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SKE48 – Kataomoi FINALLY! [MV]

SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00037
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00023 SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00233
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00183
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00102 SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00199
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00293
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00269 SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00194
SKE48 - Kataomoi FINALLY!.m2ts - 00318

Sweet Baby Jesus!

I had almost forgotten how so frikkin gay SKE48’s 8th Single was…is!

Yes, I know it is a crime worth the death penalty, that I have not written a dedicated post about this MV after all this time! I mean I have written many an article about the single already but not the typical Music Video posts I usually do! So please, go ahead and punish me, I accept your wrath!

Almost 7 years…It’s almost 7 years since this single released for crying out loud! Jan 2012, Shall never forget that moment, nay, shall never forget the end of 2011! We got teasers of the single right around Christmas and if that was not the best ever Christmas present from AKS, I don’t know what presents are!

To this day, not a single from the 48 Family, 46 Family and that includes our sisters overseas, has come even close to the epicness and balls this 8th single from SaKaE 48 had! What is even more mind-blowing is that there was much more to this Music Video that was cut, from the sheer out-there-ness of it! More about this after the jump!

There have been Music Videos from other Idol groups and Artists that have come close but not any of the immediate family holds a candle to this single! And it is not just about the gayness, just like the songs of gens long gone, the song was powerful in it’s own right! These are a rarely these days! The possibility of getting one might even reduce me to tears, because that’s how rare they are!

Seriously though, it’s been so long that current fans would not even recognise most of the girls in this Music Video! Yes, that includes both the fans that were here back then and the new! For me though, SKE48 was the shit back then! At the time I think they were my favourite because of WMatsui as MAYUKI was pretty weak back then! So while I did not have them on my mind, as soon as I saw the girls’ faces, I instantly remembered, their names, their ship partners their teams and how gay they were!

This single was such a surprise, it made the controversy of AKB48’s 17th Single HEAVY ROTATION seem like kindergarteners crying over spilled milk! It not only boosted SKE48’s rep but the girls themselves got attention outside of WMatsui! Revisiting the MV, I am still shook that AKS manages to release this at all! Like, there is no way in hell they can release something remotely close to this nowadays! I mean like, this was after the backlash at Heavy Rotation but AKS was like, “Take this L and stick it up yours Fools!”

And don’t get me started on the quality of this MV! SKE48 Music Videos have always been miles ahead of AKB48’s when it came to quality but that is really not saying much! AKB MVs are easily the worst quality out of all the sisters!! But damn, this was 2012! Look at that production quality! Not just about the actual visual Q but also the themes, the camera-work, the editing…God!

But to be fair, I was too blinded by the GAY back then to care about quality! And really, AKB’s MVs at the time were pretty decent! I mean those were the days of BEGINNER (Epic), Flying Get (Miracle), Sakura no ki ni narou (Emotion)! Those were some of the best produced MVs from AKB48!

Ah the FEELs just thinking of those years…Things were perfect back then!

Anyway moving on…


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8 VS 11. Ultra 1 Against Super 5. FIGHT!



The one and only Champion of GAY48 since the dawn of time – KUMINON (Yagami Kumi ϟ Kimoto Kanon)

From SKE48’s 8th single Kataomoi FINALLY,

aw3 aw4

Will the help of WMatsui (Matsui Rena ϟ Matsui Jurina)

Will take on all the apparently top couples of SKE from the extras of the 11th single Choco no Dorei.

The battle will be fought with nothing but mouths.

We are all aware of the fearsome and un-paralleled power of KUMINON and I confess I still have good dreams about a single that was released exactly a year ago!

Can these couples, with a little help from WMatsui themselves (don’t expect kisses from them –_-), stand a drop of a chance at beating eternal champions?

We here are of the community and we are not so cracked that we would not give anyone a chance.

So, let’s give them a benefit of a doubt and let them put up their best fight.

Who wins?

You decide!

Let’s get this party started…..


First challenger up is…

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Question/Answer Corner 1


Hello there Dear Readers,

First I wish to welcome another Reader of Yuri-Goggles Jennifer. Not only is she new here but it seems she just got into JPOP and Asian media. Jennifer had the chance to watch the First Love video and had a good few important questions that she wanted answers to so she asked for help. Sensing the good girl she is, (well those lovely words did do wonders for me. I love me some compliments too from time to time) I figured that I had to answer those questions for her. Besides, there may be other new members to the fandom that have similar questions so why not take care if that now.

To answer Jennifer’s questions, I am going to use my video – First Love to answer them for her, in that most of them were related to that video.

For a more depth take on JPOP or Asian POP really and other stuff not specifically related to the 48Family, there are good reviews out there for you. Just use the right keywords in your search engine of choice and you won’t go wrong. Asian Media has really grown in the last decade so there is lots of information about that sector all over the internet.

Here I am going to try and explain related things about JPOP, more specifically, the content of First Love.

Let’s begin with the biggest quandary…

What is this? What are these? Are they movies? What?

In other words, a little intro to Idols, PVs and the major groups is in order…

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Fic – Kataomoi FINALLY! 1/? [Kumin/Non]


Kumin ~ Yagami Kumi (Team S) Non ~ Kimoto Kanon (Team E)

Can someone say…


Yep, I am taking the teased story of SKE48’s 8th single Kataomoi FINALLY about Kumin and Non and twisting it just a little bit more.

I mean, it might actually have been this but we could never know, what with the non-explanations of anything at all in the PV. For crying out loud, these two appeared like once! ONCE! The two that made that single kick all the others’ asses and they didn’t even go deeper into them?!

To hell with that I say!

So I decided to do something about it! I created a world for these two, and though it might be a little dark, and icky to some, I feel that it fills in well with the single’s actual world, well, the world the image of the single was giving to me. I mean, sexy parties, out with racing gangs, and drugs too just isn’t all roses, well, there were the TWO ROSES (if you know what I mean) but the world in KataFina itself is a dark one.

So I figured let’s go darker. Though not too dark!

And here we are.

The chapter is kind of short but there will be more. I didn’t want to break your hearts to much with the first chapter so let’s leave it at this for now, ne?

Do tell me what you think, okay? If it’s too much, I might redeem myself with a fluff but I feel it wouldn’t fit in with KataFina’s over-all image.

Also I don’t know but if this is a success, (for me, not you) I might break out into the other un-explored stories of KataFina.

We shall see, we shall see…

Any way here you go….

Kataomoi FINALLY

Black Gekikara

An SKE48 Yagami Kumi and Kimoto Kanon Story

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Just a Simple Touch of ‘Kataomoi FINALLY’…

Let’s finish this privately later on, okay?

…Makes you gay.

Anyone care to guess what theme played as the two connected?

Yep it was “Whitney Houston’s (God Relieve her soul) I Will Always Love You”

Though in the case of these two SKE48 KKS members Saito Makiko and Imade Mai, the blame is not solely on KF!

They were already closet buddies…



Also compliments of this same episode…

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