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The Fallen [HK-Movie]


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Holy Frozen Pussy…cats!!!

I…I…I don’t even know where to begin! What do I say? How do I ease you Dear Readers into this movie?!

God, I haven’t been this shook since…since…A SERBIAN FILM, and most similar to THE FALLEN – our resident legend director Park Chan-wook’s famous OLDBOY!


Do not watch these three films unless you think you have seen it all! Unless you have balls or a pussy…cat of steel, don’t even dare go and try to watch these films!

I am not joking around! These are movies that will change you! You will be a different person after watching them from the person you were before you did! Let me put it this way, if you don’t know what 4chan is, let alone what /b/ is, don’t even dare!

Seriously, this is for your own good! These movies are not for the morally straight or easily disturbed!

Me? Unless you are new here, you know I have been places! I grew up on 4chan (and let me tell you, it has become sanitized over the years), have watched crazy Asian movies since I was out of primary school and all three mentioned films I have already watched and this will shock thee but by the time I got to them, I was already numb so to me it was nothing.

But seriously, don’t watch these films unless you know the mentioned two and think you are some badass person.

Don’t go complaining afterwards when you come out of this or those films completely broken! I have warned you! This whole opening piece is a warning!

DO NOT WATCH these films unless you know WTF you are in for!

Now then, if you are ready, let’s jump into another HIT to the solar plexus from Hong Kong.



T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.06.33.681 T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.06.40.698T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.13.21.715 T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.07.02.501
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T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.19.25.280 T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.20.07.565
T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_01.17.52.010 T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_01.19.07.726
T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_00.35.23.415 T.F.2019.CHINESE.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-PTH.mkv_snapshot_01.30.57.775


Those who have been with me for a long time know I am no stranger to HK movies and THESE THREE are only the ones I have written about but I have seen a great deal more from HK. You could say that HK is one of the countries to look out for, for yuri content! Yeah sure, it’s been forever, and hopefully this is a sign that, that side of the world is getting back in business and that Taiwan is cooking up something as well, because it really has been long!

In addition, this is another of those wonderful surprises that I have been stumbling into lately! Seriously, I feel like my luck just peaked this year! Which makes me completely worried for next year because as we all know, the universe has to be balanced, which means I have an equal amount of despair coming my way but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

For now I need to celebrate what I have, almost like life, take one day at a time and celebrate it as if it were your last, eh?

Seriously, I need to work on my focus!

This movie was a surprise! It has actually showed up to me a few times but I have been ignoring it until I ran out of new content to watch and so I decided WTH…Let’s see what happening here! Needless to say, I was so shocked at what I saw my numb heart was sparked with new life, as if I was given an adrenaline shot right into my v-muscle!

I don’t understand the shock actually, like I said, I have seen ASF and OLDBOY and seeing as this movie is actually almost similar to OLDBOY but with a twist, I should not have been that shocked as I was, but  I was!

So, if you know OLDBOY, you know that the big twist was that this old guy was setup by his enemies and he not only fell in love with his own daughter but…yeah… you fill in the gaps! The ending for that film was a very depressing one because the two were left completely broken by the revelation!

Well, guess what happens here?

So, this is not the way the sequence of events happens as they play on flashbacks as a story telling device so we start in the present and things get revealed as time goes by through flashbacks! And so we meet our protagonist, a woman in her forties, her name is Rain. She is an addict but there is a fanciness to her! It turns out she is the prodigal daughter of a dead (not) Drug Lord – The Don. Upon his death, she comes back after disappearing for over 20 years and her reasons for returning are unknown.

She is the only legitimate child of The Don but while the other adopted sons and relatives fight over who will be a successor, Rain doesn’t seem that interested in taking over the business! In fact she seems to be helping the favored son to take over grab the business from the Uncle, who is the other contender for the role. But for some reason Rain is also working for him as if she wants him to take over the business!

It turns out that she is actually working with the HK detectives to take down the operations and Rain has no choice otherwise her citizenship will be revoked as she is officially Thai, having spent her ‘dead’ years there since the incident with her father The Don 20 years or so prior!

So, we know what is going on but then, life isn’t that clear cut, eh?

Enter our other girl Snow. She is the adopted daughter of The Don, or so she believes! She is about 23 years old and all she knows of life is from the internet, with The Don confining her to the house and teaching her by asking her a question and her finding out the answer from searching the internet! Seriously, that was how she grew up!

It is no surprising as The Don raised all of his children that way, in some unconventional way, prepping them to be the heir one day. Rain was also raised differently, she basically grew up learning to make drugs, she is practically the best at the job, even with the 20 yr break!

So, why the 20 year break? Like I said, nothing is simple! When she was about 18 or 19 or maybe Snow’s age, a mole was planted into The Don’s family and he grew closer to Rain and they fell in love. Rain got pregnant from him but when she was about weeks away from giving birth, he was discovered and not only was he crucified Jesus style, he was burned alive, in front of a pregnant Rain.

But the lesson for betrayal did not end there, Rain got the knife in the stomach, yeah, that stomach! The Don had seemingly killed her baby and left her in her Uncle’s hands to dispose of. But luckily the Uncle couldn’t do it and so he smuggled her to Thailand and there she healed and was hiding doing God knows what for 20 or so years!

Again, this is not linear storytelling, these are all WTF surprises we find out later.

Back to Snow, she is caught shadowing Rain and she confesses that she has no interest in what the family or Rain are up to and she promises to keep her mouth shut about what she knows. All she wants to know is more about her father and mother and since no one was saying anything, she would do it herself and so she sought out Rain because she was the real daughter of The Don and thus she figured Rain would know something about him.

It is Snow who Rain tells her story to and that’s how we find out all that history and how she was basically disowned for having eloped with some guy and left behind an empire that she was being crafted for.

The two grow closer, very close indeed. Nay, they fall in love and eventually they do make love! For some reason I really did not expect it to happen! When they had that bed moment and Snow was putting the moves on Rain, I was protesting loudly for her not to do it as she went in for that kiss!

Yeah, don’t waste your time asking, I have no idea what the hell I was doing or what I was so afraid of! I mean, I did not know at that time. Maybe it’s the time gap since we last got a lesbian movie from HK or maybe it’s the cynicism of the current gen, I just thought things would end badly!

Thankfully they did not!

Snow went in for that kiss and she got rewarded with some great sexing for her bravely. The scene was really sweet! And actually, a point to keep an eye on here for later is that Snow paid special attention to the scar on Rain’s belly as she went through all of them and Rain told their story. She kissed that belly scar lovingly, the only she kissed in fact, almost like…but I am getting ahead of myself here!

And the hand holding…Ahh, they were so tender with each other I can’t even…

In fact it seems they do end up together as we see towards the end, which is actually also the beginning of the movie, which can be confusing to some people, but anyway it is The Don’s funeral and all the adopted children and relatives of The Don are there, all fighting over the inheritance instead of paying respects! But one person is missing and girl, does she make an entrance!

The SWAT, or SWAT-like army comes in behind her and lays waste to all in attendance but one!

Snow was up at the podium as it was her turn to give a speech about her adopted father and she watched as her audience turned into floor decoration. Rain comes in all BOSS-like and of course it is raining, it’s RAIN everywhere (stupid I know) and she comes with her umbrella that she extends over the two of them when she gets to a slightly shocked but resigned Snow, as if she is expecting to be killed as well.

And I have to confess, once again I chickened out as I too expected her to be killed, either but a pistol or a knife to the belly! Rain nearly stabbed her at their first meeting and I was afraid that this time it would really happen as Rain at this moment knew the truth about Snow! And yes, I know Snow is…what I will disclose soon, but still, this is that kind of world where dog eats dog, it doesn’t matter If the dog is blood, as we saw what The Don did to Rain, his own flesh and blood!

So, then, what is this big secret I can hear you all shouting!

Well, after that awesome sexing between her and Snow, Rain went to meet The Don. She thought she would be surprising him but he knew all about her. He knew so much about her he already had her in his plans without even her knowing it!

You see, while Rain thought she had the upper hand and that she was going to end this man’s whole career (seriously, that was gist of her plan – and she did succeed by the way), the joke was actually on her!

Snow? Snow was like her dead boyfriend and her dead child’s father, in that she was a mole planted into Rain’s life by her father The Don. But then you might wonder, well, what’s the point? Snow did not do anything to Rain!

Well, here we go, this is the point of no return!

Remember the revenge scene where Rain seemingly lost both her love and her child? Well, turns out that the stabbing was to cut out the baby from Rain (and I have to say that for a premature born, Snow came out really fantastic! That girl is a looker! Ahem) and The Don raised the child as his own but where Rain failed, by developing emotions and eloping off with the enemy (even though she did not know he was), and one does not just run away from that kind of life, just ask John Wick!

Anyway, where Rain failed Snow was to succeed, as the perfect child to take over the business but the Don having died unexpectedly, by Rain’s hands and by his own damn drugs (he was into some shitty drugs then and without Rain, the one he taught the best, the drug had gone impure) and so Rain killed him with his own creation.

Talk about just desserts!

Anyway, his unexpected death meant that no one knew Snow was to be the successor but really, like she said, she wasn’t interested. She was more interested in knowing the world that she was never shown or told about her whole life! This wish of hers is actually granted by the end when we get the two years later jump!

But again, I am getting distracted!

Back to the family gathering, everyone is dead in the family but Rain and Snow and the two are standing under the umbrella and while I half close my eyes thinking this is the end for Snow, because now Rain knows that she is The Don’s real monster who was sent to ruin her farther, even if she was actually her own child she had thought had died those years ago, there is no stabbing or shooting of any kind! What does Rain do instead?

She kisses Snow…lovingly!

My jaw was on the floor! I had to rewind the whole scene from the arrival to that kiss just to make sure I did not miss anything! And I didn’t! Snow still looked resigned to her fate and Rain still kissed her!

I was shook!

Looking at the bar I saw there was still time before the credits so something had to give! There is no way this movie is ending on a happy note! Not after that bomb that The Don dropped as a gatcha!

But the joke was on me, the time jump to 2 years later found Snow experiencing life as she wanted, attending college and with all the bad-girl dyed hair and piercings gone! Rain granted her wish but what is curious is that her name is Rain and not Snow!

That got me thinking that maybe she is actually on a mission and seeing as Rain (and her) are now the Kingpins of HK drug world, maybe Snow was on a mission to take out one of their enemies and she was there to get close to the son of one of their targets, who happens to taken with Snow (who is calling herself Rain).

The movie ends with her reading a letter from Rain, meaning that she really must be on a mission of sorts.

Seriously, I am still processing the fact that we got a HAPPY END in this movie!

The question I still have is if Snow knew that Rain was her mother! Maybe that letter at the end was to explain that? But I doubt it. If she did not know she was her daughter, then what was the reason for her to get close to Rain in the first place? If it was to break Rain psychologically, then she knew she was her daughter! This would also explain the resignation she had during the massacre because she figured that Rain had found out the truth and was coming for her blood!

I mean, the way The Don raised his successors was like machines, without the concept of what was right or wrong, a conversation we see he gives a young Rain as he teaches her to cook meth (disturbing stuff)! So, even if Snow knew, she might have had the concept of the wrongness of that and also explains Rain’s lack of exponential freak-out upon finding out because at the end of the day, she is the daughter of The Don and she too was brought up all wrong!

But still, I still can’t get over the fact that they ended up as lovers anyway even after the discovery!

So now you get it, this is of course just a small part of the whole story as this is primarily a drug lord movie! It has some crazy things in it and some thanks to a stoned Rain! The movie is also shot in confusing way but that is to play off the fact that Rain, the protagonist is high through most of it!

This was a shock to the system that I was not expecting and so it is going into my physical collection!

Oh, hi there YesAsia.com, been a while!

Emperor Motion Pictures, indeed! Only The Emperor has the balls to make this movie in the current climate so a bow to you Emperor Motion Pictures!

Anyway, that is all. If you have made it this far then I guess you are ready to watch the movie.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “The Fallen [HK-Movie]

  1. As soon as the mention of “A Serbian Film” then “Old Boy”, I said to myself: STOP, I don’t want to read more… I MUST see this movie!!

    And I was surprised, very pleasantly surprised… I ABSOLUTELY did not expect this ending.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks…

    I would really like to know the content of the letter. We can at least see the first two lines. If anyone could translate…

    Once again, thank you! You feed me. I hope you can continue like this for a long time.

    • Fear not, only death will stop this train! Yuri is life!
      And it feels so good to know there are those who are like me…a bit. Just brings that joyful feeling to find others that like the same things you do, you know…^_^
      Thanks for always commenting!

  2. 4chan = some forum
    /b/ = keyboard short-cut for bolding a letter
    A Serbian Film = Serbia produces many films, what film are you talking about?
    Oldboy = I heard of the name but never watched it

    Thank you for all the warnings but since it is yuri, I’m going to watch it. Cheers!

  3. can i ask where did you find it in english?

  4. I just read a little and got shocked, then will prepare myself in a ninja-badass training and come back later to watch this !

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