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Vid – Gravity of Love [Hideko/Sook-hee]


Sorry to keep you waiting!

It begins…

Seeing as this song is one of the Top 3 lesbian video songs (seriously, you can’t call yourself a yuri video maker if you haven’t used either of these songs: Gravity of Love, Everything She Said and Bring Me To Life!)

Obviously, if I was going to use one of them, especially Enigma’s Gravity of Love, then it had to be for a special fandom! And really, The HANDMAIDEN is the holy grail of Lesbian movies!

It is THE lesbian Movie!

Which made it nigh impossible to try and make a somewhat PG video of it >.<

Anyway, enjoy!


[Ahgassi] God is in Heaven, All is Right With the World!

20160830_145902 20160830_145837
20160830_150039 20160830_150217

Oh God, the happiness! The happinessssss! I am so very happy dear Readers! Oh my Lord! I love this movie so very much! I love everything about it! Nothing, and I mean nothing, has been a let down for me when it comes to The Handmaiden! Everything is just so perfect! So perfect I decided to but everything related to this movie! I don’t care that I don’t understand the language the good are in (I am looking at you Script Book), and I don’t care how much I need to dish out (bought four versions of the OST just to get the two above posters), this movie deserves everything after making me so damn happy!

And so today here comes the second swag of Ahgassi (the first being the Photobook). And my God, I feel like I just upgraded to  higher plane of happiness than the one I was in before. And I thought I wouldn’t be more happier when it came to this movie! I was so wrong.

I had my doubts! Actually, as I opened up the box, my happiness plummeted quite a bit because there was only one poster holder. I was like – A_ah, I knew it! They would only give me one poster per purchase, doesn’t matter if I bought both the Hideo and Sook-hee version of the CD. It never even occurred to me that there might be more than one poster inside!

There were two posters inside! And you already know which ones!!! Like, how even?!! Let me tell you now, I am never lucky in things like this that require chance! I bought four version (other two from YesAsia) because I wanted to increase my chances! Well dear Readers, it looks like I don’t even need the YesAsia CDs anymore! In one hit, I got all the posters I wanted! In one hit…I don’t believe it!

I can only think this is because of The Handmaiden! This movie has been so good to me that it has even now increased my luck! Like, how am I supposed to love Ahgassi even more?! I already love it like no other!

With the posters, of course came the two CDs – The Hideo ver (with Sook-hee on the Disc) and the Sook-hee version (with Hideko on the Disc). The version sold on itunes store is of course the Hideko ver (as seen by the Sook-hee image used).

The other good that came with is the Script Book for the movie. As expected it is in the original languages only. By that I mean Japanese and Korean of course. But I am pretty sure that we will be seeing an English ver later on, especially after the movie hits English theatres from September and more hearts are stolen by The Handmaiden! For now I can only guess scenes from the Japanese, like the scene I took the photo of. That is the Scene where Sook-hee barfs at The Count’s attempt at seducing Hideko during the fruit painting lessons in the living room.

As for the OSTs, you already know what I am going to say in regards to the music – perfection! I have had the CD (Sook-hee vers since I have Hideko ver on Digital) playing all the day non-stop since I got the goods! It is oh so good! So good that I did not even bother skipping those lewd tracks as well even with other people in the house, because IIDGAF!

Ah, those tracks I am talking about are the ones with the sounds of Hideko and Sook-hee during that last sex scene with the bells! Yep, that is a track on the OST! Just pure sexy sounds that maybe anyone who hasn’t seen the movie would not know what they are doing! I mean, they are hearing bells, what could they possibly be doing with bells? (heh)

The music is just so good! And continuing on the awesomeness that this movie already is, they gave musicians a present out there by including sheet music for some of the songs so they can play themselves! Like, how not to love that!

To the less educated, there are lyrics (in Korean of course) and some pics in the booklet! They have everyone covered!

As for differences, I am sure there is something different from the Hideko ver as opposed to the Sook-hee version (other than the visible of course) so I will just keep on searching for them.

Meanwhile, I am still listening to this soundtrack and have already found my favourites, while I decide what to do with the yesAsia purchase. I don’t need it but the orders (yes, two of them) are already on their way here. I wonder if I can return them and get a refund? I will maybe wait and see what posters I get. If I got the 3P one, I will keep them. Otherwise, they are returning!

As for my favourite tracks:

  1. My Tamako, My Sook-hee (Track 31)
  2. The Footsteps of My Dear Love / Imi Oneun Sori (Track 38)
  3. Wedding (Track 18)
  4. The Tree From Mount Fuji (Track 01)
  5. You’re My Baby Miss (Track 07)
  6. Four Small Silver Balls (Track 36) <- DON’T SAY A WORD!!!!

I love The Handmaiden. I love Ahgassi!

My Ahgassi, My Handmaiden!

Good night!


[Pics/Ahgassi]Anyone Know Where to Buy a Tardis?

008b 008d
007b 007c

Because I need it to travel through time and space right to the Cannes Screening (Because it was the first and has subs, hello!). And then I would travel right back to the beginning of the film over and over and over and I wouldn’t even care what effects I would make to the stupid Universe!

Homura taught me what the words ‘do whatever it takes’ mean!

But since I don’t have a Tardis, I am reduced to sitting here and feeling all levels of jellies almost as equal to our protag’s own…

Sook-hee’s jellies could feed the whole India, for centuries!

Seriously, if you are there great One, please snap your fingers so that when I wake up tomorrow and have  look at the Cineworld App I will find ‘The Handmaiden’ in the listings. Please…

While I wait for miracles, here are 500 or so pics (Sadly no time to nicely present so…sorry about that)…

A Huge ‘thank you’ to all those who created the fan art, gave us the screening pics of our girls Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri and spent time to edit some of the official pics.


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[Pics] Ahgassi PB GET!

img013 img014

Okay, firstly, I wish to thank the lovely readers who have been keeping me up to date with this movie. I am really very grateful. Please do not hesitate to share if you find something. If I haven’t posted about it, chances are 0.9999998 that I have not come across it yet.

Another thing I wish to say, as I get this question a lot so i decided to add it in a post, if you are wondering what episode it is that I have blogged about, please look at the caps. I always name the images so that you can see what episode the caps are from. Simply hovering your mouse over an image, opening it in a different browser and looking at the address bar or page title will tell you the image name.

The image names have the episode numbers and/or dates.

Now with that out of the way, about the Photobook. Un-fortunately, or fortunately, the PB is just that – a Photobook for the movie. Therefore it doesn’t do Fan-service and as such, the only images in there with Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri alone together are just those two you see up there.

Maybe it’s because this was Park Chan-wook’s own images? But he did say in the book before hand that it would contain images that were not specifically from the movie. Images from post production all the way back in 2013 (Yes, this movie has been in development for over three years!) and so most images are about scenery and stuff like that.

Oh well, I am not disappointed because I did not have high hopes for this. But it is connected to Ahgassi, so of course I am going to collect it.

First battle is won with this. The other two are going to be torture! Next is the OST and then in my old age (feels like I am going to wait for forever) that Blu-ray will be mine!


Anyway, jump over for a few more images I found interesting enough to scan…

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[Ahgassi]It’s Confirmed – God Is On My Side!

아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00023
아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00024 아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00030
“Dat Scene”
”Dat OST/Cover”

Dear Readers, what is happening?! Please, someone tell me! Is this all the luck that was missing the latter half of last year? Is it all accumulating to this one focal point in my entire existence? This is the moment! This right here, this very year, is going down in my history as the moment that I shall never forget, along with the very moment that I get to own this movie and watch it for the very first time! Those moments are never ever going to be forgotten! I am going to take a photo of me tomorrow, sign it with this movie’s title, frame it, and put it in my will to be buried alongside me when I go!

Has anybody ever been this crazy about something? I think not! So please, do bear with me with all this Ahgassi related posts! I won’t be mad at you if you decide to leave and never come back until a year later when I have finally watched the movie! That is how much this movie means to be! That is how much Fingersmith means to me!

Where to even begin, as far as the subject of this post is concerned? Anyhow, I was out getting from work, on the bus, too tired my eyes gluing the eyelids together from lack of energy, when I see a notif about a comment from another of my lovely, lovely, Readers – Jennyshinvi (you Goddess!)letting me know that there might just be a new video that I have not watched!

I visited the youtube link…This was six hour ago! I feel like I just woke up! I have literally watched the new preview of the Official Music Video of the Ahgassi, more than 45 times since then!!!

OMG! It’s so good! The MV! The Music! Everything is Oh So Good! I am not just being a fangirl! This is legit and you will see after the jump when you watch the video yourselves (if you have not already!)!

I don’t believe this but this movie might actually beat the actual book! From the very little I have seen, especially of Sue’s view, the book’s only let-down was how un-romantic Sue’s (the first arc) POV was! You had to be a deep thinker, looking beyond the layers and with some experience in the power of goggles to catch the feelings in certain scenes in the book and this was intentional because Sue was innocent that way, in that though she grew up in London, she was real pure at the core. They had sheltered her from the worst of the world so she lacked expression of her feelings. This was part of her character as we see when we get to Maud’s Arc and POV!

The movie wins in that department because now we get to actually see what happened and clearly catch the Sue’s emotions from her actions, physical expressions and that is almost tens of times better than the book in that regard! I have already seen this in the movie and it is already a winner! Mr Park Chan-Wook was the perfect pick to adapt this challenging book and he pulled it off!

Other than that, I am not attacking anyone but I find it funny that while almost every one was flipping their hats when the movie was announced thinking that the gay was in jeopardy, the exact opposite seems to be happening! The Director actually added in more gayness! That’s right, Fingersmith is gayer in this movie than in the book! I have already seen multiple scenes that were altered from the book, only in the positive light, in that they were made gayer!

Examples include, from this very video, the boat scene – In the book, Sue wanted so bad to hold Maud but she dared not because of what awaited them and because of RFR. Here instead, and with a twist, Maud reaches out to intertwine their fingers (Heart-rate Intensifies!)! it is Maud, the last person you expected to do it, doing it here! Oh My Goodness gracious!

The other example is THAT FRIKKIN BATH SCENE! Jesus! And here I thought I had seen all there was to see about that scene, and that only what was left was Maud’s POV! OMG is this it? That tooth scene was not that at all gay in the book! Not even close! First of all Sue was not aware at all what was going on! Maud too was not truly comprehending the feelings within her at that moment. There was no Sue holding Maud’s head like that! it was not in the bath, as I said before, a bath that Sue seems to be joining in one of the trailers! Sue and Maud never, ever shared a bath in the book!!!! But that is not even the point! The point is about that moment where Maud caresses Sue’s elbow! That is so not in the book! And that is so so GAY! So is Sue’s reaction to the caress!

Oh Jesus dear Readers, I think this movie is going to be the end all be all for me! From now on, every movie to cross my path will be judged based on this movie!

And another last but most definitely not least example of scene changes, is that last shot we see in this Music Video with the two running off into the distance! that did so not happen in the book! Could it be the actual ending or perhaps one of Maud’s dreams?

Someone please give me this movie now! I will do anything! You hear me? I will do anything!

God is so good to me right now! And the reason why I decided on that title is because of the Soundtrack! The OST cover to be precise! It was just a day ago, literally a day ago, that I wished that the DVD covers would be based on those two posters of Maud and Sue (Hideko and Sook-hee) and now…Look at it! Look at that OST cover! If experience has taught me anything it is that OST and DVD covers are never that hugely different! We have Sue on the OST Cover taking front so is it really that un-fathomable to think that the DVD (Oh God please make it Blu-ray) cover will be the Maud version? No it isn’t!!

Literally, my wish just got (semi) granted!


Speaking of the OST, I have had the song on full repeat as I write this post! That’s right, a full version of the song is already online (Blessed Internetz) and my God! I haven’t wanted a Korean Soundtrack this bad since Voice Letter! What are you slacking off for Korea, get to selling this already! Let us have something to keep us going until the movie comes to us!

Seriously, the song is so good, so perfect for the movie’s story that I cried. I literally cried watching this video the first few times. I listened to the song, thought of the story of Fingersmith and I just cried! I don’t understand a word in the lyrics but the music just fits the story so perfectly that I just felt it in my bones! The power of music dear Readers, the power of music!

What is going to happen to me when I finally know what the lyrics mean? I better prepare the bed to watch this while I am laying down because I know I am going to need my comfortable blankets to protect my poor being!

It’s like, 4 in the morning so I better leg it. Jump over for the gifs galore and the video…

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