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[AKBINGO] Heuston, We Have A Problem!

190521 AKBINGO! ep542.ts - 11;43;11.309

What I was promised!

190528 AKBINGO! ep543.ts - 02;15;09.139
190528 AKBINGO! ep543.ts - 02;18;06.454 190528 AKBINGO! ep543.ts - 02;30;58.105

What I got!

Like, what in God’s name happened here!!?

I haven’t seen this…phenomena happen to AKBINGO! in like, a long time! Nay, I don’t even remember this happening before! Now, I would understand if there was a long gap between episodes but these 6 days between each other! What happened?!

This is the first time I have seen something like this happen to Yukirin, correction, first time I would have seen something like this happen to Yukirin! Outside of Mayuyu of course! And they just went and denied us! Right after teasing us like that!!

Not cool AKBINGO! not cool!

As to what’s going on, they are doing one of the regular segments these days, I call it the Confession Baseball! The subject at hand was members telling of their un-Idol like things they have done and out dear Ishida Chiho from STU48 came out about her finding ‘the crack’ irresistible! She got to pick two members she has most wanted to ‘check out’ and she picks Team 8’s Oguri Yui and soon to graduate Sashiko, Sashihara Rino!

“What about Yukirin?”

That’s my line!

Anyway, while it was great seeing Chiho poke YuiYui and Sashiko’s butts, I am still very heart-broken that I did not get to see a younger member get her way with Yukirin! You all know how hard it is to get her in these kinds of situations and this one of the few times we do, they deny us!?!

giphy (40)

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AKBINGO! ep370 – Couples Battle Part1

151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00078
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00063 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00079
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00036 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00035
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00047
Yuiri/Naachan VS Miion/Mogichan

Please I beg of you my lovely Readers, please do not ask why I am just now posting about this because I have no answer for you! Okay, I mean there is a tiny winy reason but it will sound like excuses so I will just leave it be and would appeal to you to leave it as such too. It is better to be late than never anyway, am I right!

I wish to also take this moment to explain something. Most of you have not realised it probably but I have been using a different resource for image links. I wonder if anyone noticed it. The reason for this is that my subscription for extra WordPress storage has run out and this is a bad time (Jan/Feb/March always is). That means that I can’t upload any-more items to my gallery on yuri-goggles. For the moment I am using my other (adult) blog for hosting images until I get my subscription back up again. It is rather expensive for a yearly subscription of only 25G extra and since I am running out of that as well, I have to go for the 100GB which will set me back 160 per year but hey, what am I gonna do? I tried deleting all media before 2016 but at a certain point files couldn’t be deleted any-more so that doesn’t work either.

Sort things out WordPress! For this amount of cash you should be flawless!

So yeah, that is for anyone who noticed things were wonky there for a while, or visited some posts and there were no images showing. Those posts will be the ones before July 2011, as a warning to anyone else.

With that out of the way, let’s move things along…Man, AKBINGO is trying real hard to be relevant again and if they keep dishing out episodes like this, well, they should all but consider it success because MY GOD!!!


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Brace Yourselves – The Kagoshima Duel Is Upon Us

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00203
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00260 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00362
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00294
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00296 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00316
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00312
giphy oh no
Oh no you didn’t!!!

Like, WHY?

This is not funny at all! Others think that this was done for teh lulz but Yukirin has been in the worse top all rankings, in fact she was the worst two rankings ago and even with this many girls (almost triple the first ranking numbers) she is still the worst lucky girl of the whole 48G! Doing it once is funny, twice, a snicker, thrice? Not so sure!

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[AKBINGO] Best! Damn! Episode! EVER!

141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00305
Yui x Mako
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00337
Aoi x Kanon
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00284
Yuka x Ryouka
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00341
Madoka x Natsumi
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00317
Mako x Yuka
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00023
And Pedo Centre…

What…What is this? What did I just watch?!!

Dear Readers, my innards are a chaotic mess right now! I haven’t blogged about this until now not because I was late to the party (like, I am disappoint if you thought I was!) but rather because my mind was just too blown! When I saw the preview last week I thought it was just a prank of some sort! And even when I got to watching this episode this week, and I saw the babies I thought, surely they can’t do it with lolis around (Wait, isn’t this a midnight show? What are lolis doing here? Oh wait, AKBINGO used to have Love-tan way back in the 0ji days and she was younger than NakoMiku back then so…) Any way, it’s about morality and for some reason I thought since the babies were around we possibly couldn’t get a full segment about a ChuChu train!

I was wrong!

Apparently even after I watched the Team * version of ChuChu Train on Anta Dare I am still thick headed! Yes, it actually happened. There are gifs on tumblr about it. here is a gif if you want…

They did this for 60 seconds!

SERIKA and Saachan were in it! And yet I still doubt Japan! Why? I don’t know! Maybe because that was very SFW unlike the AKBINGO version! Then again, one is LIVE during the day and the other is recorded, for the middle of the night showing!!

Good Lord, I am mouth-watering just thinking about the damn episode! My mind working on delusions 10x more than it usually does (And believe me you, I watch a lot of P$&*UDDGH^&*

Ahem, sorry about that!

You won’t even believe the number of times I’ve already re-watched this episode like…I am so far still that I can’t even think of a comprehensible way to write about this episode so I am just going to put up a bunch of caps and one-liners!

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Choices, choices, choices!

140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00022
140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00103 140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00028
140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00050 140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00055
140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00014

Out of all of these, which do you think would be the best unit? I can’t decide >.<

Seriously though, I can’t believe they wasted three episodes on this thing! I already forgot what happened the last two episodes. Couldn’t they have done a SP instead and introduced something new to start off the year?! And the preview for next week doesn’t encourage at all. It feels like we had a fashion episode just before this Luck ranking, or is it just me!

Ah~ wonderful AKS, not sure if geniuses for reeling in the rating by stretching out the episode or the exact opposite in that they have frikkin nothing to offer! And really, the rankings themselves were not that exciting. Maybe it’s because we have seen it before but I did not get any excitement from these rankings at all. I’m not even blaming Ponkosu this time too ^^

Says something if all I got from this is how exciting it would be to have a couple of units from the rankings, like the Worst 5. Or how I was noticing how charming a ship with Yukirin and Miki-chan would be.

140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00018

Just can’t have enough of them! Thank you so very much for planting this poisonous seed in my head dear Will, thank you –_-. Now Mayuyu feels like a graduated member LOL I wonder what would be the scenario in which they get closer…

Anyway, my Goddess is not getting any breaks, is she. She’s was nowhere close to being in the Top 100 for three years now, even ranking as the Worst 1 and now the Worst 3rd Heh, Less excuses to dump her in the back line shadows I guess. Oh well, she prefers the darkness and the darkness prefers her any way so all is good.

Interesting though was Maachun and Uuka being in the top 20 while SayaMilky are right shoulder to shoulder with Yukirin. There better be something in the future to accompany this logic. But really, this is SayaMilky we are talking about. And really, last year Sasshi was supposed to have the worst luck and Miichan the best yet look at where that got them!

Miki-chan being worst was a bit unexpected though but if Management sees the Mayuyu in her and are knowingly placing her Fate closer to Mamarin, then I am all for it! Imagine Mayuyu getting all jelly over Miki-chan and they fighting over Mamarin’s affections…Heh

Seriously though, I hope AKBINGO picks up their game because this is getting ridiculous. Thank God they have other shows that can get rid of this boredom. When was NOGINGO again? Oops, that isn’t an AKB show, is it >.<

140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00071
Black-san ^^

Hiding her blackness like a Boss in disguise of being positive LOL

140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00035 140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00042
140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00043 140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00091
Them memes too

140121 AKBINGO!.ts - 00063
What…WHAT! Leave me and my fantasies alone! This is all I can get right now T.T)

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