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Meru and Sakura meet Black Kashiwagi

141221 AKB48G – Natsu Matsuri Vol.11.ts - 00001
141221 AKB48G – Natsu Matsuri Vol.11.ts - 00020
141221 AKB48G – Natsu Matsuri Vol.11.ts - 00036

So, the Natsu Matsuri videos are still dropping and more to come (Still waiting for that Sashiko x Yukirin one yo). Guess who is unfortunate enough to run into Yukirin in the latest video? Sakumeeru, that’s who! Oh and MikuMiku but she was spared by the darkness (you know, still too pure)!

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Question/Answer Taimu! My Top Couples?

mayuki2 mayuki3

wmas1 akb48m.blogspot.com wmas3
SKE48 – WMatsui

sayac3 sayac1
sayac2 sayac4
NMB48 – Sayacchu

sakum2 sakum3
sakum1 sakum4
HKT48 – Sakumeeru

ikomi1 ikomi2 ikomi3
Nogizaka46! – Ikomiona

mima2 mima3
X21 – Mai-MIHO

So, Lolly asked me what my No.1 ships were in the 48 Family and X21 so instead of a quick comment, I am using this post for some pics sharing and a wider word spread!

None of these should be a surprise really to all who have been Readers of Yuri goggles for a while now. MAYUKI dominate the Main Dorm in Akihabara, WMatsui, despite the fact that they are a professional ship still are my favourite even as I have yet to see blog pics of the two being lovey dovey. Seriously I know they might be busy or something but still…Not even one!?! Talk about bad Fan-service! Thank the Lord for the PVs!

HKT is mainly about my personal tastes than anything else because I have yet to find an actual honest to God couple. They all haven’t found a firm ground yet being all flighty, maybe Madoka/Natssun. I had found a grounded ship in Chori/Aanyan but alas, they went and dismantled them with the transfers! And speaking of transfers…





Damn you management, damn you! All the fucks I’ve given about NMB since the shuffles have only to do with Yukirin and we all know how little of her appearance in there is. NMB has gone from being my favourite group and Team N almost thrashing Team B for favourite Team  and me watching every single N stage to me not even caring anymore! They even split up my Shuuka, like…

I guess I under-estimated how much Maachun really meant to me. Seriously I thought I loved that girl but not to this extent! I didn’t think her leaving NMB would make me lose so much interest in it to the point of not even watching any of their stages! Since new team N’s debut, I haven’t seen a single NMB stage! I don’t know how she affected me so. Before, I watched almost all Teams’ stages even the KKS (Thanks to Riichan 24hr TV getting me interested in them BTW) but now…Paruru gives more fucks about anything than I do NMB!

Anyway…moving on! It was a hard decision to decide between Yumi/Reika and Ikomiona but my love for Ikoma-kun and Hocchan totally cheated the test to have a perfect score! There is just something about those two and Hocchan’s hobbies give that un-expected spice to the relationship whereas Reika and Yuki are your typical perfect couple and we have enough of those going around so…

As for X21, MaiMai and Miho are still my favourites. I never get tired of the way they watch each other during interviews when the other speaks and how they somehow always end up next to one another. Now granted if you were asking me who was my favourite from their TV show, then of course Rina and Ichigo totally take the cake but that is only within the show’s universe. Outside in the real world, I actually ship Ichigo with someone else so…

Any way, I hope this answered your question perfectly Lolly! Be seeing you around (I hope)

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PV – Sakura minna de tabeta [HKT48]

[PV] (2014.03.12) HKT48 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta (full ver.) (1440x1080i H.264 AAC SSTV HD).ts - 00051
Is that some Sakumeeru?
[PV] (2014.03.12) HKT48 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta (full ver.) (1440x1080i H.264 AAC SSTV HD).ts - 00017

Is that some mature romance I spy
[PV] (2014.03.12) HKT48 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta (full ver.) (1440x1080i H.264 AAC SSTV HD).ts - 00003
140118 (AKB48G) AKB48 3rd Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen.ts - 00004 [PV] (2014.03.12) HKT48 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta (full ver.) (1440x1080i H.264 AAC SSTV HD).ts - 00007

Prince Danso?!

Best. Single. Evar!


Seriously, how could they miss an opportunity like this? How could they be filming this and not decide to go back to the drawing board and change Sakura, Haruppi and Mio into boy Princes and all the other girls into Princesses?! You’re losing your magic touch AKS, or whoever is in charge of HKT! Just a couple of years back they would have gone for the kill with an opportunity like this but alas.

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[HKT48] Not sure if happy…


New Team H Team KIV
  1. Akiyoshi Yuka
  2. Anai Chihiro C
  3. Inoue Yuriya
  4. Umemoto Izumi
  5. Okamoto Naoko
  6. Kojina Yui
  7. Kodama Haruka
  8. Komada Hiroka
  9. Sakaguchi Riko
  10. Sashihara Rino
  11. Tashima Meru
  12. Tanaka Natsumi
  13. Nakanishi Chiyori
  14. Matsuoka Natsumi
  15. Yamada Marina
  16. Wakatabe Haruka
  1. Imada Mina
  2. Ueki Nao
  3. Okada Kanna
  4. Ota Aika C
  5. Kumazawa Serina
  6. Goto Izumi
  7. Shimono Yuki
  8. Tanaka Yuka
  9. Tani Marika
  10. Tomiyoshi Asuka
  11. Tomonaga Mio
  12. Fuchigami Mai
  13. Miyawaki Sakura
  14. Murashige Anna
  15. Motomura Aoi
  16. Moriyasu Madoka

クレイジーガム放送局 HKT48 ガムマジック部 博多フーセンガールズ篇 - YouTube.mp4 - 00027

Yeah, let’s not be kidding ourselves here. The Ace of the leading team is the Ace of the whole group. Tashima has centred all HKT singles so kidding ourselves again that there is competition from Haruppi should be erased as well!

Meru is officially HKT48 Centre! All the complaints about a KKS being Centre have just been rendered completely useless. Not only is she an official member but she has been shuffled into Team H.

On the other hand, Sakura-tan has just been dealt an even deeper blow! She has been moved to the newly formed KIV.  This is where I am lost as how to feel. On one hand, I am happy that all that heat in H where Haruppi, Sashiko and Sakura-tan were all cramped, has been reduced by taking out the hottest HKT spot Sakura-tan. Which with seeing KIV, she is like the Centre of that team.  A fact that even a blind person can see.

But then the other side. Let’s be honest Management is not gonna let her sore over the whole Team. They are gonna make double centres out of her and Mio-chan, you never know.

Another negative is that even though she was to be recognised by management as the Ace of KIV, this decision still feels like her being Centre of the coupling songs in HKT’s singles. In other words, it feels like being served leftovers.

This is mostly personal but I was kind of hoping that Meru would be joining Sakura-tan in H so I can have my official Sakumeeru moments but alas! No more seeing these two in LODs.

This also seems like a challenge to Sakura-tan. Out of the Big4 (Sashiko, Sakura-tan, Haruppi, Meru), three of them are in one team while the other is by herself. The immediate support she has is Aichan as the team’s captain and Mio-chan. If Team KIV manages to rise, better than every other team that comes after the main team, it will be a testament to how powerful Hakata fans feel for Sakura-tan.

Well, she might not have to try hard because I am now officially off HLODs and awaiting the very first KIV1 LODs.


HKT48’s…Sakura-tan (and Meru)’s Pajama Drive

HKT48 131102 HIMAWARIGUMI LOD 1700.wmv - 00077 HKT48 131102 HIMAWARIGUMI LOD 1700.wmv - 00079
Look at Sakura-tan totally slaying Pajama Drive!

Oh. My. God!

It’s not just Sakura but it seems to me like everyone one of them girls just up-skilled a great deal from their HHL days, which actually isn’t that long ago! I have to confess that I was not expecting much after seeing their ‘green’ performance of their first stages. Girl, was I proved wrong!

First of all that line-up for Himawari-gumi was fine awesome! I love almost all the girls but the little fact that Sakura-tan, Meru, Mio, Akiyoshi, Natsu etc are in this was just so mind-blowing! The other team, if it is to be formed, is just so un-fairly compiled together!


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TMSG – SakuMeeru & Sakura-tan~


First of all, I have to say that was cute, how Sakura-tan whispered sweet nothing to a terrified Meru then holding her hand son afterwards~ I wonder what she said to her there! I couldn’t hear a thing! Did anyone manage to catch it?

Too bad they were not on the same team going into the haunted hospital! I wanted to see what Sakura-tan would have done for a scared Meru. Oh well, I guess seeing her own reactions was good too.

130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00057
130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00059 130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00064
130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00066
130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00069 130917 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep12 (final).mp4 - 00071


Totally stealing the scenes, this girl was! Too bad this show is over really. I’m gonna miss it. This means that the only HKT show left in that monthly HKT Variety. But if I know those Sashiharers, it won’t be long till they announce a new show!

BTW, who is taller between Sakura-tan and Meru? Sometimes it looks like Sakura but then some times it seems Meru is taller? O.o Either way they are both pretty tall. I lean look at that Sakura/Nattsun/Haruppi cap up there! Sakura is like, taller than them both!!


[SakuMeeru] U Jelly Mio?

130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00016
130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00082 130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00001
130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00069
130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00035 130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00077
130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00042
130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00054



Thank you so very much for the rec mm! I mean okay, I would have watched this eventually anyway but not with the same enthusiasm you forced from me! These four were real fun to watch! Well, Nee-san was mostly behind the lens which I am forever thankful for. Best! Cameraman! Evar! She knew what I we wanted to see and didn’t bore us to death with scenery but kept her eye on what matters!

To those who have seen it, you are with me if I say that Meru-chan is at that time when hormones are in over-drive, right? She was all over Sakura-tan as if the girl was waving pheromones all over the place and Meru was the bull in heat.



Seriously though, it was like poor Mio wasn’t even present. It was Nee-san who kept reminding the two love birds that they had a child along with them on their honeymoon!

…What?! They did make such a lovely family, didn’t they? I mean just look at this family outing right here…

130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00046

Papa-tan holding onto Mamaru who is comforting her acrophobic baby!

130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00084

The Parents making a difficult decision for their oblivious daughter!

130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00092 130908 HKT48 Special (SSTV ) 720p.mkv - 00103

And Mio is such a Daddy’s girl!


Such cuteness, such loveliness!!! It was so moe I burst a blood vessel! Embarrassed smile

Any way, for gif goodness…


and all screenies, you know what to do…

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