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My First Summer [Movie]


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Best Lesbian Movie Of The Year!

That’s it people. Pack up for the year. We are done here. We already have the best lesbian movie of the year!

It’s called MY FIRST SUMMER!

Written and directed by Katie Found, My First Summer follows 16 year olds Claudia and Grace one fateful summer when Grace stumbles upon Claudia and her mother at a lake where they were planning a double suicide. Claudia survives but only Grace knows that she is alive or even who she is.

The two strike up a friendship that develops deeper with the time they spend together while the secret of Claudia threatens to spill as the investigations into her mother’s death still lingers around them.

That’s basically the story condensed into two paragraphs but as always, we are not here to pretend to be intellectuals or wannabe film critics. We are here to see what I think of the gayness in the movie and given my tastes (to those who have followed me all this time, thank you by the way for sticking with me, reasons of which I don’t know why), if you will watch or not watch in relationship to my reaction!

With that being said, let’s get this party rolling!

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Hand Sex Scenes >>>>>>>> Actual Sex Scenes!

Let’s start with an answer to a question that I almost always get asked, be it on my videos or what. Is it a happy ending?

If you are rolling your eyes in asking that question when talking about coming-of-age stories or young love, I don’t blame you. I draw a blank when asked to list a series of coming of age works that have GOOD ENDs.

In fact, I started this movie with the lowest expectations I have never had! I did not know about it. I hadn’t seen a trailer of it. I just walked in blind (I do that a lot) and let me tell you all now…I still haven’t stopped thinking about this movie, and I watched yesterday!!

Yes, it has a GOOD END!

It is more of an OPEN-END but there is no BAD END here, unless you decide to think of what will happen after the movie is over! But we are not here to speculate. We stick to facts and the facts say this was a GOOD END!

Since we are on that track, let me explain the ending instead of waiting later when no one is still paying attention. So, remember I mentioned the failed suicide? Well, half-failed seeing as Claudia’s mom did die. Claudia did not because she ran away. She could not go through with killing herself along with her mother, and of course we see the guilt eat at her throughout the course of the movie.

That guilt finds a push towards the end when the police finally catches up to her and she decides that the best course of action is to go and join her mother and finally pay the debt she owed. So she decides to go to the lake and drown herself.

Thankfully Grace was with the detectives when they went to get Claudia. She knew what Claudia was thinking of doing and she knew where she was headed and so she ran and ran after Claudia and despite reaching the lake a bit too late, with Claudia already under, unlike with Jamie in THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR, Grace managed to save Claudia as she fought and fought until she managed to get Claudia, in suck visually impairing waters and what not!

I am not going to lie, I was leaning back in my chair like – “Ah yes, here we go, another BAD END, what did I even expect?”

So understandably, when Grace came up the nth time for air and she had Claudia in her arms, I all but screamed out loud! I could not believe it! I still can’t believe it! A GOOD END in my coming-of-age story?! In under such dire circumstances?! What universe is this?!

But of course, the ending is just one part of the conversation! Let’s talk the other important aspect for me when it comes to enjoying a movie or series – characters! The movie thankfully spends almost 90% of its runtime on our girls, by themselves! Their parents and other characters are like, side whisperings reminding us of a world outside Claudia and Grace’s world!

I still haven’t decided who is the better of the two even now! Facts dictate that Grace should be the favourite one given that she was the protector here. She protected Claudia’s secret, she protected Claudia’s dog, she protected Claudia herself, nay, she saved Claudia from herself! Meanwhile, Claudia made Grace cry once and even burst out towards her too. But we have to remember, Claudia is already broken by design! She did not have any other human contact other than her mother and she just survived a suicide attempt which resulted in the loss of her mother, the only person she knew in all her life!

Outside of that the two are just so lovable! No one has any questionable characteristics. They are both genuinely nice people. Even Claudia, whose learning were all from books, she proved that society is not that necessary in bringing up a person right!

Even with the mentioned bad actions of Claudia, I love these tow characters so much! They are different but not so different as to clash! They are both genuinely, 16 year olds who are trying to find something worthy!

Which brings me to the other point I loved about this movie – Femininity! I have seen a lot of projects by women or those that are supposed to be about women and tried to capture that world but there was always something that was off! And maybe that came down to even if they are all women, all women are still different from each other, every person is different from one another so maybe there would be blurs in-between but this time, I am not sure if it is because this is more inline with my bubble, but this time, I finally saw it, I saw a great representation of that world!

Watching Claudia and Grace I was nodding my head in understanding their world. The little things they did in their everyday. It all just clicked! I don’t know what Miss Found did different from the others but she did it and I can finally point to a movie and say, that is a very feminine movie! I felt at peace, I felt sweet, I felt, super comfortable watching this movie!

Great job Miss Found, great job!

Seriously, running at just over 77min, I wanted more! I would have taken scenes of the two just sitting there talking about colour of fingers or coming up with names of toes or something, they were just that demanding of my attention!

What is this finger colour thing I am talking about?! Well, here we go into the meat of the posts – the “moments”!

Before this movie, pinkie-promises never meant a single thing to me! After this movie, finger promises are everything! What’s this all of a sudden?! What is so alluring about some pinkie promise! Well, like I said, all Claudia knew was from her mother and mostly from her books! So she is kind of a n00b at a lot of things which as expected gave us great comedic moments when Grace would do something that Claudia did not expect and she would have to explain it!

The first of such scenes was the pinkie promise scene where Grace was promising to not tell anyone about Claudia and what she had seen the other evening at the lake! A great promise to keep given that someone died and Grace had actually already called the police about it but had to retract her statement when they showed up for more info as she had already promised Claudia!

Anyway, after that there was more promises but Claudia put her own spin of things by using the purple (pointing) finger instead and I don’t know, I just found the whole thing just so mind-blowingly cute!

But the best moment, the moment that took the cake was the second kiss. Well, if we are talking proper kisses, it would have to be the first kiss! All kisses are moments that will be counted but I am starting with the best one, my favourite one, and that was when they first kissed, like, a proper kiss!

Forget everything you know about the term LIPSTICK LESBIANS because this movie just changed the meaning!

Oh! My! God!

Having failed in getting Claudia to kiss her during the first ‘kiss’ moment, we enter the lipstick scene where Grace brought out her A game that made me so wet( uh, am I supposed to say that?!) I mean, made me so giddy I literally dreamed about the damn scene!

You know those flavoured lip creams that are mostly designed for young ones? Well, Grace brought a box of them and decided to play a new award winning game – guess the flavour! Claudia of course was a tough nut to crack in the beginning like she was in the first attempt to get a kiss from her. You see this Claudia might have been home schooled, but she is clever as hell! In fact, I find myself still debating if she really didn’t know what a pinkie was (let alone the swear)

And so in the beginning Claudia would only smell the flavour, much to Grace’s disappointment! But eventually she came to smells she did not know from fruits she had not eaten yet. But knowing her, was she telling the truth or did she just finally let things develop the way Grace was expecting them too!?!

Anyway, she failed a few and Grace saw her chance as she asked if Claudia wanted a hint! You can of course guess what those hints were – kisses!

Okay, is it getting hot in here or…*checks weather* Oh, it’s 4C outside. It’s just me then…

Speaking of the kiss, once again we have another that makes out childhoods cry in shame! Yeah sure I know this is fiction but still, either you know how to kiss or you don’t and when I was sixteen, I can assure you I was a crappy kisser! These latest young couples are making us out for n00bs and it’s unsettling!

In other words, these two were great kissers as well! Can they dethrone Rita and Adele? Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet!

The next moment is the one I just mentioned where Grace first tried to have Claudia kiss her by playing a NOPE game. Like I said Claudia did not bite the bait, which earned her a trait of ‘smart’, this will come again later too.

The two are picking peaches as they plan to colour Claudia’s beddings pink in their quest to give her room a make-over. Under the fruity tree, with the scenery set, all cute and gay-looking and innocently romantic, Grace hurts herself on a branch and Claudia kisses it to make it better (but of course). When she asks if it is, Grace says no (but of course). And so Claudia starts on a mission of placing kisses along Grace’s arm all the way to her face and all along she is asking if it is better, and of course Grace is all Nos. She was planning on saying NO until she get an actual kiss on the lips but like I said, Claudia wasn’t gonna be played that easily!

Like, this is fan fiction levels of sugar right here! I can’t even…

But we are not done yet, then came the sex scene! Yes, there was a sex scene, even though we don’t actually see it but you know there is a sex scene, complete with the morning after but again, played for safe with Claudia waking up alone in bed (But not in the sad, crap I was left alone, way)!

Anyway, it is not about the actual sex scene that I am referring to this moment for but the lead up to it! You see, Grace is something of an artist, more in design or decorative and she is good at making bracelets and necklaces. She makes some for Claudia and this also falls into the moments so I am going to mention it here.

I did not think of it until my second watch and most will miss it but she made some for Claudia and she uses lettered beads in a way to put meaning in each piece so for Claudia she used words that are compliments to Claudia like smart, and pretty and it was not until the second watching when I noticed that at some point Claudia had gotten another that had LOVE on it. We know why!

Going back to the before-sex scene, as they made out in trying to figure out what they were supposed to do as none had any idea what they should be doing (though again in this scene we see that Claudia is playing dumb, given that we saw her one night masturbating after grace had left), they start eating their necklaces and I am like, WTF! Turns out that the beads were actually edible and there they were, just necking each other only they were eating each other’s necklaces and my jaw was on the floor just mind blown at the creativity of it all!

Seriously, this movie was such an eye-opener I want to give it all the awards!

And though I won’t mention them separately, all the moments that Grace was there for Claudia, helping her get over her fear of deep water after her mother’s death, getting her back to her senses as she was hallucinating her mother, saving her life in the end in situations where every other time the person in the water had died!

Like, how is this movie possible in this time and day!?! It is proof that there is still ways to come up with new things, to have a heartfelt story that does not end in tragedy!

I frikking love this movie!

Should you watch it? Um, hello! Fuck yeah!

In fact, you should have watched it as soon as you read the title because when I write about a movie, there has to be a reason why and I usually assume that those reading have already watched it! Hence why I don’t give spoiler warnings!

Anyway, go and watch this movie now!


Author: Black Gekikara

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8 thoughts on “My First Summer [Movie]

  1. Oh my god, I love your opening about coming-of-age movies! I have complained about it to a friend before. I don’t like sapphic coming-of-age movies ’cause they’re mostly just a girl coming to terms with her sexuality and then she won’t end up with the one she fell in love with. I can only think of two coming-of-age movies with a sapphic lead that have a good end off the top of my head. Also the bit about young fictional couples making out lol. I’m shookt by these nowadays. I think the series that surprised me the most with this is Schloss Einstein since first of all, the channel that aired it literally translates to children’s channel with an aimed audience of children to teens, and characters of the show were in middle school up to senior high school and a lot of them are already good at making out. Like what???? How’d they learn to do that at their age? Also, I haven’t watched this movie yet lol, but after reading this, I definitely am gonna watch it!

  2. I never a knew a chapstick challenge scene in a movie would be a thing xD

  3. S-T-E-L-L-A-R

    This movie is breathtaking. Best coming-of-age story.

    For a first movie, Katie Found hits hard. Just as much as July Jung (A Girl at My Door) in 2014.

    You introduced me to one of the best movies I have ever watched. I can never thank you enough for that.

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