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NMB48 11th Single – Don’t Look Back

DLB b.mkv - 00061
DLB b.mkv - 00000 DLB b.mkv - 00063
DLB c.mkv - 00013
DLB d.mkv - 00002 DLB d.mkv - 00076
DLB d.mkv - 00152
DLB e.mkv - 00042 DLB e.mkv - 00044
DLB e.mkv - 00068
DLB e.mkv - 00073 DLB e.mkv - 00076
DLB e.mkv - 00082
All dem Yukirin! Maachun!! Ainyan!!!!!!

BEST! Just simply BEST!

You know, someone jokingly said that Yukirin’s position and screen-time in the Don’t Look Back single was better than her own group’s singles combined and after watching the PV and Team N’s MV, I am inclined to agree! And OMG did Yukirin slay both the cool ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the Sexy ‘Renai Petenshi’ like she had the blood of NaMBa flowing through her veins or what!!! But really, what can one expect? She is after all the Idol no Kishin! I sure hope AKS are taking notes and realising how so under-used and un-appreciated Yukirin is. All her songs are slow songs, she is always left to the back lines like she was some kind of back-up dancer! Seriously, seeing all those singles you wouldn’t think for a second that she was the No.2 of AKB48 better yet No.3 of the whole darn 48G!

She was so cool in Don’t Look Back, didn’t even look like she was breaking a sweat and of course when it comes to sexy Renai Petenshi she is gonna slay, after all, Kuchi Utsushi yo! I was right, this was the single to get and even the fact that I still struck out on getting what has to be one of the sexicoolest Yukirin CD photos to have ever graced the face of the earth

Gimme, me want!!!

The amount of Yukirin screen time in all three of these PVs (including the dance version of Don’t Look Back) was like God food! Not to mention that this is Yukirin’s last NMB single which is really sad! Her time of going all out is already over! And I was so looking forward to seeing her interact with the new Team N! I will never see her together again with Jo-chan and Natsuko now! Baka AKS, always getting in the way of happiness!

Then there is that delicious, delicious surprise PV that hit me like a train! I was like, what’s this? There is a lot of things on this DVD! 10mins? A making of? That’s strange, those are never on the Type A (which I got). So anyway I checked it out disinterested and even when I saw Nana staring with FEELs at a photo that I gave no attention to, nothing really jumped out at me until I saw that flashback of the girls training on the track and my eyes bulged! I had spotted Maachun! I could not believe it! Then the title hit the screen and I cheered!

Sorry Mirurun but when I found out that Nana was not solemnly staring at that photo just because she broke her leg and was sad that she would not get to compete with her friends but rather that she was thinking of Maachun, even going so far as to give us cool Maachun in a flashback, everything else about this PV disappeared and all I saw was Maachun, and Nana and Shinkirou!

I am telling you, with my copy arriving and getting to watch Seishun no Lap time, add in those Draft Meeting from last year clips shown on last night’s AKBINGO, all I was seeing yesterday was AKS mistakes! Their mistake of taking Maachun out of Team N and NMB as a whole and getting the Draftees out of their Teams!!!! Doesn’t anyone in that Management see these and feel the guilty weighing on them? Don’t they see their mistakes?!!

In addition to delicious Maachun (who was missed by Milky too BTW), we also got to see Ainyan!! I think my faced melted right off with how much I was smiling when she appeared! This PV was like a gift from God and I am taking this cd, sealing it away and keeping it until the end of all time!

I didn’t even realise how much I liked Nana until this single! More specifically until the Lap time PV! Then I thought of Shinkirou and the FEELs hit me from every angle! Now of course Nana was brilliant in Don’t Look Back, nay, she shone the most but that Lap Time PV was in a league of its own! I am going to miss her!

And now Maachun has been taken out of Team B, which means the distance between her and I is increasing since I don’t watch Team A stages that often but seeing as now Team A has two of my 5 Kamis (Sakura and Maachun) and Team B has been reduced from three to one (Ikoma-kun and  Maachun out) I might be watching more Team A stages, especially if those two appear as often and really, Team B stages without Yukirin are kind of less delicious! Especially now that Sayaya won’t be there as well. Seriously, I am beginning to think that AKS and I are natural born enemies! I watched those new Draftee videos and frankly there was no one that could ever replace Sayaya! Maybe my mind will change during the actual event but I doubt it that much, now that the point behind the whole thing has been rendered meaningless by those Devils!

Any who, jump over for caps galore of these PVs. No need to point out that Yukirin will dominate of course…

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Riichan 24Hr TV Part3–Welcome aboard Renapyon

NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00108
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00074 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00115
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00120 NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00124
NMB48ch りぃちゃん24時間テレビ「ななたんのキュンキュンさせて」 140205 - YouTube.mp4 - 00088
Nana-tan no kyun kyun sasete

I-I don’t have a choice anymore. I give up. Renapyon, Team M’s Kawamami Rena, is now in my Top 10 Family 48 girls. Riichan 24hr TV just went and did me in big time! And she isn’t the only one! I have like, 5 Oshi from KKS alone in the few videos of Riichan 24hr TV that are available! I am going to say it again, this show is pure genius!

And this latest video to hit us is one that is so relevant! While Chupopo were off refreshing, It’s Nana taimu and the topic of the hour is to make Nana all hot and bothered with moe/romantic phrases. The gathered include mostly of Team M members – Yamada Nana, Shimada Rena, Mita Mao, Kinoshita Momoka, Kawakami Rena, Yogi Keira and Team BII’s Kato Yuuka and Umehara Mako (Didn’t she just announce her graduation? Damn, I would have called no coincidence except this aired like, more than a month ago.LOL)

The girls took turns trying to woo Nana even some times taking the roles of boys (which was stolen by Kinoshita of course) while interestingly, Keira stole the girl roles with twice scoring 100%!

Uuka was of course so cute, I would have taken her home. I really don’t know how Nana resisted the urge. I guess Uuka’s body is to blame, what with it being all tall and cool! But then the way she acts is such a gap that I just can’t resist. Indeed, my NMB48 no.4!

But, even more interesting…and somewhat shocking, is that while this was a yuri themed arc, somewhat, it was Renapyon that demanded my attention. Seriously guys,  I can’t explain to you how much I have come to love this girl in my viewings of Richan’s 24hr TV! It’s simply madness!

Really getting to know these girls a bit more than one already knows really, really, helps to get attached to them. But I guess that is common sense, huh? Well, in most cases. Can’t say the same about the girls that get pushed!  I guess it’s about you finding out yourself than someone pushing the girls in your face forcing you to love them. The latest gusta girl being Mako of course! God, She is now even sitting with the likes of Takamina and Yukirin! Like…Bitch you have to earn that shit!

Any way, what was left in my mind after this video was that I want to learn more about Renapyon. The girl really hit me hard out of the blue too! Before Riichan 24hr TV, I really couldn’t stand Renapyon! But now, I crave to hear that high pitched voice singing the Udon song!

What?!!!!! There is no such song?!!! Why?!! Why Yasusu, why?! It needs to happen!

And of course  I can’t talk about Renapyon without mentioning Kinoshita. After all, it’s partly thanks to her pushing Renapyon on from the back and giving her a pat of support that I came to care for Renapyon. And not only that, even without the evidence of her gashing out her love for Renapyon during the Team B games arc (I didn’t talk about that?), one can just see that she cares for Renapyon. In fact, I am already shipping the two like crazy. I mean how can I not?


I was already crazy about Kinoshita and now that Renapyon has joined the Oshi list, well, can’t help but board that ship, am I right? And they both are similar in a way. I already mentioned it but their worries about character goes for both parties and yes, you might argue that there are many other girls who are having personality issues but not to the extent of these two. The lines between a character and real personality is not as clear cut as it is for the rest of the girls. Especially in Renapyon’s case.

Oh God Rena, now I am really hoping she makes senbatsu next single. At least in the White and Red or maybe even Teppoutai. I will buy three copies of each type for that single if she makes it darn it!

Any way, more gifs and all caps for this hour after the break…

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Geinin! 2 07 – Poisonous little flowers

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00118

“If you ever get an itch you need scratching, ask for Kinoshita,, okay?”

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00031

Oh no, you didn’t..!

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00045

‘It’s Kadowaki. I will say it one more fuckin time, it’s Kadowaki!’

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00078

‘Iyan~ Please don’t fondle my ass’

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00117

Nana, just go home already, will ya ^^

130515 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep07.mp4 - 00090

“Waa ~♡, this soft cream looks like shit ♡ “

And yet another Geinin! episode that just puts a grin on your face as well some raised eyebrows. I don’t get how it’s so easy for Japan TV to let people say these words so easily on shows by girls this young, at the very least! But then they go and kill your eyes with pixels-magic! Oh well, you win some you lose some.

But NMB though. First the poor girls were forced to sit through 100 episodes of Docking where they were subjected to such mature content that shouldn’t be to girls their age, especially idols. Then again, NMB as I gathered was supposed to be more grounded to reality than the rest so I guess it’s okay? Nah! I have a feeling Mirumiru came away with some kind of mind condition from that show LOL

Any way back to Geinin, it was good to see Shuu come back since season one and it seems she is being transferred to Sayaka’s school and even joining the Comedy Club. Her smile is sure to sedate those that were Jo fans at how innocent it seems. Yes, it just seems that way because her mouth most definitely doesn’t match that smile. Then again, whose does?

Kanako also finally came on and did I mention I love Kanako’s smile? I think I did. I love the way her mouth sculpts when she smiles. The only other smile I know that rivals hers is Mei’s (Tokyo Girls’ Style). Too bad it was not present a lot this episode. Actually I don’t remember her smile at all. Hmm…

Yui-sens…oops! Yuihan is still here too and from what I heard, she is going to be a regular for the rest of the season. Very nice news for someone I won’t mention, right Kragorin? Oh, my bad!

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Geinin! S2E02 – Don’t call me Sensei!

130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00029130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00129 130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00109
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00081
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00044

Geinin! Season 2, Ladies and Gentlemen…Is awesome

130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00054 130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00055
130410 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep02.mp4 - 00056

Deal With it!


Has this been the best week or what?!!

  1. Maachun’s birthday
  2. Yukirin’s mini drama
  3. Team B’s Drama
  4. Two new regular NMB48 TV shows (Excluding this one)
  5. Railgun S

But then something else happens on the flip side…Yes, I am talking about the SKE happenings! If someone has no idea what I am talking about, sorry to break your delusion world of happiness in case you are an SKE or WMatsui fan but…

WMatsui just got Mayuki’d!



I ain’t even kidding! Rena got moved to Team E and as if that wasn’t enough, she was made Captain to boot!

Like, WTH….

Splitting Mayuki wasn’t enough now they went for WMatsui!!

Who in there feeds off sorely on the fans’ suffering that keeps making these heart-crushing decisions!?!

Like, I ain’t even mad…But whoever you are that did this…


But I am not here to raeg about that, I am here for some Geinin! goodness.

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They are baack~

130403 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep01.mp4 - 00005
130403 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep01.mp4 - 00001 130403 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep01.mp4 - 00014

That’s right – Geinin Season 2 is already here.

I don’t even feel like there was a gap between season one and this one because they are just so still the same.

130403 NMB48 Geinin!! 2 ep01.mp4 - 00013

This time they are joined by a new member, Kotani Riho (Ripopo) who will be replacing Ainyan as Maachun partner.

Speaking of Ainyan, apparently she moved due to her parents’ divorce or something as for Jo, she is overseas too or something.

Yuihan will be joining the cast as the transfer student (from the movie) and will be Nana’s partner in place of Jo.

Sayaka and Milky are still partners of course, even though the way Ripopo seemed to go head to head with Sayanee would have been interesting to see them be paired up too.

Ripopo kept her real character (as a negative type) but with a twist of being able to see ghosts.

Hmm, she and Ghost Mirurun would be great buds.

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