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[Random] Oh God, They’ve Found Me!


Ooh, I am shaking!

So, I was prepared to write a long essay going off on recent developments, which I will get into in a sec, but then after some time to get myself together I came to the conclusion – I don’t give a tick!

And so, I have decided to write only half the essay (Hahaha).

This is not a normal post so if you don’t want to get involved in moral-killing shenanigans, don’t read. If you are thinking of reading, just know that there is going to be some very colourful language. You’ve been warned!

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“Is This a Butterfly?”

2.06 million!!! 1.29 million!! 1.04 million views!?!!


Alright guys, this is not funny! Who hacked My YouTube Channel! Come on, confess! I just wanna talk! I promise!

This is all a dream, isn’t it!?! I mean where the hell are all these views coming from?! Just…just look up there! I don’t even have 10000 subscribers yet I have those many views?!

Na-uh, I ain’t having this Granny’s Peach Tea!

Seriously though, thank you all who have contributed to the clicks! Thank you to those that have spread the word! Sure I don’t have the subs (not that I demand any, I only do what I like and if others happen to like it all the better! You won’t see me asking people to subscribe or like a video because I think it should be up to them! If they like it they will leave a like, if they like you they will subscribe)

Anyway thank you so very much!


I guess I have to reward the views but getting back to making videos, not that I have been slacking off!

Anyway, good day to you all, I know I am having a great one!



New Camera, Better Previews

The Camera
DSC_0087 DSC_0091
DSC_0094 DSC_0093
Quicky Sample Pics

The urge to get this was so string that I could not think of waiting for an online order to arrive so I walked into the local shop to get it. This of course means it cost me a small fortune, almost twice that which I could have gotten it on ebay for but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

I am not a photography person or anything like that but I do not regret getting this! The camera is too advanced and intimidating but I am getting a hand of it. reading all i can about DSLR cameras and photography to get the most out of it later on but for now, I walked out into my backyard and snapped some nature pics.

Needless to say, even not being into photography, my mind was blown at the results. Just thinking of what I could do when I learn what all these things mean (ISO, AF, exposure, etc, etc) has me all giddy!

All this just so I could take better pics of my SWAG! Eh, what can I say, Yuri Nation problems ^^

Ah, in case anyone is wondering, that camera photo was taken with my S8. Looks good but zoom in and you will see the difference between a real camera and a fake phone camera! Who knows, maybe soon it won’t be scanning but photo-taking of the mags and all that.


Time to Level Up!


Did you just notice something different as soon as you got here? Sure it ain’t much but that wasn’t the point. Just like Yukirin had to up her game for ‘Lost in the Supermarket’, I figured it was about time I too stepped my game up!

Using two different blogs just to post one thing was getting really tiresome! You see, and I am sure some of you did notice, for a while now I have been writing posts and putting them up somewhere as drafts, then copying that draft and posting it here. If you click on images I am sure you noticed! Why this though? Why all this hard work? Well, it is because I had ran out of space and WordPress upgrades ain’t cheap!

I have seen many posts about how running your self hosted blog is much cheaper but those are all lies! If you want a true experience then self-hosting is actually going to cost you much more than all that cash (north of 400), it will give you migraines as well because running those things yourself, especially the setup, is no fun task!

But I tried it anyway! the new domain ‘yurigoggles’, previously ‘yuri-goggles’, though they still both belong to me and bring you here, was from that experiment on BlueHost. Needless to say it failed miserably. So I came back but I have used up all my space and thus could not post directly to this blog which is a pain.

And so I leaned on other blogs of mine for space, first it was the black-gekikara-miso one that was supposed to be my R-Rated blog. I used all the 3GB of space up. Next up was Blogspot. There is still plenty of space on it but I had to re-sort the layout and change CSS that resized images automatically before bringing the post here.

It was such a pain!

And so I decided to bite the bullet and go for a WordPress Upgrade.I had two options; Premium or Business. 100 bucks vs 300 per year! All I wanted was more space but WordPress got rid of space upgrades so you had to sign up for a plan. Premium was more reasonable at 100 per year but there was of course a catch. Maximum space was 17GB. Having already used it all up, over 17 (currently at around 17.9), the premium option was no good for me! Only choice left was the Business Plan. At 300 a year that is some decision making challenge right there. Having weighed the pros and cons, I realised that 300 for unlimited space, access to all themes including premium ones that you would pay for otherwise, and all that other stuff that I would never need, seemed like a sweet deal to me.

And so today I decided to cough up 300 bucks for my blog! No more relying on other sites for storage. Ability to change layout any-time I want to anything I want. Option to post videos directly on here, which will come in handy when Youtube gives me the finger, especially with AKB videos! Also I visited my site once as a visitor and saw those ugly ads. Sure they make me money and actually with the Business plan, they would have made me more but I decided to get rid of them! only on this plan can you do that so I did it. Am I stupid? Better stupid than being a beast!

So from now on we are back to normal, even better. No more referrals, no more ads, better experience for everyone, I think. I liked the theme I had before (Yoko), which is free so I kept it. Had a look at some other premium ones but wasn’t so hot on them! Isn’t it weird that when you have the option you don’t see the value in it any more?

Anyway, let’s enjoy the future here together and thank you always for visiting and commenting (to those who do).



2014 in review


So, it’s the end of the year and  I am sure at least one of my nice readers wants to know what was up with what! Like Kragorin, you want to know if you retained your champ as best commenter? Well, The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. So if you want the details you can lick the link for more.

Click here to see the complete report.

Not sure about you all but 2014 has been a successful year not questions asked! We have gotten a great deal of yuri this years, especially in movies, and even though some of them aren’t coming out on DVDs and BDs until next year, it doesn’t change the fact that they are 2014 projects. Speaking of which, you can already pre-order Zero The Movie and Shishunki Gokko on Amazon Japan (And maybe other sites too):

 shishunki gokko

 So let me take this opportunity to thank you all who have visited and commented through out the year. I have tried to keep up but I have a feeling that I posted less than last year as well so. But looking at the bright side, we have ramped up quite a hit count. we are currently at 1.7 million and next year is sure to see us go over 2. So thank you very much.

Well then, till tomorrow