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FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00106
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00133 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00128

FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00151
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00149 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00066
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00136
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00148 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00020
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00113

FES☆TIVE – YuraYura Yurari Koigokoro / ゆらゆらゆらり恋心
omfg shit is lit!



Is this real? Am I dreaming this MV right now?!! Somebody pinch me!!!!

Sweet Baby Jesus!

I literally have no idea where to begin! It’s close to midnight but I don’t want to even wait a few hours to post about this Music Video, because My God! I haven’t been this smacked since Kataomoi FINALLY! And I just like, literally just talked about that SKE48 Music Video in the very last post!

Like, how astronomical are these odds!?!!


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Tenny 테니 – 159cm [MV]

Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00153
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00068 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00047
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00054 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00083
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00105
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00071 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00072
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00040 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00080
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00126

I have never seen so much kissing in a music video as there is in Tenny’s 159cm!


Yeah yeah, I know it’s late but surely no one thought I wouldn’t write about this awesome MV! But I am not going to lie to you too when I say I did not have a moment where I threw my hands up in the air with eyes rolling, ready to ditch it towards the end of the MV!

Yeah, they got me good there!

I am of course talking about that suicide fake-out! Seeing that gun wash up on shore, followed by the shot of ‘gay shoes’ lying there all wet and covered in sand…Yeah, I thought we were going to get another BAD END! But the joke was on me when the girls, looking all happy, came and swept up their shoes and ran off, to where, only God knows!

Though I would like to think that they went back to their homes and faced their monster parents and fought for their love! If I were our glasses girl, I would so like to see what my Dad had to say about my Mom having an affair with the Priest! Pretty sure hers is the worst of the two ‘crimes’!

As for the story and our girls, I am very curious as to what their connection is! Judging from their uniforms, they are going to different schools and yet they are almost inseparable meaning that the most logical conclusions would be them being childhood friends! Though if they were, glasses Girl’s mother would not be so toxic towards the other girl, right? If they grew up together, she would have been used to their closeness and in support of their friendship so question mark there!

From what I gathered, they hadn’t really gone that extra mile in the time before this MV and while she ended up making it seem playful, I am sure sailor Girl was really taken aback by that first kiss. Interesting too, in the beginning, it was glasses Girl that was the confident one, the one that made the moves onto Sailor Girl but after her parents caught them, it was then the sailor Girl that took the lead and was the confident one!

I mean glasses girl did show confidence when she faced down her father but the moments after showed that she was reflecting, probably even questioning if she was doing the right thing! A period most of us goes through and is usually either makes you or breaks you and ends a many true love stories!

Thankfully she had sailor Girl to be there and remind her of their love and from what it seems like, they have chosen their love over society and the norm! Now, I so would have loved to see the sequel but some times things are better left ambiguous! Sometimes that makes all the difference! Example being how I loved the ending of Sharp Objects in the series much more than I did for the Book!

Anyway, there are two versions of this MV, one normal and the other a Black and White with some B-roll footage. Jump over for caps and links…


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[AKB48] A Woman!

【MV full】Teacher Teacher _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.MKV - 01;33;43.982
【MV full】Teacher Teacher _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.MKV - 00;33;25.479 【MV full】Teacher Teacher _ AKB48[公式] - YouTube.MKV - 02;03;27.371


Yep! That be me!

It’s been too long since we had a Goddess worshipping post and while my love for Idols is waning slowly (God, these graduations take a toll on a person!) my love for a certain woman is still undying! And with the latest Ravijour images…well…even if I was a skeleton I would be fully revived!

And not only that but the new single Teacher Teacher has me wishing Yukirin was a KPOP member…Oh wait, there is this new Korean project with the 48 family, right?! Well, I guess that explains the weirdness of the concept of the new single!

Also for once I feel like Yukirin has gotten the right amount of screen time in an MV since, like, forever! So really, where Yukirin is concerned, everything is just perfect!It is enough to drown out the bad things going on right now with all the graduations and thus saying goodbye to a sister group.

But positivity today, positivity!

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=LOVE – Teokure Caution [MV]

=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 02;12;40.966
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 00;03;53.449 =LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 00;46;51.164
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 00;59;11.988
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 01;15;05.457 =LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 00;57;09.726
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 01;16;23.198
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 01;45;23.862 =LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 02;05;40.013
=LOVE(イコールラブ)_『手遅れcaution』【MV full】 - YouTube.MKV - 00;10;40.901
praise be

Now that I have my wits back, let’s talk!

You all have no idea, absolutely no idea, exactly how shooketh I was the day before yesterday!!

Ever since I came back from my holidays in Tokyo, where I fell in love with this very group =LOVE, and most especially one Otoshima Risa and ship-wise with Risa/Anna and Hitomi/Maika, I had this long planned post where I was going to introduce this group to this blog with focus on my Oshi Risa and my OTP Hitomaika! But it was too grand a post and finding the right day was difficult, even to this day!

The point here is I have been an avid shipper of Hitomaika and Anrisa since December but never in a million years, never, did I ever have the thought of having a yuri PV with these two ships in it! And not just any ship when it comes to Hitomaika! These two are the only ones in a legit relationship in this PV!

If this MV is depicting the different types of love (=LOVE, geddit?), then Hitomaika are the ‘normal’ relationship and the others are the other kind of relationships; forbidden, secret, one-sided, innocent, threesomes, violent, fake, seductive and many more I can’t label!

Yeah, this PV is no Kataomoi FINALLY! but it is so grand that I just want to have a dedicated series with an episode specific to each relationship! Then towards the end the last few episodes would incorporate all storylines since they are still in the class! Do it Japan, Sashiko, I know you can! Hell, the PV ended on a cliff-hanger of sorts. Just do it!

Anywho before we commence, going back to how shook I was, not only did this PV drop but I also stumbled upon a new British/Netflix TV show that had me falling in love with its characters left and right from the very instance I laid eyes on them. That is something that British TV is good at especially with those types of dramas! More on that in a different post but I just love, love, love Leila and Tess and they haven’t even kissed yet, surprisingly, given the title of the show LOL

Now then, let’s get this party started…

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G I R L F R I E N D [Thai-MWDM]

G i r l f r i e n d s Ep.04   Miniseries.mp4 - 00168
G I R L F R I E N D (THEMOVIE).mkv - 04;31;27.495 G I R L F R I E N D (THEMOVIE).mkv - 04;30;13.773
G I R L F R I E N D - ไม่เคย-Synkornize ( Unofficial MV ) - YouTube.MKV - 01;37;30.172 G I R L F R I E N D (THEMOVIE).mkv - 03;36;16.329
G I R L F R I E N D - ไม่เคย-Synkornize ( Unofficial MV ) - YouTube.MKV - 01;18;52.487
G i r l f r i e n d s Ep.02   Miniseries.mp4 - 00020 G I R L F R I E N D (THEMOVIE).mkv - 06;26;09.994
G i r l f r i e n d s Ep.04   Miniseries.mp4 - 00057 G i r l f r i e n d s Ep.04   Miniseries.mp4 - 00101
G i r l f r i e n d s Ep.02   Miniseries.mp4 - 00013
Thailand’s Answer to Lily Fever!

Oh boy, South Korean really started something with that magical piece of web gold that is Lily Fever. First Japan rose to the challenge with Futari Monologue and now it seems that Thailand is up to the challenge as well with this little gem of web mini series, music videos and a short movie!

Yes, this is not just a series. The series is only four episodes, really short episodes (hence mini) but in addition there is also two music videos, one official and the other unofficial. In addition to that there is also a short movie of the series. But the best news? The second season is already in the works, with a teaser for it already dropped online!

Of course all these links will be provided after the jump.

But there is a small catch here! Or big, depending on how you look at things from an overall point of view. You see almost all three mediums are different but at the same time there is an overlap there with the characters. Now, I am not really sure if all three take place in the same universe and by that I mean that all these actors play the same characters in all three, but at least the series and movie are more connected.

Let me explain further. You see in the series the guy that falls for Mean is a different guy to who falls for her, or more like who she falls for in the movie. In the movie, the guy that Mean falls for lost his girl to the Dude that fell for Mean in the series but it is not known if it is the same character since that character from the series actually turned out to be gay in the end. Meanwhile the guy Mean fall for in the movie was in love with a girl (a different girl) that Nim was in love with in the unofficial music video.

Still with me? Okay then.

The official MV meanwhile is all about Mean and Nim, who are obviously our official main couple as in both cases where a guy shows up, both in the movie and the series, in the end Mean always chooses Nim over the boy. I am not sure where the girl in the unofficial music video fall in terms of the overall story. Maybe she was Nim’s previous girlfriend? But if so then Nim should have known the guy in the movie! Then again it is a UNOFFICIAL MV so…

But enough of the explanations. What of our ship! Where do they stand relative to Serang/Kyung-ju and Hinata/Mikage? Well, it goes without saying that Lily Fever is still the Queen of Web-Dramas so that is that. Lily Fever had it all – The awesome comedy, the awesome yuri and then some (Vampires?! Princesses?! Mysterious Butlers?!”) so I guess we should compare it to Futari Mono instead.

G i r l f r i e n d and Futari Mono unfortunately all excel in one aspect of both sides and both don’t bring anything extra our of the norm. Where Futari delivered great comedy but fell short on the yuri side (too light!) meanwhile here G i r l f r i e n d delivers the yuri but falls short in comedy. The movie tries to inject some bit more than the series but it is still not enough. And all the comedy came from other characters not our girls.

Speaking of the title for this, be careful not confuse it with the earlier web series of the same name Girl-friend or the British drama that also started airing this year Girlfriends. This is G I R L F R I E N D, with spaces between each character (for some reason).

As for what I think of this entry from Thailand? Well dear Readers, Nim is up there on the list of favourite characters with Serang. I just lover her! She is at a perfect balance of being cool, taking no shit but never crossing the line! She has these moments where you think she is going psycho-lesbian but she never gets there (thank God).

Meanwhile Mean is also very likeable, though I don’t like that cliché trait of hers where she falls for every guy that approaches her, even though in the end she comes to her senses and chooses Nim. Though too I have to say that I respected her in the movie during that scene where she chose Mean. She said something along the lines of choosing to follow her heart instead of her desires which was why she chose Nim over the guy!

1billion points right there!

This being Thailand of course the quality is top notch, seriously the movie is in frikkin 4K!!! Nim’s character design is to die for and the two have so many great, cute moments that there is no reason to complain. Best of all they actually kiss, more than once! Season 2 teaser has them kissing for crying out loud! And speaking of season 2, I am kind of worried. That kiss was a bit…off! Nim’s reaction during and after it very alarming! What is going on here?! I mean it was initiated by Mean, where all previous kisses had been started by Nim so she should be happy so…

I am worried.

But I am not missing it for the world. Subscribed already to the official channel so as not to miss it for the world!

Anyway, enough talk, jump over for the vids and caps galore…


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