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 fullsizephoto681415 fullsizephoto726863doona-bae-and-ji-won-ha-in-ko-ri-a-(2012) a-girl-at-my-door
The Age of Yuri!

Sweet, sweet tears! I so happy right now dear Readers, so very happy! Why is that, you might ask? Well, it is thanks to the event that just took place in Korea – The 37th Blue Dragon Awards, one of the two most recognised awards in Korea, and my lovely movies and actresses above came away with prizes!

What a world we live in!

First up is of course Ahgassi/The Handmaiden, and I do not think that I need to mention yet again what this movie means to me. Fine, I will do it. It’s no big deal really. After all, Ahgassi is only my favourite movie of all time!!!


The Handmaiden was nominated for quite a few awards this time around; Best Picture (Obviously), Best Director (no duh), Best Leading Actress (um hello!), Best Female New-comer (seriously), Best Cinematography (really?), Best Music (Jesus Christ people) and Best Technical Design!

Mein Gott!! Aren’t those all the awards? Okay, no but there are two that it should have been in as well; Best Screen play and Best Editing but I get where they were coming from. That would have been just too much and if it had won those it would have won Best Film which really let’s be serious here – A lesbian movie winning Best Film? In Korea? Not on the Government’s watch it cannot! And also goes for Best Director because being best Director means it comes with either Best Picture or Screenplay and Editing so really, it all comes down to simple mathematics!

But really, who gives a tick!?! I don’t care!! As far as I am concerned it won most of the important awards. Park Chan-wook should have gotten Best Director but alas. I watched the Wailing and train to Busan and I was like, seriously?! You know, I have come to a conclusion that putting some sucker punch in the FEELs department is what constitutes to a good movie these days. Some guy sacrifices themselves to save a little girl and tears everywhere, awards everywhere! Like, seriously!

Anyway, as I was saying, all the important awards we got and the most important of them all being Best Leading Actress which went to our lovely and most definitely missed, Kim Min-hee! Despite everything, despite the despair I felt when I saw that she was the only nominee not in attendance, we all got floored when she was actually announced as the winner! Oh, here comes the FEELs again, raining down like tragedy, raining down like a new emotion…

Okay, slow down me! Sorry about that dear Readers. Back on track, once again Kim Min-hee snatches the Best Actress award (the first being from the Directors’ Choice Awards) for her role as ‘Ahgassi’. I am so not crying! I will so not cry too when T-ara manages something similar in the future! And just like the first half, the other half – The Handmaiden, our lovely fresh-meat Kim Tae-ri also once again snatched the Best New Actress Award!

Friends, hold me!

Oh how I wish that Kim Min-hee was there! How I wish to have seen the two interact like all those times before, just the two of them, in their own world, my Korean Mayuki! I believe that the sheer power of their love would have snatched up that Best Film award had they been there together! But alas, Min-hee was not there, leaving our poor Baby all by herself…or was she?

Still not sure who this mystery Lady is!!!

So, if anyone is feeling a need to fantasize about what the two could have been to had Min-hee been around, jump over for some nostalgia pics of the two being love.

But what of the lovely Bae (Doona). What does she have to do with anything? Well, our Mistress got herself one really important prize and that was the Actress Popularity Award. Why am I mentioning her here? Well, she is only a Lead in ‘As One’ and ‘A Girl at My Door’, two movies in my Top 10 yuri movies list. It’s no big deal at all!!

And of ‘The World of Us’? Most of you probably did not know, really, neither did I, that the director of that movie was actually just making her debut with that movie! That’s right, that was her debut and she won the Best New Director Award deservingly! See people, both new (her – Yoon Ga-eun) and old (Park Chan-wook) directors are pushing the world in the right direction by bring awareness and reducing prejudice of homosexuality and other humanitarian issues through quality work! Others need to and I am sure are going to follow their example and soon it will be the Age of Yuri and CBMs!

What a time to be alive! What a year! Seriously 2016, you are awesome!

Have a nice one you all and I hope you got yourselves something nice today (All them discounts)…

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Yes Yes! YES! OMG Japan!


my girl bd
my girl dvd

A Girl at my Door 私の少女

Thank you Japan, thank you so very much!

This right here is what life is made of! My patience has been rewarded! You all have no idea how hard it has been fighting the temptation to post about this movie with low quality caps! My mind even played tricks on me whispering in my ear that Japan will only release DVDs and not BluRays!

Well take that me! I fought myself and actually won! We are getting the BluRays courtesy of Japan and while they won’t be here until October, they are so worth the wait! This is the one movie I want in my BluRay Collection no matter what and I am getting it!!!

Thank you Japan!


Oh ye blessed Japan!

---映画『私の少女』メイキング映像.mp4 - 00000

I seriously have no idea where my life would be without Japan! I can honestly say that 70% of the happiness I am feeling in my life currently is because of this blessed country! There isn’t even any doubt about it! Ireland is to thank for the other percentage because without it’s awesome ISPs I would be less off! Seriously, a country that provides 200mb/s speeds for under 100 bucks is one to be proud of!

Back to the post, Japan just went and released some behind the scenes footage of what is turning out to be my favourite Korean movie at the rate things are going titled ‘A Girl at My Door’ or in Korean, where it is actually named after Ron-chan’s character – ‘Do-hee’. I was this close to biting the bait and get the Korean 2-Disc version of the DVD because the wait for Bluray is just murder but then I found out that Japan was going to release it in their theatres which gave me hope for a Bluray, even though it won’t have subs like the DVDs actually have but I am sure I will be able to find those with very little looking. If a DVD exists with the subs then they are on the internet for sure.

And so I held on, and then just as I was about to cave in again and get the DVDs ( hey, what can I say, the temptations is increasing by the passing month!) Japan goes and places even more hope in my heart by releasing this very short sneak peek at the BTS of the movie and by the jolly, such a small amount of scenes and yet I felt like re-watching this movie, again!!! Actually I am going to do just that after this! I don’t think I have ever watched a movie so many times in such a small amount of space like I have this movie! And it has no subs!!! This is not Japanese we are taking about here where my yuri powers give me the ability to understand what is being said, I only know less than 10 words of Korean that I can understand when spoken and these words include just titles, JUST TITLES!!!

So you can imagine how much this movie means to me if I am willing to put up with not understanding a thing all these times I watch it and yet every watch I fall in love with it even more! Actually now that I think about it, even if the Japanese DVD (BD hopefully) doesn’t have subs, if it has dubbed audio, then there is no need for subs because if my yuri powers increase with the amount of love I have for what I am watching then I will turn into a fluent Japanese speaker watching a Japanese version of  ‘A Girl at My Door’!

Oh man, I just went and hyped myself up even more for this movie, didn’t I! Please Japan, do the same thing you did with ‘Wonderful World End’ and release this Bluray like next month or something! I beg of you! But while we wait for that, jump over for the vid and some cute scenes from it…

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My Girl [K-Movie]

私の少女』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010
私の少女』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00011 私の少女』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00012


Sure, just go and make me feel like I have not watched this movie more than 7 times (I am not sure of the exact number but it’s more than 7 times!) and see if I care! Yes, they just went and titled this movie ‘WATASHI NO SHOUJO’ like the movie wasn’t gay enough now they went and made it even more gay with the title of all things!

Nope, I don’t care!

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[New, News, Neews] It’s coming Guys…

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img20140816rakuen18 81Ykoh-0M5L

Guess what I just got in my mailbox? A message from Amazon updating me on my order I placed after that Whammy not long ago. But before I get to this, let me just assure you that if you are wondering about my unusual posting time, you have good reason to be.

I am writing this at 7 am and I usually do my posts at night. So why am I doing this now? Well, there is a couple of things to blame and the first one being this movie…

po A_Girl_at_My_Door_poster
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00378 A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00386
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00384
A Girl at my Door

OMG dear Readers OMG! This movie is dangerous! So very dangerous but also so very very good! Do you ever watch that movie that is so good it keeps you up all night!?! Well this is one of those movies for me! The last one being Rebellion which means it’s been a while, and I watch a lot of movies, almost 10 a week!

This movie was so very very good! And it was such a surprise because I didn’t know about it at all! I was only on my usual rounds of collecting Asian movies to watch when I figured, why not! The title sounds good so maybe! And by the Gods, I struck clean gold with this!

I am not going to say anymore about it since I want to wait until the Blurays come out and hopefully a Directors Cut because this movie is one of those movies that deserves one!

My God!

And yes, your eyes are telling you the truth. that right there is one of our favourite ladies of Korean Cinema and you might remember her from that other Awesome movie about Ping Pong I already discussed! And yes, she just kissed yet another common face Jang Hee-jin!!!! But that wasn’t even the best part of the movie! And I better stop now because I have a feeling I won’t stop if I go any further. Check out some more pics after the jump (mostly on our two mains).

Any way as I was saying, I couldn’t sleep because of this movie. My alarm goes off for me to go to work and when I get there guess what I find out…I wasn’t working this morning!!! I always work Tuesday mornings so you will forgive me for thinking it was the same today! I get there and my supervisor is looking at me like – WTF U doing here? And I’m like – I work here bitch! And he is like – Not today morning you ass, you work tonight! And I am like – … You have got to be!!!?!

Any way I turn tail and get back home right away totally not even ready to go to bed even if I didn’t sleep a wink! So here I am, in front of my life’’ long partner DIVA (my PC of course) and I find an e-mail alert. It’s from Amazon. They are telling me that my order that was supposed to be delivered in a week because one of the books have to be ordered in, has been moved up in the schedule and I am gonna get it sooner! Instead of shipping in a week, it’s going to be shipped tomorrow making the arrival time around Tue or even Mon next week!

That of course just spiked up my sugar levels to over 9000! Now there is no way I am sleeping for the night shift! And since I am off tomorrow morning it means that I won’t be sleeping after work!

That is why I am writing this post at this un-Godly hour! So I am very sorry if you have some kind of alert thingy that disturbed you for this post in case you were at work or sleeping (LOL).

Any way, it’s coming so look forward to that Shishunki Gokko Spinoff DVD yos!

Hit the jump for some more pics of the great Bae Doona and kawaii kawaii (and very dangerous) Kim Sae-ron…

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