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Rena–> Kojiharu–> Milky–> OgiYuka?

Takamina Produced Saturday Night Stage LIVE 2000 1080p.mp4 - 00433
Takamina Produced Saturday Night Stage LIVE 2000 1080p.mp4 - 00311 Takamina Produced Saturday Night Stage LIVE 2000 1080p.mp4 - 00545
170702 NGT48 チームNIII「誇りの丘」初日公演 Live 720p.mp4 - 00475 170702 NGT48 チームNIII「誇りの丘」初日公演 Live 720p.mp4 - 00460
170702 NGT48 チームNIII「誇りの丘」初日公演 Live 720p.mp4 - 00644
I Love This Song!

Yukirin has gone through more partners almost as much as Batman has his side-kicks!

Yes, I just implanted that thought in your head and it will never go away, not now, not forever! And as such it both saddens and makes me happy! I just hope she is not going to turn into Batfleck at the beginning of BvS in 10 years (get it?)!

This post though is about LOD performances with two particular partners in Milky and OgiYuka! I have wanted to write about that Saturday Night unit of Yukirin and Milky’s for a while but I totally forgot about it! Then NGT48’s NIII 3rd Stage hit and the memories came flooding right back!

But first, let me talk about the title and then we shall move on! Way back in the day (around 2010s), it was usually Rena that was the default partner to Yukirin, most especially in MVs! This of course oiled down outside that into the Majisuka Gakuen show, Shuunkan AKB and Mechaike shows and then some Concerts. Those two had a similar vibe that Yukirin has with all the mentioned girls, despite each girl being similar to her in a different way. For Rena it was more about their outer personalities. Also there is that fact that they were the same age! Seeing their age next to their names next to each other was satisfying to say the least!

Then there is this mysterious connection between her and Kojiharu! Mysterious because no one knows exactly what it is only simply boiling it down to their sexisness (These two have had to go head to head in the AKB Kouhaku more than once) but it goes much deeper than that. On the surface they are so polar they negate one another. Kojiharu’s graduation concert was full of this hilarity! And yet when you put them together they fit, if you demagnetized the pieces first of course! We have seen their combi enough times both in MVs and in concerts too.

Then there is Milky! She is perhaps easier to connect with Yukirin as they are both very known for being the Fish Masters. On Yukirin’s side it will only be old school fans that know this part of her side because she was basically the person that invented the term ‘Kami Taiyou’. She was the first Handshake Queen, proving that there is power in that event when she became the person that broke the Kami 7 wall and blew it into oblivion (was changed to Kami 8 soon after) when she too the 3rd position right next to Acchan and Yuuko because of the fans she garnered in Handshakes!

Fans, even none fans now of course know it was not a gimmick! She is always like that! TV shows, Theatres, Stages, Radio! She is always full of life! Which I think is the reason that she is no longer referred to as much as the Fishing Queen. Milky and Daasu are the prefect description of that term. And so Milky is similar to Yukirin in that way. This has also proven to be a reason to put them together!

The first time they were paired together was during Managu (Manatsu no Sounds Good) MV where the Elite were paired with the so-called Next gen (when is this next exactly?). Then Yukirin went to NMB Team N and then Milky came to AKB Team B and things escalated from there. Despite being hated by the Osaka fans back then and having been there for a short time, she got a new duet with Milky, a sexy new duet, where we first got to see her release the inner beast, with her grabbing Milky’s assets (And probably thinking of them before going to bed the following nights *wink*) in Heart no Dokusen*.

But all these girls are gone now! The obvious choice , always the first choice, Waifu Mayuyu (*cries some more*) is also leaving! But the Queen is still here and she still needs that partner to share her brilliance with!

Enter NGT48’s Ogino Yuka!

Before even things were made public to us in this decision, gears were already turning! Nay, even before this time the gears were already in motion! We go all the way back to even OgiYuka and Gatanee were official NGT members! I am of course talking about those two’s Baito Days where they worked for, not were members of, AKB48.

These two already met back then! It was after then, it was because of then, when the members helped Mayuyu get Yukirin a present (already tastes like chocolate in here) that Yukirin got to meet these girls and it was in meeting them then that she and Kitarie chose them as the starting members of NGT48.

Then skip forward and before the miracle of SSK2017 even happened, fate was already on the move! Yukirin and OgiYuka were already decided to be partners in the 3rd Stage of NGT48. The opening performance of which I have taken these caps from!

Then came the SSK where the impossible happened, once again! Now that I think about it, almost all of these partnerships have produced a kind of miracle! With Kojiharu Yukirin had her first Center position. While Yukirin was slaying Kamis in SSK, Rena was slaying Kamis in Majisuka Gakuen as Gekikara! And then here comes OgiYuka!

OgiYuka who came out of no where and not only made it into Senbatsu but she took, of all the positions, she took Yukirin’s previous position in SSK!!! Yukirin who had decided this time to not participate! Only to find out merely days later that these very two people are actually in the same unit in the new Stage?!!!

I was all kinds of shook that I do not even remotely blame the people who shouted of conspiracies because this was just so far out field it was abnormal! To me though things were not as drastic, as I have seen my Queen do some impressive things already! All I got was enlightenment! The heart-felt hugs during the Showroom of the SSK made more sense when I saw the two in their new song ‘Zankoku na Ame’!

Yukirin (And Kitarie) already mean so much to OgiYuka and Gatanee! Speaking of Gatanee, sometimes I even think of Gatanee sometimes I even think of Yukirin as her ‘pot of gold’. If you remember a certain NGT Stage where they played a game and whoever Yukirin picked from the random names would be the Center of Flying Get, Yukirin picked Gatanee’s name! Gatanee was Center because of Yukirin! And if you look here in SSK, as we know unlike NMB, here Yukirin has quite a fanbase in NGT so had she taken part in SSK, there is no doubt there would have been a rally to drive someone to the top and between the two the one with the most chance would have been Yukirin!

So, even if unintentional or otherwise, Yukirin not participating saw to OgiYuka breaking all kinds of logical laws! And before now I had never even entertained the thought that these two would be compatible in any way! But then I saw the performance. And I was crying!

Yukirin is like ‘The Bridge between the People’! With Kojiharu and Miichan especially, she broke the boundaries of Gens. With Rena, Milky and OgiYuka, the bridged the Families of 48! With OgiYuka, Moechan, Okappa-chan, the Kouhai can mix better with the Elite Senpai. And most especially with Mayuyu, she showed that same-gens don’t have to come down to rivalry! We see the fruits of this most clearly with NGT!

And it is at this very moment that I realise I have lost the point of this post! Oh well, I have a lot of caps for you all to chew on after the jump in regards to Milky and OgiYuka’s LOD partnership and I will conclude that I am all up for OgiYuka taking over as the official partner to Yukirin! Before this new Stage my best option was Yuihan but that thread seems almost pale in comparison! I don’t know what happened in that performance but something just clicked with me! Maybe some one will see it after seeing the pics?

Anyway, yeah, see ya around…

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Birthday or Love Confession?!

AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00521
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00474 AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00459
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00261 AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00216
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00365

Of course I am going to talk about my Team 8 Kami’s Birthday Performance! Really, with Yuri, Ikumin and Cho-chan here, there was bound to be drama and boy, drama did we get!

In addition to all the yuri happenings, I also found another crush in new arrival Utada Hikaru sorry, Utada Hatsuka! It has been love at first sight for me with this girl. I was simply drawn to her personality and I hope against all odds that she keeps it and doesn’t lose it down the road. I have a feeling though that she will change, which is unfortunate but until then, looks like my Super 8 List is going to be shifted once again!

To tell the truth though, it is way overdue for an update because team 8 is just soo awesome and with every video I see of them on YouTube my love shifts gears! In fact the list is going to be so different the next time I reveal the updated version you might be shocked. Ah but Yuri is still No.1! She is now THE Kami of Team 8. Nothing can happen to change that now.

But that is not the point of this post. Let’s get back to the birthday performance of Yuri-chan’s that turned into a Love Wars episode…

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Dear Yuriyan and SERIKA, that’s Kamicest!

AKB48 150111 Team 8 PARTY ga Hajimaru yo LOD 1130.wmv - 00024
AKB48 150111 Team 8 PARTY ga Hajimaru yo LOD 1130.wmv - 00001 AKB48 150111 Team 8 PARTY ga Hajimaru yo LOD 1130.wmv - 00002
AKB48 150111 Team 8 PARTY ga Hajimaru yo LOD 1130.wmv - 00025
And I totally approve!

So, I was watching the Team 8 performance on the 11th (@11:30am) and during the self-introductions, which were accompanied with complimenting the person to your right, SERIKA went and surprised me by her love confession for Yuriyan! She had three nice things to say about Yokoyoko (Yuriyan), which makes her the one with the most compliments, and the last one was that she loved Yuriyan!

I was like, Wha…!??!

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Dear members, welcome to Mayuki world


Um yeah, every member is like ‘get a room you two, geez’. And I was like – ‘Um sorry people but you’re standing in it! The Mayuki bedroom follows Mayuki every where!’. Seriously though, you could totally see the world of distance between Mayuki and the other members. They were like, what are we doing here? At one point I almost even forgot that the whole team was around during that MC. it didn’t help too that no one was saying a thing to interrupt the two. But really, who would want to be that villainous?! LOL

Oh Mayuki, how I totally missed you! I heard Mayuyu was transferred to team A to grow up? I heard she had changed? I see no difference at all to the days of B5. hahaha. Well, except her hair style matured but other than that…Heh! Darn, their love is like no other! It’s like they weren’t separated for almost two years! Then again, I guess you have to look somewhere different to see what changed! And that’s what I did. The surprise is that the change was on Yukirin’s side! Maybe it’s just a delusion but to me Yukirin seems to be more…feely towards Mayuyu for some reason! While before it seemed like emotions flowed from Mayuyu’s side to Yukirin more, this time it’s the reverse! Now it’s Yukirin who is voicing her emotions towards Mayuyu!

Well, I guess then that Mayuyu’s growing up project worked since it seems Yukirin sees her as an adult now and not a child anymore so she isn’t afraid of putting her feelings for Mayuyu out there.

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AKS You monsters!

AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00127
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00117 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00118
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00119 AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00130
AKB48 140423 UBW LOD 1800 (Senshuuraku).wmv - 00131

So am I though, a little bit! Why? Because I didn’t even think about Miorin’s position until now. I am super ashamed of myself! The girl is only a 9th gen and she has been in KKS, 4-1, B, N and now BII! That’s five teams already! How many different performances has she had to learn through out these few years in AKB?! A delicate girl like her! We see her always being positive about everything and we totally forget.

I totally forgot what she must have gone through. And let’s not forget that the KKS days had to be hell learning stages for the three teams then their own as KKS! Then only a year later she went to 4, half a year later into another team! not a full year later she was transferred to N then she had to do two different teams at the same time. Again not even a year later, N got the new stage. She had to slave to learn that. Now not even having perfected that yet, just months later she has been moved again!

Seriously, that is pure torture right there!

I am more shocked by the fact that her body hasn’t given up on it’s own yet! Seriously! I am so very sorry for not thinking about you Miorin! Forget every other member, no on has had it as bad as she has, no one! I hope the people who watch this Umeda Team B’s Last performance will also get some sense knocked into them like I have been so we can support Miorin more. I really hope she get rewarded for this.

God, my hear was twisting in every thinkable uncomfortable way during her speech! Be strong Miorin.

I can’t believe they took her away from N after going through the learning curve of N3 that must have been one hellish road! Now she has to tally forget about that and has to, in fact has already even learned the new BII stage!

Monsters I tell you!

Any way, more caps from the stage after the break…

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Seriously though, what is this even! What is this video!?! How am I meant to survive this?! I don’t even know if she really failed or she just did it to play Hidden Hero as she usually does to save the Guda Guda Introductions so far. I mean let’s be real Yukirin rarely FAILS and to FAIL at her own Introduction?! This has got to be the first time. Either way she succeeded in both killing me and saving the day!



My God! The Cake…It Was All a Lie!

NMB48 130830 N1R LOD 1830 (Yoshida Akari BD).wmv - 00097

Maachun can’t handle the FAIL!

NMB48 130830 N1R LOD 1830 (Yoshida Akari BD).wmv - 00082

I see what you did there Maachun

NMB48 130830 N1R LOD 1830 (Yoshida Akari BD).wmv - 00068
NMB48 130830 N1R LOD 1830 (Yoshida Akari BD).wmv - 00048 NMB48 130830 N1R LOD 1830 (Yoshida Akari BD).wmv - 00058

Even Management boarded this ship it seems ^^

So, last night was LOD night. I watched Yukirin’s and Akari’s Seintasai performances and partially completed Haruna’s (Kinoshita) which is why it won’t be talked about today (and Yukirin’s just yet). I will be though because Maachun centerlining Bird in the absence of Sayanee is always such a sight to behold. Which she did during Haruna’s Seintasai. Does it make me a bad person to be somewhat happy when Sayanee or Milky are away on other business? Maybe, but I don’t care. More Maachun justice that she never gets otherwise.

Any way, some interesting things went on in these LODs, especially the NMB one. Poor management are not gonna live this one down, not in this lifetime. That was one of those WTF moments to never be forgotten. the girls couldn’t stop laughing, even as it was a serious time with Keicchi (with the help of Riichan) read a letter to AKARIN. At first I didn’t want to believe it either, but then watching the girls (especially Maachun and Yuppi) cracking out just proved everything, which is that…

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