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=LOVE – Iranai Twintail [MV]

=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;53;21.500
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;53;52.896 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;48;49.450 - 00001
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;19;27.860 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;04;13.737
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;35;38.343
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;24;28.646 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 00;28;38.455
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;18;40.940 =LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;24;09.710
=LOVE (Equal Love) - Iranai Twintail.mp4 - 01;49;53.222
=LOVE – いらない ツインテール

Hitomaika with rings. Yuri. Gothic and Punk! Twintail Lolis! Sexiness! Kickass Track!

What’s not to like about ‘Iranai Twintail’ – The coupling track on their 5th Single – Sagase Diamond Lily?!

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Hitomaika Deja-vu


So, on =LOVE’s official twitter account, they announced that Hitomaika and Iori were appearing on a radio show and the image they used, while I saw what I wanted to see for a while (duh), when I managed to look past that I couldn’t help but notice.

The image basically reps these three’s relationship in their Single – Teokure CAUTION! Maika is in the middle and the other two are facing her, showing both of their love for her in the MV. And Maika is facing Hitomi, just as in the MV where she chose her in the end over Iori. Maika and Hitomi are facing each other and thus are the couple, as per MV, actually, the only couple in that MV, well, yuri couple! The only other couple was the Miria/Teacher thing but since the girls find out about it towards the end, I am pretty sure that won’t end well!

Anyway, more Hitomaika content is always appreciated and actually, there are a few showroom shows I need to watch that might give me more of Hitomaika so, with that being said…


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Hitomaika VII – A Goddess!


Dear Readers, not long ago I had a wish!

That wish was that someone would just point me in the right direction or share the special photo sets of =LOVE’s 3rd Gay Single Teokure CAUTION!

Since there was post on the matter since then (August), you can conclude that there was zero success…until now!

Well, Maika-sama just granted my Wish!

Maika is indeed the second coming! She brought miracles! She all but dumped all images I was looking for the most, her and Maika and her and Iori! Jump over for the proof of the tweets (I touched up the images a little obvi) and the images themselves.

Like, what did I do to deserve this girl! I don’t think I do!

A happy new month to a lovely new year you all!

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Hitomaika VI – 12

『Documentary of =LOVE』 - episode9 -【12】.mp4 - 00426『Documentary of =LOVE』 - episode9 -【12】.mp4 - 00363『Documentary of =LOVE』 - episode9 -【12】.mp4 - 00967
『Documentary of =LOVE』 - episode9 -【12】.mp4 - 00633 『Documentary of =LOVE』 - episode9 -【12】.mp4 - 00885
イコたいむ(第12回)メンバー全員 20181225  (=LOVE,イコラブ).mp4 - 01100

So, those mad geniuses really went and done it! They really waited for Maika to return before they did another documentary! This is something that they used to do monthly but since episode 8 ‘IDOL’, we haven’t had a documentary since then, despite there being a load of events that took place!

They decided to wait it out in what has to be the most commendable patience yet, for Maika to return before they did another! Yeah, sure I would have hoped for Maika to have made her comeback during the one year anniversary, which would have been even more epic, but she wasn’t ready then!

But really, I do not care about that at all! All I care about is her return and the other juicy little details! Details like the fact that episode 8 was a Hitomi focus episode and episode 9 now, is basically a Maika focus episode, well, her absence and her return.

It is only 19 minutes long but it took me two hours to finish watching it! Pause, capture, play, capture, repeat! And here I am wishing it would have been an hour episode like episode 6! Ha, it probably would have taken me a whole day to finish watching that!

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Hitomaika V – Welcome Back Maika

Dt8prXMUUAAfbUw Dt8vwiKU0AAy2cU
Dt9g1hAU0AAfD-_ Dt81ApJVsAATL8f
giphy (2)

I don’t have any experience and I don’t mean to belittle the actual events but to me this is like almost what I imagine married couples feel like when they see their loved ones returning from serving!

Like Hitomi’s reaction here in these pics I have seen hit me really hard and by surprise! From what I see she reacted the most out of all the girls! She was near tears from what I see, nay I think she did cry. I really need to see event in video format! Come on Management, you have been really good lately as if you listened to my wish to release =LOVE’s live performances! Ever since my wish we have had like, three, if not four LIVEs already! Granted those were joint LIVEs like Strawberry Project and TIF!

But anyway, let’s get back to Waifu Hitomi and affected she was by Husbando Maika’s return in a blaze of glory, transformed with a different, and very unexpected hair-do but looking as lovely as I remember her!

Speaking of return, this has been the best two months for me! Not only did my Team 8 Oshi Yokomichi Yuri return after taking a long hiatus due to concentrating on her studies, now my =LOVE Oshi Maika has also returned after a period of more than a year!

God, it’s been that long I have felt her absence every single day! Excuse me while I join Waifu Hitomi in crying tears of happiness! I have yet to watch Yuri’s return stage but it’s in the queue. For now I am watching her in the 13th AKB48 Anniversary Stage!

And there I go again going off the rails…

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Dear Sleep, You’re Fuckin Cancelled!

Dt8prXMUUAAfbUw Dt8wCYtVsAErxag
giphy (8)

I wasn’t ready Life!

I frikkin wasn’t ready for the return of MAIKA-SAMA! 5 Am, sleep? How the hell can one sleep right now?! OMG I literally can’t!

Look at her, Just frikkin look at her! So majestic! I wasn’t fuckin ready for this?! What do I do? This is already the best fuckin day of the whole damn year! Like WTH! I am literally hit with so much sugar rush I am spending two days awake after this! There is no frikkin way I am sleeping!

Look at WAIFU! She couldn’t hold her tears too!! For the love of God, please release this event on TV, I beg of you Lord!


I knew she would return but I wasn’t expecting this?! Oh God! I need to get back to the twitters and raid all the pics! A huge shout out to all the great people on twitter that gave us this goodness! Forever grateful to you all!


I need a drink…See ya lads…

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Aw…She Misses Her Too!


Guess who just posted this a few hours ago on twitter?

Sadly, it’s not Maika…Still missing in action! My heart cries! But the image is that more powerful because it was Hitomi that posted it. Sure the accompanying text was more descriptive than anything (“Wink-Peace”) but to me it says a lot more!

First of all this is a very old image! I can guess from the uniforms, it’s from the 3rd single release showroom special 4 months back! Why an image so old! Surely she has some latest ones?

Ah!the emotions!

I swear, if she comes out on her showroom telling us she is the one now that had a dream about Maika….Just have a defibrillator ready, will ya?

I am with you Hitomi-chan, I miss her too! My weekly image is of you two as well! Was about to change it for the new week but scrap that idea! There is no way I can get rid of it now!

Please come back Maika!!