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Life…Is Complete.

Yin and Yang

Because you can’t have one without the other, no Hideko without Sook-hee, even if the two contents are similar, and no matter if it costs an arm and a leg (these books Jesus Christ), I just have to have both!

That’s what The Handmaiden and Fingersmith mean to me!

When I say they are perfect, I mean it with all my heart and I will gobble up all and any content about them!

And so, I went and got the Hideko version of The Moments!

Even more expensive than the Sook-kee version 😭

Ah, the things we do for love…



Praised Be!

IMG_20220623_195930 IMG_20220623_200101
IMG_20220623_200355 IMG_20220623_200420
IMG_20220623_195956 IMG_20220623_200243
IMG_20220623_200154 IMG_20220623_200543IMG_20220623_200815


This really is #PrideMonth huh!

I mean, look who decided to drop in today!?!! If you are wondering why there was not what you were expecting today, this is why!! I have literally spent all day just worshipping this Holy Book, that’s…I have literally gotten over the money I spent on this one!

It’s all worth it!

Like, seriously, you have no idea how massive this book is!! I’ll just say that it would be right at home in one of those fancy top class museums where they keep golden bound books because my God!

Holding this book in my hands makes me feel like I have some kind of super power or something!

I frikkin love it!

Plain Archive you awesome Bitches you, you have once again outdone yourselves!!!! It’s why you are almost the best in the business (you just need to expand your potifolio to other countries and we are top!)

Here is something to help you scale this grand book a little bit…


That’s a normal-sized Blu-ray right there next to this magnificent beast! Look at the size!!! As for the height, it’s almost the width of a smart phone, like Jesus!

And that binding…frikkin chef’s kiss!!!!

THE BEST NOVEL – Fingersmith!


And now we have the best damn side book ever created!

My life is practically complete! I have no complaints anymore! I already have the perfect book, which spawned the perfect movie, that has given birth to great side content, like…I feel as if I just skipped to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy!

As for what’s in the book, lots and lots of images , like, 90% photos and 10% interview and other BTS talk!

Now if you will excuse me, I am heading back in for round three!



So, You Think You Love THE HANDMAIDEN

That’s Cute…

And I am not even done yet!

There’s still a lot missing from my collection including the Japanese Version, Taiwan Version, the American Version and so many others from the looks of that special arts book that came with my #PlainArchive purchase, which showcases all the covers and posters of The HANDMAIDEN from around the world!

I gotta catch’em all!

Now dear Reader, that is love for THE HANDMAIDEN!



[Ahgassi] Dear Readers, See U At The Crossroad

THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00015
THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00020
THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00027
heart attack im done byebye

An English Trailer just dropped and OMFG, I just can’t right now!

This scene is of course straight out of the pages of the book. Look at that fake innocence (Not a spoiler since the trailers now give things away) on Maud’s face!! Totally screams that incredible scene in the book! You know which it is. It was the____ and the ____ that they _____ _____.

From what I am gathering in the trailers, Mr Park is just going to fill in the blanks that the book left out due to their intensity. We were told only that Maud ‘entertained’ her Uncle’s Gentlemen friends, but apart from reading books, we were pretty kept in the dark. We never knew what RFR was up to while we were with the girls at Briar seeing as the story was told from their POVs. So I understand that this movie overs those POVs we never got to know in the book, and I love it!

I mean this means that we get to enjoy Maud and Sue’s story from yet another perspective! How cool is that?! A love story told from three different perspectives! Never in the history of fiction and entertainment has that ever happened!

And I thought Fingersmith was legendary from just two perspectives!

And hopefully, this will shave off some worry most people seem to have thinking that The Handmaid/Ahgassi/The Handmaiden (How many titles does this movie have!?!) will not have yuri! Yeah, I don’t know why they think that despite what evidence we have in trailers and other promo material. All the director said was that he would focus more on RFR! He was the third most important character and I have to agree (even if it pains me to) that he was kinda, given the boot in the book. I mean I was happy he was not around but still, thinking of how he was essentially the one responsible for bringing Sue and Maud together, a little more screen time wouldn’t hurt. Anyway, his fate still awaits him so…

Buuuuut back to this new Alternate English Cannes version of the trailer…

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One Soul for Sale, One Soul For Sell Here!

Fingersmith Teaser.mp4 - 00016
Fingersmith Teaser.mp4 - 00012 Fingersmith Teaser.mp4 - 00022
'아가씨' 김태리(Kim Taeri), 떨리는 첫 데뷔 소감 '죽을 것 같다' [MD동영상].mp4 - 00006 ‘아가씨’ 김태리 ‘러블리 매력’ 발산, 박찬욱이 선택한 그녀 (제작발표회).mp4 - 00041
Fingersmith Teaser.mp4 - 00018

My frikkin Soul! That is what I am willing to give up for this movie! If anyone knows of any gypsies or dark magicians or fallen angels, please contact me immediately! I will make sure to save space down there when I get to hell later!

Holy Molly!

One of the loveliest people in the world today, my Readers, just shared another OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD trailer for The Handmaid and by the gods!!! I don’t even…

Did this awesome mofo just go and turn Fingersmith into a fantasy horror movie?! Did he just go and turn my favourite book into my favourite movie genre?!

im done done done

Dear Readers, I don’t think I can handle this! How can I survive, knowing this movie is going to be out there in approximately 1 month and yet I have to wait until next year to see it!?! How?!

I thought reading the book would sate my hunger somewhat but the effects were the exact opposite! BBC’s actresses were wiped from my mind and were replaced by Min-Hee and Tae-Ri as I read the book. All I saw were their faces and that made my hunger of seeing these two that much greater!

And then just yesterday, wonderful, wonderful tiduf goes and shares this new trailer (Best trailer for 2016 hands down!), that fuckin blew my mind!

I mean, I know Fingersmith is crazy, especially during Maud’s chapter but it is subtle. Mr Park just went full on crazy with his adaptation! Jesus! I mean, this shouldn’t be a surprise. No country exaggerates emotions like Korea does. So of course taking a story like that of Fingersmith and putting into Korean hands, you just know you are in for the ride of your life!

I thought that I was ready, I don’t think I am anymore! This is, this is just too much!

And while I watched the new trailer on YoutTube, I decided to dig up some more things on Ahgassi and what did I find? Press conferences with the cast about the movie! You know something is sure to happen in those and while I did not have much hope seeing as Min-Hee is actually a very reserved actress and Tae-Ri being a new-be, I wasn’t expecting much.

But they showed a glimpse of unexpected chemistry within the few minutes of video that surprised me. I really wish I knew what they were saying. They seemed to be talking about how it was working with each other and I really want to know! Hopefully someone will take pity on us and translate.

Tae-Ri of course was very nervous and it was very clear this was new to her. She spent most of the time talking looking down and her hand restlessly rubbing her leg. She was just so cute. Min-Hee was also still the same old, calm and collected self. It was great seeing her react to Tae-Ri’s talks.

Anyway, enough rumblings…

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