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Vid – Runaway With My Heart [Runaways]


Better late than never!

So here is that Runaways video no one was waiting for (if you were, why weren’t you asking for it?!).

It’s a good thing that I was working on this one along side another. That other video was supposed to be uploaded some days ago but I could not render it. Days and days spent on that video and I have to scrap it!!!!

If anyone wants to know, it was a multi…um…ship with three movie sources. These movies are A GIRL AT MY DOOR, FRAGILE and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS! If anyone has watched them, you will probably understand when I say that maybe the render failing was a blessing? I am pretty sure it would have ruffled a bunch of feathers! But I did not care, the movies exist so I am not going to ignore them just because of ALT-RIGHTs!

Anyway I am lucky in that I was making this alongside it and only paused because I was waiting for the second season as the first one alone did not have enough material! And so I was able to finish it up sooner.

I hope you like.



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Vid – Brave [Frozen]


Well well, you know what they say about the Flash…I mean, what they say about being late – It’s leagues better than never!

And I gotta say I was right in waiting! Because I got more material to work with in regards to ELSANNA than if I had jumped the gun from the get go! And why now? Why not wait for the sequel next year?

I think I speak for everyone when I say I have my doubts about Frozen 2! Disney has a very bad track record when it comes to fucking up ships in sequels! Which has me greatly worried for not only FROZEN 2 but also MALEFICENT 2! I sure pray to the good Lord that they don’t do it now! Hopefully that fiasco with Alice Through the Looking Glass got them to rethink their forced het!

Anyway, I kind of missed the ball on this too. I should have posted it on Christmas! But as it is, I made slight modifications to make it less…Christmasey… Hope you like…

Long live WINCEST!



Vid – Heaven [Chasing Life]


So, I was planning on making a multi-ship video and Chasing Life’s Brenna and Greer was one of them ships but as I was looking for clips in the studio already, I found that these two’s were over an hour long!

That was more than enough for their own video and so this is the result!

Yes, I am aware this show was out like, 8 years ago or something but hey, as my mother always says, better to be late than never! I really loved Brenna and Greer and don’t ask me what the heck happened with Season 2 because I did not even get to quarter way through it!

A season without Greer? No thanks ABC, you can keep it! Anyway, hope you enjoy and wish you a lovely night and day depending on where you are (It’s 1 am here so…)


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Vid – Save You [Kiss Me First]


God, I am such a sucker for stories where our girls dedicate and endanger their lives to save their lovelies! I just can’t not love such series, no matter what else is going on it it!

Netflix’s Kiss Me First is another such series (and just like its comrades, I doubt we will be seeing anything more from them, but then again, their story was kind of done….) as our girl Leila (Tallulah Haddon) is basically out here to save our other girl Tess (Simona Brown) and that is basically the whole series!

Yeah sure there are others that needed saving but most of them did not make it and the one that did, let,s just say she is lucky Leila did not kill her too!

Sadly it is only six episodes but I commend the show-runners in managing to write a coherent and somewhat complete story. Sure the other major part of the show (The game itself) was not that much touched upon but rally, who gives a tick about that! It’s what is going on inside the game, and our girls, that matters.

Gotta say though I wasn’t expecting the high rating in this. Tried my best to keep the video PG12 but in doing so sacrificed some yuri bits. Oh well, sometimes the yuri has to be sacrificed to tell the story (the music video story)

Anyway, enjoy…


Vid – Madness [Sharp Objects]


Dear Everyone,

Here is a vid of Ammille from  Sharp Objects! The fact that it exists can only mean one thing –  I am very happy with the ending! So happy in fact that I forgive the series the shenanigans it was pulling in the last few episodes, even messing up my kiss! Still bitter but I can forgive!

And so I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself from making a video of it. Fear not though, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be making a post. Oh I will! I still need to vent!

But for now, enjoy….

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Vid – Come Alive [Spider Lilies]

Spider Lilies is of course my 2nd Favourite Lesbian movie of all time as listed in my Ten Commandments post.

This movie is close to perfection. I should have made a video of it long before but I have been waiting for a Bluray or even HD rip to do it. Unfortunately there was no such luck and so I have chosen to wait no longer and use my DVD source instead. So forgive the less than usual quality.

As for the movie, the reasons it resonates with me so much is first and foremost, the depth of Jade’s love for Takeko! A love that lasted for ten years in the absence of her first and only love in Takeko! Seriously, the only other love that I can think of that rivals Jade is Homura’s love for Madoka that survived lifetimes and tragedies unknown to no man that would drive anyone insane!

Another reason is also what Takeko went through but in the end she overcame all that pain and fear and chose to love again, to love Jade.

And finally speaking of pain, I am forever grateful that despite everything we did not have a BAD END! I am still in shock, 10 years later, that we did not get a BAD END given what the story was and looking at the other films at the time.

Really, Spider Lilies is one of those rare gems that I am glad I got the chance to see and own.

The only reason it is on second place is because the ending was too safe. If anyone isn’t paying attention they would not understand it and in fact in the beginning I detested the ending because I did not get it then but now I do.

Anyway, enjoy the vid, supported by yet another song from Leona Lewis…