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My Ten Commandments – Part 1

AKA My Top 10 Favourite Yuri Movies Of All Time!

I know a few have been waiting for this list since forever as I have gotten this question quite a lot, and I apologise but that is how hard it was for me to settle on this final verdict!

No, I have not seen Ahgassi/The Handmaiden yet but dear Lord my lovely Readers, I have seen things! Oh have I seen things! Let me tell you this now, Fingersmith is tame, way tame compared to The Handmaiden! If we are going by the yuri, if the book yuri is a 50/100 then the movie yuri is a solid 96/100!

I kid you not!

And so just I presumed would be the outcome, The Handmaiden is going to be my all time favourite movie and all this before I have even watched it! I have never waited for something so hard in my life.

This list is labelled Part 1 because I am planning on posting an in-depth post about this list, explaining each movie and why it is where it is on the list. The delay is of course that I am waiting for The Handmaiden to drop. So do look forward to a deeper post explaining the list.

For now, these are my Ten Commandments, as I like to call them!

But just to be clear, this is not my Top 10 Movies of All Time List! That list contains none yuri/subtext movies like A Tale of two Sisters, The Dark Knight, Martyrs etc…

Anyway, yeah, that is that…for now.


[Ahgassi] What If I Told You

CnD1icRUEAIkDGW.jpg large
Is it here yet? No? Dammit!!

What if I told you dear Readers that instead of this…


We could have actually had this…?


Yeah, I know I have mentioned this before in one of my earlier Ahgassi posts but the wait for this movie has got me all hungry and I went re-watching my whole list of movies. Last night Actresses was one of the few that I got to watch and that scene between Kim Min-hee and Kim Ok-bin struck me once again with how great it was. In fact I even think that something new came to me this time around. So let’s re-visit it once again…

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[Pics/Ahgassi]Anyone Know Where to Buy a Tardis?

008b 008d
007b 007c

Because I need it to travel through time and space right to the Cannes Screening (Because it was the first and has subs, hello!). And then I would travel right back to the beginning of the film over and over and over and I wouldn’t even care what effects I would make to the stupid Universe!

Homura taught me what the words ‘do whatever it takes’ mean!

But since I don’t have a Tardis, I am reduced to sitting here and feeling all levels of jellies almost as equal to our protag’s own…

Sook-hee’s jellies could feed the whole India, for centuries!

Seriously, if you are there great One, please snap your fingers so that when I wake up tomorrow and have  look at the Cineworld App I will find ‘The Handmaiden’ in the listings. Please…

While I wait for miracles, here are 500 or so pics (Sadly no time to nicely present so…sorry about that)…

A Huge ‘thank you’ to all those who created the fan art, gave us the screening pics of our girls Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri and spent time to edit some of the official pics.


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Out With The Old, In With The New!

Step aside Miki/Misa, The Queen Ship is Here!!

You have served me well this past year as my Wallpaper young one, but your time is up! The throne has found its Queens!

Speaking of…


If Anyone has a link to this Taiwanese Site, I am on my Knees!

But wait, we are not done…

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Blessed be…

lord S

Our Father who lifteth great weight,

And maketh great gains in Heaven,

Lord Snyder be thy name,

Thy Snyderverse come,

Thy directors cuts be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily dank teasers,

Our prancing Wonder Woman’s,

Our jacked Aquamen,

Our lit af Supermen,

And our Bruce Wayne swagger

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those with beardethed knecks and blogs,

And lead us not into rainbows, one liners, or post credits scenes

But deliver us from WB executives and green tomatoes.


Just in case it wasn’t clear…

Those who know will understand! This is a gospel from Verse Reddit, Chapter DC_Cinematic.

Happy Tuesday!


[Ahgassi] Oh The Torture! The Delicious Torture!

6a600c338744ebf8eded1e75dcf9d72a6159a7d8 8d5494eef01f3a296f93af849c25bc315c607c24

Of waiting for this movie has no equals! And it just occurred to me that the movie has only been out in cinemas not even a month! Hell, it’s pure hell, the days between me knowing about this movie to the day I get to hold that gift from God of a Bluray boxset of Ahgassi/The Handmaiden!

Why am I posting this? Well, it is not because of the lovely pics that are courtesy of a forum that Anon K referred to me but rather because of the below vid, which, at the 19min45s mark, the Lady got to the ‘TOOTH SCENE’. And the rest is history…

Seriously, everything I read about that scene just makes me melt and I haven’t even seen the movie! I already knew it would knock me side ways just from the trailers and clips but I thought it might have been my strange tastes! The way now all reviewers are talking about it…well…All seems true, the thought that that scene is actually more intense than the sex scenes! Hell, I already did a post where Kim Tae-ri herself says that scene was harder on her compared to the nudity and sex!

Dear Mr Park, if yo have that scene in all three POVs, and also an extended version on the Uncut Bluray and also a deleted bit of it, or maybe some behind the scenes of unused footage of it, I will worship you too every Tuesday!

So, while I try not to turn into bones as I await this movie, here are some more pics…

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So This Is Why Lily Fever Was Put On Hold!

우리들 - 네이버 영화_3.mp4 - 00009 우리들 - 네이버 영화_3.mp4 - 00011
우리들 - 네이버 영화.mp4 - 00018
우리들 - 네이버 영화_6.mp4 - 00028 우리들 - 네이버 영화.mp4 - 00003
우리들 - 네이버 영화_6.mp4 - 00018
The World Of Us 우리들

Yes, just on hold because I refuse to believe that Lily Fever is over and done with! It was just a gold of a series! Dear South Korea, what are you waiting for? You experimented, the experiment was a success so where is muh series!!!

Oh wait…

You had to put it on hold because our gurl was working on a movie at the time? Right, got it!

Seems like that movie is this little awesome thing that is opening today in Korean cinemas! Hence why I decided to write about it now actually! And I have to say that just from the few videos out on the movie, I am actually pretty intrigued! Forget the young love, the story really seems to be too deep for the intended audiences but then again, this is Korea so…

I was at first lured in by that poster but when I saw the trailers and the interview videos, I was really hooked on the story so I am definitely adding this to the ‘Must Have’ list.

And really, other than the yuri, our girl from Lily Fever is here as well. I did not find a video with subs so I have no idea what is what in regards to characters so I don’t know if she is an adult version of our (short-haired) protag or if she is just a completely different character. I hope it’s the former so we can have some High School romance too but since I did not see another character around her age, I am a bit worried. But then again they might just have decided to not show her so…

Anyway, jump over for the trailers and more caps…

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