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Yuri Dano Kan Dano Ep02

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Master of the Craft!

This episode hit me like the train from Inception! There was like, 10% of things I expected to happen but the other 90% took me by surprise! First of all I did not expect the kiss to happen so soon! I mean, sure there was an inkling that we would get something early on given the ‘L’ question but surely that could have come after another thing Kairi did? Then again with how ‘open’ Yuri is I guess it had to be something extreme like a kiss to finally get her to start asking questions.

Next, I did not anticipate things going dark so soon. That’s what the kids these days call serious tones in stories – dark! And just like Gentleman Jack they chose the route that is less thorny in that though they mentioned our very own AKB, it was the other kind of Idol industry that they went after – The Gravure Idols, or more specifically in this show, the Junior Idols. Everyone that knows of this side of Japan must have had certain questions about it and the show does touch upon it, albeit lightly.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the way things turned! And this is not all…Seriously you all, remind me never to be on Kairi’s bad side! Jesus Christ that girl is scary! And she wasn’t even in anger mode! I can only imagine when she is pissed enough for it to show on her face! The person at the receiving end would probably surrender their lives!

Even the Stalker story seemed to have changed, that is if what we heard from this episode was more than speculation and spite! Add in the little details we learned of Kairi’s mysterious life, especially her past and yeah, this seems like it is going to go ways I did not think it would. Speaking of, this reminds me that we know nothing of value about Yuri too other than her current present self!

So much we have yet to discover, so much we have yet to learn about our girls and they too about each other and their feelings. But one of them has started to shape their future and love life from this episode and she is so good at the chase she has already overcome the first hurdle.

Let’s see what that is, shall we… Continue reading


Yuri Dano Kan Dano [J-Drama]

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Rejoice Ladies and gentlemen, for as I hinted at in the last post, I finally figured out how to get the episodes. It took three times money spending to finally get things working but it was all worth it. Anything for yuri am I right?

First off before we begin, I need to make some things clear from the first post about this drama. The character names were right the first time around; Baba Fumika plays Shinohara Yuri, a university student who is looking for a new place to stay because she is being harassed by a stalker. Things have gotten so bad that she is getting used tissues in her mailbox -which is the last straw for her. This prompts her to go hunting for a new apartment. That of course still makes Fujiko Kojima as Ninomiya Kairi, an estate agent that Yuri goes to in search of a new (more secure) apartment.

So, that part is correct but what I got wrong was saying that Yuri was the gay one when in fact she is so straight she even has a boyfriend at the current moment in time. Now, now, don’t go throwing a fit yet! Believe! If you don’t, believe in me who believes! Indeed, Kairi is the gay one! She is so gay she might as well be level SSS.

So yeah, we are a go you all! It took quite a bit of money to get things going but I made it in the end! Anything for Yuri! But then again, the expenditure was totally on me. I kept going for the wrong VPN that just didn’t cut it! And every single one required payment >.< Even then I had to pay for the FOD premium subscription anyway to watch the actual episodes as they are not available to regular users, at least by the time I got there! Maybe there is a limited window where anyone can access them, like an hour after it goes up then it is locked?

Anyway the bottom line is that we are all set and as such, let’s get it on… Continue reading


Yuri Dano Kan Dano [Teaser]

【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;11;50.036
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;13;16.162 【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;12;24.686
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;02;45.437 【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;04;46.320
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;06;37.956
giphy (34)

There is no way, and I mean NO WAY, that I am not going to enjoy this! Like, what is even this thing?! Just from the teaser alone, it might as well be pron with plot! But you know, the soft kind since these are Fujiko and Fumika we are talking about!

Actually I am flabbergasted they went that far!

Face-planting, finger-suckin, sex-toys, kissing, like, what in the name of the Lord?!! I can tell you right now and here that this is not what  I was expecting! Like, at all! I expected some serious drama but I am not at all disappointed! You see there is greatness to this turn of events! That greatness is that since this is not that serious, they are not obliged to play politics and thus the chances of denying us a happy end is really small! This being something wacky and fun means that the GA will leave it be and thus the makers will get away with anything!

I mean Fujiko just poked Fumika with a dildo…In a teaser!!! She planted her face in Fumika’s boobs, in a teaser!!!! She sucked Fumika’s finger…in a teaser!!!!


But that’s all just the visuals, let’s talk deeper! The teaser starts with Fumika’s disengaged character asking Fujiko’s character if she is an L (duh!) and it ends with her starting to get attracted to Fujiko’s character! So in other words, Fumika’s character is going to start out straight and then succumb to the power of the darkside yuri!

Like, how can I not enjoy this?! The best types of relationships, the ones I love most, even in Fan Fiction, are those that are not established and instead their development are what the story is about and thus, this is a show after my own heart! Like, seriously…

And yes, I am not using the characters’ names because it seems I made a mistake from the goggle translations of the plot details a while back. Sorry about that. I will rectify them after I start watching the episodes. Speaking of which…


So fear not, I got you all my lovely and patient readers covered!!! It might be after the whole show has aired (in case something happens…) because having part of a show is worse than not having anything and so I might have to wait, in case they come for me! But if the show is over, well then…

Anyway, caps and DDL for the teaser after the jump…


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