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[News] Maleficent 2 in Production!!!


I don’t into Disney but when I do, it’s either Elsa, The White Queen or MALEFICENT!

And almost on the clock Maleficent 2 is upon us! 2010 was Alice in Wonderland, 2014 was Maleficent and now we have ourselves a sequel (Through the Looking Glass didn’t happen, okay?!!) You all know how I feel about the first movie. I couldn’t shut up about it, from every single trailer to it coming out!

Maleficent and Aurora are back *Screams in gay* but they are not alone! Look at the set chairs above…That’s right, The Snow Queen is coming!!


Yes, I am with you. I too hoped it would the Elsa somehow coming to the Live Action but alas! Michelle though, I have no qualms whatsoever! I am already salivating at the prospect of the magic battle between the two (if Queen Ingrid does indeed have magic too, which then would make her Elsa so…)

What if it is over Princess Aurora?!

Ok, I got to stop making my brain puff steam! But I can’t help it! Either Queen Ingrid plays the card to turn Aurora against Maleficent, splits them up by insisting that she is family and Aurora should be with her family (that did not work out very well last time but the King was a dick so), or Queen Ingrid turns out to be evil.

Either way, I am there! And I know the core relationship will be between Aurora and Maleficent anyway.

Then again with the shit Disney pulled with Alice the Non-existent sequel…

No, stay positive BG!!!

Just looking at those pics of Angelina and Elle on set make are turning me back to 2014!


PS: Sorry about the top image. I just had a thought of The White Queen and Maleficent being in the same movie and I nearly wet myself (ahem)…


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Malefique indeed!

angelina-jolie-elle-fanning-vogue-9may14-rex_b o-ANGELINA-JOLIE-ELLE-FANNING-

Look at the way Madame Jolie stares at Elle like! And them frikkin hands >.< Ahhh I am so dead!

So, I have watched this movie twice and it is everything I expected and more! More because LOL what Prince?! That Dude was in the movie for like, 5 min or less and the first time he showed up we were already in the last 30 min of the movie LOL! Ah but wasn’t the best part, the best was that his kiss was the most useless thing in the whole world! Even wishes pre-Madokami were more useful to Mahou Shoujo than this Dude! Indeed, his role had one direction and that was to simply BE there because Disney Princessess have to have Princes (Elsa is a Queen yo!).

So, his kiss did not awaken Aurora, he did jack shit to nothing, and I was even worried when I read about the internet reactions before watching the movie when they mentioned that he was there in the end so I was worried. But there was absolutely nothing to worry about! Indeed he was there but that was it, he was just there! He just showed up like he was one of the many redundant forest creatures present and his screen time lasted like, a minute or something! Forget what you heard guys, Prince Dick is the least thing to worry about in this movie, if he even is one.

As for the other Dude, Maleficent’s companion, there is even less worry there! Even a girl and her pet animal have more love between them than these two. Obviously the Chengeling Dude might like Maleficent just like that dog loves the girl but does maleficent shower the dog with bones and play with it? Nooooope! So no, he is even less of a worry.

The meat of everything, so to speak, was where we all wanted it to be and all my expectations I was glad to find, were not let down! I swear I felt my chest constricting several times and tried real hard not to cry like a little girl at the dawww moments between Maleficent and Aurora, especially the younger Aurora. And even when she grew up there was so much tension when they were close doing something as simple as talking that…Maybe it was just me!

And that Maleficent blowing kisses on Aurora (casting sleeping spells on Aurora) whenever she got uncomfortable KYAAAAN. Also for some reason, that one time when Aurora asks Maleficent about her wings, I totally chocked on my soda when she asked in a very low voice – “Were they…big?” And her eyes fell just a bit downwards Maleficent’s! yeah, I am going to hell for sure, aren’t I!? That was the real reason I actually went the second time – to confirm that stupid a thing LOL!

And can we all just take a moment to think of that crowning scene towards the end?! Why did Maleficent have to do it?! Why did she do it in the forest with no human soul in sight – humans that Aurora was supposed to be leading? What was this, some kind of secret marriage symbolism?! I swear to you, seeing it makes it even more like a wedding ceremony with the romanticism to the way Maleficent gently placed the golden crown on top of Aurora’s head and the way Aurora bowed her head then beamed up at Maleficent afterwards was just…FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

And of course as if the Directors were thinking, Uh-Oh we are crossing the line, it was this time they decide to drop Prince Dick into the frame. I am sure it did the trick because I felt like I had just tasted a bad part of a potato. Brought my built up happiness down from 11 to 10 I can tell you that.


But then I remembered! You are nothing Prince Dick! Even if you were to be married in the future for the sake of birthing heirs, you will never be Aurora’s true love HA-HA! Your kiss failed to awaken her from the curse! And we had seen Maleficent try many times to un-do the curse before Aurora reached 16 via magic and she has the strongest magic around but she had failed! The only way to go was indeed only True Love’s kiss! The kiss that Dick delivered but totally failed! yeah, I will rub that in until the world stops spinning, or I do (ZOD™)!

And so, thinking that there was no chance for Aurora, Maleficent who had come to care for the girl since she was just a baby, couldn’t hold in her emotions any longer. So she poured her heart out to the sleeping Princess as tears flowed from her magical eyes and apologised for something that she might never get the chance to be forgiven for. When she’s done, she leans forward, kisses the sleeping Aurora on her crown (We don’t use foreheads here yo!) then turns to leave, totally heart-broken and probably ready for death!

But then something magical happened! Aurora opened her eyes and called out to Maleficent. I think I lost a major body part due to it totally melting out of existence at this part!

But something struck me. the way Aurora opened her eyes, was she sleeping but could understand what was going on around her? Like maybe she could have known and heard what Maleficent had said and done (Dick too) because the way she called after Maleficent like that after opening her eyes without any sort of disorientation was just…Ooooh think of the possibilities!

And even better, yes, as if Maleficent waking the legendary Sleeping Beauty with her kiss of True Love wasn’t enough, the two decide to elope together! Seriously, there is no other way to think of it. And the way the King was so desperate to keep them apart, and kill Maleficent, Ahhhh so much symbolism!

But as they are about to escape, Maleficent gets trapped under a net of Iron and fairies are weak against it. She was almost about to be done it but then Aurora saved her by freeing her wings from where they had been locked up. They few back to their Master and then you knew all was right with the world! maleficent with wings makes dragons look like water horses compared to sharks!

This movie was really great for me. I can’t wait for the Blurays to watch it over and over again.  I still can’t believe the amount of time it spent on Maleficent and Aurora. I mean the movie was supposed to be about her but I wasn’t expecting them to go through with it. I was expecting lots of Castle time with Aurora but NOPE! Looks like Disney found some balls since 2010. I am now stupidly looking forward to more adaptations. And here I thought Alice and Snow white were the limit, they go and release Frozen, then this!

Great times we live in, huh?

So the world ends with Maleficent getting herself a Queen (Cause she is the King yo!) via marriage by royalty and thus getting their Kingdoms joined (in marriage!) and since she has her own companion to keep her company when Aurora is not around due to work, maleficent figured she could let Prince Dick be Queen Aurora’s own companion because you know, they have to keep up appearances. The world ain’t ready to see Maleficent and Aurora swaggering around town sharing ice cream and holding hands.

I love this movie!

BTW, was it just me or was Prince Dick wearing the equivalent of Ice Dick’s clothes from Frozen? Might be wrong though…

Anyway, the bottom line still stays  – I totally loved this movie!

On forward for a few more pics of the two lovely ladies…

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Is it true? Are you MALEFICENT?

MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00005
MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00007 MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00008
MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00010 MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00012
MALEFICENT - Official Trailer #4 (2014) [HD] - YouTube.mp4 - 00013

So, another trailer for Angelina’s MALEFICENT has hit the intranets and Good Lord, I am getting curiouser and curiouser! First off I have seen a lot of people saying that if they don’t get dragons they will will not give a tick. Well, safe to say their lack of belief has been put to rest, with this trailer.

As for me, my interests were piqued from the very go when that first teaser hit! And people, am I even more stocked for this movie after watching this trailer! First of all the way the trailer was broken down was really, really great and hope-filling as far as I am concerned.

In the very beginning, the screen shows the Text ‘You know the story’ then they proceed to show the evil side of Maleficent and what everyone knows her as – As the one that cursed Sleeping beauty at a young age to fall into a dead sleep at the age of sixteen. You see all that, with Angelina doing what she does best, looking to all the world like Evil incarnate totally living up to the title of evilest villain in the all of Disney.

But then as she turns in all her awesome evil glory with robes swishing, this new text comes up ‘Now find out the truth’ and then we are back to the good old scenes we know of the less evil-looking MALEFICENT getting curious about the curious Princess Aurola. More interestingly, the King this time comes off as the evil villain in this second part of the trailer which makes you really wonder how this story is going to go.

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Maleficent looks more and more delicious


First, that’s an interesting way of casting a spell. Second,  I thought her magic was green? These two facts are already placing me onto the hype train.


Have we ever seen a Princess willingly walking into the hands of the villain? I mean even in Snow White, Snow really hated the Evil Queen in the beginning so this is really, really interesting! I am most looking forward to these two’s relationship.

I only hope it doesn’t turn into ‘I am your mother’ or so God help me…Dear Disney, people have lines and this right here will be the one not to cross for me.


DAT Angelina as Maleficent though >.< I’ve never so been scared of a woman before! Forget the Evil Queen, Maleficent is like the ultima of evil! And yet, she doesn’t seem that evil at the same time! I am confused but oh so excited for this.

And I hear Juno Temple is in this too? Most likely as one o the fairies? God, how more awesome can this get!

My second most looked forward to movie for the year so far. You know, TGS’s being the first.

Any way, trailer and caps…

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blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00023
blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00017 blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00025
blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00030
blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00022 blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00015
blueisthewarmestcolor-tlr1_1080p.mov - 00038

Maleficent - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mp4 - 00008
Maleficent - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mp4 - 00023 Maleficent - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mp4 - 00026
Maleficent - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mp4 - 00032

Hell yeah!

Blue VS Black. Lea VS Angelina. Love at first sight VS growing love! Warmest love story ever told VS grittiest fairytale ever told!

I dead!

Yes, Lea (and France) strikes back in a 100% yuri movie we haven’t had in a long while – Blue is the Warmest Colour! Everyone and their girlfriend in the community have already discussed this movie so if you know if them, you best go to their blogs (AfterEllen hint) for more deranged fangirling! It’s a movie about First Love and it takes the point so seriously that as Lea herself said, they shot that first encounter over 100 times just to get it right! To drive the point home, she says she still believes in Love at first sight too. Hmmm I wonder…

The trailer is choke full of goodness and I implore you if you haven’t watched it, go to youtube right now and do it! You will be counting down the seconds till you watch the movie believe you me! The director was also quite taken by the two’s acting which means we are in for one wild movie with superb in character actors in Lea and Adele. And they are both really hot so there is that too! Yes ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’, that’s the movie to look forward too.

Now then, onto Maleficent…

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