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Dear Santa Y U Always Early?


Please don’t change!

I only wish I could get ‘Lost in the Supermarket’ before Christmas as well but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, am I right!

It has surely been too long since I got anything in the mail. But things are looking up and with Ahgassi starting to hit shelves around the world, Late Winter/Spring are going to be some great months!

First up I got Yukirin’s First tour Blu-ray, Tokyo Girls’ Style 21st Single CD that comes with a kinda PB, a movie that promises some interesting yuri in the form of those unique Japanese movies I have been missing lately and finally we got Aoyama-sensei’s fourth entry into the SCHOOL GIRL COMPLEX series. And of course it is all kinds of gay! TGS’s kinda PB is also kinda gey, everything is gey, except of course ma Goddess. Kind of hard to be gey by thy self you know! Sigh, how I wish the Majisuka Play was on here…

Another time then.

So be on the look out. When I get time I am scanning things and all that.

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So, About that aBandOned PB

img037 img065

You thought I had “abandoned” it, didn’t you! Not a chance!

I am still kind of disappointed that there was no such thing as an unrated DVD for the PVs but I have decided to boil it down to false information. What we got was great already and I refuse to be like some people that are just so ungrateful. it would have been so easy to make just another het PV but they went ahead and gave us this, especially in a country that is still very strict on content rating.

So thank you very much Malaysia. This MV is in the top two, if not my favourite yuri MV. I am pretty sure I have listened to the song more than 1000 times already, that is how great the song is in and of itself. Add in the very healthy dose of moving picture yuri, with an element of horror in there (my favourite genre) and this is an MV going straight for my very soul!

Actually scratch that indecision, aBandOned is my Favourite yuri Music Video as of right now!

And so I am very happy now and don’t care much anymore about that non-existent uncensored MV. I will think of this PB as the leau of that. Now the PB is mostly filled with scenes from the MV but there is something about having a physical thing that is all new and different bringing another feeling of appreciation for the already great fandom.

Yeah, I think of this MV’s world as a fandom. it is that good! it managed to create a world with just two 5min videos that to me I might as well have watched a TV series. Actually, why not do that Malaysia? I will even take a web-series! get to it!

Enough talk, jump over for what you came for…

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Making Of Shishunki Gokko PB

Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00135
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00055 Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00105
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00162 Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00166
Shishunki Gokko Making Of.mp4 - 00157

I hope all my readers and those of the community, but especially my visitors, I really hope that you are all as happy as I am right now. This year, dear Readers of mine, this year has been, is, and promises to be a great year, if not the best so far.

Seeing as I have no scanner right now which saddens me greatly to think that I can’t share Shishunki Gokko PB scans (sharing is caring and I care for my Readers, it just so happens that Japan is being super great this year too, for they included the Making of of the PB. The PB that was shot by our supporter Aoyama Yuki Sensei.

If anyone is curious as to what’s in the PB like Panparu is, then this video with quench your thirst, or build it up because sometimes, if not most, a moving picture is always better than a still one. Not to mention that you get to see the NG shots or those that didn’t get cotton picked. I tell you there is a complete difference between seeing a picture of two people holding hands and seeing a video of them holding hands! it is why I have a hands fetish in the first place.

Dear Lord though, Takane and Mika (or Honoka and Misato, whichever way you wanna look at it) are just so cute together. I can’t wait for that movie, seriously. Oh I also don’t know f it ill make a difference to you (it does to me) but Aoyama-sensei said that the PB is also not about Honoka and Misato but about Takane and Mika, which means that this is all part of the movie-verse! Take that as you will.

Anyway, hit the jump for the vid and more caps.

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[Pics] TGS 1st Movie PB

TGS5tsu058 TGS5tsu061

Yep. Stupid exams are over and I can finally rest party like it’s the ice age again! But before the fun begins I have promises to keep, so here we go with the first scans…


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Swag, swag Swaaaag

img011 img005
img009 img016

  1. Yume no Kayoiji DVD
  2. RoomMate BD
  3. Miyatake Sister Idols from bump.y PB
  4. Afterschool ~ Cobalt Dish PB
  6. Yukirin’s 3rd Solo LIVE BD
  7. Fairies 1st Album CD/BD


Awww yeah!! The year’s first Swag has arrived and let me tell you, life is good right now! I had to wait months for this one but it was so well worth it! Well, okay, I confess that my patience wore thin so I had to split my order in two, with more to arrive next month. Then I had to make two other different orders with the earliest coming next week or later this week and another in August but the fan is in waiting, am I right!

I have been so un-patiently waiting for Yume no Kayoiji and that Fukada Kyoko and Kitagawa Keiko’s RoomMate is a must watch! My Goddess’s 3rd solo is here as well and I had to contain my lust to watch the rips until I got the best possible quality of it and it is here! No doubt as to which I am watching first I can tell you that! I totally need to cleanse my mind of the feeling from yesterday no thanks to that B Garden preview! And thinking about it is making me ill again. Best leave it at that.

Then there’s the Fairies 2st Album! You guys have no idea how long I’ve waited for a full quality version of their PVs! They are the only rivals to TGS’s level of quality when it comes to PV and I have been dying to make a dance video of their PVs. This is the perfect chance! Also to make me even more happy, the photo I got was of none other than my Fairies No1 – Fujita Miria! Dat voice! Dat beauty! Angelic…No wonder the lyrics that complimented her mini photo (see after the jump) were of ‘White Angel’. Coincidence? I think not!

Then there is the PBs! To be truthful, I wasn’t expecting anything from the bump.y (Sakuraba Nanami’s Idol group) PB since after all, they are sisters! But a quick breeze through made my heart squeeze at some of the daww moments in there! So glad I decided to get it! TGS’s PB still lacks the yuri flavour but they are TGS and I love them so the decision to get it was not in question in the very least. Besides, the PB for their 1st movie 5 tsu is coming my way soon and I bet you a penny it’s gonna be awesome! Then there’s Afterschool PB – Even if that was the only thing I saw as I quickily shuffled through it, that last scene where one of the girls is holding a love letter from another girl totally killed me! I have no regrets! Even it’s shitty quality can’t rain on my yuri parade!

Any who, more scans after the jump…

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