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PARKS [J-Movie]

PARKS パークス.mkv - 00911
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00939 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00932
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00351 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00739
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00286
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00403 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00679
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00778 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00800
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00809

Hashimoto Ai and Nagano Mei in the same movie!

The two taking top billing as the main characters!!

It is their story – A story of Haru (Mei’s character) storming into and sparking a flame of life, into Jun’s (Ai’s character) life!!!

Literally a full manual in front of you to make a great yuri story!!!!

Then fucking it up!!!!!

What happened to my Japan? Sure Japan has a huge history of bad story resolutions, which I think always comes down to wet feet but it is not like they don’t have good resolutions! Like, my favourite Japanese Movie, My 4th Commandment, has an ending to end all endings and the characters in that movie not only played step-sisters in the movie but they are actually real sisters! If a movie with those elements managed to give us a great, BEST ending, why are you getting cold feet these days?

Like, we all know how it is A-okay to yaoi and yuri when you are young as opposed to when you grow up, where the term ‘it was just a phase’ comes from, why is it then that these days it is the adult movies that get the good yuri stories with great endings as opposed to general audience movies?!

I mean, in the last few years almost all young cast yuri movies (read Shishunki Gokko and more on this site) have had BAD ENDS whereas adult movies like Aka x Pinku, Torture Club and White Lily (New & a post coming soon) have frikkin GREAT yuri and ENDs! like, I don’t get it!

Are you trying to fight homophobia in adults and tell them it is okay now to not bury your real selves by making porn with plot movies? That is a noble cause but why sacrifice the young gen in the process? It makes no sense to instill phobia in people when they are young by showing only the negative aspects if same sex relationships because then what is the point if they are already scared when they grow up?

And there I go getting side-tracked again, but seriously, look at the caps above! Look at the potential! In fact I am just going to talk about the wasted potential for this post so I can make it short…

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Wonderful World End [J-Movie]

Wonderful World End.mkv - 00236
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00133 Wonderful World End.mkv - 00167
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00004 Wonderful World End.mkv - 00087
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00222
Wonderful World End ワンダフルワールドエンド


Ha! Didn’t see that coming now did you! Did you?!! You couldn’t have, after all neither could I! Seriously I wasn’t expecting this movie to come out on DVD until like, Autumn but there I was, getting an alert in my Yahoo App telling me that this movie is already available to purchase! I was like pinching myself trying to prove that I wasn’t dreaming or something while at the same time I was offering up my Card to be sacrificed!

Well, since you are reading this, that means that this is true! This movie exists, after being shown in cinemas like, this Jan, or was that Feb, either way it was this year which means that the possibility of getting DVDs this early shouldn’t be at all possible but here we are! Then again, this might be because it was easy putting this on DVD seeing as it is a completely uncut version of those awesome PVs!

I had a feeling that would be the case but I did not believe it! Well believe you me dear Readers, that is the case! This movie is like the complete PV uncut! It has all the rawness of those PVs and even some more! Just imagine the craziness of PVs turned into a movie and you will know what this movie’s vibe is like! Can’t get it, well let me break it to you, it is crazy!

This movie, its very existence showed me that miracles do happen! I mean we see MV based on movies all the time but they always come after the movies, not this one! This time the movie came after the PVs due to high demand and many wishes, of which one was mine and let me tell you now I am so very happy to have gotten my wish granted! Why not? After all, how many of you get to say your wishes were granted?!! How could I not be happy!!!

As I mentioned during my post on Jan 1st (yes, I have no life! blogging on New Years Day, HA! HA!) and also as I just mentioned now, the characters from the PV reprise their roles because like I said, the movie happened because of the PVs so making the movie without the PV characters would be a complete waste of time! And so the same characters returned, with some new ones that we did not get to see in the PV but are necessary to the story and are welcome! That being said, the ones we are most interested in are of course these two…

Hashimoto Ai as Shiori
Aonami Jun as Ami

Though this movie will lose you if you try to even think any deeper about it, this is the movie with the BEST END, actually the only one with a GOOD END of all the movies I am going to be blogging about in the coming days! And so I am very thankful for it just for that fact alone! You should know how hard a GOOD END movie when it comes to yuri is to find! You would think that in the current world where people are more tolerable of differences that movies would try to support this good turn but nooo! Instead they wish to keep of this doom of fear cloud that instead of making people come out and feel more confident in themselves they are instead forced to hide deeper within themselves for the dread these movies promises them is to come!

Yes I know this is true, I have seen it, experienced it too but aren’t movies supposed to be our light? Aren’t they supposed to make us happy even if it is a delusion? Movies are supposed to be our fairy tales but for some reason even in movies different people are subjected to the cruelty of reality! Why won’t you make more GOOD END yuri movies Za Warudo!!!??

Okay, forget this. I am so ruining my mood. Let’s get this movie started, shall we?

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Wonderful Year End

spoon-01 spoon-08

So, I follow this movie on twitter and I found out a while ago that they were releasing some pics in the Spoon Magazine (Vol 104) so I didn’t even care that it was holidays before I clicked that order button. Queue my surprise when the order arrived today, I mean yesterday (31st). I am like, 2014, are you looking to steal all the thunder gurl? Seriously!!!

Any way, I was working but as soon as I finished I scanned the relevant pics for you all because I love my Readers like no other so here, have at ‘em and…


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Kawaki [J-Movie]

The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00078
The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00052 The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00038
The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00009 The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00020
The.World.of.Kanako.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-WiKi.mkv - 00055
AKA ~ The World Of Kanako

First of all, I pity those who are going into this movie without experience because their minds are gonna come away totally scathed! This is one of those movies that will change your world, or the way you look at the world and what you think you know about it! Thankfully, I like to think of myself as one of the veterans and this was just a walk in the park for me. That experience should be a good thing, and it is but it is also a bad thing!

Bad because with my experience with these kinds of movies, I found myself totally under-whelmed by it! It felt to me like they were just trying too hard, and totally failing. No, fail is a harsh way to look at it because that logic only applies to those with experience with movies like these. To others, this might as well be a masterpiece. Well, that is after they have finally come to terms with the movie!

To those who need spoon-feeding, this movie is very, VERY disturbing! Komatsu Nana (yes, that’s her name! I know which Komatsu Nana you are thinking of, in fact even google thinks of that same Komatsu Nana when you search with it but it is not NANA’s Komatsu Nana!) was magnificent in her role as Kanako! Even as her story was told via flashbacks through her father’s investigations, Nana totally stole the whole show! She has to have been paid billions for this role because if she wasn’t, Japan I am judging you! Seriously, Nana was amazing in this movie! She did stuff that would A-List any actor/actress that is brave enough to actually go through with what she had to do for her scenes! I don’t want to give anything away in case you want to watch it (well other than the yuri parts because that’s the point for this post) but I will just warn you by quoting myself once again…THIS MOVIE IS DISTURBING!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the interesting parts, starting with me shouting…


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Dear 2014, I hereby announce thee…

映画『ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報映像 - YouTube.mp4 - 00013
ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00005 映画『ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報映像 - YouTube.mp4 - 00001
映画『ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報映像 - YouTube.mp4 - 00008 ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00002
映画『ワンダフルワールドエンド』特報映像 - YouTube.mp4 - 00000
The Best Year Evar!

2014 is now officially the best year yet people! Now, sure most of the movies won’t be coming out to BD/DVD until next year but it doesn’t change the fact that they are 2013 movies. (Well actually this is coming out to cinemas next year as well but who gives a tick, it has been announced this year so 2014 takes the credit!)

On that 2014 list, let’s add another, shall we? Yes, the year ain’t over yet so ‘ Why not? ‘ asks Japan. In fact, this is for you all the fans in the community. We are going to be making a movie based on those awesome PVs. You know what it is we are talking about.

Oh Japan, do I ever!

That’s right dear Readers, if you remember those PVs starring Hashimoto Ai and Aonami Jun, well,  we are now going to be getting a full blown movie of those PVs of Omori Seiko’s songs. What great news to add to the ever growing 2014 list of awesome! Finally, we are getting a real live Chikane/Souma/Himeko dynamics in a LIVE version. That is if they stick to the PV story and Jun wins the girl! On that note, this is also another of those younger/older thing that is the rave these days. Albeit Ai isn’t that old, in fact she is only 18 but Jun is 13 so…

Anyway, the first teaser trailer (not really sure if it is okay to call it that since it’s basically the same scene we saw in the PV when Ai ran after Jun in the park) is already on YouTube. Though I say that it is the same scene, it is kind of longer as we see more than what we did before. Also that intro by Jun wasn’t in the PV. And since the other scene was longer than the one from the PV, it looked super gay!

Another movie to add to that already big list of DVDs to buy dear Readers. I don’t know about you all but I can’t wait for next year. Anyway, hit the jump for the video.


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