-chan teleporting right next to their respective lovers when you least expect things to get even better! The silent battle between Minami-chan and Miona!


Okay, so maybe this was more fan-servicing if you were me who likes Ikoma-kun and ships her Minami-chan(Alpha) and Miona (Beta) and also if you ship the others like Waka-sama/Reika, Kazumin/Nanase, Marika/Sayuri because if you are, this is one Christmas present we got right here!

Jeez, talk about going straight for the jugular! There I was, already flipping out on finally having Ikoma-kun and Miona in the same frame sitting right next to one another in…so long I don’t even remember if they ever sat together before, which as you can imagine, it is a big deal! But then we get Kazumin right next to Nanase, and since this takes place right after their ship won the last episode’s couple battle, emotions are still high in regards to them!

Then seemingly out of no where Waka-sama shows up, and lo and behold, she is right next to waifu Reika and I am ready for this party to get going! While I am enjoying seeing Ikoma-kun and Miona chilling right next to one another, trying to not salivate from the corner of my mouth at how delicious they look together (it really has been forever since I saw them so close), and after I almost get a heart attach from Ikoma-kun’s cool pause for the camera that had me fall in love with her even more…

Out of nowhere, even as I almost gave up on that happening, we close in on Ikoma-kun but not with her and Miona as I had anticipated but all three!!! With MINAMI-CHAN?!!! I was like…

cant breathe

In addition, nothing close of wanting to find out who the camera men are on this show and give me each a Christmas present in return for their great work on this episode, we did not end up having just a three-shot until the end of the episode! Nope, it was as before! They would alternate between Ikomiona, Ikominami and them Ikominamiona! I was literally flipping out watching this episode!

I am telling you dear Readers, I am feeling a Ikoma-kun single upon us! I mean we are in need of a cool single right about now and she always gets the cool ones! Though it is nigh impossible, if it does happen and she ends up being flanked by Minami-chan and Miona…well, let’s just leave it at that.

I know it wasn’t intentional, there are scarcely any fans of the three together but the Force works in mysterious ways and I believe it was with us this time. One of the best presents for Christmas ever dearest Nogizaka. Thank you, thank you very much! You have no idea how happy you have made me with this simple a thing!

Minami-chan holding onto Ikoma-kun’s hand in the darkness, Miona leaning on Ikoma-kun’s shoulder using Kazumin’s spotlight as an excuse, Kazumin crying after her crush Nojo nails the rapping performance, Ikominamiona in the same frame sitting right next to one another!!!! Like How did this probability even get to happen?! Nothing but the Force can explain this!

That’s it, I will not doubt anymore! There is someone out there that is listening and as such, I am re-affirming my wish to have a Ikominamiona single down the road!

I believe!

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[NOGIBINGO] Danso Couple Battle!

160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00138
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00021 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00006
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00090
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00041 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00278
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00176
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00272 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00076
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00068

Nogibingo is at it again – Taking the best of AKBINGO and making it even better! I feel like the 46G is the place to be right now. Keiyakizaka’s girls are so much fun (Ozeki, Neru, Fairy-chan, Shiida and Rika being the personal favs), as for their Senpais, really, what needs to be said?!

Only thing that stopped this episode from that top 10 star is the lack of Ikoma-kun but even then, it scored a 9.7 from me so all is good.

I just love it when Nogibingo, the show you would think would just copy-pasta Nogibingo, takes only the best, when it is borrowing, and putting an awesome spin on it. When we were showed the shopping center I thought they would do the date thing Akbingo did but nope. It was so basic, just taking purikura photos, but it was oh so satisfactory. Time just flew by and I found myself wanting more. Too bad there is no part 2. Oh well, best things come in small packages.

For me this time around, my favorite was actually the winners – That is the Misao-kun/Minami pair. Minami-chan was just so on fire! I guess she is right at the middle of that time in life, you know it all too well.

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Nogizaka 46 12th Single Senbatsu

150510 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep04.ts - 00095
150510 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep04.ts - 00075 150510 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep04.ts - 00084
150510 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep04.ts - 00099

Yes! Oh God, Yes! She’s back! Right after her Kennin with Team B ends and she gets to Centre another single after, what, 6 singles?! Those Nogizaka Management, they are so great sometimes! Kennin isn’t easy, most especially in Ikoma-kun’s case where the two groups are more different from each other not to mention the girl herself, it had to be hard for her so to see this puts a wide smile on my face! This right here is the best reward for her hard work I can think of.

The Face of Nogizaka (Yes she is the face despite a few I have seen that think of her as a failure just because she doesn’t sell well at hand shakes like the ones that shan’t be named) other than that, Ikoma-kun is no failure. Perhaps Nanase was on the way there but no other will have the status of Nogizaka’s Face, it’s not just about popularity!

Any way it’s just so good to see her back to Center position and she is flanked by a whole new supporting cast, well, Iku-chan was her right hand man a couple of times during her Center days but Nanase is new! I all but simply adore this new front line! Ikoma-kun’s singles are in the top of my Nogizaka single rankings with her very last centre – Kimi no na wa Kibou, still topping that list! That song was just so alpha! Like, did you guys watch that LIVE performance with Iku-chan on piano? I know you did not forget it!

150510 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep04.ts - 00125
The Centers so far

Speaking of the Kimi no na wa, that is the 5th single, right? Ikoma-kun had centred six singles now with the 12th included! Looks like my worry for her being upstaged was unwarranted. Nanase is the 2nd in line with 3 singles to her name and the only other with more than 1 centre to her name. Not just me but Ikoma-kun has to be happy about that. We know she loves Nanase the best! Speaking of these two…

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Butler Ikoma VS Maid Hori – FIGHT!

141026 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep157.ts - 00017
Reika x Yumi? Oh God Yes!
141026 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep157.ts - 00048
Misa x Mai? Praise Jesus!
141026 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep157.ts - 00070
Ikoma x Hoshino x Hocchan?…

So, as every year’s norm, this year too we get a Halloween episode from Nogizaka where they cosplay for my favourite holiday. This time they even kick things up into high gear by pairing the girls up and you know what that means dear Readers – Ships incoming! And so the couple start pouring out including some fan-canon ones like Yumi/Reika and MaMai/MisaMisa. Just as I am wondering who Ikoma-kun is gonna be paired up with, and I just know she is going to do Danso because no one loves Danso like she does, hoping that it could me Minami-chan or Miona and I have to do thins until the very last couple(?) because she came up the last.

And do you know what those guys decided to do? They went and broke the rules by placing Ikoma-kun in a triangle with none other than the mentioned choices I had for her! You can imagine my heart’s condition when I first saw that logo with the three of them together. I just knew I was in for a world of sweet pain. But I thought I was ready! I mean surely they can’t do something like making Ikoma a guy with Minami-chan or Hocchan as a girl and the three in a triangle, surely..Well, I was wrong…

141026 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep157.ts - 00077
Ready – I was not!

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NOGIBINGO 3!?! But it isn’t my B-Day yet!

141006 NOGIBINGO!3 ep01.ts - 00117
141006 NOGIBINGO!3 ep01.ts - 00010 141006 NOGIBINGO!3 ep01.ts - 00102
141006 NOGIBINGO!3 ep01.ts - 00041
NOGIBINGO Season 3 Ep 01!

No! Do not attempt to scroll past this! I am not pranking you! For Ladies and Gentlemen, NOGIBINGO is back! If you are crinkling your eyebrows right now, let me assure you that you most certainly aren’t alone, Dear Reader for I too have heard absolutely nothing, and I mean, nothing of a third season of this show that makes AKBINGO run for it’s money! Episode 01 already aired and I am only finding out about it now!?! I am so ashamed of myself!

And just like it’s previous premieres, this season’s first episode sets the ground for some pretty epic things to come! And here I was thinking that we would never get another season! I don’t know why but I really thought the second season was the last! It was just so good and felt like all the best was poured into that season but then I remember that series get continued because they are awesome and so here we have ourselves another season of Nogizaka awesomeness!

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