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CROW’S BLOOD 02 – Light to My Darkness!

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Alright, continuing on from last episode’s post, I am going to be supporting my theory from last time with more evidence from this episode. To those who are just joining us, I had a theory on how Mai (Yukirin) had a more interesting role than merely a group leader. Now of course her role is actually pretty big already, with her name coming in 4th place in order of importance but an idea came to me that hinted at something more than that. Of course the only remaining question is if the studio had the guts to go through with it this time, or turned chicken once again. Episode 3 is why I am bringing the chicken feet into this!

Yeah, episode three was pretty disappointing. Like, is this a horror series or some kind of historical drama series?! Enough talk, more killing! Seriously, what the hell was up with all the talking?! Episode 2 was the perfect balance between talking, action and even that sprinkle of yuri goodness. Episode three was only talking, talking and more talking and nothing else!

Going back on topic, the theory is that just like Kaoru (Mayuyu) seems to have that guy (that eats up way more screen time that he should) in the relationship department so does Maki (Sakura-tan). Every main lead needs one, right? We also know that Kaoru and Maki are considered double leads so where is Maki’s relationship development? The answer to this is Mai (Yukirin) – or so the theory goes!

I spent last episode’s post giving evidence to support this but if you read that post you might remember that some evidence was saved for the second episode and so I am here to touch upon that evidence. This time we shall see more support for the M!M (Maki/Mai) ship and also why the Maki/Aoi or Maki/Kaoru should not even be considered.

Speaking of, let’s begin with Aoi and Kaoru and why they just can’t do (cannonically of course)

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CROW’S BLOOD 01 – Yuri-sense Overloading!!

160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00281
160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00116 160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00370
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Okay, this has been way overdue but I am glad I waited because the other day I was re-watching episode one after getting the second episode in HQ and I noticed something very, very interesting. Now of course this might as well be just the fruit of my CBS shipping heart but who cares. This is how I do things. I approach media with the couples that I dig and my ship in this drama is of course CBS.

Not to brag as well but notice how even my subconscious is great at detecting non-yuri? I am an avid shipper of Mayuki and if you are shocked by that, shame on you, but you must have noticed that I have not mentioned Mayuki in context of this show even before it aired! We knew nothing then but as if my conscious was looking out for me, I never even entertained the idea of Mayuki in this show, or as we should know it Mai/Kaoru!

Instead my mind was all on CBS AKA Mai/Maki. I have deluded myself more than I should already about this ship but then it was just my inner shipper going out of control basing my happies on just what could be instead of what has been.

Well, forget delusions! After the two episodes my delusions are seemingly on their way to becoming reality! Seriously, my jaw dropped the more Mai/Maki scenes we got and more of this when we get to episode 2 but for now, let’s stick with the first episode.

Before I go into it let me tell you that interesting something that I noticed. So we know Maki and Kaoru are the two leads. What is that something that every leading character has? A relationship. In some cases where it is a duo lead story like this, the two mains are usually put into the relationship and even when it looks like they aren’t, they eventually end up together because it was all for the drama. That is usually in romance stories.

Now, one might argue that Crow’s Blood is no romance story but all who have seen both episodes know what is going on with Kaoru and that Dude! Seriously by the end of the second episode Kaoru is ready to have that Dude’s babies! More on Kaoru’s side of things later.

So, they have obviously given Kaoru a love interest and no matter how you look at it, Kaoru/Maki is not happening! So Kaoru has her emotional corner covered that leaves the other lead Maki. What about Maki? Where is her emotional anchor? Are they going to leave her hanging while they take care of Kaoru so well? Is it because she is kinda zombie and thus unable to be in one? Bullshit! We have seen enough evidence to know that Maki has feelings. She is like Arcueid in Tsukihime/Melty Blood, or Alucard in Hellsing or the Wolfman or any other lead in the monster-led story. She is the Beast and so she must have her Beauty. In other story structures, the Beauty would have been Kaoru but we know now that is not the case in Crow’s Blood. In fact it couldn’t be farther from that.

Yes, Maki is going around kissing girls left and right (by the end of episode one – zero, but by two – four!!!) but of course there is no romantic meaning behind that, otherwise that last kiss in the second episode would make things super awkward!

And so there I was, re-watching the first episode and then going on to the second and then my brain exploded in wonderful chocolatey fireworks! I found the Beauty to Maki’s Beast. I found Maki’s emotional anchor. I found her relationship thread in a character that shocked me beyond belief…


Yes, I had had delusions of this before the series started but of course that was all in my mind and never did I think that there would actually be something to it until the shows began! My mind was completely blown! When that thought occurred to me it grew like a cancer. It could not let go of me to the point of actually, actually, having a dream of this ship! I might not convince you as I might need more evidence with the following episodes and actual results, which might not really happen but let’s take it step by step and begin with this first episode…

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In 7 Days…

Huluホラー企画「Crow's Blood」.mp4 - 00013
Let the contamination through saliva begin!

The last week of July is going to be something else! We have this series to look forward to. We have Majisuka Play starting on the 25th. And from un-disclosable sources, my life might just come to an end on the 27th! Something life-changing is coming my way on that day! Hint? one word – KIM.

Any who back to CROW’S BLOOD…

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That Heavenly Feeling When

160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00144
160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00152
160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00161
Your Hopes And Dreams Become Reality!!!
a moment

Dear Readers tell me something. Do I have some kind of power? Are my hopes and wishes so strong as to actually affect reality? I mean, this is like, too much of coincidences happening with things coming true after I specula!

Just a post ago, I had this thing I put together with Maki (Sakura-tan) thinking of taking Mai (Yukirin). A couple of days later we get a new 30sec teaser that has Maki flat out seduce Mai, in her totally half-naked glory right in front of the gang!

Like, how would you feel about this if you were me?

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Forgive Me Universe!


I do care about what happens to you! How could I not after this CROW’S BLOOD post I came about (which is a short interview of Yukirin about the drama) that had a pic that blew my mind!

It has been literally one post since I wrote my delusions of what might happen (I wish to happen) and one of them was Maki (Sakura-tan’s character) moving in/living with Mai (Yukirin’s character) and guess what…They just dropped a pic of Mai and Maki, together, in a house that I seriously doubt that belongs to a character like Maki! I don’t believe that for even a second! Those types of characters usually live in small apartments and they are either really dirty or plain because they never put anything in them, why would they? They don;t need nothing! Hell, Maki probably just eats for show and she doesn’t need food!

But while I do love to think that, there is one thing here that doesn’t add up! Mai is wearing a school uniform where as Maki is in casuals. This should be the opposite as Maki’s character is usually the type to have only one set of clothes – the uniform!

Meanwhile on the other hand, we know Mai is the the Queen Bee, meaning she is the rich one, meaning she is the one who should have this type of house..a house!

But then this is where the problem is! Why is Mai in uniform in her own house? Why is Maki in her house wearing casuals if Mai in the one living here?!

And so there are three possibilities here and one of them is just my delusion I had about these two in the last post and that is that Mai and Maki live together which would explain why Maki is here wearing her casuals where as Mai is wearing her uniform still because she came back late (from a night in the clubs with her girls – which is in her character resume)!

If this is the case, you know who to pray for when this episode airs!

But what if this is Maki’s house instead? Let’s think of that. How did Mai know where she lives? What is she doing there alone without her ‘minions’?! Why is she there alone and why is Maki seemingly so physical with her? If this is indeed Mai visiting Maki in her home, it must mean that they have a history…a secret history.

OMG, real sisters?!? FFFUUU

The third scenario is also equally as good! If this is indeed Mai’s home it either means that Maki gave her a surprise visit (a la the rumoured Bruce/Barry confro in JL) which might explain the clothes thing!

So, as things stand, I am already a goner! All things point to me flipping out for finally getting my CBS after centuries of mind-boggling waiting!

I mean God, look! They even sit right next to each other during meals >.<

And I swear if this is Maki at the receiving end of that smile…Save me!!!!