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≠ME – Kimi wa Kono Natsu Koi wo Suru [MV]

≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.27.576
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.07.878 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.07.000
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.43.889 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.42.346
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_00.57.628
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_00.55.740 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.08.386
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_05.02.124 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_04.54.742
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_04.44.466


Like I said…Life is back on the menu Boys and Girls!

What do we have here? To the new Bloods who aren’t in the know, this is a Sister group to =LOVE, you know, that group that I have dedicated the most post about a ship to in the shortest period of time! Yes, I am talking about Hitomaika!

Sadly, they haven’t given us a yuri MV since the very first and apparently last (3rd single – Teokure Caution) But really, who has energy to waste on the loss of potential? It comes with the territory!

Anyway, this is =LOVE’s sister group, it too of course produced by Sashiko. Yes, I have been following them since inception but we all know it can’t be helped for the little sister to be over-shadowed by the bigger (Unless you are Team B *drum roll please*!

Jokes aside, my condition kicked in with this MV too so now you know the reason for the wait since it came out for me to finally write about it! Again to the newly initiated, I have this condition where I ship couple before the fact and when the time comes for the shipping to begin and they turn out to be the wrong ones, I rarely like those wrong ones, no matter how good they may turn out to be!

The example I always get back to is Yuru Yuri. It was so bad that to this day I have yet to watch that series passed episode 4 of the first season! Yeah, it is pretty bad!

Noimi (short for Not Equal Me / ≠ME) has been here for a long while so of course I already have ships made up for myself and as you guessed it, none of them panned out, like, when they finally gave us a yuri MV in their latest! Now, not to say I wasn’t into them, for example the Miyuki/Shiori got me by surprise but I guess it made sense.

Saya and Hana stole the show of course though I have to say that making Natsu-chan the third-wheel totally didn’t settle well with me. Yeah, in case you can’t tell, she is my Oshii of this group! Sadly no love for her…weh! The flagship of the MV is the Leader and the Center, totally bringing back those AtsuMina days, huh…

Sadly they didn’t even give us a kiss!

Like, you think you can go head to head with your big sisters with that weak fighting spirit?! I guess they win points for not having any Guys in here unlike Teokure Caution! But still, this weak ass sauce has nothing on Hitomaika!

That being said, this is a grand start! Let’s see where things go from here!

Jump over for the MV and caps…


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Fear Street Part I ~ 1994 [Trailer]

FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.45.290
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.48.247 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.46.808
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.24.180 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.37.050
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.46.296
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.09.941 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.09.207
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.35.895 FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_01.10.628
FEAR STREET PART 1- 1994 - Official Trailer - Netflix.mp4_snapshot_00.05.557


If this had my curiosity before, it definitely has my attention now!!!

So, we have a dedicated trailer for the first movie in this Netflix trilogy which will be coming to us this Friday and wow!

Since I always seem to give up some useless personal preferences with almost each post, I might as well do so here! Well, I think that I have said this before but I find watching content of already established relationships very, very boring and a waste of time! This goes for Fan Fiction too! Like, what is the point of reading about people already in a relationship!!

And with that out of the way, when I saw the Teaser for this Fear Street Anthology, I kind of thought that these two would already be in a relationship, given that this is a movie and thus it is better to have them already together as there would be no time to develop them, given that this is a Horror Story and not a drama! Priorities you know!

But that’s not the case here! The Blonde is in a relationship already and what’s better, it’s a Jock and she is a cheerleader! You know where this is going as I have already talked lengthy on how I love it when the Girl Wins the Girl over the Boy!

Ooh, I am having I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS vibes, only our Lead doesn’t have Super powers so we will have to see how she wins the girl! Then again, Dina did not know that Sydney had powers!

Though from the trailer it seems like our Lead might have saved the Girl’s life and we all know how a near-death experience can turn into a love at first sight, depending on who is doing the saving!

And the make-out scenes are promising to be something else as well! Like, I don’t know if I just haven’t been looking hard enough but the way their noses do that as they face-sex…Somehow I have never seen that before and it is strangely HOT, HOT HOTTTTT!!!

Anyway, can’t wait for this! Jump over for the trailer…


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Vid – Fireflies [Cutie Honey Universe]


Imagine coming off of the live action movie and Re:Cutie Honey, totally whipped with Honey and Nat-chan, only to then watch Cutie Honey Universe!


All I’m gonna say is that it took me a couple of years to get over it and enjoy the show for what it is and really, they had to do something to differentiate themselves from the other two and you really gotta give them a slut for having the absolute balls to kill off Natsuko and for her to stay that way!!!


After a lot of time to myself, I finally came to realize that it wasn’t so bad! So much so that I am making a vid about them as you can see. And the reason for that is that Honey and Natsuko were the gayest in this iteration, like, fuck, they had a love ring for crying out loud! Seriously, like, Honey was all but married to Natsuko in this series!

And so, I have come to love the series now and it is one of my favourites too in fact!

And really, I can always watch Re:Cutie Honey or the Live Action movie to have the good vibes of the two, if you know what I mean!

I have to say though that I was kind of disappointed in the lack of Natsuko in the Live Action Drama though! But that being said, there was a replacement, and even if the ending left a sour taste, again, them doing something different, I did love those two! And no, it is probably not who you think (there were three main characters in a sort of threesome)!

Anyway, that is all…


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Nogizaka 46 – Zabun Zazabun [MV]

03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_00.48.443
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_02.22.508 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_02.12.418
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.15.294 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.06.716
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_01.20.301 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_01.28.888
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_01.20.629
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_00.24.933 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_00.49.143
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_01.09.828 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.31.253
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.51.696 03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.50.049
03. ざぶんざざぶん.mp4_snapshot_03.53.679

Yoda Yuki x Tsutsui Ayame!

yes happy dance

Life is back on track Boys and Girls!!


Now this, this is what I am all about!!! Those who know me know that I prefer less to more, Shoujo Ai to Yuri (Ah those were the times), Hand holding to sex, Eye contact to Kissing!

Yes, I am a weirdo! Shocking!

Thinking about it, I guess this is why I got into Idols in the first place! You know they won’t go some places so when they do something relevant, I know that it will be at the very edge, if they did go as far as they could!

So something like this MV is right up my alley, if you know what I mean! No spoon-feeding and those who prefer to be blind can be blind but if want to see, you will see and did I see!!!

The thing about Music Videos too is that they leave a lot for you to speculate on, usually due to being short on runtime and thus leaving a lot to the viewer to decide and sometimes the Directors probably don’t even do it on purpose because to them they know the story so it is easy for them to connect the missing dots.

But to us Viewers, we can’t help but speculate and in there lies the fun for me! Like, from the very beginning I was already in places thinking of different scenarios! The scene I am taking about is the one with Ayame-chan looking on to the couple ahead of her at their joined hands to be specific! She is sad as she solemnly walks behind them. It gets to much that she can’t anymore and turns to go the other way.

That there got my mind already spinning! Did Ayame like the Guy and was sad because he had a girlfriend? Was the Guy her boyfriend but dumped her for another girl? Was she actually in love with the girl instead?

From that point on I was already speculating and seeing different threads of the story! And that is before we even get to Yodacchi showing up, which she does right after said moment as she is there waiting when Ayame-chan turns around!

Talk about perfect timing! Like, what if Ayame-chan did not stop walking?! Was she just going to follow her all the way back to her home? I mean that is kind of chivalrous but on the other hand, stalker- like!

But let’s not go there! And let’s not speculate anymore. That being said as far as I am concerned Yodacchi was a friend of Ayame-chan’s and probably knew this ‘sickness’ that had befallen her friend and this day was the last straw! She was going to take matters into her own hands and make sure her friend found happiness again!

And so begins the absolute glorious miracle that is hand-holding! And what makes this even better is that in the beginning Yodacchi was the one who instantiated it but in the end it was Ayame-chan who took Yodacchi’s hand, thus showing the complete turn of events and Ayame-chan’s life from the beginning of the PV to the end!

But what’s even better is that if the two people Ayame-chan had been following had been like two girls one can just say she was lonely because she had no friends and their hand-holding was just, you know, friendly!

But the two were a couple so Ayame-chan was longing not for any type of hand-holding but that kind! And even ignoring what went on in between the two scenes of her seeing the couple and her taking Yodacchi’s hand at the end, you can totally tell this is not just a friendly journey!

That’s right, this was a journey of love, plain and simple!

Heck, they even ended up riding a boat off into the sea like…if that ain’t a metaphor, I don’t know what those are!!! Really, right in the title itself you already know this is about finding love! That is the sound of a heart racing and when you watch anime, what does that mean usually?


The PV is basically Yodacchi helping Ayame-chan out of her heart-break or love-sickness, whichever route you choose to follow, by spending time with her and showing her a good time and returning her to herself and thus making Ayame-chan fall in love with her in the process!

And even if one can argue that Yodacchi was not in love with Ayame-chan, does it really matter? If one person is in love with the other it’s still love, even if the other does not know or does not love them like that!

But let’s be real here, Yodacchi totally knew what she was doing and really, don’t get me started on those eye-loving scenes!

Anyway, jump over for more caps and the MV…


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