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NGT48 Debut Single

NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00077 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00076
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00040
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00009 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00092
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00081

Seishun Tokei 青春時計

So the covers and full PV for NGT48’s debut single are out and I totally love it! Such great amount of Yukirin it’s almost shocking! Seriously, it’s even more than what she gets in a frikkin AKB single PV it’s madness! I’m not sure if they are making up for the 315 incident or if I have to thank Sony for getting shit done but either way I am very happy and thank whoever is responsible!

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Baiting me w/ yuri n kewlaid NMB? Rly?

Whew! Now that I have reserved my Amazon pre-order of this single…

How dare thee NMB!?! You think you can just flaunt yuri and the good old cool PVs in my face and I will be back to buying your singles?! Well, you are right in thinking that! I have not bought anything from NMB since Don’t Look Back (because of Yukirin) and nothing before that since Maachun left (and incidentally breaking up my by then 2nd favourite ship – Sayacchu).

And now with more than half the 1st gen gone and going, I thought there would never come a day when I buy another NMB single but lo and behold – They go and release a monster and I love my monster singles! Not only is the A-side cool as all hell bringing back that NMB of old and momentarily back, they go and add in two yurific b-sides in there for that double-tap move! Like, I am not made of stone! The most surely got me with the two yuri vids, especially that Kinoshita one (Holy molly Kinoshita is centering!!?!) but then they went and made the A side one to die for! I love my cool singles as you know. My tope 10 of the whole 48 G consists mostly of the cool songs (Beginner, Uza, Kazefu, Virginity, J_19, KuroShoujo, Two Years Later, etc) so you know my resistance in this matter was as good as the Borg would say – futile!

First off, what’s up with that Kinoshita PV?! Who is that girl?!! I have been out of NMB for a while now that I do not even know if she is a member or not! Is she a member? If she is, who is she? tell me you all NMB royals out there! Strangely enough my first thought was that she was not a member and with that my mind went into overdrive coming up with strange ideas like her being Ex-Nogizaka Itou Nene! Oh come on, she looks like her, don’t she?

And damn that Kinoshita! She looks so in love with that girl that the other delusions was that she was her real life girl-friend and that she is actually putting her into the MV and we are here clueless not knowing nothing! Dear Lord if it is actually Kinoshita’s GF Imma gonna…And how cool does Kinoshita look in that wool jacket?! How cool the members with her are, like did you think Moka could be cool?! I most certainly did not. Now I know that any NMB member is capable of being cool!

Okay, maybe not Azusa but hey, they need some cute in there, amirite!

Then there is that Team M b-side! Barring my confusion wondering when the hell did Uuka, Nagisa and Akarin become Team M members when I soon found out that there was a shuffle that happened (understandably since many members are leaving), I have a feeling I am gonna have a blast feeding my delusions of who is with whom when the full PV gets here. For example there seems to be a chaotic threesome going on between Nagisa, Akarin and Mirurun, then there is the S&M pair with Renapyon and we have the cutesly Uuka and Chihii!

And finally let’s not forget that lovely cool A side that is an all out dance battle themed PV! Like, how cooler can they get than that! And did I spy some gayness between Saepi and Reinyan, Jo-chan and Riripo in there too?! Is every other PV gay in here?! Give me my DVDs right now Japan?!!!

Congrats NMB, you have managed to gran be back (temporarily, okay? Temporarily!) with this 16th ‘Boku igai no dare ka’ single! Take all my money for all versions of the single, just this one more time, okay?! This is the last time!!

Anyway, more caps and the short versions after the jump…

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fellow fellow – A Kiss on the Lips MV

fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00113
fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00080
 fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00081
fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00009

fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00096
 fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00094
fellow fellow - จูบปาก [Official Music Video].MKV - 00037

จูบปาก / Joop Bpahk / A Kiss on the Lips

Alright Thailand, you go get ‘em! PV of the year perhaps? Between this one and SISTAR’s One More Day, the choice isn’t easy. Both have the positives, the f-star elements (kissing) but they also have the negatives which are, to put this bluntly, shitting on the guys!

Okay, the way they treat guys in both PVs is different because while in SISTAR’s MV both the plot and the characters were mean to the male character in that he was written as a dick and the girls really went sparta on him, here the characters almost got away without giving the guy crap but of course the writers had to put that thing in where (during the rooftop scene) the girls seem to be rubbing their love in the male character’s face. On the other hand the male character almost escaped the plot of being a douche but once again, they just had to put that one scene in where he hit our main girl (glasses) with a racket ball so hard she bruised.

Now we got some sensual first-aid a la Lily Fever but still. That was not what really rubbed me the wrong way this time in regards to male characters. It seemed to me like this MV was actually making out our girls and their love to be a bad thing, some what, in that the song almost seemed written for the guy and they kept showing him being hurt by the betrayal and lies his girl-friend/fiancee?(she had a ring, that she took off, most definitely from him), but they don’t show why they were even drifting apart. And the way the showed the escalating distance was also kinda mean. Like, she couldn’t even let him hold her while in bed, like…If you are still together to the point of sharing a bed isn’t that kind of real cold?

It almost seemed like the guy’s life became nothing (with the gradual disappearance of his form, though that might be in regards to our main girl’s life but even so, having loved someone once you can’t simply erase them from your memory. I mean you were at the level of accepting a ring!! You can’t just forget all that time you shared! So if it is not that, then it is from the guy’s POV and it feels like his life in turning to nothingness with the loss of his girlfriend.

And I don’t even know why I am defending Hetero love on THIS blog! What is going on?!

But with that all said and done, I pick this PV over SISTAR’s because Thailand just knows how to do ‘cute’! The scenes between our couple in this were real cute and while usually those go overboard and into tooth-ache levels of sweet territory (spoilers for why I have not blogged about, and essentially finished watching any of the ‘Yes or No’ movies yet) it was the right dose this time around.

There are also intelligent scenes like the one where Girl B (no glasses) is staring across the court to the couple and she is smiling despite the situation. She does this thing with the rackets net and you know that while the guy has no clue Girl A (glasses girl) is thinking of that moment when they were threading fingers through the court net while they made googly eyes at each other.

Then there is the glasses-off scene that I have found I have a fetish for. I don’t know what it is about girls taking off other girls’ glasses but I find it completely hot! It’s almost as if they are bearing themselves (hanyan~). And it also reminds of Ikoma-kun and Minami-chan in SHAKISM of course. Also the director focused on the guy’s closed fist at around that scene which made me think that he was jealous in that he did not even ever get to see his no-longer-girl without glasses, or he did but wasn’t ever the one to take them of and is now just realising how hot and personal the gesture is. Wait, I was on his side, what happened? Oh yeah, yuri happened!

Anyway, There are more cute scenes, like Girl A always leaning on Girl B with such a serene smile on her face, or the foot sexing scene, or the bubbles scene and let’s not forget the fingers through the net scene. So hot, so sensual!

Alright, PV of the year here, Ladies and Gentlemen. Even though the song won’t be making it on my Note 4, in that it sounds like a typical drama OP or something of the sort, the PV more than makes up for it, not to mention we have had a limited list this year in PVs too.

Anyway, jump over for caps and the video…

PS: A shout out to Honey for the heads-up. Love ya and thanks again! ^^

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[TGS] HitoMiyu Mayuking in Mille-Feuille

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00019
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00068 TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00066
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00060
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00065 TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00067
TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE - Mille-feuille [1440x1080i h264 SSTV Plus HD].ts - 00075

HitoMiyu – Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Arai Hitomi and Yamabe Miyu, are the only other ship I know of that has not changed in any way since their debut. The first one is of course Mayuki. Actually HitoMiyu is purer than Mayuki, in the sense that there were no wars like the SaeYuki or HaaYuki or NakaYuki. There was a time, believe it or not, where I too actually shipped some of those more than Mayuki because in the beginning they were not that public about their closeness and there was a lot of grey areas.

Meanwhile HitoMiyu, the only rival they have had was in the AyaMiyu and the strange MeiMiyu. Strange because in PVs sometimes we got that pairing, like in LIAR, where they even kissed (kinda) and even in this very PV for their 21st Single Mille-Feuille, MeiMiyu has been hinted at. But all fans know that Mei belongs to Yuri and the management know it too. They proved that when they finally showed them off in their gayest PV ever TSUIOKU. We have yet to see AyaMiyu being supported in media and with Ayano no longer with the group currently, well, chances are very slim.

As for MeiMiyu, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of them in PVs because for some reason someone up there just loves their pairing. And with Mei now the Leader (taking over for Miyu), chances have gone up for sure. Not that I mind this one bit, in fact I ship those two as well. There is just something about them that pulls me in, perhaps it’s the sin of it all?

Anyway HitoMiyu, you think Mayuki’s relationship complex? I find HitoMiyu more confusing. Hitomi is the youngest of the group (currently not so young at 18 going 19 – Oh how they grow up!) and at first glance if might come off as a Big/Little Sister kinda relationship but it is not that simple! Even going way back when Hii-chan was a kindergartener, even back then she seemed to take the Big Sister role towards Miyu.

Even today Miyu is still referred to as the Baby-chara which is really weird when you look at her younger sister who is a member of team B now (yes, that Ayu is Miyu’s Imouto). She really comes off as mature, does she not? I guess she had to be, with a sister like Miyu. Now not to say that Miyu is that childish. She was the leader and though it was because she was the eldest at the time, when it came to doing the job she was on the role. She kills the MCs and while not as funny as Yuri, she is just so good at it! When she goes into serious mode, it’s SRS business!

Outside work though, Hitomi is the mature of the two. Hell, she is the top for sure, if we are speaking in those terms but then when you see them on their shows or live streams it is Miyu who pampers Hitomi all the time! A second wasted opening a paper bag? Miyu to the rescue. Whenever she is talking about something to do with Hitomi, Miyu will always touch her arm and look to her.

Meanwhile Hitomi always watches Miyu whenever she is speaking and it’s like…God! You would think that they would have outgrown those little things especially now that Hii-chan is almost an adult but noope! Heir LINE videos still has them acting that way, Miyu treating Hii-chan like she was her precious baby and Hitomi letting her and looking at her like she was her sun or something.

Okay, I need to make a yuri MV of TGS, like, yesterday! I have been doing dance vids mostly of them but I think between all those lovely PVs and a whole movie, a yuri movie about this very ship!!! A yuri FMV is in order, nay?


See ya round…

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