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My Ten Commandments – Part 1

AKA My Top 10 Favourite Yuri Movies Of All Time!

I know a few have been waiting for this list since forever as I have gotten this question quite a lot, and I apologise but that is how hard it was for me to settle on this final verdict!

No, I have not seen Ahgassi/The Handmaiden yet but dear Lord my lovely Readers, I have seen things! Oh have I seen things! Let me tell you this now, Fingersmith is tame, way tame compared to The Handmaiden! If we are going by the yuri, if the book yuri is a 50/100 then the movie yuri is a solid 96/100!

I kid you not!

And so just I presumed would be the outcome, The Handmaiden is going to be my all time favourite movie and all this before I have even watched it! I have never waited for something so hard in my life.

This list is labelled Part 1 because I am planning on posting an in-depth post about this list, explaining each movie and why it is where it is on the list. The delay is of course that I am waiting for The Handmaiden to drop. So do look forward to a deeper post explaining the list.

For now, these are my Ten Commandments, as I like to call them!

But just to be clear, this is not my Top 10 Movies of All Time List! That list contains none yuri/subtext movies like A Tale of two Sisters, The Dark Knight, Martyrs etc…

Anyway, yeah, that is that…for now.


Happy Holidays Wonderful Readers

img011 img013

I hope that you are having a wonderful time like I am right now. While others got more meaningful gifts, yours truly just got €400 worth of Japanese Goodness! I bought 18 products this Christmas which included;

  • My Girl/A Girl at my Door
  • Grey Crow/Haiiro no Karasu
  • Noushou Sakuretsu Girl
  • Jinroh Game
  • Shibuya Maruyama Story
  • Tokyo Girls’ Style 5th Anni Live
  • Four Mooks
  • More Movies
  • A couple of CD

Yeah, Japan will be the death of me! And yes, I have already watched Jinro Game, Shibuya Maruyama Story, Grey Crow and A Girl at my Door but I just had to get my own copies, you know in the case that the world goes to hell and I have to be stuck underground I need to take my yuri BDs and DVDs with me, as well that those fics I printed out because they were so good! Hey, you can never be to careful!

The reason why I did not buy that new movie with Aonami Jun and Nakayama (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Hey, that’s three girls in movies this past year from Ebichu!!!) is because I was lied to! The trailer was so misleading! I was so mad while watching that movie you don’t even have a clue! Forget cute girls, I deleted that movie so fast my PC almost crashed!

And also as usual, this purchase also has TGS in it! Of course there would be! You know, right now I can’t argue that TGS is my favourite Idol Group! Well, was seeing as they are no longer ‘Idols’. With AKB going down the drain I need to find another group and sadly it seems that I am returning back to the roots that is H!P. Isn’t it funny? H!P got me into the Idol world and it looks like they are taking me back. I am just so in love with Kobushi, Country Girls and MM15. Angerme was my favourite after Berryz but seeing as my favourite girl there has just announced her graduation (Why MeiMei, why?!!!) I guess Angerme is off the list! But if Haruna leaves, I am done with H!P as well.

Yes, I am still with the 48G but only where Mayuki are concerned! No Mayuki, no AKB full stop! And while Yukirin has been a Goddess for all these freakin years, I just have a feeling that she is about had enough of being raped by AKS so all I am waiting for is the over-due announcement. I wish she does it together with Mayuyu. AKS needs a middle finger for their faggotory!

Okay, right here and right now, I am announcing that I give up on AKS! I don’t care what they do anymore from now on! I am not ever mentioning anything of them ever again! I swear this to you all my my witnesses dear Readers!

Anyway, jump over for some more scans…

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[New, News, Neews] It’s coming Guys…

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img20140816rakuen18 81Ykoh-0M5L

Guess what I just got in my mailbox? A message from Amazon updating me on my order I placed after that Whammy not long ago. But before I get to this, let me just assure you that if you are wondering about my unusual posting time, you have good reason to be.

I am writing this at 7 am and I usually do my posts at night. So why am I doing this now? Well, there is a couple of things to blame and the first one being this movie…

po A_Girl_at_My_Door_poster
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00378 A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00386
A.Girl.At.My.Door.2014.720p.HDRip.XviD.AC3-JSB.avi - 00384
A Girl at my Door

OMG dear Readers OMG! This movie is dangerous! So very dangerous but also so very very good! Do you ever watch that movie that is so good it keeps you up all night!?! Well this is one of those movies for me! The last one being Rebellion which means it’s been a while, and I watch a lot of movies, almost 10 a week!

This movie was so very very good! And it was such a surprise because I didn’t know about it at all! I was only on my usual rounds of collecting Asian movies to watch when I figured, why not! The title sounds good so maybe! And by the Gods, I struck clean gold with this!

I am not going to say anymore about it since I want to wait until the Blurays come out and hopefully a Directors Cut because this movie is one of those movies that deserves one!

My God!

And yes, your eyes are telling you the truth. that right there is one of our favourite ladies of Korean Cinema and you might remember her from that other Awesome movie about Ping Pong I already discussed! And yes, she just kissed yet another common face Jang Hee-jin!!!! But that wasn’t even the best part of the movie! And I better stop now because I have a feeling I won’t stop if I go any further. Check out some more pics after the jump (mostly on our two mains).

Any way as I was saying, I couldn’t sleep because of this movie. My alarm goes off for me to go to work and when I get there guess what I find out…I wasn’t working this morning!!! I always work Tuesday mornings so you will forgive me for thinking it was the same today! I get there and my supervisor is looking at me like – WTF U doing here? And I’m like – I work here bitch! And he is like – Not today morning you ass, you work tonight! And I am like – … You have got to be!!!?!

Any way I turn tail and get back home right away totally not even ready to go to bed even if I didn’t sleep a wink! So here I am, in front of my life’’ long partner DIVA (my PC of course) and I find an e-mail alert. It’s from Amazon. They are telling me that my order that was supposed to be delivered in a week because one of the books have to be ordered in, has been moved up in the schedule and I am gonna get it sooner! Instead of shipping in a week, it’s going to be shipped tomorrow making the arrival time around Tue or even Mon next week!

That of course just spiked up my sugar levels to over 9000! Now there is no way I am sleeping for the night shift! And since I am off tomorrow morning it means that I won’t be sleeping after work!

That is why I am writing this post at this un-Godly hour! So I am very sorry if you have some kind of alert thingy that disturbed you for this post in case you were at work or sleeping (LOL).

Any way, it’s coming so look forward to that Shishunki Gokko Spinoff DVD yos!

Hit the jump for some more pics of the great Bae Doona and kawaii kawaii (and very dangerous) Kim Sae-ron…

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