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CROW’S BLOOD 01 – Yuri-sense Overloading!!

160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00281
160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00116 160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00370
160722 AKB48 - CROW’S BLOOD ep01.mp4 - 00367

Okay, this has been way overdue but I am glad I waited because the other day I was re-watching episode one after getting the second episode in HQ and I noticed something very, very interesting. Now of course this might as well be just the fruit of my CBS shipping heart but who cares. This is how I do things. I approach media with the couples that I dig and my ship in this drama is of course CBS.

Not to brag as well but notice how even my subconscious is great at detecting non-yuri? I am an avid shipper of Mayuki and if you are shocked by that, shame on you, but you must have noticed that I have not mentioned Mayuki in context of this show even before it aired! We knew nothing then but as if my conscious was looking out for me, I never even entertained the idea of Mayuki in this show, or as we should know it Mai/Kaoru!

Instead my mind was all on CBS AKA Mai/Maki. I have deluded myself more than I should already about this ship but then it was just my inner shipper going out of control basing my happies on just what could be instead of what has been.

Well, forget delusions! After the two episodes my delusions are seemingly on their way to becoming reality! Seriously, my jaw dropped the more Mai/Maki scenes we got and more of this when we get to episode 2 but for now, let’s stick with the first episode.

Before I go into it let me tell you that interesting something that I noticed. So we know Maki and Kaoru are the two leads. What is that something that every leading character has? A relationship. In some cases where it is a duo lead story like this, the two mains are usually put into the relationship and even when it looks like they aren’t, they eventually end up together because it was all for the drama. That is usually in romance stories.

Now, one might argue that Crow’s Blood is no romance story but all who have seen both episodes know what is going on with Kaoru and that Dude! Seriously by the end of the second episode Kaoru is ready to have that Dude’s babies! More on Kaoru’s side of things later.

So, they have obviously given Kaoru a love interest and no matter how you look at it, Kaoru/Maki is not happening! So Kaoru has her emotional corner covered that leaves the other lead Maki. What about Maki? Where is her emotional anchor? Are they going to leave her hanging while they take care of Kaoru so well? Is it because she is kinda zombie and thus unable to be in one? Bullshit! We have seen enough evidence to know that Maki has feelings. She is like Arcueid in Tsukihime/Melty Blood, or Alucard in Hellsing or the Wolfman or any other lead in the monster-led story. She is the Beast and so she must have her Beauty. In other story structures, the Beauty would have been Kaoru but we know now that is not the case in Crow’s Blood. In fact it couldn’t be farther from that.

Yes, Maki is going around kissing girls left and right (by the end of episode one – zero, but by two – four!!!) but of course there is no romantic meaning behind that, otherwise that last kiss in the second episode would make things super awkward!

And so there I was, re-watching the first episode and then going on to the second and then my brain exploded in wonderful chocolatey fireworks! I found the Beauty to Maki’s Beast. I found Maki’s emotional anchor. I found her relationship thread in a character that shocked me beyond belief…


Yes, I had had delusions of this before the series started but of course that was all in my mind and never did I think that there would actually be something to it until the shows began! My mind was completely blown! When that thought occurred to me it grew like a cancer. It could not let go of me to the point of actually, actually, having a dream of this ship! I might not convince you as I might need more evidence with the following episodes and actual results, which might not really happen but let’s take it step by step and begin with this first episode…

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Dear Holy Mother in Heaven…

160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00069
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00030 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00152
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00066
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00060 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00118
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00080 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00107
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00113

Finally, FINALLY!!! Finally dear Yukirinians! Finally we get a public Yukirin Flying Get! Frikkin Finally!!!

Oh Jesus muh FEELs!

Please everyone, give me a moment! I need to savour this moment for all Eternity! Oh God, Yukirin centred Flying Get…Yukirin frikkin centred Flying Get!!! I am so…I don’t even-

Okay, okay! I am trying to be calm over here but it ain’t working! I need a bottle of vitamins to sedate me because I am in dire need of a relaxant! This show was…Oh dearest MUSIC FAIR, and you too Mayuyu!

Thank you so very much all of you! Thank you Mayuyu for taking this day off (probably for CROW’S BLOOD as Sakura-tan was also missing) because if you were here, I am sure Yukirin wouldn’t have had such awesome positions! Thank you Lord, for having this episode be filmed at this exact moment! Thank you MUSIC FAIR, for this awesome show! Thank you!

Oh yes, this is the episode of MUSIC FAIR that aired on the same day as the SSK, hence why it has been in the shadows but calling out to all Yukirinians, if you haven’t watched it, please get out right now and watch it! Such great Yukirin shots, positions and I don’t know if the happiness just made everything that much better, the whole performances were just so great to watch!

The whole episode was dedicated to AKB and they did not even have time for the usual talk as they went straight into the medley of all voting and elections singles up to Halloween Night! As a bonus of course they also did Kimi wa Melody in different costumes!

In addition, we got to see some clips from the past SSKs including cute, cute young Yukirin when she broke the Kami wall for the others to follow suit! Girls took turns centring, with Miion taking over for Yuko as usual, Annin and Souhan for Mayuyu and sometimes Yukirin for Mayuyu as well! Sayanee centred Bokutachi wa T, Renacchi also double cantered!

All was just so marvellous but what took the cake was none other than Yukirin centring FLYING GET! It has bugged me ever since AtsuYuko’s graduation that Yukirin never took over as the Center because to me, Flying Get is Yukirin’s song! In case anyone doesn’t know, that was the single when she went from a Non-Kami to standing right next to THE AtsuYuko!

It was a moment that I shall never forget! My very first SSK I watched LIVE and I remember the screams in the crowds when Yukirin was called! That was a moment I think that shall never be beat! I don’t that even getting No.1 now would gain the same reaction now. It might come close but not to have a cigar! It was just such a magical moment!

So whenever I saw Yukirin standing on the side while others took over for Acchan I was like, seriously?!

But now, finally! We finally get it! I don’t even care that it was scraps because Mayuyu was not there! They could have easily had Annin or Souhan centre this time even without Mayuyu so this is a sure cause for FEELs and dear Readers do I have FEELs!

Forget about SSK, where the only good thing was seeing the Kashiwagi Children rank and  move up (Sayaya >.<~) this right here is what has made my weekend! And it wasn’t just centring Furage, Yukirin had some great positions in this! Be it middle, back or front…Just…Hanyan~

Thank you Lord. Thank you MUSIC FAIR! Thank you Mayuyu!

And dearest Kragorin, about your question…


Jump over for more caps…

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Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai?

AKB48 Bokutachi wa Tatakawana.ts - 00002
AKB48 Bokutachi wa Tatakawana.ts - 00018 AKB48 Bokutachi wa Tatakawana.ts - 00026
AKB48 Bokutachi wa Tatakawana.ts - 00032
汚れている真実 Short ver. _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00001 (2) 汚れている真実 Short ver. _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00001
汚れている真実 Short ver. _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00009
汚れている真実 Short ver. _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00016 汚れている真実 Short ver. _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.mp4 - 00018
150428 AKBINGO! ep337.ts - 00035

Yoko-chan approves of this single so I guess I should too! But still, what’s with this title?! It seems to me that AKS says something different while it does another! Now I will forgive all who roll eyes at me worshipping the ground that Yukirin walks on because they would be right, but isn’t her being too nice, her being a dog that doesn’t eat other dogs for survival like everyone else in the entertainment industry what had AkiP so against her? For crying out loud, he even invaded her drama (Mielion Kashiwagi) to tell her this! Last SSK, or just before it, there was this prediction from those usual guys and one of them said how he changed from a Yukirin Oshii to a DD just because of this very reason!

So then what’s with all this ‘We won’t Fight’ business in an AKB single’s lyrics? It’s like all the beef management have against Yukirin don’t account for the rest of the girls! Put Yukirin in the back lines because she is too tall! That was a ways back excuse. But apparently it doesn’t count for making Ikumin Centre of Team 8, or Rena and Jurina cantering SKE singles since the dawn of time or Kojiharu centring Heart Ereki! Then after realising their bullshit they decide to make Yukirin centre, and we all know how that turned out, don’t we!

Anyway, the teasers for the upcoming single PVs have hit and I gotta say I kind of love this single, even though the only things I like about it are the A-side and Team 8’s PVs. I might of course come back to these after the single is released and I have gotten my hands on the full PV but for now, let’s have a closer at what we got via Oshimen!

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Geinin! S2E02 – Don’t call me Sensei!

130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00029130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00129 130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00109
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00081
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00044

Geinin! Season 2, Ladies and Gentlemen…Is awesome

130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00054 130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00055
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00056

Deal With it!


Has this been the best week or what?!!

  1. Maachun’s birthday
  2. Yukirin’s mini drama
  3. Team B’s Drama
  4. Two new regular NMB48 TV shows (Excluding this one)
  5. Railgun S

But then something else happens on the flip side…Yes, I am talking about the SKE happenings! If someone has no idea what I am talking about, sorry to break your delusion world of happiness in case you are an SKE or WMatsui fan but…

WMatsui just got Mayuki’d!



I ain’t even kidding! Rena got moved to Team E and as if that wasn’t enough, she was made Captain to boot!

Like, WTH….

Splitting Mayuki wasn’t enough now they went for WMatsui!!

Who in there feeds off sorely on the fans’ suffering that keeps making these heart-crushing decisions!?!

Like, I ain’t even mad…But whoever you are that did this…


But I am not here to raeg about that, I am here for some Geinin! goodness.

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