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Only 1 Queen


of reactions

I mean of course the one that dethroned her is already graduated so there is that (Oh God, Miki-chan is already graduated. I feel old) but still, even with her still around Yukirin was still the Queen!

Anyway, this is a short clip from one of the NGT48 3rd single extras about Kitarie. The time was during the 2018 Request Hour as they announced the Top No.2, and thus the girls knew who the No.1 was – which was NGT’s 2nd.

Yukirin’s reaction was of course priceless.

And speaking of that clip, Yukirin’s side sure was over-powered as opposed to Kitarie’s. I mean it’s no competition but still! And I have to say that I would totally be down for this ship…


No no, not Yukki (YukiYuka), that ship has already sailed, but rather the other two – YukiAya. Speaking of Aya, that girl is the epitome of sexy, isn’t she? I don’t know why but just looking at her makes me attracted to her! Those are some attractive facial features she has! Now I want a sexy Unit with her and Yukirin, and maybe throw Mahohon in there since those two are almost like they are Sisters from different fathers.

Now then, lets return to that reaction…

NGT48 3rd Type-A.chapter03.mkv - 05;57;19.364NGT48 3rd Type-A.chapter03.mkv - 05;57;49.092



[Pics] Happy St Patrick’s Day


In this pic post we have MAYUKI…but of course


Awesome but rare combo with the one and only…


The biggest Yukirin World News Ever!


The Children…


Yukirin just having a blast with the NGT girls…


And finally, the movie I didn’t even know I wanted but now feels like the thing I have been waiting for for the whole of my life! Come on, it’s Batman and Superman! I lost myself over Supes in 2013 and he isn’t even my favourite hero!

Speaking of movies, Fingersmith/Agasshi/The Handmaid is upon us. Photos have started to drop. Here is a taste before you jump over…


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[Yukirin World] Seintasai and Last N Stage

[720p] AKB48 150716 B3R LOD 1830 (Kashiwagi Yuki BD).mp4 - 00410
NMB48 150524 N3 LOD 1730 (Kashiwagi Yuki send off).wmv - 00155 [720p] AKB48 150716 B3R LOD 1830 (Kashiwagi Yuki BD).mp4 - 00206
NMB48 150524 N3 LOD 1730 (Kashiwagi Yuki send off).wmv - 00507 [720p] AKB48 150716 B3R LOD 1830 (Kashiwagi Yuki BD).mp4 - 00078
NMB48 150524 N3 LOD 1730 (Kashiwagi Yuki send off).wmv - 00622 NMB48 150524 N3 LOD 1730 (Kashiwagi Yuki send off).wmv - 00688
NMB48 150524 N3 LOD 1730 (Kashiwagi Yuki send off).wmv - 00202

So, it’s been a while, a very long while in regards to Yukirin’s last N stage, but I just figured that I need to mention these two events now, especially after dear Maddie just went and translated the letters (and some of those messages from the N members).

If you are a fan I am pretty sure that you remember the spammed messages to Yukirin from the NMB members after her last stage, right? I have never seen so many messages to a member ever! Some even did triple posts like Akarin who posted two long ass posts on twitter and another on G+. Poor Maddie tried her best to translate what she could but it was just too much! I will try collecting all of the messages and include them after the jump so if you are interested, do check them out (though they will be in Japanese).

Then there are those letters from Riorin and Kitarie to Yukirin on her birthday. They were read during the stage and apparently there was a third one from Sashiharator but apparently she forgot that the letter was not for Yukirin’s ears only so it did not pass the rating. It had to be sent to Yukirin personally. Not gonna lie, I am pretty curious what that letter said. But seriously, a letter from Riorin! You just knew I was going to write about this!

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Ladies and Gentlemen I present to thee NGT48

150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00399
150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00113 150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00128
150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00491
150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00321 150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00351
150510 AKB48G 2nd Draft Conference.ts - 00446
Look at the chemistry right there!

Official Site Ready for Action!

Is it even possible to love something that doesn’t fully exists? Well, looks like it is as I am here experiencing just that with the as of yet to have a full Gen member list NGT48! You would think that at this moment it would be a great challenge for a new group and granted it might be hard depending on the girls they choose during the auditions but that bridge shall be crossed when we get to it, for now, with what we have, everything is looking great as far as I am concerned!

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Minna Esper da yo 01 – I’m watching this!

Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00032
Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00035 Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00052
Erina Mano & Rie Kitahara - Minna! Esper Dayo! Bangai-hen ~Esper, to e iku~ 20150404.mp4 - 00042
And you can’t even stop me!!!

OMG Kitarie, WTF happened?! I seriously couldn’t stop my mouth dropping through out this whole first episode! And here I thought that Yukirin in KuroMono was way out of the left field! Well, that had nothing on this! This drama and Kitarie are like on the other side of the moon compared to Kurofuku Monogatari!

Now that I think about it, these two are the ones going to NGT. Well, if we had any doubts I guess it’s clear what NGT’s image is going to be! I say thank goodness! I am getting tired of all the lolis! There is enough lolis in the 48G to rival the young populace of Ireland!

To tell the truth I kinda watched the first season because of Kaho (Oh how cute she used to be back in the Queen’s Classroom day) and of course Erina. Yes, just like Yukirin I too had a thing for H!P, still do actually but not as hard as I had it before AKB came into the picture! Mikitty and Reina were my favs back then but Erina was like the fav kid on the H!P block so everyone who was into H!P knew of her and loved her some! I was one of those. Also really, silly shows like this are in great demand these days! The soul just has to be fed from time to time, am I right!

Sure all these Kitarie/Mano moments will probably stay in mousou world of our hero but who cares, breaking the 4th wall means that Kitarie and Erina were actually driving cars seductively over each other’s bodies! Ooh, the eroticism in that sentence is so wrong! And if you watched the first season and thought it crazy, you aren’t prepared for this one! To help you out I will just tip you to multiply the 1st season by a factor of three and you have your second season!

I was kind of sad that Kaho isn’t here for this, but who knows, she might still make it after all, this is taking place in a different city to the one the first one was in so she might come over too. And really, I should be glad that at least Erina returned! She could have easily not made it but we have her still! Then of course there is Kitarie! She was just too good in this first episode of the second season!

I hope that these two’s character gets somewhere beyond that petty jealousy over some Dude! That kinda twist was actually pretty good and I hope they don’t let it wash out and make these two at least get along better in the future. Erina’s character really needs a friend and I hope Kitarie’s character will be that after her father’s issues are resolved.

Still, that mousou scene was just so unexpectedly awesome! Hit the jump for a few more caps…

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