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Make Up [UK-Movie]


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Winner of Best Make Out Scene of 2020!

No, I am not kidding!

But first, as usual I have to begin with a 2020 disclaimer:

This is me today…


My Lovely Readers…

tenor (28)

But 2020 be like…



Jesus Christ, we are not machines! Well, I don’t know about my Readers but I am not a machine, or a god! I am merely human! I can only handle too much greatness in one year for crying out loud! And like 2020 says, we are not done at all! What I believe to be the best has yet to come…actually, cancel it, what I believe to be the best, is already upon us! I am watching it tonight so if I survive, I will be posting about it the day after tomorrow (tomorrow is video day).

M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_00.26.10.721 M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_00.33.27.196
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M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_01.05.47.882 M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_01.07.25.996
M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_01.14.36.744 M.U.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-EVO.mkv_snapshot_01.17.23.222
Just Molly being gob-smakingly cuteful!!!!

So, MAKE UP! No, this is not déjà vu! You have heard of that title before on this blog! But as you might have already guessed, this is not the same movie! Interestingly, just like that movie, this one has a horror bait to it! Sometimes it seems like our main girl Ruth (played by legend in my books – the elegant Molly Windsor) is being haunted or is seeing things! No, she isn’t on drugs!

But I am getting ahead of myself! I need to say out first that, I honestly have no idea how the hell I stumbled upon this hidden gem! From the little research I did after watching it, it seems this movie actually came out last year, well, at least to festivals! It is that kind of indie film and the BFI logo with the simple location and atmosphere should have given that away!

There’s nothing at all in the description about there being gayness in this movie! In fact it simply says that a girl fearing that her long-distance boyfriend is cheating on her, decides to cross country and move in with him at the edge of nowhere! I can serious tell you now that the only reason I decided to check it out was because the cover/poster caught my eye! That’s it!

From now on, I am never under-estimating the power of a poster!

And even then, there was nothing hinting at gayness on it! I swear, sometimes it is a blessing to be in thirst for a celebrity because without Molly, I wouldn’t even have bothered at all! But the poster and then her name, I was like…eh, it’s not like I have a cinema to go to or anything!

I am now thinking of changing my ways of choosing which movies to watch going forward! Like, you all have no idea how small a chance there was in me watching this movie! But enough of that, I have watched it and I am worshipping God for allowing me to come across it so let’s get it on!

Like I said, Ruth moves to the edge of the world (read seaside travelers’ community) to be with her boyfriend of four years (something she thinks is quite impressive as they are very young but Jade just rolls her eyes at her naivete), PS, Jade is our other girl that Ruth meets over there and funnily enough, who Ruth suspects is cheating on her boyfriend with. Oh the irony! Jade is played by Stefanie Martini (Love that name yo, no wonder girls are thirsty for her!)

Long story short, Ruth lives with her boyfriend and tries to start a life over there! She also tries to find out who the girl with the red hair is, who she thinks is the one that cheated with her boyfriend, having found some long red strands and seen him taking to a girl with red hair. In the end she ends up falling for Jade and that is the basic plot! Also, I don’t really care for such matters but since I see the internet making a big deal out of it, and since it might be the reason that some check it out, this little thing was directed, produced, dressed and edited by women!

Yay to girl power?

Now then, with that out of the way, let’s really talk about what makes this movie a gem that shouldn’t be missed!

A good thing is that all the topics that I wish to touch upon are no mystery to my regulars. The first being that I love horror! Horror is my favourite movie genre! And while I said that this movie is horror-bait, what I found interesting was the fact that the prospect of being gay was presented in a horror-like, a kind of haunting if you must, to Ruth! Her finally admitting that she loved Jade was almost like those horror heroines who finally defeat the ghosts and move on with their lives! The movie showing being in the closet as akin to being in hiding from monsters, almost as if in coming out, you would be jumping into a demon’s mouth, that really hit home with me!

You see, and here comes another point of mine – where I love straight girls turning by the end of the story, Ruth was not gay, well, not when we meet her! For crying out loud, she moved thousands of miles to live with her boyfriend, her very first boyfriend of four years!!!! Like, how straight can you get than that!!! And all that because she was jealous someone was cheating with him, not because he loved her so much he asked her to move in with him. Not saying he didn’t, he actually really did love her and I doubt he cheated on her. I have a feeling that if he did, it was with his friend…a boy! We never get concrete evidence but there are three major Sherlock Holmes points!

First, the first time they go out, her boyfriend ditches Ruth for a second and when she goes looking, she finds him playing with his friend, and they look kind of guilty when they see her. Second, the red air might have been a wig, as when she asks the Leader about a red-haired girl, she says she knows no such girl. That wig was found in Jade’s cabin, as she makes wigs but when asked she says she never wears them, only sells them! Interesting, no? Third, when Ruth nearly drowns herself from her nightmares (read gay thoughts about Jade), Jade finds her and gives her the jacket she was wearing and when the friend sees that, he probably says something along the lines of Ruth being gay, which starts a fight as Ruth’s boyfriend can’t have that! Obviously the friend saw his chance to break the two apart!

Look, it was not confirmed but I don’t need spoons full of sugar!

Moving on, the other point is change! I am a sucker for character who meets and change each other and while in this case only Ruth was changed by Jade and not vice-versa, though maybe we can argue that before Ruth, Jade was a lose canon making out with all the girls in the showers like that one time Ruth caught her and that became one of her nightmares as she couldn’t get it out of her mind, the point still stands – Jade changed Ruth and for the better!

Seriously, when you watch the movie you ask yourself why Ruth moved all the way there to be with the guy that she obviously doesn’t feel as strongly, or maybe she does but there is nothing there! All their love-making lacks passion! Ruth might as well be sitting in a boring class as they have sex the way she was bored! The life outside was as equally boring! She obviously didn’t belong there! There was nothing that would have made her life worth it staying there! She literally has to get herself half-way there before getting into bed with her boyfriend! Like, that is just sad!!!

The very first evening she spends with Jade is literally the most fun she had had ever since stepping into that community, I kid you not! Just from that first evening Jade put happiness into her eyes that we first see in her since the beginning of the movie! Jade put happiness into her life and there were no feelings there at all at the time, in fact like I said, Ruth was suspecting Jade to be the girl her boyfriend cheated on her with!

The biggest change of course is that Ruth finally accepted her true self! Maybe the reason she was never happy was because she wasn’t into guys at all, even if she probably did not know it until Jade! The make-out scene, the winner of the best award for this year, was that much precious because for the first time Ruth felt it while making love to someone! She was almost reborn in that scene and the way the movie ends on her happy face contrasting to her sad one in the beginning…


Next point, cinematography, or simply put, the look of the movie! I love beautiful movies! There’s a reason why my videos on YouTube are always in the best quality I can manage! The only exception was Spider Lilies but given that it is my second favourite yuri movie, I just had to settle with a DVD quality seeing as we shall never get a Blu-ray release of that movie, it seems!

I love beauty and this movie is beautiful! Really, all indies are somehow beautiful, which is weird given that they have very little budget and yet someone they manage to bring out the beauty in them! No wonder those movies always win awards!

Anyway, MAKE UP looks beautiful! But wait, the best part is…that’s right, during the make-out scene between Ruth and Jade! Like, I my body was being stimulated from all angles during that scene! The way they used the light from the firework and the complete darkness that can only be seen from end of nowhere places, I was in heaven!

Damn it all, now I have to shuffle my video queue and put this movie forward!!!

I was seriously getting another award at the ready because I thought the movie would actually end on that scene and thus winning itself the BEST ENDING SCENE award but alas, we ended at the shockingly and unreal blue eyes of Molly (Ruth) filled with happiness in the middle of the ocean, after a morning after scene in Jade’s bed to boot!

Like, okay, maybe it is still a contender for that award, but like I said, we have to wait for another gem that is already here before I decide on that award! Though if I am being realistic, given the source material, that coming gem won’t be winning any BEST END awards because I am pretty sure it will be a BAD END. But there’s still hope. There were changes made and hopefully the ending got one too!

Final but not Finis, come the moments! There were not many but hey, this was not a Ruth and Jade movie, it was more about Ruth, and her boyfriend really! In fact, I am in awe we got some concrete scene in here!

Actually, the first moment is during their first meeting! They are in a laundry room and Jade asks Ruth to hand her the bag of bedrolls. She does and Jade gets a shock. She says that to Ruth that she gave her an electric shock! Poor oblivious naïve straight girl Ruth just states the fact that it wasn’t her, it was from the polystyrene. I almost chocked laughing out loud!

Though the first evening Ruth spends at Jade is worth mentioning for the literal sunset they are walking towards as they head to her cabin, and the fact that there was some intense gazes as Jade paints Ruth’s nails (to help her stop biting them, which was the pickup line that got her to come over the first time), it was the second night where things pick up steam!

That second night they nearly kiss as they dance close, half-way drunk, playing with Jade’s wigs, and it is the first time that Ruth really starts questioning her sexuality, or is it? And while Jade says that Ruth did not have to run away that time because she would not have done anything, I don’t believe her either. From that night Ruth’s nightmares get worse!

I say starts questioning or is it, because like most indie movies, it is hard to figure out the timeline of the story! Remember I mentioned that Ruth stumbled upon Jade making out with a girl in a shower? We can never tell when that exactly was because it is shown in one of Ruth’s visions and thus bring us to out next moment! Though not between Ruth and Jade, that scene was the hottest in the damn movie! I have never scene a make-out scene filmed from that angle and it was one of the hottest things I have ever seen! It is of course super NSFW so the caps will be in the gallery or might not be!

I also kind of feared that when Ruth went to the sea at the end, I really thought that she was going to end herself but thankfully she did not! She was almost being reborn, or baptized if you wanna get religious!

Seriously, this is a gem I have no idea how I stumbled upon nor how I missed hearing about!

I failed so hard on this one! But hey, if there are others that didn’t know about it until now, then that lifts my burden a little bit!

And that’s it, totally recommend MAKE UP – written and directed by Claire Oakley!


Author: Black Gekikara

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8 thoughts on “Make Up [UK-Movie]

  1. My friend I don’t know how you keep writing! And such long post! I can barely write one sentence… and it’s been like YEARS XD

    Anyway… I’m back around and this was the first post I checked from your blog!
    I always like how you get excited (or disappointed) about movies and the plot and the twists and everything!

    I’ll try checking it up… soon! I hope! Hope you’re okay!

    And thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. That was… decent.

    I read your article before seeing the movie so I knew what to expect. But I was still tempted to fast forward…

    Stefanie Martini looks a lot older than Molly Windsor so it was also a bit disturbing. But who am I to criticize when A Girl at My Door is in my top 3 ?!

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