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Fragtime [Teaser]

映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;20;13.946
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;11;22.924 映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;06;30.970
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;28;06.468

Moritani Misuzu (short light hair) is, is a girl who can stop time but for three minutes. Murakami Haruka is Misuzu’s very popular classmate and the only one that is unaffected when Misuzu stops time.

Misuzu learns of Haruka’s special case when she tries to stop time while wearing Haruka’s skirt (I don’t know how), and she finds that she can’t. In the midst of being intrigued by this phenomena, Misuzu will find herself drawn to Haruka and eventually fall for her.

Meanwhile Haruka will use Misuzu’s ability to her advantage by making some weird requests of her ability to stop time. Some of which will hopefully include the trailer line of ‘Let me do whatever I want with you for three minutes’.

Sadly, we have to wait for a while for this movie as it doesn’t release in theatres until November and then add six months on that for the physical and yeah, almost a year before we get to enjoy this.

Oh well, at least it’s coming. I don’t remember the last time we had a yuri anime movie so this is great!

And since this is an adaptation, there is a manga that we can still enjoy. First time I’ve heard of it though so I might buy it just in case I can’t wait. I have learned my lesson to never read or watch the original before the adaptation if I can help it. I will try to wait after the movie to buy the manga, like I did for the movie TELL IT TO THE BEES.

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Where We Belong [Trailer B]

Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;14;11.400
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;25;03.140 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;23;45.138
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;03;28.379 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;02;37.902
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;21;09.427 - 00001 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;22;09.753
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;18;26.302

So, it turns out it was a marketing decision after all, that the first trailer was from Sue’s POV (if you read my first trailer post). As we can see here, this trailer is from Belle’s POV and it is about Sue where as the first trailer was from Sue’s POV and it was about Belle!

And while we are still on the first trailer subject, I got something wrong then and that is that there was no boy issues here and while I don’t think they are fighting over him, there is still one and it looks like there will be a fight in that department too. The question is, does Belle know?

This might be a marketing ploy but it makes me intrigued by how exactly the movie is structed! Maybe it won’t have any POVs at all and this is just for marketing purposes! Or maybe it will be a three POV story like Fingersmith? In that we will have a part from Sue’s (Jennis) POV, then off to Belle’s POV and finally the third POV? Either way  I will take it!

The way the trailers are cut is really very refreshing and interesting too. It is interesting to see the two sides of the coin! Like, 99% of stories you always get one side of the story so I pray that this movie subverts and gives us two different perspectives! Just from the trailers alone it was really enjoyable to see how different the two think of each other!

Like, Sue is like, Belle is my best friend but everyone thinks us a couple, but Belle on the other hand is like, Me and Sue are more than friends! Yeah, Belle definitely has it bad!

And that means this is going to be brutal and painful, that is if executed truthfully because these trailers are promising one heck of a rollercoaster! What are the actual feelings between them? I mean their actions are kind of questionable but while Belle seems to think there is something more between them, Sue on the other hand only thinks them best of friends and seems to have something going on with a guy!

Yeah, this is going to be painful and I can’t wait for it to appear on physical!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and some pics…

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Where We Belong [Trailer]

Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;47;33.370
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;15;05.473 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;16;01.458
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;20;20.668 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;43;00.349
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;23;41.808

First ever BNK48 post?

That it is! But as someone once upon a time said – Better Late Than Never, am I right? Especially since the other 48 sisters aren’t doing anything for me as of late unless Yukirin is involved.  I am sure you have noticed the lack of posts about them, surely!

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Yuri Dano Kan Dano [Teaser]

【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;11;50.036
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;13;16.162 【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;12;24.686
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;02;45.437 【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;04;46.320
【公式】ドラマ『百合だのかんだの』毎週金曜0時最新話更新<FOD>.mp4 - 00;06;37.956
giphy (34)

There is no way, and I mean NO WAY, that I am not going to enjoy this! Like, what is even this thing?! Just from the teaser alone, it might as well be pron with plot! But you know, the soft kind since these are Fujiko and Fumika we are talking about!

Actually I am flabbergasted they went that far!

Face-planting, finger-suckin, sex-toys, kissing, like, what in the name of the Lord?!! I can tell you right now and here that this is not what  I was expecting! Like, at all! I expected some serious drama but I am not at all disappointed! You see there is greatness to this turn of events! That greatness is that since this is not that serious, they are not obliged to play politics and thus the chances of denying us a happy end is really small! This being something wacky and fun means that the GA will leave it be and thus the makers will get away with anything!

I mean Fujiko just poked Fumika with a dildo…In a teaser!!! She planted her face in Fumika’s boobs, in a teaser!!!! She sucked Fumika’s finger…in a teaser!!!!


But that’s all just the visuals, let’s talk deeper! The teaser starts with Fumika’s disengaged character asking Fujiko’s character if she is an L (duh!) and it ends with her starting to get attracted to Fujiko’s character! So in other words, Fumika’s character is going to start out straight and then succumb to the power of the darkside yuri!

Like, how can I not enjoy this?! The best types of relationships, the ones I love most, even in Fan Fiction, are those that are not established and instead their development are what the story is about and thus, this is a show after my own heart! Like, seriously…

And yes, I am not using the characters’ names because it seems I made a mistake from the goggle translations of the plot details a while back. Sorry about that. I will rectify them after I start watching the episodes. Speaking of which…


So fear not, I got you all my lovely and patient readers covered!!! It might be after the whole show has aired (in case something happens…) because having part of a show is worse than not having anything and so I might have to wait, in case they come for me! But if the show is over, well then…

Anyway, caps and DDL for the teaser after the jump…


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[Trailer] LIZZIE Didn’t Take Just An Axe!

Lizzie - Still 1
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00012 Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00011
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00043
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00059 Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00068
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00007
She took Kristen Stewart too!

Finally, a take on the Lizzie Borden legend that is worth my time!

And Kristen Stewart is back at it! I am not afraid to admit it that she came on my radar thanks to Twilight movies but she really didn’t steal my heart until she made out with the one and only Dakota Fanning in The Runaways (Sorry the post has no images anymore, but you know of it by now anyway so…)!

Unlike all the other wannabes, this one actually looks like it has soul and someone put in the effort to make it feel artistic! The camera work, the wardrobe, the acting (gone are the Twilight jokes), seriously, Chloë Sevigney (playing Lizzie) looks set to win awards! You can already see her range from innocent waifu, to axing maniac!

I am so ready for this! Not going to bore you anymore as this is just a trailer so jump over for caps and the trailer…


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BLUE MY MIND [Trailer]

BLUE MY MIND - Official Teaser - YouTube.MP4 - 00003 Blue My Mind - BIFFF 2018 - YouTube.MP4 - 00065
Blue My Mind - BIFFF 2018 - YouTube.MP4 - 00109
BLUE MY MIND - Official Trailer (Optional Subtitles EN & ES).MP4 - 00099 BLUE MY MIND Bande Annonce (2018) Adolescent, Fantastique.MP4 - 00000
BLUE MY MIND Bande Annonce (2018) Adolescent, Fantastique.MP4 - 00019

I think someone was going for “Blew My Mind!” but they made a typo and it was too late to change it!

But if we are going for Blue, could this be a sequel to Blue is the Warmest Colour? Sadly I doubt it very much! First of all different countries of origin in addition to different directors in addition to the fantastical element present in BLUE.

Where Blue was French, BLUE is Swiss. Where in Blue our girls were in College, here they are in High School. Where Blue was exactly 3 hours of lesbianism, BLUE is only an hour and 37 minutes (which doesn’t cut it anymore for artistic movies) of teenaging…by which I mean drugs, alcohol and hormoning!

I only pray that they don’t take the “Water Lilies” route! I choose to believe that people nowadays are about that kind of phobia, especially the young Gen! And the trailers being two of a kind, one seemingly straight and the other completely gay, I have missed feelings here but I am going to be there day 1 when it gets released to the public!

This movie has already been released, well, partially released but just like all other arthouse movies, it hits Festivals first then makes its way to the public, especially since this is a new director! But just like “Water Lilies”, this new shining female director also apparently kicked ass and took names! BLUE MY MIND has already won 5 trophies out of the 11 it was nominated for, in the span of 1 year. The wins include Critics Choice Award (Best New Director), Golden Eye (Best Film In Focus), Swiss Film Prize (Best Film, Best Lead Actress – Mia AKA Luna, and Best Screenplay).

So you betcha that this is going to be a treat, well, to those of us who enjoy art house movies! I know they are not for everyone, especially how usually unapologetic they can be but that is the main reason why they have my heart!

And speaking of awards, I just saw that Blue is the Warmest Colour is at 85 Wins out of 94 Award Nominations!!! Like WTF?!

Anyway, back to the movie at hand, I can already see people saying how Mia’s transformation is metaphor for adolescence! because you know, we just can’t have an honest to God fantasy where a girl can actually be a Mermaid…I hope Ms Lisa, our new shinning Director whips their projection to the stratosphere and Mia ends up actually being a real mermaid! But even then I know reviews will still use coming of age in context!

Anyway, this movie to me looks like a mix of SKINS (the UK version of course), Water Lilies and Blue is the Warmest Colour! I am also very intrigued with Mia and Gianna’s relationship (obviously) but I don’t mean in their get together! On the surface it seems pretty cliché, Gianna looks like all those popular kids that get close to the weird girl, only to fuck her over during the course of the film but here in the trailers something is different (for example Mia seems to be the Alpha in this relationship) so we shall see.

Now then, the question is, when are we to get access to this movie?

Jump over for caps and trailers…


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The Miseducation of Cameron Post Trailer

THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00023
THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00075 THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00036
THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00046 THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00064
THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST Official Trailer (2018) Chloe Grace Moretz, Teen Drama HD - YouTube.MKV - 00054

Hi all, been a while.

I have been away for personal reasons but I am back now, no worries!

Anyway, like I said, here is the trailer for that book I took with me, which as I also said, had been on my shelf for a long while actually but I had never gotten around to reading it!

I have not yet finished reading the book actually. I am currently on page 207 (our of 470) so just about midway but even then, I can tell you that from the trailer, I don’t think that we have reached the part where the movie takes place in the timeline!

The only parts that I know I have read are going to be flashbacks I think. The girl we see Cameron kiss is where I am right now. Their relationship has just started in the book but from the trailer it seems that will all be in the past and the reason why Cameron moves to that reform catholic centre/school, I believe! In the book where I am at Cameron’s guardians still don’t know she is gay. He has yet to come out but some mates know as they caught her making out with yet a different girl.

Speaking of, I now know that the reason why I have not finished it yet is not only because I took Fingersmith with me and that reading it too took away the time for me to finish The Miseducation of Cameron Post. The other reason is that the book drags! Like I said, I am almost half-way and yet it doesn’t feel like the story has begun! All that which has happened so far, for almost half of the book, could easily be a flashback!

She has already gone through three girls and she is not even 16 yet for crying out loud!! First it was her childhood friend and first love and first kiss Irene. Irene changed schools after Cameron’s parents died and she is chasing boys as of the current point in time in the book. I don’t think Irene is in the trailers because she would be quite young were she to be shown with Cameron. The next girl was Lindsey, a girl that came to visit her folks but left again. She was the first to really make out with Cameron and also be thought of as a girlfriend proper. But she was the wild kind and so not heroine partner material so of course she is out there now, on long distance relationship status with Cameron. They have yet to break up but they are seeing other people so…And finally, there is Corey. She is the one we see in the trailers (she is the one that dances with Cameron in the book and fits the description) but there is something about her. You see she has a boyfriend in the book and she is IT in school and she was kind of scared at first with the two getting together and you know this is not going to end well when they are found out. She will probably bail. Not that I blame her.

Corey and Cameron just got together like I said in the book and we are half way. So if the movie takes place after them (hopefully starts with them) then I don’t know at all what the movie is going to be about because I have not reached that part yet! If the movie is taking that part, meaning it is the core of the book, then that is some poor writing right there! Seriously, the book goes through things and characters like they were a plate of a cup to be used and forgotten! I just couldn’t get a grip on it to stay until the end!

I hope the movie actually covers the whole book and that what we saw in the trailer was only picked at random but I doubt it! This seems to be a story about the negative side of being gay like every other goddamn story! A story that hasn’t become yet in the book at the halfway mark, with Cameron kissing and making out with girls like it was 2018 and not the early 90s!

I don’t even know if there is going to be something between Cameron and that girl with dreads that is at the reform school or if she is going to try straight and go for the guy!

Please don’t disappoint…But please come to DVD before then! I know these Indies and their cheekiness!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and caps…


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