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The Affair [CS-Movie]


So, THE AFFAIR or as those who saw it last year know it as THE GLASS ROOM, is quite a film!

I can guess that a lot of people did not like it even without looking up reactions because I too did not like it, like at all…on the first watch! Indeed, I even got rid of it from my history, that’s how bad I felt about this movie!

But then three days passed by and Iwas thinking and thinking…In the end I came back for another watch and even added it to my collection this time around.

So, what changed?

First, let’s talk the reasons why I did not like it at first. Beginning with the setting, yeah, it’s been brought up time and time again by others but these period lesbian movies are getting out of hand! Every one and their dog seem to be making period movies and we all know why – safety!

No one wants to be cancelled by setting their stories in the current times because apparently anything remotely close to reality as long as it is not fun and safe is a bulleye for chaos! Look, I don’t mind more of historic stories as long as they bring something new to the table – see The Handmaiden! But giving us the same crap that ends the same way (BAD/SAD END) has reached its EOL!

Outside of that, it was a challenge sitting through the movie! Our women Hana (Carice) and Liesel (Hanna)’s relationship was maddening and the editing did not help matters, like, at all! I am all for time-skipping or time-swapping (jumping from past to future to present) but unless it is executed perfectly, that really takes one out of the movie!

And so I was not sure if these two were childhood friends and Hana had been in love with Liesel since then or they just met when Liesel and her husband were looking for a house!

In addition, these sub plots about the war and all that really didn’t help in the enjoyment of the movie, especially since they were only marginally relevant to the story! I can garther a guess that no one watched this movie for the war drama, especially since none of our main characters were directly involved in said war, only extensibly affected!

On top of all that Liesel was really making it tough to like her! In fact I am shocked that Hana loved her as much as she did!

Which brings me to the reason why I actually changed my opinion on this movie to the point of making a video about it! It did do something different that I totally missed in all my misjudgement the first time watching!

We have seen a lot, nay, almost 90% of all love stories that we are given happen at the beginning or slightly in the middle of life. Rararely, in fact I have not seen it myself, a story where love blossoms right at the end of life!

That’s what this movie gave us – a love that happens after our characters have lived their lives, have had children and grand children and have been married by the time they realise their love! This really shocked me when I finally slept on it and couldn’t stop thinking about the movie!

Bonus is the fact that Hana’s love really held out that long and you know me, I am a sucker for persevering love, think Chikane (Kannazuki no Miko), Homura (Madoka Magica) and Jade’s (Spider Lilies) love!

On that note, this movie went a step further by touching on this very wound when Hana thought that it was too late but then Liesel told her that it never is too late! This – thinking of this moment is what changed my mind and got me to watch the movie again and thus my mind was opened and now I totally love this movie!

Anyway, yeah, something different this time giving my thoughts with a video instead of caps…




Zero Chill [Netflix Series]

Zero.Chill.S01E05.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 13;12;51.629
Zero.Chill.S01E10.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 11;31;32.564 Zero.Chill.S01E10.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 11;31;01.821
Zero.Chill.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 06;55;00.901 Zero.Chill.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 06;53;39.645
Zero.Chill.S01E05.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 00;55;37.281
Zero.Chill.S01E02.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 05;36;38.003 Zero.Chill.S01E10.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 10;44;21.298
Zero.Chill.S01E10.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 11;30;10.738 Zero.Chill.S01E10.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NOGRP.mkv - 12;15;25.212

What…just happened?!!

Wait, queer-baiting was a thing outside of Japan?! I mean, it makes sense that it is not just Japan but evidence shows otherwise! Maybe others have come across it but I have never, not outside of Anime and dorama!

And don’t give me that! No one who watches these first few episodes thinks that it was going to be Kayla’s brother who ends up with Sky! For crying out loud, even Kayla’s best boy friend was on the same page as us and he seemed to be shipping Sky with Kayla!

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[Random] New Social Channels

Hi, nothing major just saying I have created some accounts to split interests as I see a lot of people do it and I figured it would be easier on yous all.

I will only have one website of course, this one, where I will post everything but for the other Social, they will be split between Yuri relateed content and none-yuri related. Specifically I am talking about Twitter and YouTube.

So, if you are human and have different interests, I have created a YouTube account for none yuri vids and same for twiiter (I know I did this before but things didn’t work out then. Hey, what is life if not filled with failures!)

New YouTube | New Twitter


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Kill Me Please [BR-Movie]

K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.16.56.129 K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.17.00.807
K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_00.47.12.724 K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_00.46.05.517
K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.23.01.273 K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.23.03.285
K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.23.05.067 K.M.P.2015.PORTUGUESE.ENSUBBED.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTG.mkv_snapshot_01.23.16.582

Mate-Me Por Favor

KILL ME PLEASE or MATE-ME POR FAVOR, is a Brazilian Drama (and Horror and Thriller apparently) that centres around our girl Bia and her friends in a small town that is plagued by a serial killer who rapes and kills girls their age but sometimes also goes for men, making this confusing movie even more confusing if we can’t even figure out the true intentions of the killer!

But really, I put the other genres in brackets because this is just a drama with a sprinkle of those other genres. The movie isn’t primarily a thriller nor is it a horror! There’s like, only two scenes which can be considered in the horror genre and the thrills only extended to us knowing there is a killer out there.

Certainly, the girls didn’t seem that afraid nor their other Mates, as if this was the usual occurrence (but it wasn’t) and we never get to meet the killer, unless one is aboard the theory that Bia’s brother is actually the killer given that ending! But even then, you never get to see him be psycho-like, again until that one scene towards the end where he is seen raping and strangling a girl who looked like his dead girlfriend, who also was a victim of the killings.

But anyway, we are not here for that!

We are here for the gays and thankfully the one in question is actually our very own main character Bia!

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