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Nemousu S21 ep 01 – Mayuki? But of course!

160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00001
160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00032 160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00012
160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00024

Is there even a need to say more about Mayuki in this day and age?! I think not! But even if the need is not there, I will be damned if I do not talk about them! With BuraGeki (Black x Gekikara) no more, Mayuki is now my Mothership!

That’s right, Mayuki were not my 48G favourite ship before. And that is not just on me. Truthfully, there were more viable ships than Mayuki a couples years back before Majisuka Gakuen! Back then there was just something between Mayuki that stopped them from going all the way. Actually I think separating them (Mayuyu to Team A) was what the Doctor ordered to fully seed their relationship. Before that announcement there was always this invisible wall between them but no more.

And since then they have grown closer as the time passed, which is really strange. Usually when people who are close start building walls between themselves as they grow up/as time passes but not Mayuki! No, they are just taking the opposite direction.

Just look at this opening episode of the 21st season of Nemousu! Mayuki just entered a stadium like that!!! Just, just look at them! And the fact that Mayuyu is the one leading the way, that somehow makes things even more unreal! Looking at them one wouldn’t even think they were the Senpai of the Senpai of the Senpai of the Kouhai!! Somehow they have gotten more carefree as time goes on. of course this is only when they are together, at least in Yukirin’s case I am sure. She still is a responsible Senpai (hence all the idolising by other members)  but when with Mayuyu, nothing else matters!

Definition of Marriage? I think so!

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Yukirin is the Fierce God of Idols! – Takamina


Calling all Yukirin fans out there. There is an article of Takamina’s in Weekly Playboy that you have got to read! Our friend over at KashiwagiYukirin.com worked hard on translating it. You have got to read it! Like…


If this doesn’t make you feel like flying, I don’t know what will! These are words from Takamina’s, Souchan’s mouth! No more rumours! I am so happy and proud of Yukirin. So so happy to have her as my Kami-O, so very happy! And if Yukirin is to see this, or if we are to believe that they have had this conversation before (otherwise, why mention it now?) It is safe to say that Yukirin won’t be going anywhere, not before she is at least 26.

Ah, I am so giddy right now and it is  20 to 6…AM! Yeah, no sleep for me. I can’t sleep right now. Time to go Yukirin performance watching! Yamagata in FullHD and RH2014 sound good right now…


Over 40 Reasons to Ship YukiMina

yukimina-03 yukimina-44
yukimina-22 yukimina-23

So, as I promised, that time has come. I am now free (Well, back to normal free), there are no more strings on me! Which means you can expect activity from now on and again I apologise for the past few silent days.

And while I was getting back into the swing of things by going through my AKB folder, I realised suddenly how much YukiMina I actually had! Even funnier is the fact that I wasn’t shipping them until only recently. Strange, I know, what with Takamina only being available for less than 10 months now.

But time means nothing! MiaoMiao and Xiao Ai had less time together, other couples even much less like Rika and Kuroi from Houkago Lost, who had only a week! So, time means nothing. And so I am now an avid shipper and I am proud of it!

With that being said, I was hoping to grab a few others to join the train so I am providing a few reasons, in the form of pics, to get a couple of you excited.


PS:, If anyone knows which is the source with Kashushya Yukirin comforting Takamina above, please let me know. I somehow missed that >.<

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Valentine Wars – Sayaya VS Jurina VS Soukantoku!

Sayaya’s Chocolate to Yukirin
Jurina’s choco to Yukirin
Yukirin’s chocolate to…Sou-chan!!!!!

Takamina wins? Sayaya says ‘not so fast!, I have a letter!’

Dear Yukirin,
It’s Valentine’s Day

If it’s okay with you, please have this
The next time you are free
Please play with me again
From Saya


Well, that was sure surprising! Not only did they go on a date together to an amusement park, first of all, how did Sayaya manage to accomplish that!?!! Girl have known Yukirin for years and haven’t had that chance yet! Apart from the usual crowd (Sashiko, Miichan Mayuyu etc) I don’t remember Yukirin having a day out with anyone else just the two of them!!! That Sayaya, how!?!! But wait there is more, she has apparently landed herself a guest appearance to Yukirin TIME as well! Not even a month has passed since the date and she has already!!!!

Riorin, what are even doing!?!! I have yet to hear about your chocolate to Yukirin! Sure you already went insane imagining what you would do if Yukirin gave you chocolate for Valentines

大川莉央 29分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

Basically she would turn into a Goddess!!! Oh Riorin, still, that choco you are making better be for Yukirin or else Sayaya is gonna beat you! For crying out loud, even Jurina, a girl from Nagoya beat you to it! Girl, you better impress with that hand made chocolate!

But while all that is well and good, Yukirin, a person we know who sucks at cooking, (Have you ever seen her cook? me neither!) went out her way and made Soukantoku chocolate!!! I mean this is their last valentine as members but still! You better preserve that chocolate Takamina, for it’s the most precious thing!


Yukirin really is Black hearted! Probably having read about Riorin’s fantasies, she went and got her a whole bag of chocolates! What is it you want the poor girl to do Yukirin, die of happiness!?!!

Yeah, looks like Riorin is a step ahead after all! I mean come on, she went and got a bag of chocolates from Yukirin!!! Then again maybe they were just bought from the shop because I can’t think of Yukirin putting Riorin and Takamina on the same stance, then again, why didn’t she just make extra instead of buying and then making choco’s too!!

Yeah, that Riorin must be the happiest camper this Valentines! Oh yeah, Miion apparently gave Yukirin a cake too. Not chocolate but a whole cake! I only wish there were pics, >.< And not just her, other members too got Yukirin chocos, seriously, she is super hot in the 48G at the moment! I wonder why!


AKB48 Team Yakiniku!?

tumblr_njgh6bXbAF1tx55bao9_1280 tumblr_njgh6bXbAF1tx55bao4_1280


  • Yukirin
  • Mayuyu
  • Sou-chan
  • Miichan
  • Sashiko

I saw the top pic on Twitter and though I raised an eyebrow wondering at that get together (There is an odd girl out!) I totally dismissed as just another party I should have been invited to. Queue a couple of hours later on Tumblr and this post pops up. Now I really wish I was invited and wanna know more about this.

The first thought I had when I saw this and saw Sou-chan’s get-up, was that they were at her cafe from Majisuka Gakuen 4! Obviously from what others are wearing and the lack of a certain someone that couldn’t be right but still. Also couldn’t help the presence of a certain someone that for some reason seems to be not of this crowd. But then I remember she is already 20 (Otona da yo).

Oh yeah, in case someone is wondering this isn’t a real thing, by that I mean Team Yakiniku isn’t an official thing though I would totally eat it up if it did happen. But Sou-chan is only around for a couple of months more so…

And dat Mayuki moment though >.< No matter how you slice it Yukirin’s awkwardness towards Mayuyu speaks volumes! They have been together for over eight years and she still hasn’t gotten her act straight when it comes to Mayuyu! Seriously, even those so called perfect couples in all those teen romances get to the point where they are used to one another even going so far as getting sick being together for so long but these two…No, there is no other like Mayuki, maybe Sayacchu but they haven’t been tested enough.

Meanwhile on a un-related note…

IMG_20150207_102533 IMG_20150207_103106 B9Nh-U4CYAEChnV.jpg large

So, let me see if I understand this – Yukirin pretended to not be looking when Miichan was looking through Yuihan’s 1st PB and when Miichan excused herself (it’s a trap!) Yukirin scooped up that B like a Bruh and after scanning through it decided it was a keeper and didn’t think twice before taking it with her. She stole Miichan’s Yuihan PB! Oh Yukirin I am disapp–


I approve. I APPROVE!