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Yume no Kayoiji [JMovie]

Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00063
Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00042 Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00075
Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00077
Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00091 Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00080
Yume no Kayoiji ゆめのかよいじ

Let’s begin with this oh so Japanese movie starring Ishibashi Anna and Taketomi Seika. Just mentioning those two names should get everyone already tangling behind this movie’s tail and while I might understand the feelings of those who will be disappointed by this, if you have some experience in Japanese movies you will really like this even with the bit of salt that’s mixed in with the taste. But sometimes you have to add a bit of salt to fully enjoy the flavour, am I right?

But I will be honest with you dear Readers, I am not sure if I am broken but movies that have a smooth road with a GOOD END usually leave something to be desired. I don’t really know why but you will not find me re-watching such movies. I guess all these bumpy road movies have broken me completely if I prefer feel-inducing ones over smooth-sailing ones. There is a reason why I haven’t blogged about the Yes or No movies. Just saying.

I love a movie that will make me feel, it doesn’t matter if it’s rage or complete break-down levels of feels but if it will make me react and want to re-watch it later, be it a BAD END or crazy character modifications through out the movie or Directors turning into Sissies towards the end kind of movie, I love hose more. Now not to say that a happy go lucky yuri movie isn’t welcome. I used to love those when I was still a movie virgin and it won’t go away like memories of that first time you had sex…Err… Excuse me…

Ishibashi Anna as Mari/Yuri
taketomi seika
Taketomi Seika as Rie

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Awwww yeaaaaah

RoomMate 1.m2ts - 00001
Keiko & Kyoko – Roommate
Yume no Kayojiji.mkv - 00000
Anna & Seika – Yume no Kayoiji

Good lord! Guys if you haven’t watched these two movies, you need to right now! Now before you go and raise your expectations to 11, let me warn you that these two movies are not 100% pure yuri and by that I mean Yes or No levels of yuri! But then again, if anybody is familiar with Japanese movies, and I am sure whoever is reading this is, 100% yuri movies from Japan are like 10 in every Century but fear not for the next best thing are these two movies! I have checked and they are both available on the net as you read this and it’s a matter of searching so no excuses!

Just watched these myself because while I got the DVD and BD a while back, I had exams and if I had watched them then I know I would not have enjoyed them to the fullest! Not to mention that every time I always watch anything I buy straight away, I am always way too hyped that I sometimes get disappointed pretty badly once I have finished. This time though, now that I am free from the horror that is college exams I can finally relax and watch my awesome purchases!

And so last night I sat through four hours of straight awesomeness and I was so hyper going to bed that when I woke up I found myself questioning whether what I saw was real or I just imagined watching them so there was one solution – I am going to watch them again tonight and post about them the next two days consecutively. Do stick around!

DAT Keiko and Kyoko though…dear Lord >.<

And I will take to opportune to once again say – Long Live Insane Lesbians!

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Swag, swag Swaaaag

img011 img005
img009 img016

  1. Yume no Kayoiji DVD
  2. RoomMate BD
  3. Miyatake Sister Idols from bump.y PB
  4. Afterschool ~ Cobalt Dish PB
  6. Yukirin’s 3rd Solo LIVE BD
  7. Fairies 1st Album CD/BD


Awww yeah!! The year’s first Swag has arrived and let me tell you, life is good right now! I had to wait months for this one but it was so well worth it! Well, okay, I confess that my patience wore thin so I had to split my order in two, with more to arrive next month. Then I had to make two other different orders with the earliest coming next week or later this week and another in August but the fan is in waiting, am I right!

I have been so un-patiently waiting for Yume no Kayoiji and that Fukada Kyoko and Kitagawa Keiko’s RoomMate is a must watch! My Goddess’s 3rd solo is here as well and I had to contain my lust to watch the rips until I got the best possible quality of it and it is here! No doubt as to which I am watching first I can tell you that! I totally need to cleanse my mind of the feeling from yesterday no thanks to that B Garden preview! And thinking about it is making me ill again. Best leave it at that.

Then there’s the Fairies 2st Album! You guys have no idea how long I’ve waited for a full quality version of their PVs! They are the only rivals to TGS’s level of quality when it comes to PV and I have been dying to make a dance video of their PVs. This is the perfect chance! Also to make me even more happy, the photo I got was of none other than my Fairies No1 – Fujita Miria! Dat voice! Dat beauty! Angelic…No wonder the lyrics that complimented her mini photo (see after the jump) were of ‘White Angel’. Coincidence? I think not!

Then there is the PBs! To be truthful, I wasn’t expecting anything from the bump.y (Sakuraba Nanami’s Idol group) PB since after all, they are sisters! But a quick breeze through made my heart squeeze at some of the daww moments in there! So glad I decided to get it! TGS’s PB still lacks the yuri flavour but they are TGS and I love them so the decision to get it was not in question in the very least. Besides, the PB for their 1st movie 5 tsu is coming my way soon and I bet you a penny it’s gonna be awesome! Then there’s Afterschool PB – Even if that was the only thing I saw as I quickily shuffled through it, that last scene where one of the girls is holding a love letter from another girl totally killed me! I have no regrets! Even it’s shitty quality can’t rain on my yuri parade!

Any who, more scans after the jump…

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[Update] “Will you acknowledge my feeling?”

映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00004
映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00001 映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00006
映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00007 映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00009
映画『ゆめのかよいじ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010

So, more trailers from lovely as always Japan. First up is a newer trailer with a bit more information of the movie – Yume no Kayoiji. We learn quite a bit more of the gist of things to expect in the movie and the fact that the two heroines will have a symbiotic relationship.

What I mean is that Girl A (the living breathing one) just like any other person who revisits their countryside home town, has issues that haunt her from her childhood. Someone important to her died back then 9presumebly her brother) and she would do anything to see that person again if it was at all possible. And it is, thanks to Girl B(that lovely Ghost-chan). It’s no spoiler at this point that she is dead, right? I mean it’s her established character so we might as well accept it.

Anyway, just like Girl A, Girl B too has things she regrets, things she never got the chance to do while she was still alive. Things like falling in love, or having her love realised! And from what we’ve seen so far, it is safe to say that Girl B chooses Girl A as the one to have her regrets resolved and in exchange, Girl B will help Girl A, with the help of her learned skill of the dead after all these years, realised her wish of seeing her dead important person once more.

The movie promises a supernatural/romance kind of film which I say is a win combination. But of course we can never have perfect things as there is Dick involved t once again turn our enjoyment factor down from 11! This Dick, from what I’ve seen of him from this new trailer, reminds me of the Dick from Tamako Market, in that it looks like he will be getting in the way of our yurilicious romance. There is this scene where Girl A and B are going to cross over to the other side (at least I think that is what was going to happen) only for Dick to come and stop Girl A from going through with it. Well, he might have tried for I have a feeling he failed terribly.

Anyway the concept is what really intrigues me. If they both feels like they can gain something from one another, something as important as wish fulfilling, something that would never happen normally, gives Girl A and B a unique spot in the world of yuri and seems to start a very strong hopeful feeling within me. And thinking of that scene where Girl B thanks Girl A makes me believe that her regrets had been taken care of and she was now ready to move on which suggests that Girl A had to have accepted her feelings!

I am really looking forward to this movie!


Watch the new trailer…

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