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Like, what do you even do?! What can one do when presented with that…that first pic?!

Look at it everyone, just, look at it!!!

All I can say is…Happy Valentine’s everyone.

I am also pretty sure I am going to sleep less than 3 hours today. No way my mind is going to shut off any time soon!



CROW’S BLOOD 02 – Light to My Darkness!

CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00352
CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00194 CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00191
CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00089 CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00092
CROW’S BLOOD ep02.mp4 - 00034

Alright, continuing on from last episode’s post, I am going to be supporting my theory from last time with more evidence from this episode. To those who are just joining us, I had a theory on how Mai (Yukirin) had a more interesting role than merely a group leader. Now of course her role is actually pretty big already, with her name coming in 4th place in order of importance but an idea came to me that hinted at something more than that. Of course the only remaining question is if the studio had the guts to go through with it this time, or turned chicken once again. Episode 3 is why I am bringing the chicken feet into this!

Yeah, episode three was pretty disappointing. Like, is this a horror series or some kind of historical drama series?! Enough talk, more killing! Seriously, what the hell was up with all the talking?! Episode 2 was the perfect balance between talking, action and even that sprinkle of yuri goodness. Episode three was only talking, talking and more talking and nothing else!

Going back on topic, the theory is that just like Kaoru (Mayuyu) seems to have that guy (that eats up way more screen time that he should) in the relationship department so does Maki (Sakura-tan). Every main lead needs one, right? We also know that Kaoru and Maki are considered double leads so where is Maki’s relationship development? The answer to this is Mai (Yukirin) – or so the theory goes!

I spent last episode’s post giving evidence to support this but if you read that post you might remember that some evidence was saved for the second episode and so I am here to touch upon that evidence. This time we shall see more support for the M!M (Maki/Mai) ship and also why the Maki/Aoi or Maki/Kaoru should not even be considered.

Speaking of, let’s begin with Aoi and Kaoru and why they just can’t do (cannonically of course)

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That Heavenly Feeling When

160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00144
160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00152
160705 AKBINGO! ep397.ts - 00161
Your Hopes And Dreams Become Reality!!!
a moment

Dear Readers tell me something. Do I have some kind of power? Are my hopes and wishes so strong as to actually affect reality? I mean, this is like, too much of coincidences happening with things coming true after I specula!

Just a post ago, I had this thing I put together with Maki (Sakura-tan) thinking of taking Mai (Yukirin). A couple of days later we get a new 30sec teaser that has Maki flat out seduce Mai, in her totally half-naked glory right in front of the gang!

Like, how would you feel about this if you were me?

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Dear Holy Mother in Heaven…

160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00069
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00030 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00152
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00066
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00060 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00118
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00080 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00107
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00113

Finally, FINALLY!!! Finally dear Yukirinians! Finally we get a public Yukirin Flying Get! Frikkin Finally!!!

Oh Jesus muh FEELs!

Please everyone, give me a moment! I need to savour this moment for all Eternity! Oh God, Yukirin centred Flying Get…Yukirin frikkin centred Flying Get!!! I am so…I don’t even-

Okay, okay! I am trying to be calm over here but it ain’t working! I need a bottle of vitamins to sedate me because I am in dire need of a relaxant! This show was…Oh dearest MUSIC FAIR, and you too Mayuyu!

Thank you so very much all of you! Thank you Mayuyu for taking this day off (probably for CROW’S BLOOD as Sakura-tan was also missing) because if you were here, I am sure Yukirin wouldn’t have had such awesome positions! Thank you Lord, for having this episode be filmed at this exact moment! Thank you MUSIC FAIR, for this awesome show! Thank you!

Oh yes, this is the episode of MUSIC FAIR that aired on the same day as the SSK, hence why it has been in the shadows but calling out to all Yukirinians, if you haven’t watched it, please get out right now and watch it! Such great Yukirin shots, positions and I don’t know if the happiness just made everything that much better, the whole performances were just so great to watch!

The whole episode was dedicated to AKB and they did not even have time for the usual talk as they went straight into the medley of all voting and elections singles up to Halloween Night! As a bonus of course they also did Kimi wa Melody in different costumes!

In addition, we got to see some clips from the past SSKs including cute, cute young Yukirin when she broke the Kami wall for the others to follow suit! Girls took turns centring, with Miion taking over for Yuko as usual, Annin and Souhan for Mayuyu and sometimes Yukirin for Mayuyu as well! Sayanee centred Bokutachi wa T, Renacchi also double cantered!

All was just so marvellous but what took the cake was none other than Yukirin centring FLYING GET! It has bugged me ever since AtsuYuko’s graduation that Yukirin never took over as the Center because to me, Flying Get is Yukirin’s song! In case anyone doesn’t know, that was the single when she went from a Non-Kami to standing right next to THE AtsuYuko!

It was a moment that I shall never forget! My very first SSK I watched LIVE and I remember the screams in the crowds when Yukirin was called! That was a moment I think that shall never be beat! I don’t that even getting No.1 now would gain the same reaction now. It might come close but not to have a cigar! It was just such a magical moment!

So whenever I saw Yukirin standing on the side while others took over for Acchan I was like, seriously?!

But now, finally! We finally get it! I don’t even care that it was scraps because Mayuyu was not there! They could have easily had Annin or Souhan centre this time even without Mayuyu so this is a sure cause for FEELs and dear Readers do I have FEELs!

Forget about SSK, where the only good thing was seeing the Kashiwagi Children rank and  move up (Sayaya >.<~) this right here is what has made my weekend! And it wasn’t just centring Furage, Yukirin had some great positions in this! Be it middle, back or front…Just…Hanyan~

Thank you Lord. Thank you MUSIC FAIR! Thank you Mayuyu!

And dearest Kragorin, about your question…


Jump over for more caps…

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[Pics] Which Member is Yukirin’s ideal Girlfriend?

38118105 50520363
Iriyama Anna 入山杏奈

HA! You didn’t see that coming, now did you?

In her interview with LoGIRL about the AKB Love Night series, Yukirin was finally asked the ‘What if you were a boy’ question. They asked her which girl (amongst the 40 or so doing the series) would she want to be with were she their boyfriend. Without even a beat Yukirin said Annin’s name.

Apparently, once every year, Annin just comes out to surprise Yukirin by saying that they should go out (on a dinner date). Yukirin says this always get her (make her heart race)! What she says is true, Annin doesn’t seem like that type of girl and apparently where they are alone Annin is surprisingly forward!

As to why Annin? Well, first of all Annin’s facial features are so Yukirin’s type. Secondary, as mentioned Yukirin likes it when Annin surprises her. She says that if Annin was her girlfriend that she would never get separated from her. Two other reasons are that Annin is both fashionable and is a pretty good cook, which is, according to Yukirin – perfect!

And it is perfect indeed because for a food monster like Yukirin (She is one!) a good cook is all she needs, throw in the fact that the cook has a face she can’t resist, and that they are quite fashionable, something she needs help with, well, nothing else needs to be said.

I never considered Annin  an enemy of Mayuyu but this changes things. Hopefully Mayyuyu did not read that interview. I doubt she did, what, with the lack of bloodshed. Then again, her latest fire in being close with Yukirin and doing things together more often might have something to do with things.

You know, now that I think about it, there has been quite a memorable number of pair-ups of these two. Hmm…Is Annin perhaps the next…you know…? We shall see, we shall see. I am almost done with studies so…

Anyway, I figured I might as well share some pics of these two.

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