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Jinroh Game ~Mad Land~ [J-Movie]

Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00407
Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00015 Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 41;04;53.032
Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 45;59;06.558 Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00193
Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00245 Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00323
Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land.mkv - 00077
Jinroh Game ~ Mad Land ~ 人狼ゲーム マッドランド

‘All around me are familiar faces…”

Wait, wrong song!

As I promised here is the other Jinroh Game movie I was talking about in the previous post. And just like the other one, this one is not just about the subtext, or even the fact that Super✩Girls’ Asakawa Nana, and our Live Action Nodoka (Saki) is in it!

No, there is something else that made this one stand out from the crowd and that was…sorry for the spoiler but you are reading this so I assume you wanna be spoiled…the unique thing about this movie is the fact that the main character dies! That has never happened in the previous movies!

But it is more than just her dying that makes this one that much special, no, it is the reason of her death! If you read the previous post you would already know the reason for her death! Like seriously, I have seen main characters die before but they usually do at the end when the story is over! Not here though! The last round of the game was played without Moe.

Ah yes, the characters. Our main is Moe played by Nana. The other girl is Ayano, played by Matsunaga Arisa and the red-flag girl Miki is played by Iida Yuma. I say red-flag because that sweater they wear is like a flag for being killed by one of our protags.

But why am I bringing up the red-flag girl in this one while I did not bring her up in the last one? Oh yeah, speaking of the last one’s red-flag girl, she was actually played by Sasou Yuki – the girl we know from that short drama with Harugon ‘ONIGIRI’.

Back to the point of why I am mentioning the red-flag girl here, I am because I felt for her this time. I have to confess that I was on the hating wagon for the first half of the movie but then her true self started to come out little by little and by the end I was actually feeling a great deal for her. The fact that despite Ayano hating her guts too, to the point of promising to kill her, which she did in the end, Ayano still did with some compassion. No seriously, seeing the caps out of context you would think something else was going on instead of what was really going on…that being that Ayano was knifing Miki in the bossom! Even the strangling part was heartfelt. Talk about…

‘Killing me softly with her hands…”

Damn it, I have to stop singing the wrong songs!

But where to start with Moe and Ayano! I guess I should start with the big cloud over the whole of their relationship. There is this scene on the rooftop as they plan what to do and Moe promising to protect Ayano for the millionth time, when something comes up that bothered me, is bothering me, and will continue to bother me forever! Ayano says something about them making sure that no one finds out about their true connection to which Moe concurs and I was left with this cloud of question marks in my mind!

Why does it remain still? Well, because we never get to learn what their true relationship is! Were they sisters? But why do they have different names? Were their parents divorced and they lived separately? If they reached the point of changing names then this happened a long time back so how do they know each other so well? And if they are sisters, we know Ayano is older than Moe so why is it that Moe is the one looking out for Ayano?! If they are sisters then why are they awkward in using each other’s first names!?!

I mean we don’t know the real relationship between the two so they might as well turn out to be sisters in the end and even then that doesn’t mean the end of the world. I mean Brulee and Sisterhood

But let’s take the other option, which is that they are actually mysterious Lovers. I mean I don’t know about you but I don’t think being sisters is such a thing that you’d try so hard to keep from people who are going to die anyway. I don’t know why Moe using Ayano’s first name and vice-versa is such big deal if they are sisters. I have also not seen a series, movie where the younger sister is so protective of their older. I mean the only thing that comes close is Alice and Zoe from the current series Channel Zero Season 3. But even then they are not so extreme.

Meanwhile Moe, in a game where everyone is fighting to survive, she is only fighting to save Ayano! This is not even at all like the other movie where Hinata decided halfway after connecting with Ranko to help her win the game. No, from the very beginning Moe here was playing, scheming, staying up planning ways to make sure Ayano was the last girl standing!

And unlike before, Moe here chose how to die! She had the worst death actually but she had to do it that way so that Ayano could have an alibi to help her in the final game to win! It had to look like it was Ayano that had killed her. The knife she gave to Ayano during that tender bedroom moment (shoulder-lean) was blunted and would be used as evidence that it was the weapon used to kill Moe.

In order for it to be that, Moe had to have a death close to being beaten in the head with a blunt weapon. Since obviously Ayano couldn’t do it Moe had to do it herself. She used a TV remote to bash her head in then fell out a window like a GIRL IN LOVE!

Meanwhile poor Miki who had come to kill Moe stood there in shock wondering what the hell was going on! She knew nothing, the poor girl. It would of course come to bite her in the end when she tries to say that she was the one that killed Moe but her weapon doesn’t have a scratch on it!

Like imagine doing what Moe did for your love! I can’t even…

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, a main character killed themselves off for someone else! I have never seen that one before and as such this movie gets high points for it!

Then there is that last moment between them, well, between Ayano and a dead Moe, where she goes to see Moe before she left. She sees her scarf in Moe’s dead hands and tries to take it (probably to get rid of evidence that might be used against her were the police to find the body)  but as she tries to pull it away from the stiff hands, it doesn’t barge! The pulls and pulls but dead Moe is not letting go! She was holding onto that piece of Ayano even in death!


Ayano finally cries for Moe, tears she had been holding back for all this time and then gets up and leaves.

Yes, I know these are all BAD ENDs but they are not actually that bad, am I right? As a wise person once said, we all die. the point is to leave something that will last forever!

Okay, that didn’t make the point I was trying to make but you get it. “Every good death is its own reward”. Sure Moe and Hinata dies but it is the reasons for their deaths that matter! And what death is more important than a death for someone you love to live?!


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Jinroh Game ~ Lovers ~ [J-Movie]

Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 47;38;27.528
Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 46;46;48.518 Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 46;33;13.017
Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 00348 Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 00355
Jinroh Game ~ Lovers.mkv - 00093
Jinroh Game ~ Lovers ~ 人狼ゲーム ラヴァーズ

Hmmm…Lovers…That is sure an interesting subtitle for the movie!

Yeah, chances are it has nothing at all to do with what I am thinking but hey, when has that ever stopped this brain of mine from having delusions!

So, here we have yet another entry in what is turning out to be a favourite movie series of mine. Sure they aren’t really out-of-the-closet kind of gay but the gems hidden in them are for everyone who is looking to find! And I don’t think I need to say if I fall into the looking bunch or not…I mean, my blog name…hello!

The first movie that got me into the series was of course Nanami and Seika’s entry. After that I kept keeping an eye out for them and my patience was not wasted it seems because not only did I find this but there is also another, whose post is to follow!

Jinroh Game is of course yet another Life game from Japan where only 1 gets to live and the reward is a million yen. Sometimes, and I have only seen it happen twice, more than one person can win but I don’t think they get the reward. They just get to live and play the next game!

This one in particular (Lovers), was actually more than just about subtext for me. For once I did not know what was going to happen. I kept coming up with scenarios that just kept being debunked! It even started with me being sceptical about Ranko and Hinata’s relationship.

Ah yes, Ranko is of course played by Furuhata Seika, whom we know of here as our Mahjong Club Captain from Saki JDrama/Movie. Meanwhile Hinata is played by Gravure Idol-become Actress Mizoguchi Megumi.

I had doubts about these two, especially when it came to Hinata. I thought she was lying and only using the situation as a tactic to prey on Ranko and use her to win the game. But that wasn’t the case. She was actually sick with cancer. She was so bad that she only had a few unknown days to live. She had given up all hope of being cured but when presented with this chance win a million yen, she couldn’t resist hanging onto that chance to live!

Given her impossible story you can’t blame me for thinking that she was lying. And so with that mindset, every moment these two had (and there were quite a few of those) I only saw them at face value because I was waiting that inevitable betrayal to happen on either side but I was wrong. I was so wrong!

I say on either side because Ranko also had her own story and hers was about her family going into bankruptcy. But for Ranko’s story I am still left unsure because of two things. One she threw away the watch her beloved father gave to her. Next, towards the end, she offered up her sister as participant in the next game (you can also offer up someone else for your freedom). So, if she really loved her family so much and she got into this game to help them, why then do these things? They are contradictory!

But leaving that on the side, These two’s emotions that they developed here were real. Even if by some reason one thinks that Hinata was lying she still sacrificed herself so that Ranko could win! She have up her life for Ranko! They were this close to being discovered and the only way to throw smell off of them was for Hinata to die at Ranko’s hands.

That scene was just so painful to watch. You could see just how hurting Ranko was when she told those lies in order to give up Hinata as the next victim. And Hinata, god, a human has never looked so magnificent. There she was, smiling and content despite death waiting for her seconds away. And even in the face of everyone she did not mind going to Ranko and comforting her. Caressing her cheek, imploring her to win this fuckin game and live!

And Ranko did just that! She killed everyone, even the other girl that survived along with her. She pushed her off that roof without giving a single fuck! Then she was off to collect her million bucks.

So yes, we have a BAD END here but it is expected of this series. Were they both to live they would have just had to play the next game and even then Hinata was already living on borrowed time. Their future was doomed from the beginning so I have no qualms with that.

But really, does it matter that much how much time they spend together? The short time they had as they played this game was enough. They met, they loved. That is all there is to it no matter how long you live! They had even made plans to go out on a date when the game was over but really, we knew that would never happen. Their characters (in the game) were that chances of them being the remaining two were zero.

No, I am just happy that they met. They loved and Hinata was strong enough to show that in front of everyone, unlike the next movie coming up. Hinata finally made purpose of her death instead of just dying of cancer just like that and Ranko found someone that was willing to give up their life for her. And I have it on good ground that this was both their first time falling in love so there is that too!

Tragic but magnificent non the less!

Watch it if you haven’t yet…

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Happy Holidays Wonderful Readers

img011 img013

I hope that you are having a wonderful time like I am right now. While others got more meaningful gifts, yours truly just got €400 worth of Japanese Goodness! I bought 18 products this Christmas which included;

  • My Girl/A Girl at my Door
  • Grey Crow/Haiiro no Karasu
  • Noushou Sakuretsu Girl
  • Jinroh Game
  • Shibuya Maruyama Story
  • Tokyo Girls’ Style 5th Anni Live
  • Four Mooks
  • More Movies
  • A couple of CD

Yeah, Japan will be the death of me! And yes, I have already watched Jinro Game, Shibuya Maruyama Story, Grey Crow and A Girl at my Door but I just had to get my own copies, you know in the case that the world goes to hell and I have to be stuck underground I need to take my yuri BDs and DVDs with me, as well that those fics I printed out because they were so good! Hey, you can never be to careful!

The reason why I did not buy that new movie with Aonami Jun and Nakayama (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Hey, that’s three girls in movies this past year from Ebichu!!!) is because I was lied to! The trailer was so misleading! I was so mad while watching that movie you don’t even have a clue! Forget cute girls, I deleted that movie so fast my PC almost crashed!

And also as usual, this purchase also has TGS in it! Of course there would be! You know, right now I can’t argue that TGS is my favourite Idol Group! Well, was seeing as they are no longer ‘Idols’. With AKB going down the drain I need to find another group and sadly it seems that I am returning back to the roots that is H!P. Isn’t it funny? H!P got me into the Idol world and it looks like they are taking me back. I am just so in love with Kobushi, Country Girls and MM15. Angerme was my favourite after Berryz but seeing as my favourite girl there has just announced her graduation (Why MeiMei, why?!!!) I guess Angerme is off the list! But if Haruna leaves, I am done with H!P as well.

Yes, I am still with the 48G but only where Mayuki are concerned! No Mayuki, no AKB full stop! And while Yukirin has been a Goddess for all these freakin years, I just have a feeling that she is about had enough of being raped by AKS so all I am waiting for is the over-due announcement. I wish she does it together with Mayuyu. AKS needs a middle finger for their faggotory!

Okay, right here and right now, I am announcing that I give up on AKS! I don’t care what they do anymore from now on! I am not ever mentioning anything of them ever again! I swear this to you all my my witnesses dear Readers!

Anyway, jump over for some more scans…

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Jinro Game [JMovie]

jg-05 jg-04
jg-12 jg-11
人狼ゲーム Jinrou Game

So, being a huge Seika and Nanami fan, I was really thrilled when I stumbled upon a movie that they starred in together out of nowhere! I simply hadn’t heard of this movie at all before so I was really excited when we met! Now in case you are looking for it, be careful. There are different Jinro Game movies so be careful. Then again, if you are looking into this one, it means you are a horror fan so even if you get it wrong, you might still enjoy what you found.

If you know not either of these girls, I am shaking my head at you. Nanami is kind of famous as an actress having been in quite a lot of projects already and in addition to her acting streak, she is also an Idol. That’s right, she is Idol first then actress afterwards. She is part of the 5 member group bump.y. From which another member co-starred alongside our very own Kitarie in Joker Game, a movie of the same genre that I have already posted about here.

As for Seika, if you don’t know Seika, I am shaking my head furiously in an attempt to figure you out! I have posted about her here quite a few times already, starting with that SKE movie starring Yuria and Shiori – ‘Gal Basara’ then in one of my most anticipated movies of the year – ‘Yume no Kayoyiji’. By the way, Yume no is already out on DVD but since I batch-ordered my copy with movies that aren’t out yet, I am getting it in May so…

Anywa back to Jinrou game…

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