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Goodbye Amazon JP?


For some reason Amazon JP ‘no longer ships to my address’ products that just months ago would be shipped! Seriously, like I literally got TGS’s Special Edition for Mille Fuille, their last single, with that A4 photobook just fine but now it is suddenly not possible? Some movies too I can’t seem to be able to get, like, what even Amazon?!

But then I remembered that I there are other options, options that I already hold an account for, like HMV and so I decided to drop by. Queue my surprise that not only do they ship said items to my address, and not only are they even cheaper than Amazon (I kid you not!) but they also beat Amazon’s Priority shipping speed!

I am sitting here right now, baffled, wondering why I have been so focused on Amazon that I failed to give HMV my money. Now that I remember, I think it had to do with the Fedex thing, which I think is already resolved, where they brought goods to your door but asked for money before you could get them, like, take care of that business before you come to my door, seriously!

Now though it is smooth sailing apparently and from other things that happened while I was on HMV JP, I am seriously debating on cutting off my relationship with Amazon. I mean, when I was ordering NGT’s first single (Like I could miss it for the world), they had options of buying a set that has towels and muffler (which I ordered, duh). Good luck getting that deal on Amazon and even getting it to ship to your country!

Seriously, if they had the NGT NIII Party LIVE Bluray, I would be married to HMV right this moment!

Why do companies turn to shit when they get big? I don’t get it!

Anyway, this time around I got my self X21’s first album (with PVs and a LIVE in Blu-ray goodness), Idol Renaissance’s 4th Live in Zepp DiverCity on Blu-ray and Tokyo Girl’s Style’s PreDawn SE CD with another A4 photobook.

Yes, I am an Idol Renaissance fan, already even have a ship (see below) and if you are not following them on YouTube, get to it! Their’s is the 2nd best Idol management (next to TGS of course). Seriously they even give us these pairing videos. for example, my ship (KoyoMai – Koyoi x Maina) is already on Vol.8. They also have another group AIS, which is almost similar and kind of the Imouto of Renaissance and you bet, I have a ship there already as well in Serena (Sera x Rena).

Can’t wait to see Renaissance’s LIVE in glorious Full HD. Their YouTube short Live videos are so good! Anyway, over for some teaser pics of KoyoMai…


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Kuzu no Honkai EP 03-06

Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00239
Kuzu no Honkai EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00045 Kuzu no Honkai EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00048
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00174
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00184 Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00060
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00091

Look at them caps! Just, just look at them!!? This is the best ever drama from japan, right? This has to be one of the best Lesbian dramas out there, right? I mean, just you look at them! Look at that intimacy! Look at the happiness and love in their faces! Just..Just look!

Definitely, the best drama of the year, even if it is only March, right? Right guys?




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Kuzu no Honkai [J-Drama]

Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00118
Kuzu no Honkai EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00006 Kuzu no Honkai EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00004
Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00015 Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00019
Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00036
Kuzu no Honkai クズの本懐

That’s right, Miyu-chan just kissed another girl within the span of one post! And yes, this is the drama, not the anime! I might or might not be checking the anime out it all depends on what happens in the drama! I already have a feeling where the show is going to end up but like I said, I am trying to get back to my glass-half-full old self so before I am either proved right or wrong with the next episode, I have decided to write about the first two episodes that I have watched.

Verdict so far? If my gut feeling is proved wrong as the series progresses, then Japan is going to get the props for starting off 2017 in style and maybe even winning it in the long run! There are already a couple of movies I am waiting to hit the shelves that look promising this year so things are looking up for Japan. Don’t ruin this one, okay?

Like I said, the anime is also currently airing and if I am not mistaken, it is probably at around episode 8 or so. The drama is on episode 4 as far as I am aware but I have watched the first two episodes only. Each episode is sadly 24min which might mean that we might get the full 12, maybe? Either way, I am going to continue watching until I am inevitably let down or proved wrong, then I will marathon the anime!

So, what is this thing exactly that I am thinking will happen? Well, going with what popped into my head first, this has ‘Last Friends’ vibes written all over it! And by that I mean in the fate of our lovely couple in Hanabi (Miyu-chan) and Sanae (Sarii)! The other is this feeling I usually get when I connect to the yuri force! Here’s what is what…

So, our main characters are together and everyone thinks of them as the perfect couple! But all is not as it seems. What is actually going on is that they are in a fake relationship! Even as they kiss and make-out all they are thinking of is their actual person that they love! Hanabi, played by X21’s one and only Captain Yoshimoto Miyu, is actually in love with her brother, a brother who is in a relationship with another teacher who, the main male character is also in love with! They both know each other’s secret but they still put on the façade and even have rules of dating!

Knowing that, you know very well what is going to happen here in the end! Hanabi has zero chance of actually ending up with her brother and if they are going that route, then chances of the main male character being with the teacher has little chance of happening, but then again, that is less of a taboo than Hanabi’s situation so…But anyway this is only if what we all are thinking is going to happen does not and that is that Hanabi and the main male character are going to end up developing real feelings for one another in the end!

Really, even a middle-schooler can see this coming a mile away! And so this is why I am very sensitive going into future episodes, especially since we are only on episode 2 and the yuri has already hit the fan! Things can’t go on this smoothly for the rest 10 or so episodes, it is impossible!

Which is why I have decided to post about these first two while I am still feeling the butterflies, before I get disappointed by later episodes because I wanted to wait until Hanabi and Sanae became an actual thing, like I would do usually! With that out of the way, let’s get this party started….

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Tsumi no Yohaku [J-Movie]

罪の余白.mkv - 00317
罪の余白.mkv - 00179 罪の余白.mkv - 00180
罪の余白.mkv - 00189 罪の余白.mkv - 00268罪の余白.mkv - 00328
Tsumi no Yohaku 罪の余白

What is right vs Love. Finding Love amidst evil actions. One’s security getting in the way of Love. Criminals have hearts too. How far people are willing to go when backed up against a wall.

Tsumi no Yohaku AKA Crime’s Blank, a 2015 awesome crime drama takes on all these issues and statements and all I have to say is, forget the likes of Romeo and Juliet, this is what tragic love is all about! I have never had my heart pulled in all directions when it comes to the villains in movies like it was this time around! Maybe it is expected seeing as this villain, Saki (played by the captain of X21’s Yoshimoto Miyu), is actually also the protagonist of the story, even though her end was a BAD ONE, which makes her an actual villain in the end instead of an anti-heroine!

I can hear someone going ‘why now?’, well, the credit goes to this new drama that was recommended to me currently airing titled ‘Kuzu no Honkai’, which, if you are an anime person, you know of this as the anime version is also currently airing, and the main girl sure moves around. I am still at episode 2 and having been blown away by Miyu’s performance in those two episodes (are idols really allowed to do that?!!), I remembered that there was a movie she was supposed to be in and so I went and looked for it and dear Readers, am I glad I remembered it!

This girl is just so good! Add her in a big budget movie like Tsumi no Yohaku and man, what a ride! But it was not just her that got me to stay and write about this movie, nope, the other girls too both Uno Narumi (who plays our other half in Maho) and Yoshida Mikako (who plays the catalyst Kana). Those two were also great in their roles and their performances added greatly to the overall feel of the movie bringing that oomph to the punch!

Obviously the point and focus of this post is going to be on our ship in Saki and Maho! Having decided that maybe we have had enough of Korean Movie posts, this was kind of an excellent timing if you ask me! Better still the fact that Tsumi no Yohaku also has the same themes of the last movie talked about, the short ‘End of Summer’. Our main characters almost were similar but ended up taking different routes, an outcome that was also influenced by their partners.

Both having tragic endings but of different magnitude and brought on by opposite circumstances, makes me one sad but also happy citizen! And so I am thinking maybe I should approach this post by way of comparing this and End of Summer? Nah, nothing ever goes according to plan where I am concerned!

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[X21] Miho and Manami

X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00247
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00123 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00075
X21 - Yakusoku no Oka Making.mkv - 00005
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00036 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00054
X21 - Natsu Dayo Making.mkv - 00108

So, if you remember in one of my welcome to 2017 self-gift, there was an X21 CD+DVD item in there as well and I mentioned the reason why I bought it. That reason is that in most, if not all the Making Of videos for their PVs, there is always some Izumikawa Miho and  Igashira Manami loving going on in there.

As you know, from the very beginning during the early days (See this post and this post and this one) I was (still am but not the main ship) Miho/Mai (Suenaga) shipper but then the more PVs I watched the more I fell in love with Miho/Minami.

It hasn’t been until one of the recent Making Ofs that I realised the reason why. I mean I know the reason, it is because there was a great lack of Mai/Miho in the Behind the Scenes videos but then in the latest ones I finally understood why that was. From her own mouth Mai explains that she is doesn’t like being filmed unless it is for the job. Seems she hates talking on camera.

Meanwhile Manami is a whole other beast. She is like the exact opposite of Mai. So energetic, so talkative, so active, so much so that I am wow’d that Miho can keep up with her. But then I am reminded of the way Yukirin always puts up with Mayuyu’s antics no matter how silly and then it hit me – It’s love. You can do anything for the one you love and viola, so begun my shipping of the two!

And so, knowing that there were gems hidden in the PV making of videos, I begun to collect them and dear Readers am I glad I got that Magical Kiss DVD (It is the one I was missing). If I were going by the level of yuri as others judge it, then the Magical Kiss DVD was the one to have! It has the ultimate gay moment between Miho and Manami and also in it I learned that there was a hidden gem I had missed in that the thing I am talking about that happened in this DVD seems to be a series of something bigger – something I did not know of until now!

I am planning to go back in the very beginning and start digging up graves for all of that juicy hidden treasures but for now, let’s talk about the Making Ofs for ‘Kagami no naka no Parallel Girl’, ‘Magical Kiss’, ‘Yakusoku no Oka’ and ‘Natsu da yo’! I am still collecting the rest of the videos in order to go over them with a brush so that post will have to wait.

With that said, let’s jump into the action…

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