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[Ahgassi] So, This is What Faith Is!

Handmaid Main Characters.mp4 - 00028
Handmaid Main Characters.mp4 - 00031
Handmaid Official Teaser 2.mp4 - 00007
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Handmaid Official Teaser 2.mp4 - 00009

If you will excuse me, I would like to say a prayer from the Holy Book that I just bought. Literally, today!

20160513_184114 20160513_184325
“Believe and Thau Shall Be Enlightened”

That’s right! I just bought yet another copy of Fingersmith, only this time it is the Hardcover version! Why? Well…Today I sat two finals and I was feeling pretty great so I decided to drop into the cinema to see Civil War. The thing is, the movie was a ways off for the IMAX version and I didn’t feel like going home and then coming back to the cinema so I figured that I could spend the time reading something. But then I found out that I had left my Fingersmith copy at home!

What do? Well, I have money and lots of time going shopping so to the nearest Bookstore I went. Looked around, went into the gifts section and there I found a Hardcover version of Fingersmith! All plans for a different book went out the window, because not only was this a hard cover, but it was also the old and best cover with those lovely signature Maud’s gloves!

So happy was I that in the cinema I went right back to the first page! only got to Gentleman just arriving to Lant Street (Sue’s home) then I had to go to the movie! The feeling that I felt seeing this cover, on a hard back made me think that this was my Book of Faith now.

So imagine my shock when I get home to find that there is another video! a video much longer than the ones that have come before. A video that introduces us to the characters. A video that gives us scenes we have not seen before!


This week, these past few days have been heavenly! Awesome things are happening to Yukirin, FINALLY! And then there is this – A movie that is promising to be my favourite movie of all time until the end of time (my time)!

These days are just too good to be true! And what’s even weirder is the fact that I don’t have any bad feelings about that fact. Usually when things are too good to be true, I get a fore bonding feeling and it always comes true (See early last year and the year before that) but not this time! And I don’t think my yuri-powers are failing me.I can’t explain it but believe me on this one, please.

I have included MF zip for the combined videos we have so far in glorious Full HD obviously, because anyone who still deals in SD in this day and age deserves to be executed!!

In those vids BTW, there is a subbed trailer and I better warn you that I completely ignored the names they decided on the characters! I don’t know if they are real or if it is a translation error but ‘Hideko’?! NO, Just NO! I will stick with the original character names, thank you very much!

Anyway, about those new scenes…(PS: Thank you so much for the heads up whatever)

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[Ahgassi] Dear Readers, See U At The Crossroad

THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00015
THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00020
THE HANDMAIDEN Trailer (PARK CHAN-WOOK - 2016).mp4 - 00027
heart attack im done byebye

An English Trailer just dropped and OMFG, I just can’t right now!

This scene is of course straight out of the pages of the book. Look at that fake innocence (Not a spoiler since the trailers now give things away) on Maud’s face!! Totally screams that incredible scene in the book! You know which it is. It was the____ and the ____ that they _____ _____.

From what I am gathering in the trailers, Mr Park is just going to fill in the blanks that the book left out due to their intensity. We were told only that Maud ‘entertained’ her Uncle’s Gentlemen friends, but apart from reading books, we were pretty kept in the dark. We never knew what RFR was up to while we were with the girls at Briar seeing as the story was told from their POVs. So I understand that this movie overs those POVs we never got to know in the book, and I love it!

I mean this means that we get to enjoy Maud and Sue’s story from yet another perspective! How cool is that?! A love story told from three different perspectives! Never in the history of fiction and entertainment has that ever happened!

And I thought Fingersmith was legendary from just two perspectives!

And hopefully, this will shave off some worry most people seem to have thinking that The Handmaid/Ahgassi/The Handmaiden (How many titles does this movie have!?!) will not have yuri! Yeah, I don’t know why they think that despite what evidence we have in trailers and other promo material. All the director said was that he would focus more on RFR! He was the third most important character and I have to agree (even if it pains me to) that he was kinda, given the boot in the book. I mean I was happy he was not around but still, thinking of how he was essentially the one responsible for bringing Sue and Maud together, a little more screen time wouldn’t hurt. Anyway, his fate still awaits him so…

Buuuuut back to this new Alternate English Cannes version of the trailer…

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Escape Dream SP MV

Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00105
Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00013 Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00075
Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00053 Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00089
Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00025

Well, I…well…

I am sorry 2014 but so far 2015 is proving to be one great nemesis for you! I mean this is only Jan, right? We have just hit the half-way of of the first month of the year, that’s just 15 days into the year and I am already satisfied! This has never happened before! Not even the Madoka year was this great at this time in Jan because right around that time we hadn’t gotten any concrete MadoHomu vibes and as far as I can remember, that was the only series I was watching during that time.

This year though, this year is already looking promising, and in more than one direction! On the Idol side, the Music Idol side I mean, Yukirin is more active than I remember her, in the movie side, I already pre-ordered the yuri movies Shushinki Gokko and Zero (though those won’t be arriving until start of March but the happiness is already here so), and also in this Idol world, by that I mean the Gravure Idol world, I have a great deal of ふたり。videos to go through so really, all the bases are covered! Not to mention PLL, that is if my ship (EMISON of course) get’s to break the rules and actually get moving again.

So yeah, this year is proving to be a great one already but at this very moment, the one thing that is on top of my thoughts is this lovely MV that imoutosisters posted on their official channel. And by the gods!

Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00059
Kuromiya Rei
Escape Dream” 縷縷夢兎 - YouTube.mp4 - 00057
Kaneko Rie

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STAMP – Keyboard Hustler MV

นักเลงคีย์บอร์ด - STAMP Feat. Takeshi Yokemura From YMCK [English Subtitles] [Official MV] - YouTube.mp4 - 00064
นักเลงคีย์บอร์ด - STAMP Feat. Takeshi Yokemura From YMCK [English Subtitles] [Official MV] - YouTube.mp4 - 00058 นักเลงคีย์บอร์ด - STAMP Feat. Takeshi Yokemura From YMCK [English Subtitles] [Official MV] - YouTube.mp4 - 00071
นักเลงคีย์บอร์ด - STAMP Feat. Takeshi Yokemura From YMCK [English Subtitles] [Official MV] - YouTube.mp4 - 00067

I have said already how much I love my Readers, right? Well, in case someone missed it, I will say it again – I Love you all, you hear me? I love you! How could I not, when keep taking care of me like this! And so I thank you! Especially Xiaoyang at the moment, who sent me this lovely PV! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! I mean come on, this has been on YT since July last year, the time when Hormones was the IT and while I didn’t know Cookcai (Bee from ThirTEEN Terrors) at the time, I definitely knew  BELLE (Koi from Hormones). So for me to only find out about this now, and from another is kind of…actually it might be a good thing because it means there is still a lot of yuri out there I have yet to find! I thought I was running out, looks like the joke is on me!

As for this PV dear Readers, perfection! The FEELS are strong in this one! It was just about this one moment, the moment of their meeting and yet there was so much in that short period, so many emotions that I was simply blown away! This MV was just genius! The only reason I can think of, for anyone to down-vote this MV is because they couldn’t handle the FEELs that were forced out of them!

Seriously, what an MV!!!!

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