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Horror Fans, How Do We Lose?

First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.53.904
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.59.761 First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.02.084
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.12.345 First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.43.842
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.55.847
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.33.865 First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.40.308
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.50.920 First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.48.163
First Kill   Official Trailer   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.06.649

Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.23.564
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.02.189 Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.03.076
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.18.894 Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.20.347
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.24.190
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.50.925 Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.42.228
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.47.911 Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_00.34.598
Resident Evil   Official Teaser   Netflix.mkv_snapshot_01.02.399

What?! How do we lose?!!!


We fuckin don’t!!!

Last June we got the incredible Threesome in the FEAR STREET trilogy and look…A year later and Netflix is back with a bucket of food in the form of a lesbians’ version of Buffy and Angel and a different take on Resident Evil! Now this is the Resident Evil that does not have Alice which I can get behind, unlike that other recent try at a reboot!

Knocking aside, RESIDENT EVIL looks like it will deliver and I am 100% behind it, even though it’s gonna be awkward if those two turn out to be sisters…awkward for everyone else that is….huehuehue!


As for FIRST KILL, I am very picky when it comes to vampires as they are my favourite monsters so I hope to all that is good that they do the vamps respect and in doing that, that they also do the hunting respect!

Blade frkiin came out 100 years ago or something as did Buffy so any b-rate action and vampirism ain’t gonna cut it here Sistar!

But on the bright side, this looks like it’s going to be one cute couple in our girls at the very least and is that Nosferatu I see?! It’s been a while since I saw vampire Lords!

But when it comes to horror, it’s horror first and lesbians second you if the gay does not work out, the horror better be good enough to make up for it!

But there is no more place for glass-half-full thoughts around here so I am hoping for the these to blow us away! I have reached the time where I trust Netflix to deliver (sequels is a different conversation, okay?!) And are they starting to get into stylised Logos?! I am so there!

Anyway, can’t wait for next month (Legacies and our Hizzie episodes got delayed to June too, like, gay month much!?!)

Jump over for the trailers…



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[Trailers] People Keep Asking: ‘Is TV Back?’

Dickinson — Season 3 Official Trailer - Apple TV .mp4_snapshot_01.41.771
Dickinson — Season 3 Official Trailer - Apple TV .mp4_snapshot_01.34.705 Dickinson — Season 3 Official Trailer - Apple TV .mp4_snapshot_01.39.369
Dickinson — Season 3 Official Trailer - Apple TV .mp4_snapshot_01.41.309 I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Trailer - Prime Video.mp4_snapshot_00.14.639
I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Teaser Trailer - Prime Video.mp4_snapshot_00.21.897
I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Trailer - Prime Video.mp4_snapshot_01.13.058 I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Teaser Trailer - Prime Video.mp4_snapshot_00.28.477 I Know What You Did Last Summer - Official Trailer - Prime Video.mp4_snapshot_01.11.212
The Girl In The Woods - Official Trailer - Peacock Original.mp4_snapshot_00.33.449 The Girl In The Woods - Official Trailer - Peacock Original.mp4_snapshot_00.55.949
The Girl In The Woods - Official Trailer - Peacock Original.mp4_snapshot_01.19.583
Yeah! I’m thinking they are back!!!!!

And what’s this?!! Two of these series are horror?! How not to win?!! And this all within the next month! I don’t know what we did, but it sure did please the Yuri Goddesses out there!

Firstly, we have the final season of DICKINSON. Now, I for you would have totally been fine with the way Season 2 ended but hey, who can say NO to Hailee kissing girls!?!! Couldn’t be me that’s for sure! Of course this means, and it is already apparent from the trailer, that there is going to be more unnecessary drama, as if they didn’t settle all that in the second season nut they have to introduce more redundant drama for fillers.

Oh well, as long as they work shit out and we end on a lovely note I don’t care what they do! If it’s too much, there’s the power of a forward button! Final Season of DICKINSON begins Nov 5th!

In order of caps, next up we have a very uninspired televised version of the hit teen horror flick I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER! Sure seems like it goes beat for beat as the original movie, plot-wise at least! With the different characters, most interesting of which is the twin leading girls, I guess there could be a surprise in there but this is Amazon Prime here…I have a very disappointing history with Amazon Prime Originals because of all their content that I have seen, every single one of them have been disappointing! I don’t know what it is about them but there is always something missing with their content!

It’s kind of like someone spending years on a painting and just when they have almost completed it they decide to just leave that last part only as a sketch without inks! I don’t know, they always come short no matter what I see of their content!

Now, sure this is based off of an already existing concept and it is a horror series and there is always cheat codes when it comes to horror (mostly because it is my favourite genre so I am less picky) but this is Amazon! Will this be the first time I am impressed? We shall see!

One think I know for sure they have already outdone themselves with from the trailers it’s the lesbian twin thing! Very, very rare for those to come by and when we get one, they are always fan favourites so here’s to fingers crossed!

Curiously though, I couldn’t place the relationships here. Seems like everyone has a boyfriend, so I am kind of confused! Friends with benefits and secrets or will there be something of substance there?!

Also, I am kind of conflicted because as a horror fan I want blood, but also I kind of want a happy end relationship, well, a gay one! Either way it goes, if I get blood and some gayness, I am already a happy camper! Less chance for Amazon to screw up with this one but we shall see!

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is already streaming from today with, from I can see, four episodes out so far! I have yet to start watching as I am waiting for my days off!

Finally, here comes our other Dina!!!!! Oh, how I missed thee, Dina! I haven’t seen you since you got completely covered in your boyfriend’s brains in I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS! Seriously, if anyone knows of any other projects of Sofia Bryant, let me know!

While I await your replies, I will be checking out her new Series (at least I think it is a Series) from new streamer Peacock titled – THE GIRL IN THE WOODS starring another new community representor in actress Stephanie Scott! She is in another new film, THE LAST THING MARY SAW, which has an interesting clip on YouTube to say the least!

Modern day Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Only it’s monster slayer this time around? With a robot arm like she was the damn Terminator?! A metal arm with a stake!?!! Totally gay?! Making out with her bestie and one of the side-kicks!?! An interesting gay other side-kick who is tots funny and has a killer fashion!? Sign my soul up please!

Like, seriously, Sofia and Sophia (LOL)…Lillis, were done so dirty by Netflix when their show got cancelled and we never got to see their relationship develop, especially after that cliff hanger, that I hope Peacock were paying attention then and are ready to give Sofia a bit of closure here at least!

Or maybe they could just get things out of the way from the get go instead of waiting until the end of the series in the hopes of a second season and thus using their love as a worm! Well, seeing as they have already showed their kiss, which I hope is one of many, in the trailer, here’s to hoping that there is a lot of content of the two to look forward to!

THE GIRL IN THE WOODS starts streaming in a week’s time on the 21st! Best believe it, I will be there watching day by day! I wonder if it will ne binge style like Netflix, few episodes first then weekly like Amazon or weekly like TV! Either way it is intended, I will consume! Sure it looks the least budget from the other two but I have a feeling it might be the most loved, relationship wise anyway! I know DICKINSON already has Hailos salivating (Hailee stans)!

But all this is speculation!

Ah~ What a time to be alive! I am just waiting for that teaser trailer for the second season of WARRIOR NUN for my heart to start hitting limits now!


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Hiraite ひらいて [Trailer]

01 (4)
06 (3) DC4
20211007-ha-101500-1408x939 I82MkDXGU9jwxglCMlEKM8EE5J35M0bmPCa96jppKSY7MB8vTx0x2fRXXXBDml5g

No, like, seriously!!! When was the last content we had from Japanese Cinema!?! And who is that?!! YAMADA ANNA!!


And she is…she is kissing a girl!!! Lie, what dimension did I wake up in!?! Is it finally time!? Has Japan finally come back with a vengeance!! Are we finally over that death stage no/compromised content!?!

What a a time to be alive!!!

And is this, like, my favourite kind of story they are going for? You know, the one where there is a choice between a boy and a girl?! Like, unless you are new here, you will know how I love those stories!

Blame Kannazuki no Miko! That anime is the one that infected me with the disease when Chikane totally won Himeko over Souma! I don’t know about anyone else but I prefer a fight instead of free platter service! There is a choice so when she chooses the girl you know it is a legit choice!

Ah, is this a dream?!

BTW, thank you to my old friend and one of my longest Readers for this recommendation. I was out of the country at the time and I would not have found out about this in time if at all, given that I was not even following the official channel that had the trailers up! You know who you are, you lovely person you…


Basically from what I got from the trailers, Ai (Yamada Anna) is in lust (the obsession was strong with this one) with a guy (who the movie is titled after BTW, red flag) but either the Dude is a player or he doesn’t care for Ai at all and is actually interested in another person – Miyuki (Imou Haruka).

Out of jealousy (and stupidity, but in our favour) Ai decides to steal Miyuki away from the Dude by making her love her instead! If you have seen these types of baby plans to make you love interest jealous by feigning being in a relationship with someone else, you know things never, NEVER, ever go according to plan!

Now, the train-wreck wasn’t in any of the trailers but you just know it is coming! In fact there are several ways this can go horribly wrong but the one that I am interested in most and which I see hints of from all I’ve seen is the one that services our side!

That is that fake love turns into real love, either from Ai’s side (which I doubt very much and if it does happen I shall give this movie all the awards) or from Miyuki’s side, when she falls for Ai instead for reals! They released a clip where Ai and Miyuki are at a karaoke bar and the way Miyuki was staring lovingly at Ai to the point of even losing attention and then after wards when it was Miyuki’s turn we also saw Ai’s own look!

Oh and speaking of that karaoke, if you listen closely one of the lines Ai sings are ‘BE MY GIRL’, like, talk about subtlety being thrown out of the window! Now, she either picked it intentionally, all a part of her plan to steal Miyuki’s heart or she did it unconsciously and then it affecting Miyuki making her fall for Ai even more!


And also there was another clip which I thought I saw but now I am wondering if I dreamed it, where Miyuki had a fit (I think she’s diabetic given her shots) and the way Ai was taking care of her…like, they were so lovers by then! I mean an image exists as you see above so I most definitely don’t think it was only in my dreams but for the life of me I can’t find the clip!

Then there is the fact that Ai was bragging to the Dude how she and Miyuki had sex, well, she said they did it but really, one can only mean one thing when they say ‘we did it’, am I right!

And that kiss! Sure it is still a ‘drama kiss’ but still better than a whole shit load of fake kisses out there in the Asian drama club! very surprising though that they not only put it all over the trailers but even in the very first teaser! That’s another red flag!

Which brings me to some…

giphy (35)

Like I mentioned, this movie’s title is the name of the Dude Ai is in love with! This Dude is in love with Miyuki and one of the outcomes of the failed plan is for Miyuki to end up with Dick because I don’t see Ai winning this given the dirty ricks she pulled!

But then again, we see her and Dude almost kissing and the whole shenanigans from her are so she could have the Guy to herself! Basically this movie revolves around Dick! A very large flag!

Finally the fact that Ai and Miyuki’s love is actually fake, given that Ai is only pretending to love Miyuki and when Miyuki finds out, I don’t think this is gonna be a pleasant moment! Will she still love Ai when she finds out? Will her love be stronger that the betrayal?

Then there is the other fact of Miyuki’s disease! Will that be used for ‘emotional’ value towards the climax?! I sure hope not! We have had a pretty good record so far of very low records of ‘BURY YOUR GAYS’ clichés!

Don’t ruin this Japan! You are treading on very thin ice as it is so please, please for the love of all that is Yuri, please do this right! I beg of you!

Enough with the pessimism though, YAMADA ANNA KISSING A GIRL!!! Sure she’s been in relevant roles a bit before (SAKI, MISUMISOU, etc) but this a legit relevant role!

I am going all in even with all the flags! I don’t care, whatever happens I have immunity already from my experience anyway! I will just flag Japan some more for future rating!


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Fear Street Part I ~ 1994 [Trailer]

FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.45.290
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.48.247 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.46.808
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.24.180 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.37.050
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.46.296
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.09.941 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.09.207
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.35.895 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.10.628
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.05.557


If this had my curiosity before, it definitely has my attention now!!!

So, we have a dedicated trailer for the first movie in this Netflix trilogy which will be coming to us this Friday and wow!

Since I always seem to give up some useless personal preferences with almost each post, I might as well do so here! Well, I think that I have said this before but I find watching content of already established relationships very, very boring and a waste of time! This goes for Fan Fiction too! Like, what is the point of reading about people already in a relationship!!

And with that out of the way, when I saw the Teaser for this Fear Street Anthology, I kind of thought that these two would already be in a relationship, given that this is a movie and thus it is better to have them already together as there would be no time to develop them, given that this is a Horror Story and not a drama! Priorities you know!

But that’s not the case here! The Blonde is in a relationship already and what’s better, it’s a Jock and she is a cheerleader! You know where this is going as I have already talked lengthy on how I love it when the Girl Wins the Girl over the Boy!

Ooh, I am having I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS vibes, only our Lead doesn’t have Super powers so we will have to see how she wins the girl! Then again, Dina did not know that Sydney had powers!

Though from the trailer it seems like our Lead might have saved the Girl’s life and we all know how a near-death experience can turn into a love at first sight, depending on who is doing the saving!

And the make-out scenes are promising to be something else as well! Like, I don’t know if I just haven’t been looking hard enough but the way their noses do that as they face-sex…Somehow I have never seen that before and it is strangely HOT, HOT HOTTTTT!!!

Anyway, can’t wait for this! Jump over for the trailer…


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Fear Street Trilogy [Trailer]

FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.15.468
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.05.990 FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.07.597
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_02.09.473 FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.40.374
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.35.384
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.42.423 FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_02.05.189
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.58.998 FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_02.10.529
FEAR STREET - A Film Trilogy Event - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_02.37.353


Dear Netflix, stop trying to get into my pants!!!

Nah Scratch that, actually, don’t stop! This right here is my life’s cocktail! I would watch the straightness out of a G-rate movie if it was a horror with gay leads!

Despite the periods, (More projects from the past huh…) and this being horror, I actually have a good feeling about this one! I have not read the books (But believe me when I tell you they are shipping as we speak, damn you Covid, I would be reading them now if it weren’t or you!)

I haven’t read them yet but my yuri-sense is tingling and I trust my yuri-sense!

I mean, not only do we have gay leads (in one, if not two) of them movies but we also have a possible threesome and a questionable rivalry and better yet, they are a ITRC couple, like, could this have been more perfect?! And the actors are not new kids on the block, if you are into Series you have seen them at least once!

We are just a week away from the first (and most relevant) of the movies which is coming on July 2nd and then the others will be a week after each!


Netflix is a blessing (most times) and I am glad this is not a series but a trilogy of movies! It probably would have been cancelled like out favourite lesbian shows! (Cries woefully for I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS!)

Anyway, jump over for the vid and more caps,


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