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[RAND] Something is Coming…



If you are not part of the subculture, then what are you part of..?

Anyway, an excuse to post pics of the Trinity so jump ahead for said pics in HQ…


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Blessed be…

lord S

Our Father who lifteth great weight,

And maketh great gains in Heaven,

Lord Snyder be thy name,

Thy Snyderverse come,

Thy directors cuts be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily dank teasers,

Our prancing Wonder Woman’s,

Our jacked Aquamen,

Our lit af Supermen,

And our Bruce Wayne swagger

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those with beardethed knecks and blogs,

And lead us not into rainbows, one liners, or post credits scenes

But deliver us from WB executives and green tomatoes.


Just in case it wasn’t clear…

Those who know will understand! This is a gospel from Verse Reddit, Chapter DC_Cinematic.

Happy Tuesday!

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Amy & Gal Sitting in a Tree…

Here is a clip from the Conan BvS special which really turned into some kind of friendly sex talk over a camp get together. Which is really what it was! I really love this whole cast! Never before have I felt such a connection between a movie’s cast, especially a movie on such a scale!

And this is their first movie together! I really can’t wait for the future movies and how closer they get. The cast is already glue and I am kind of sad that Hunter won’t be back but if they are like this after a single movie, I really can’t wait for the others. Justice League begins shooting in 9 days from now and if anything, their chemistry should sell a few on the future of DC.

Anyway the point of this post is that this talk really turned into the Twilight zone where the cast were sharing what they have been up to in their…uh…time together! It was during this that Gal dropped the bomb!

After Holy lets us know that Gal and Amy had gotten close, Gal follows up as she tries to explain but even though she stops herself from complete detonation, the timer was set!

Sorry Gal, it’s too late! Damage control by calling it a slumber party ain’t gonna work, not especially with you two’s reactions! Actually forget the reactions, your behaviour just from the get go was  your backfire! Gal and Amy couldn’t keep their hands off each other and there is this moment where Gal gives Henry a hug and Amy is like…’Oi, that’s too long’! And no, it wasn’t for Henry! Made apparent with gal quickly going to sedate Amy but holding her hand!

Seriously, first it was henry and Ben and then the ladies! Halp, I can’t wait all the way until November next year to see them again on the big screen! I guess another cinema visit today is in order!

And here be some pics…

conan.2016.03.31.batman.v.superman.720p.hdtv.x264-crooks.mkv - 00017
conan.2016.03.31.batman.v.superman.720p.hdtv.x264-crooks.mkv - 00016 conan.2016.03.31.batman.v.superman.720p.hdtv.x264-crooks.mkv - 00014
conan.2016.03.31.batman.v.superman.720p.hdtv.x264-crooks.mkv - 00005 conan.2016.03.31.batman.v.superman.720p.hdtv.x264-crooks.mkv - 00004
batman-vs-superman_HjEfJr batman-vs-superman_0TTWg0 batman-vs-superman_GOsL2B
Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice batman-vs-superman_jU3cSk batman-vs-superman_yYUggs


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Today is the Day For Truth!

1458529701757 1458529506659
1458529538898 1458529739019
Diana x Lois
New York premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' at Radio City Music Hall - Arrivals Featuring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill Where: New York, United States When: 20 Mar 2016 Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com 1458520536511
1458523702021 1458522516177
Bruce x Clark

Finally! In less than two hours I am going to be witness to something that I am sure is about to change my world. After days of agony waiting for this thing, it is finally here. I have never felt so nervous in my life! Fasted the whole day, my stomach is rumbling but I am not going to eat nothing until about 4 in the morning when the movie is done. I am not leaving the theatre for toilet breaks or nothing! Not this time!

Yes, it is a double bill with Man of Steel going first then BvS. those are both over two hours long so I have to be ready! Oh man, I am so high on adrenaline right now I feel like I can run the 10km distance to the cinema! Yes, there are closer cinemas but there is only one IMAX in the whole country and I sure as hell ain’t gonna watch a movie like this in anything less!

Sorry about this post if anyone is perturbed but I just can’t contain myself…



[Pics] Happy St Patrick’s Day


In this pic post we have MAYUKI…but of course


Awesome but rare combo with the one and only…


The biggest Yukirin World News Ever!


The Children…


Yukirin just having a blast with the NGT girls…


And finally, the movie I didn’t even know I wanted but now feels like the thing I have been waiting for for the whole of my life! Come on, it’s Batman and Superman! I lost myself over Supes in 2013 and he isn’t even my favourite hero!

Speaking of movies, Fingersmith/Agasshi/The Handmaid is upon us. Photos have started to drop. Here is a taste before you jump over…


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So, this is that’American Dream’ thing?


20sec, Just a mere 20s! Exactly 5s of new footage as promised (of the Batman suit) and my heart is ready to explode!! You thought I loved Superman (and Man of Steel)! Well Batman is my favourite hero followed up by Wonder Woman. Superman is the 3rd! I thought waiting for Man of Steel was torture? I knew nothing! This movie doesn’t come out until April (or was it March) next year and so far it is the most talked and hyped about comic book movie after Man of Steel (yes, people are still fighting about that movie after two years! That’s how great it is!)

But finally, finally after months of hyping with no end in sight, we finally get to see something! That something was posted by the lovely and best visual director hands down on his twitter account. It was just 20s of logos and Batman and Superman’s suits also announcing that a full teaser will be showing in iMAX theatres next Monday! Tickets were free (were as in already out!) If you want one, and that is you live in the US or want to book a flight to the US just to see a trailer in a cinema, you will have to cough up cash in the 1000s now from auction sites!

I know! It’s madness!

America! They get everything! Those lucky…Looking on the bright side, the trailer will be shown before Avengers: Age of Ultron and we here in Ireland are getting to see it earlier than in America. It opens here next week while America has to wait until May 1st! HA! Take that America! Sweet Justice (no pun intended of course)!

But that teaser though, that Batman suit! I had to re-watch that short vid until I was sure that that suit wasn’t alive and scowling down at me like the puny human that I am, not worthy of laying my eyes on it! Dear readers, I am freaking out over a costume, with no one inside it! Come Monday, or Friday if the trailer doesn’t hit the interwebs before Age of Ultron, if I see Ben Affleck in that suit staring down Supes I…

Is my medical card up to date?…It is. Good!

I am ready!