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The New Mutants [Review]


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First things first though, if you came for a negative, scathing, childish, rose-coloured lenses, Kansas lived review, I am about to disappoint you and I am not sorry!

I am sure there are a lot of people whose interest in the movie was killed this weekend because of the stupid baseless fury over some insinuated racist attacks that the movie seemingly is giving off and I am sorry for those people for letting some idiots on social media decide for them what to watch and what to not!

What’s worse, they watched and used pirated clips and hand picked some scenes to prove their point when in fact, if you have ever even been remotely at the end of a racist’s attack, you want to cry with laughter at what is considered extreme racism!

I am going to touch on that topic first because it seems it is what most people, who haven’t even watched the movie, have the issue with. So please, bear with me!

I am going to start by pointing out a few things first. One, The characters are mid to late teens, like, 16-18 years old! Second, Illyana, the one that dished most racist comments, is the one who was the most broken and had the worst trauma! Third, she out grew that character of hers by the end of the movie!

With those three points let’s continue, I am not saying that less scathing racist comments aren’t racism and that t isn’t wrong. All levels of racism are wrong but the comments made by Magik are no where near what actions that started the word into existence are! I know this in fact from experience! You all know my username isn’t just because of Majisuka Gakuen, it has a deeper meaning, that being that I am half Irish! When I first came to Dublin, you could literally not walk outside alone! Even when you ere with someone, standing out at the bus stop was a life and emotional threatening! The things I have suffered though have made me at times be afraid to even step outside. So when I see all this rage over some childish comments by a wounded girl makes me shake my head in wonder!

Leaving aside the fact that Illyana’s comments were just that, comments, and that she was just a girl who went through some dark shit (she was a sex slave before she was even ten), and that she outgrew that bitterness by the end of the movie, it makes me scared for humanity where all one does these days is hate and hate and hate and rage! My high school counsellor once told me that I come to appreciate what was happening to me because it would teach me empathy and something more down the line.

Looking at the world now, I am very much aware and understand what she meant. And what does this have to do with the subject at hand? Well, First off, all these keyboard warriors don’t know what actual racism feels like. Second, they did not watch the actual movie or if they did, I don’t know where their minds were because this wasn’t a racist’s shenanigans like they are blaming the director of!

It was in the story, there are racists out there and most of them are young ones, in fact the young ones are the most vicious. But that’s what they are, young! Sure some will never outgrow that mindset but that has more to do with parenthood and community! Illyana, and to an extend Roberto, do outgrow that and it wasn’t that bad. This was the true case of childish misbehaviour! Roberto was obviously a spoiled rich kid and Illyana’s community was probably very racist and that is on top of what she was going through as a child!

When Dani arrives at the institution, there is instant rival animosity but she doesn’t take it lying down. She fights back but not with the same methods and eventually she wins Magik over and we know that Roberto is actually a softie on the inside just playing a tough guy!

To me the movie was showing a flaw in humanity, a flaw that was fixed by the end of the movie from simple human interaction and empathy. You felt bad when Illyana was being racist? That was the point! And if you were human, you should have felt sorry for her and forgiven her by the end of the movie, like I did and the people that I was with, hearing their conversation after saying how it was pretty good movie, did too!

The movie wasn’t out to promote racism, it was teaching a lesson and if all you took out of it was the racism part and thinking the movie did wrong, I am sorry to say that the problem is not with the movie!

Yes indeed, I hated Illyana at the start of the movie and really if I am being honest, I never understood what everyone was all gah-gah about her all this time even before the movie came out but when the movie ended, I not only felt for her but I loved her, just like I loved every character in the movie, that includes both the Doctor and the damn villain bear itself in fact!

Which transitions me nicely into the point of why my Readers came here in the first place, this movie is a gem and I can’t wait to own it on physical! I only pray that they include the Director’s or extended cut because it was so obvious that the movie was cut down tremendously! I don’t know the reason because if it was to get it down to PG 13 from R, they failed miserably! This movie is super hardcore! Dr Reyes is the villain who has met the worst end since I can remember, nay, since that Dude in Lady Vengeance! Seriously, I felt super sorry for her! No one deserves to go out like that, even if she tried to kill my favourite character!

Speaking of, this is the first time since Homura in Madoka I think, that the main character has been my favourite character! Yes, Homura is still the damn main character! Just like God in the bible, the story might revolve around Madoka and God by they are never the main characters in the stories within!

Anyway back to the movie, I loved Dani from the moment I first learned of this movies years ago and after watching it, she is still my favourite! But that being said, all the characters are loveable! Sam is just a sweet heart and Rahne is…let’s just say, she is the one that Dani deserves!

And speaking of those two, the only real reason I was interested in this movie in the first place, but not the only one why I love it now, there was no sugar coating going on in this movie about them! I was so shocked frankly speaking! I was so not expecting that much gayness of them! Heck, I didn’t even think they would kiss! And oh! Did they kiss!!!

The New Mutants joins the heavy hitters of 2020 and cement this year as the greatest year in yuri history with Dani and Rahne (hopefully not) closing out the year! Seriously, if one doesn’t believe in the law of the universe, in that everything is balanced, I am sorry to hear that but I do! I feel like this year has been balanced, for me personally! Sure it’s hell out there but on the inside, maybe I am the only one but on the inside, I feel balanced!

I think Dani and Rahne kissed like three times or maybe four and every time I was in awe still haven’t recovered from the first! I really didn’t expect any kisses at all and I commend the trailers for not using that as a selling point and spoiling them for us! They just started a relationship and ended in a relationship! There were no unnecessary drama getting in the way and there was no pussy-footing or getting cold feet anywhere to be seen!

My only complaint about them, really, about the whole movie, is the issue I have already given, the movie was obviously cut down! In cutting it down, we missed the meat of the story! This did not make the story messy as it is still very easy to follow but we lost time to get connected with the characters more.

This affects Dani and Rahne is that they go from 0-60 in like, 10 minutes where there was obviously more things that went on for them to get to that point and in that it felt rushed, their relationship and the only thing that saved it was the fact that it wasn’t just shoe-horned in and it actually survived till the end of the movie and was part of the story!

In the yuri side, the movie delivered! In the story side, it fell short because of the trimming and there was a little too much of child dialogue. But other than that, everything else was just great! You know me, I love horror! Horror is my favourite genre (I don’t consider yuri/lesbian a genre) and this movie was that, horror!

Seriously, I still can’t believe this was PG13! When you watch it and see poor Dr Reyes’ fate, you will know what I mean! But that’s just the things you can see, the emotional or psychological parts were also equally as terrifying in their own way! For example, Illyana’s story was just so wretch inducing! She was so traumatised she pulled a BabyDoll (Sucker Punch) and created a fictional world where she would retreat in to escape the evil that was happening to her in the real world! She literally replaced the men who did horrible things to her with monsters and if you have seen the trailers, those slenderman-like things were those men that she turned into monsters!

Then there is Rahne’s nightmare! God, priests have never been scary! And poor Roberto, forever scarred emotionally and probably will never have a girlfriend because he is afraid he will burn them alive during intercourse like he did his first girlfriend! And don’t get me started on Sam! I am surprised he survived until the end and thank God he did otherwise I would have rioted!

Seriously, this movie is so good! The story is easy to follow, the effects are top notch both visual and audio! I am still mad this wasn’t put in IMAX because it was on one of the smallest screen in the cinema and only one so there was no choice! But even then, the SFX were magnificent and thankfully the picture was still in big format which will be a spectacle when we get those 4k blurays down the road (when Fox?!)

So all in all, I am frikkin happy about this movie! I am getting it in my limited collection! I am envious of you Americans who get to witness this in IMAX and I pray that they release the UNCUT version with the bluray! It is so obvious it was cut down and while they still managed to keep the story streamlined, it was too much water-down! Put some meat back on that bone and throw it down my throat Fox!!!!

Very recommended!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “The New Mutants [Review]

  1. Thank you.
    I loved the movie but reading so much negativity from critics or on social media depressed me a bit.
    We finally have a lesbian love story in a Marvel movie, with a Native American on top of that !! It should have been a day of celebration, not hate.
    Thanks again for your words !! It’s nice to read.

    I have already pre-ordered the 4K steelbook edition.

    PS: And if you haven’t seen it yet, here is an indie video game that you might like…

  2. Sixteen Shoukougun. I leave it here for you.

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  4. I just watched it and I immediately thought of your blog again! At first I didn’t wanna give it a try since I only saw pictures that seem to be queervaiting and suoerhero films aren’t really my thing but when I saw recently that it was a superhero horror film, I became more intrigued and finally gave it a try. What you said fits perfectly. “And speaking of those two, the only real reason I was interested in this movie in the first place, but not the only one why I love it now-“. Like, I said that I’m gonna watch this mainly because of Dahne and the horror part but then, with all its flaws, this movie is now probably my favorite film now. Illya’s really cool too and Dahne is just, AAAAAHHHHHH. They’re so cute together!

    • Came back from seeing a lot of YouTube comments and people seem to only focus on Magik and Anya Taylor-Joy. She is a great actress and her character was really cool and I loved her character but it’s sad to see almost no appreciation for other characters…. Dani is also my fave character along with Rahne especially with their personalities.

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