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[Pics] NGZ46 Holy Trinity & Ikominami

 utb031-18 utb023-11

God bless you UTB, God bless you!

Nott only did you give me something I have been craving for a while now in The original Three but you went a whole mile farther and gave me my Nogizaka Top Ship in Ikominami! Or is it that Ikominami gave us them!? Ahhh either way, what an awesome present this is?!

I wonder if this is a sign for the next single going back in formation? If it is not Reika or Kazumin for next Center, then my money is on Ikoma-kun, flanked by her right-hand man and waifu. Or maybe it will be a Minami center? Nah, there hasn’t been any signs in the front and you can usually tell who is going to be. Under Construction is a very spoilerly place actually if you pay attention.

Anyway, I am so happy this early in the year and unlike 2015, there is just nothing I can think of that will happen on the other side (bad karma) to negate my happies! That was the lowest blow I ever got dealt and I survived it so anything else is just cake walk!

What an issue though, this UTB volume! In addition to the Holy Trinity, I got my NGT48 Oshi (That’s Honma Hinata to those who did not know) and my Family 46 Kami Ikoma-kun appeared again, in another trio with none other than Nanasemaru and Kazumin! Talk about having your waifu in one basket! Yes, I am a huge shipper of Ikoma-kun and Nanasemaru! And so do I ship Nanase and Kazumin, especially after these recent episodes where they are just so pushed together. Who am I to resist?

If Girl Tears are my Kryptonite, Yuri is my Yellow Sun! It give me life, while Girl tears take it away!

In addition to those, the back cover was of none other than my Idol Goddess Yukir-I mean Black-sama, in her deadliest appearance yet for Lost in the Supermarket! Seriously, what a way to kick off the year!

Anyway, jump over for a few more scans…

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So, About that aBandOned PB

img037 img065

You thought I had “abandoned” it, didn’t you! Not a chance!

I am still kind of disappointed that there was no such thing as an unrated DVD for the PVs but I have decided to boil it down to false information. What we got was great already and I refuse to be like some people that are just so ungrateful. it would have been so easy to make just another het PV but they went ahead and gave us this, especially in a country that is still very strict on content rating.

So thank you very much Malaysia. This MV is in the top two, if not my favourite yuri MV. I am pretty sure I have listened to the song more than 1000 times already, that is how great the song is in and of itself. Add in the very healthy dose of moving picture yuri, with an element of horror in there (my favourite genre) and this is an MV going straight for my very soul!

Actually scratch that indecision, aBandOned is my Favourite yuri Music Video as of right now!

And so I am very happy now and don’t care much anymore about that non-existent uncensored MV. I will think of this PB as the leau of that. Now the PB is mostly filled with scenes from the MV but there is something about having a physical thing that is all new and different bringing another feeling of appreciation for the already great fandom.

Yeah, I think of this MV’s world as a fandom. it is that good! it managed to create a world with just two 5min videos that to me I might as well have watched a TV series. Actually, why not do that Malaysia? I will even take a web-series! get to it!

Enough talk, jump over for what you came for…

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[Pics] Ahgassi PB GET!

img013 img014

Okay, firstly, I wish to thank the lovely readers who have been keeping me up to date with this movie. I am really very grateful. Please do not hesitate to share if you find something. If I haven’t posted about it, chances are 0.9999998 that I have not come across it yet.

Another thing I wish to say, as I get this question a lot so i decided to add it in a post, if you are wondering what episode it is that I have blogged about, please look at the caps. I always name the images so that you can see what episode the caps are from. Simply hovering your mouse over an image, opening it in a different browser and looking at the address bar or page title will tell you the image name.

The image names have the episode numbers and/or dates.

Now with that out of the way, about the Photobook. Un-fortunately, or fortunately, the PB is just that – a Photobook for the movie. Therefore it doesn’t do Fan-service and as such, the only images in there with Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri alone together are just those two you see up there.

Maybe it’s because this was Park Chan-wook’s own images? But he did say in the book before hand that it would contain images that were not specifically from the movie. Images from post production all the way back in 2013 (Yes, this movie has been in development for over three years!) and so most images are about scenery and stuff like that.

Oh well, I am not disappointed because I did not have high hopes for this. But it is connected to Ahgassi, so of course I am going to collect it.

First battle is won with this. The other two are going to be torture! Next is the OST and then in my old age (feels like I am going to wait for forever) that Blu-ray will be mine!


Anyway, jump over for a few more images I found interesting enough to scan…

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Almost Forgot About You!

The Silenced DVD

Back at the end of last year, after Christmas, I was out looking for the Release of The Silenced because I wanted my Bluray and sadly while I did not find a BD version on sale any where, I did find the DVD versions on YesAsia.

Yeah, I know but since it was a Special Edition and also had English Subs, I figured what would be the harm in getting myself a copy! And so I ordered one. I just did not expected it to take a frikking month to arrive!!! Like what year is this, the 19th Century?! And it wasn’t even a free shipping option I went for! Needless to say, I was reminded of why I stopped buying from that site!

But I had no choice seeing as no other place I knew of sold the DVD so I went and placed the order anyway. But really, who takes a month to ship a simple DVD!! I don’t think wherever YesAsia is located that it is that different from Japan or even Thailand.Only three days it takes to ship from those countries, a week without International Express!

Anyway, enough of that, the DVD has a couple of photos and a Booklet. I can’t wait to re-watch it with better subs after it is done encoding (I don’t like watching things on disc. Screen captures are a nightmare!).

Jump over for some quick scans I took of some of the photos and booklet. Most of them are familiar but oh well…

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Wonderful Year End

spoon-01 spoon-08

So, I follow this movie on twitter and I found out a while ago that they were releasing some pics in the Spoon Magazine (Vol 104) so I didn’t even care that it was holidays before I clicked that order button. Queue my surprise when the order arrived today, I mean yesterday (31st). I am like, 2014, are you looking to steal all the thunder gurl? Seriously!!!

Any way, I was working but as soon as I finished I scanned the relevant pics for you all because I love my Readers like no other so here, have at ‘em and…


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[Pics] TGS 1st Movie PB

TGS5tsu058 TGS5tsu061

Yep. Stupid exams are over and I can finally rest party like it’s the ice age again! But before the fun begins I have promises to keep, so here we go with the first scans…


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