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Teenage Bounty Hunters [Netflix]


I feel an overwhelming urge to…ravage you!

Line of the year, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Okay, I know that 2020 is going down in history as one of the worst years for humanity but we have to face another truth of 2020 – It is hands down the most feasting year in the history of the community!

Go on, count the gems that we’ve gotten so far this year, and we still have 4 months to go! I know this has been a shit year but it has also provided for us of the community!

Another of said feasts, courtesy of Netflix, once again, is this teen series TEENAGE BOUNTY HUNTERS.

You know, I was this close to not even watching this series because the trailer didn’t give anything away. Then I learned that the girls were twin sisters and you can imagine my enthusiasm then…none existent it was!

But I had nothing to watch and my PC is dead so I scheduled it anyway, but even then I had to wait days until I had literally nothing left on my phone to watch it!

But the battle was only starting! Upon watching I almost dropped the thing after the first episode but again, I had nothing else to fall back on so, I fought on…And let me tell you that the feeling of being rewarded after sacrifice of precious time, suffering through het after het after het, that feeling never gets old!

Especially if the main character, or one of the major characters is the one that delivers, especially when they start out with boyfriends then they end up with girlfriends!

It’s a heavenly feeling, it is!

Unfortunately, while I’m tired of beating a dead horse, I need to say it once again, fuckin stop chopping series in half FFS! Why can’t writers and directors these days just fuckin finish an arc or the story instead of ending it in the fuckin middle of scene as if it was a transition or end of an episode?!

It’s the frikkin end of the goddamn season, or series if you never get a sequel!

Just, stop this nonsense already…fuck!

Yes, this series too ended on that bulshit and what’s worse, our girls also got to suffer for that bullshit! Well, they suffered because of shit story-telling but now we have to wait and wonder about their future like the damn series in general!

Now, this isn’t new so of course it isn’t that anger-inducing, what is, is the way our girls’ relationship was frikkin left! Oh, you are so not ready for this! Streets would burn for this fuckery!

So, Sterling, one of the twins that are our protagonists, starts out straight, she is dating the school alpha joke, who is actually really nice and I like him. She is all proper and good where her sister is rough and the one I thought might be gay.

Sterling has a rival at school in a even more proper a Catholic – April. The two are enemies but we find out they have a past and were close until an incident.

Anyway, circumstances get them to make up a little bit and coincidentally, Sterling is having boyfriend problems after her having sex with him gets out, in a Catholic school. They both lose their status and as such Sterling explores other options in other guys with tips from her sister.

But while she smooches every guy on the opposing debate school teams, none do anything for her libido other than help her lose some stress and it is not until April all but just touches her arm, and Sterling libido is sent into overdrive!

She literally faps at the thought of April just touching her bicep! I kid you not!

She had never done that before, nor has she ever reached nirvana…if you know what I mean…

I don’t mean to brag but I actually knew something was about to happen between April and Sterling after that arm touching scene. Though I did not expect Sterling walking to the school closet right then and there and fapping at the thought of April’s hand on her arm.

It was intense!

Anyway, they got together after that, in secret of course but things were looking great! I was on cloud 9! I was like, now this is how you do a relationship! Not that CURON bullshit where you go from 0 to 60 in the first episode only things to blow up two episodes later!

Alas, little did I know what was about to come was even worse than what happened in that series!

I don’t care what the reason was, we were never even showed how terrible April’s dad was so we don’t know but her fuckin flirting with Sterling’s ex, after coming out clear as day that she was gay and she knew she was gay without a doubt since grade 2, and then ignoring Sterling on the day they were supposed to play with the petals ( hehehe) then flirting with her ex.

That’s a fuckin no no!

But wait, it gets better ( worse really), that Sterling then decides for some reason that it was the right moment to get back with her ex and kissing him right after her and April speak!

And did I mention that the series ends the exact same episode?!

Can you like, fuckin believe that shit?!

Ha….look, I love April and Sterling and if they do get a second season, I will be all over them but if they don’t, I won’t cry any tears for them either!

Like, this is on the writers! Their conflict at the end was the bulshitiest bulshit I have ever seen! It was clear that April was lost but her pain was lost in the air like the unseen faults of her Dad of her Dad’s that we were never shown to warrant such a 360! Sterling fuckin making out with her ex, who had just asked if it was okay to ask April out, was also a fuckin shit show of writing!


Anyway, my fingers are getting tired from typing on my phone so I’m calling it quits! But God, if this doesn’t come back in a second season and if April and Sterling don’t work out, what a fuckin waste!

They were pretty cute together, as you see in the pics…

Oh well, it’s not like we are starved in 2020, like I said.


Author: Black Gekikara

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3 thoughts on “Teenage Bounty Hunters [Netflix]

  1. The masturbation scene in wich Sterling thinks of April is the only event that held my attention. Sterling’s reaction when she realizes what’s going on was awesome!
    But everything else is boring (humor, characters, stories, etc.) and the “season finale” is only good for the trash.
    I held out ten episodes, and I’m not even rewarded?!!!

    If you have time, I invite you to take a look at “Don’t Look Deeper”.
    It’s a series directed by Catherine Hardwicke.
    It’s on Quibi. The episodes (14 in total) don’t last long (7-9 minutes).


    • Hi Nilya, thanks for visiting and commenting!
      Yeah, I felt the same way about the series. It felt half-baked. The Bounty hunting wasn’t realistic at all nor enough of and the fact that no one was happy at all by the end of the season was just bleh…

      Thanks for the recommendation too. Don’t know what this quibi is or 8f it’s available in my country but I’ll check it out.


  2. Wait, I’ve seen that series. Literally just finished it the other day 😅

    Cheers though

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