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H’ya Everyone. Been a while


Hi all, it’s been so long! Reason? Well, if you were following me on twitter, you know but the reason is that I was avoiding anything that would have taken my enjoyment of Wonder Woman away and also I had probs with my PC. Yes, I am talking about the new movie that just came out last weekend.

It’s been covert but most of you probably can tell I am a huge DCEU fan. After what happened with the first three movies, even though I enjoyed them all, I can’t deny that my first viewings were ruined by what was going on through my mind, as a result of me reading all the reviews, reactions and posts about said movies before  I got the chance to watch them myself.

It took me three viewings to finally start enjoying BvS on my own terms because all I saw were the flaws that people had pointed out and that took a lot out of it. Eventually of course I got over it but the sour taste still remains. I wanted to enjoy those movies the first time with the rest but alas.

And so for Wonder Woman, I decided to hide away from the interwebs as much as I could. It was hard but I managed it and I have never been so glad! Yesterday was my 5th and final viewing of Wonder Woman but as for what I thought about it, that is for another post.

For now I am just letting you know I am back and sharing some of the SWAG I got in these past few weeks while away. Other than this, a lot of other great things happened in this period. My birthday happened, a 7 year old ship finally delivered the good for all involved, making my forever happy I stuck with them all through these challenging seasons, yuri is everywhere, seriously, a lot of things happened while I was in hiding. Hopefully I get to write about all of them!

Anyway, jump over for pics of the interesting of SWAG I got. As for DIVA, I just replaced the parts that died but I am planning on a full upgrade soon. I also grabbed a new camera (see twitter) that I used to grab these pics. Yes, my S8 camera is not bad but come on! A phone camera is still a phone camera. Or maybe it was because I got hooked on cameras after re-watching the Pang brothers’ ‘Ab-normal Beauty’ (We need to talk about this BTW)? I don’t know.

The collection includes my very first Plain Archive purchase The Silenced Blu-ray, The special 2disc French Handmaiden Blu-ray, the Korean 3Disc Handmaiden DVD, and the Netherlands 2Disc Fingersmith DVD. The Germany version of Handmaiden is on the way and the English version of the Special Extended Blu-ray coming in Aug is already on pre-order.

You all know what this means, right? Why I have all medium of The Handmaiden? Well, you will soon find out!

For now, it is great to be back. So jump over for the pics of what comes in these lovely boxsets…
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Pre-orders are now open to those interested!

ONLY 100 COPIES are available to international customers (now 99) so get to it while you still can! Had to stay up way later than before just to grab my copy as soon as the orders went live. Not making the mistake of waiting again!

If you are reading this, thank you very much dear Plain Archive! Please keep up the unparalleled work!


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Fantasy v Reality


Dear Readers,

I cannot tell anymore what is fantasy and what is reality! In a world where your dreams come true very often kind of makes fantasy and reality blur that line between them! In a time where you get a Fingersmith movie adaptation by one Park Chan-wook, a time where you get gems like ‘Chikyuu de tatta Futari” and “A Girl at My Door“, like, these are all things that I only fantasized about only years ago.

And today, dear Friends, today I just found this wonderful post on Plain Archive’s Instagram! You all do not know this but every week in the top posts for the day, that is posts read most during the day, ‘More On The Silenced‘ has been in the top 10 even just the day before yesterday it was up there.

This means that people really are still interested in this movie despite having been out for a long while. I already own the DVD, if you remember my post about that but I was kind of not expecting a Bluray at all and only dreamed of the possibility!

No more dreaming for me! Plain Archive is on the ball and you know what this means – Subtitles!!! Yes, official subs for this hidden gem of a movie! I liked that post then went to their site to pre-order faster than I am supposed to be able to!

But when I got there, it was not in the pre-order list! was I TOO SOON™? I think I was too!

I am now content to wait for their version of Ahgassi and the American version in August if I am going to be getting The Silenced soon.

Just look at that fabulous swag though >.< I can’t wait to get my grabby paws on them. Bluray of The Silenced…




Almost Forgot About You!

The Silenced DVD

Back at the end of last year, after Christmas, I was out looking for the Release of The Silenced because I wanted my Bluray and sadly while I did not find a BD version on sale any where, I did find the DVD versions on YesAsia.

Yeah, I know but since it was a Special Edition and also had English Subs, I figured what would be the harm in getting myself a copy! And so I ordered one. I just did not expected it to take a frikking month to arrive!!! Like what year is this, the 19th Century?! And it wasn’t even a free shipping option I went for! Needless to say, I was reminded of why I stopped buying from that site!

But I had no choice seeing as no other place I knew of sold the DVD so I went and placed the order anyway. But really, who takes a month to ship a simple DVD!! I don’t think wherever YesAsia is located that it is that different from Japan or even Thailand.Only three days it takes to ship from those countries, a week without International Express!

Anyway, enough of that, the DVD has a couple of photos and a Booklet. I can’t wait to re-watch it with better subs after it is done encoding (I don’t like watching things on disc. Screen captures are a nightmare!).

Jump over for some quick scans I took of some of the photos and booklet. Most of them are familiar but oh well…

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More on The Silenced

thesilenced-1 thesilenced-3
The Silenced 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들

I just watched ‘The Silenced’ again because a good pal kidafohs was so kind as to share subtitles with me so thinking of my post, I figured a quick correction might be in order. Like I said before I know enough words in Korean to be counted on one hand so that post was all from what I saw but not what heard and understood. Now I have to warn you, those subs were horrendous! So much so that even without understanding Korean I knew when the translations were wrong. But sometimes these subs are the best when they say something you wish they would say even if they might be wrong.

Still, one has got to be very grateful because even if they not perfect, I still understood what was going on about 60% more than I did without them. Believe it or not the subtitles cranked up the yuri to the point that I was surprised at the gayness! Without subs unless one dealt in goggles they wouldn’t think this movie a legit yuri movie but that changes completely with the subs. You won’t need goggles with subtitles. This of course means that I have to get this when it comes out on DVD (One can’t tell about Blu-rays when it comes to Korea). I will probably look for the Taiwanese Version. They have the best subtitles.

Isn’t it a nice time we live in where you can buy a Korean movie from either Japan or Taiwan or Murica?

When I was watching the movie with subs, I found that I may have made mistakes that need to be straightened out. The first being that I mentioned that the movie took place in Japan. I was wrong for it did not take place in Japan. Though I am not 100% sure on this one, the movie takes place in Korea but in a time when Japan was in power. One thing I got right was that the school was a huge laboratory experiment for the Japanese Army. The girls were mentioning Tokyo a lot because there was a competition to take the two best girls to go and live in Tokyo and Yuka and Yeon-deok were the believed to be the two to be chosen.

Speaking of this, the talk that Joo-ran and Yeon-deok had on the grounds right before Joo-ran did that crazy jump to show off the strange way her body was changing, was about this. Joo-ran wanted to know why Yeon-deok was working so hard to go to Tokyo especially since Yeon-deok never talked about it as much as the other girls. Yeon-deok tells her why and Joo-ran mentions how everyone is expecting it to be her and Yuka that are chosen. Joo-ran says that she wants to be the one to go with Yeon-deok. Doesn’t Yeon-deok want her too? I don’t know if that last one was a mistake or not but I took it as it was. If there was a confession in this movie this was it. But it was a bad time, especially with Yeon-deok as everything about Joo-ran was reminding her of her dead Lover (not really but oh well).

That is another thing I missed without subs. The girls have two names, they have the Japanese names and the Korean names. Joo-ran’s Japanese name was ‘Shizuko’ which as a twist of fate was also the same name of Yeon-deok’s dead friend (that she was originally thinking of going with to Tokyo). This name similarity I guess was what started the crazy of Yeon-deok being reminded of the dead Shizuko as Joo-ran turned weirder. That confession came at this time when Yeon-deok was a bit lost as she was reminded of the past and Joo-ran was turning into something more than human.

With the subs I also understood some other things that didn’t even require words like how Yeon-deok was basically the Joo-ran in her relationship with Shizuko. She was the one acting weird (read making the moves on Shizuko). Speaking of acting weird, that scene under the covers when Joo-ran snuck into Yeon-deok’s bed totally went over my head the first time, what with Joo-ran exhaling into Yeon-deok’s face who had this dead-pan look on her face. It made no sense to me. But then with subs everything made sense. Joo-ran was showing off her improvements in her health by showing Yeon-deok how clean her breath was (by breathing in her face) and saying that it was thanks to Yeon-deok. She had no idea why but she knew it was because of her. Yeon-deok was only surprised by how bold (strange) Joo-ran was acting. Did you catch that smile she flashed as Joo-ran left her bed (why did you leave)? I think that was the best smile Yeon-deok gave the whole movie.

There are other great moments of truth when you watch with the subs but I will leave those to your to find yourselves as you watch. The subs just make everything better, especially the yuri! Hell, it even confirmed my preferred interpretation of the ending! Joo-ran and Yeon-deok both did not have a home to return to. It was why Yeon-deok was working so hard to be the one to go to Tokyo so she could finally have a better life. Meanwhile Joo-ran was sent to the school by her Step-Mother, her real mother having died from the same sickness she had so they were afraid it was infectious and thus they sent her away.

So knowing this and then hearing that line Joo-ran says at the end before she dies – ‘We can finally go home Yeon-deok’ and then showing us the two in that secret room where they listen to music together and look so happy, well, how can I call this a BAD END? Sure they died but they died together! And with both having had each other in their thoughts as they did, they are so going to end up together in the afterlife! Before Yeon-deok died, she was thanking Joo-ran for everything and was literally looking at her as she lay there on the surgical bed. I am pretty sure the after-image (frozen reflection in a dead person’s eye) is of Joo-ran. Joo-ran was holding Yeon-deok and speaking to her as she died too so both of them were thinking of each other. So I think of this as not a BAD END but actually a BEST END. They are basically together forever now and that can’t be beat with the movie ending with two girls confessing and kissing and living! You aren’t sure of their future, something might happen the next day, people change, especially their emotions so seeing those emotions frozen forever I consider ‘The Silenced’ ending BEST END.

I know I am crazy!

And so that’s that, just a quick update on the movie after I saw it with subs. I will of course watch it again with better subs when they are available, hopefully with the DVDs. Taiwan never lets down in that department when they do release and really, I am not worried about this one. It is kind of like the Whispering Corridors or Death Bell series and people love those. Actually I have high expectations of a Bu-ray of this too. Murica is sure to be over this too so 100% subs incoming.


The Silenced [K-Movie]

fullsizephoto606390 fullsizephoto607236
The Silenced 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들

So, after a long while, I visited a certain site I go to when I want to know what is new in Korean Cinema and guess what I found?

The Korean version of Zero! What’s funny about this is that the setting is Japan. Somewhere in a secluded place near the Army base but definitely Japan. Though, you will be better off winning the lottery than finding a Japanese actor in this movie. There are a lot of similarities too, from the unusual uniforms of years long gone, to the Ojou-sama like characters. Even the story has some similarities too, like how the supernatural might not be so supernatural.

Sadly, we are back to the first days of AGAMD meaning that there are no subs for this. Well, at least not any that I could find. There probably are subs on AsiaTorrents but like I said, I was banned from there (for having two accounts) so I don’t have access to it anymore. If anyone knows if they have subs, do let me know so I can go on the hunt. If they exist, someone somewhere else will have them.

So, no subs and my Korean being limited to titles, confession and swear words means that I understood only from visual input alone. I would probably get the same amount of understanding from this movie if I had watched it without sound. But really, my eyes are enough! If I was to choose between understanding Korean but not seeing and seeing but not understanding Korean and not hearing, well then, I would choose the latter. So this means that this is basically only a summary of sorts and story speculation because I understood nothing.

Park Bo-yeong as Yoo-ran
Park So-dam as Yeon-deok

Our two main girls are Joo-ran – plyed by actress Park Bo-yeong and Yeon-deok – portrayed by Park So-dam. Well I call them main but what I mean is that they are the main ship. Just so you know I do this for all the movies I talk about. So keep in mind that there will be main characters that will be discarded during my talks because they are irrelevant. To me ships are all that matter and thus they get top billing as far as I am concerned.

Park Bo-yeong I am familiar with, having seen her play an Onnie in ‘Don’t Click’. Park So-dam no so familiar. Her face is kind of recognizable but for the life of me I can’t remember where I have seen her before. Then again, her face is one that is very popular in God’s creations. She looks kind of like A-reum and Adachi Rika. I love girls with features like her so you can imagine how happy I was to see that she was our main’s chosen one.

Now then, let’s jump ahead and see what was so intriguing about this one that it couldn’t wait until the English subtitles came out…

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