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Yukirin Is Love. Yuri Is Life!

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Happy Easter Everyone!

Takahashi Team B

Seeing those pics from today’s AKB concert really puts a smile on my face! I dare not believe nor have false hope because this is probably PR and Yukirin isn’t new Team B’s center (most especially with other teams having their centers center) but oh, it feels so gud! It looks so Team B that I am surprised I am surprised! I mean Yukirin is there! She is like the physical form of Team B’s soul! It is as if it’s now in her blood. Oh wait…(yes, she is blood type B as well)

Anyway now that I am almost done with Nogi, time to invest back in AKB and some other groups. =LOVE, STU48 and KKZ46 are calling! For now I better get back to AKB and savour the limited time I have with Yukirin because when she goes, that’s the end of the line for me as well in the Idol world.

The new Team Stages start in June, if I got it correct and once again Team B is getting to go last >_> almost towards the end of the month. Oh well, good things come to those who wait and all that! I really can’t wait to see this new Team and how they interact. I can’t wait to see Hitomi-chan join Juri-chan in teasing the heck out of Yukirin! Will Happiness lose her bullied character to Yukirin’s bullied character? How are these new girls personality-wise? How is our very own Harima-chan? What of the two lolis from Team A? Megu-chan is here to stay (after performing Temo Demo with Yukirin) so will she be paired with Yukirin in units? Will the Juri/Yukirin dynamics from Yukirin’s Stage (SS7) spill over? (Obviously but still)

Ah the anticipation is killing me!

And then there is the wait for this concert to drop publicly…

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[Pics] The Super 8

1-yuri08 1-yuri37 1-yuri27
2-serika35 3-yui13
4-hitomi40 5-nagichan06
6-sayuna35 7-smilekun07 8-kotone14

As I was saying, my Team 8 favouritism is changing so much that I just had to update my list here, you know, for future reference.  Seriously, if you aren’t aboard the 8-wagon yet, stop being in denial and get all over this, like, right now while it’s still hot! Team 8 isn’t just about the lolis. HKT has those, has had them for years and yet they are no where near Team 8’s awesomeness! Other members seem to think that it’s about the lolis too, what with all those lolis drafted just this weekend (except for NGT, YukiRie know what they are doing) but they are terribly mistaken! It’s not about the lolis at all, Team 8 is just…It just is! And to think they were thinking of disbanding it in one year! HA!

So many girls, so many options! For reasons unknown I am having more trouble adjusting to Team 8 than i was all sister groups before Team 8! It’s madness I know! Every LIVE of this Team I watch my priorities shift except for one, Yuriyan shall never be dethroned! The margin between her and SERIKA, who is No.2 has grown so wide over these weeks it’s laughable! I have a feeling too that come 25th when the Sports Meet Airs and I get to watch it, I am going to fall for her even more! My heart has be punctured just from the images from said event so seeing the video is bound to do some serious damage!

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[Team 8] Here is my Army. Good luck!

yuriyan-80 yuriyan-09
No.1 Yokomichi Yuri
ikumin-03 ikumin-20
No.2 Nakano Ikumi
mc_hammer-000 mc_hammer-00
No.3 Hama Sayuna
hitomin-04 hitomin-17
No.4 Honda Hitomi
yokochan-08 yokochan-12
No.5 Yokoyama Yui
No.6 Nagano Serika
megane_chan-15 megane_chan-13
No.7 Hashimoto Haruna
smile_kun-08 manami_chan-23
smile_kun-03 manami_chan-04
No.8? Chou Kurena & Satou Nanami

So, there you have it! I am officially now a Team 8 victim as well! I sure hope there’s a cure for this one because the rate at which the effects are accelerates is terrifying! I only recently got to know Team 8 but now I have virtually watched all of their Stages I could find, All their Youtube videos, and I am falling for all of them at a speed never before witnessed!

And what effects they have, these girls?! Just days ago this was not my Kami 8, I kid you not! Yuriyan and Ikumin, for example, were tied for first place as I have been so open about it on Twitter but now suddenly, Yuriyan is ahead of Ikumin!!! Why? What happened? Don’t ask me, for things are moving too fast even for me! Another fact is that NaruNaru was on this list, but a single episode of AKBINGO and some photos (Thank you blessed internets) from Twitter saw Nanami and Smile-kun…er…I mean Kurenai Kurena! Force their way onto that list, kicking out NaruNaru as mentioned and YAMADA!

Sense, nothing makes it anymore!

Even as I speak something is creeping up my spine, and that is the love I hold for one MC Hammer! That girl is just getting to me in ways I cannot comprehend! She has so many gaps like the fact that despite her appearances she is really funny! And so wise! Not wise in the sense of academic knowledge but rather common sense, I am loving her more and more. At this rate She will be My No.2 before even the year is out!

Then there is that Nanami! Just one episode of AKBINGO (this week’s actually) and I was signing that deal with the Devil in a heart beat! I mean I was already keeping an eye on her (Those lips, Jesus!) But when I found out that she actually has the Dark Force within her, I was sold! All those with the Blood of BLACK-san running in their veins are always welcome! Now of course I am going to be keeping an even closer eye on her during performances and thus even more potential for the list to shift!

And do not get me started on Smile-kun! That girl’s smile should be in the Guinness World Records! It’s not about the dimples. Neither is it about her cuteness. I just, what is it about that smile?!!! And yes, she just de-throned Kanakichi (NMB48) as the girl with the favourite smile!

Then there’s Yoko-chan, AKA Yokoyama Yui II! But the sound of names is where the similarities end because this girl! I tell you now with certainty that no one else in the whole 48G has Swaggertory that comes even close to Yoko-chan’s! Those who watch the Party ga Hajimaru yo LODs should know what I am talking about! And what’s funny is that I don’t believe she does it on purpose, neither is her awesome and funny air-headedness! But wait, the best part – Them Legs! They are so totally Yukirin legs! And the way she is growing up so fast and talk she is like Yuihan and Yukirin’s love child or something! Seriously, she was so tiny during their debut (which was actually only months ago) But now she is almost towering over most of the girls!

Ahhhh Yoko-chan >.<

If it wasn’t for the fact that Hitomin’s Skirt Hirari is Best Hirari, Yoko-chan would have so taken 4th position! Okay, I lie, Hitomin’s power is much stronger than that! I mean her power over me of course! Not trying to make this about my World but the fact that she was the first Team 8 member to to get to know Yukirin gives her a major push that will take Yoko-chan sometime to catch up to. Also those blog photos of hers, Jesus! You wouldn’t think that she just turned 13 in Oct! That there is a plus as well! She is just so into the game for someone her age! Also now she is one of the Kashiwagi Children so there’s that as well.

As for Megane-chan, it’s not just about my fetish for glasses, I swear it is not! Also SERIKA was just born to be lovable! Her voice alone does funny things to me (Way more than Nee-san’s) so I will just leave that there while I am still sane!


You gotta admit, I chose wisely! But enough talk, more pics of these lovely angels, but before that, here are some images you are not to soon forget of a certain three other members that are also on my radar…

zazaza-4 zazaza-1 zazaza-3


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