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Warrior Nun [Netflix Series]


Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_27.57.926 Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_28.01.319
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Warrior.Nun.S01e03.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_33.13.222 Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_27.49.181

They are so END GAME

You can quote me on that, despite the fact that Ava (the lead) spent most of her time drooling and eventually hooking up with Mr Nice Dick and also the cancer that is effecting current series, especially the streaming series where producers think that literally cutting the story in half will guarantee them a sequel!

Like, stop that!!!

What’s wrong with entertainment business these times?! That is not how you win audiences over!! Have you been living in a ditch where you did not see great shows being cancelled after a single season despite being great!? There are no guarantees for sequels, and it is even harder now given the lack of resources due to the global situation facing the world!

Stop telling half stories! If people don’t feel satisfaction with the first attempt because the story was lacking given that there was no resolution because you are saving it for a sequel, that’s going to hurt your chances at that sequel even more!! For crying out loud, just tell at least a sub-plot and get it done! At least give the viewers of the first season something to appreciate and be thankful for wasting their time watching!!!

I really hate this trend! This very series did just that, and even worse than most! They literally cut the season off right in the middle of a boss battle!!!! Like, What the flying frack!?!

But if I am being honest, I am not writing about this because of the damn plot! It’s always about the gay! I watch things for other reasons but never write about any other reason! Sadly though, the cancer, as expected, also got into our business!!

Warrior.Nun.S01e03.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_19.53.740 Warrior.Nun.S01e03.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_19.55.089
Warrior.Nun.S01e09.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_26.53.624 Warrior.Nun.S01e09.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_08.02.883
Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_12.17.344Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_28.21.995 Warrior.Nun.S01e08.1080p.web.h264-fiasco.mkv_snapshot_11.34.766

So, about our girls Beatrice and Ava! Why did I even think there was a chance for them given what I said about Ava? You know, the fact that she was head over heels in lust for Mr Nice Dick? Well, you will just have to take my word on this but I just get the feeling you know! I call it my yuri-sense! I don’t mean to brag but I am super proud of it actually! It has done me wonders in the past believe me! If you have been here long, you should have solid evidence already!

It was so strong that even with strong shields against me in the first few episodes, I still believed! I did not skip even a second of any episode! You see, sometimes my faith is tested and I have to fast-forward through some scenes just to see if I am right! This time though, I did not! Sure it might have had something to do with the fact that I love the genre as well but sometimes that doesn’t help!

Hell, I wasn’t even disturbed by Mr Nice Guy! In fact I actually liked him and even when he might return in the second season to put up a fight for Ava given that they did not technically break up (Ava just ran off), I am actually anticipating him! It will make things interesting anyway! What’s better than a girl and a boy fighting over the girl!?! Makes the victory that much more delicious!

Souma everyone?

I can see a lot of people making a case against me on this given that there wasn’t that much content between Beatrice and Ava but really, unless you are a n00b, the signs were all just there! Other than Mother Superior and Father Vincent, and only because they had read her file, no one knows of Ava’s past of being paralysed from the chest down after her accident that killed her mother when she was 7! It was only Beatrice that she told her story too, that she trusted with her trauma, given that her greatest fear is if the power she got from an Angel’s halo is what’s allowing her to live a normal life and that were she to lose it, she might either return to being dead or crippled!

Beatrice to, from what Father Vincent said of her secrecy, I am believe she hasn’t told anyone why she became a Nun and I doubt they would all be so welcoming were they in the know but she did come out to Ava about her past which makes THE MOMENT happening after this fact all that much more important and nuclear ammunition for my hopes!

I am not talking about the scene where Ava broke down into a unsuspecting Beatrice’s arms (and the only time she cried in front of and in the arms of someone) or the fact that she has fallen into Beatrice’s arms 3:0 with Beatrice’s odds against every other person, heck, even Mr Nice Dick didn’t get any arms fall like that! What he did get though was the monologues that for some reason were absent in the scenes with Beatrice! Damn it that was a downer! I wanted to see her inner feelings during those scenes! Oh well, I will take it as proof that their development is the real deal!

More ammunition for me!

Nay, the scene I am talking about is during their training to get Ava to phase through meters of concrete and there was not just one moment during that training! Before we got to the scene in question, they had another moment where Beatrice’s fetish with caressing Ava’s face first surfaced! But the layman would not think anything of it!

But after Beatrice’s confession, to those who could not put two and two together, Beatrice basically came out as being gay! Her parents shipped her off to catholic school to ‘straighten’ her out and the faith stuck with her! It was reading about the previous bearer of the Angel’s halo, who was also gay but unfortunately during the Nazi reign, that Beatrice got emotionally affected and she had to come clean because she kind of went off on Ava.

So, now that Ava knew that Beatrice was gay, though now that she is a Nun, it kind of doesn’t mean anything, right, but the moment happens after the fact! They are in middle of training and Ava’s fears get to her while she is inside the concrete block but Beatrice talks her out of it and when she comes out on the other side, Beatrice is waiting for her and for the third time, she ends up in Beatrice’s open arms! But this time, this time there is THAT MOMENT!

I am of course talking about the NOW KISS moment! Like, there wasn’t even a BUT about it! Maybe the BUT could be given form in Ava’s case during the scene but it doesn’t matter, Beatrice did all the heavy lifting and really, it might just be Ava’s bad acting, really, even when she was with Mr Nice Dick, she really didn’t show love emotions well! The sad emotions, she is A class but for the others? Not so much!

Like there was eye sex, there was Beatrice’s prolonged Ava face caressing thingie and there was the throat clearing as well! Like, there was no BUTs about the scene! I was literally shouting out “You’re a Nun now Beatrice” out loud! It was that loud!!!

But unfortunately, that was the climax of the two in the whole series just like the main plot, the series for some reason saw time to waste on irrelevant things instead of driving the plot! It was very maddening! Who knows if we will be getting a second season?! And this is Netflix we are talking about!?!! If it were another country then a sequel would definitely be in the book but with American Series, you can never be sure! And given the shitty way they ended the series, with that shitty twist of Father Vincent turning out to be the traitor and the Angel turning out to be Evil, it all just felt, meh!

They really chose the wrong place to end a season! Like, that’s not how you frikkin do it!

Oh well, I got a ship out of this so I am happy! I am sure there will be fics to keep me company anyway, until we get that sequel and Ava and Beatrice get their HAPPY END!

Mark my words!


Author: Black Gekikara

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4 thoughts on “Warrior Nun [Netflix Series]

  1. The introduction was too long. Far too long for what has been said.
    And you can’t end a season like this… But they did!
    My favorite character is Sister Beatrice. And if that should happen, I would very much like to see her go out with Sister Camila.
    Ava left me indifferent…

  2. I do think that the other sisters know why she became a nun. In one episode, when Beatrice said that she came to the church to save her eternal soul or sth, Mary replied with sth like oh so that’s what you’re saying now. And then when Camila gave her the book specifically on Melanie’s section, I think her saying that part may help is about both helping Ava tap her pain or sth to phase through 20 ft of stone and to help Beatrice come to terms with herself. Idk, it may not be it but it still felt like they knew. Still happy to see the emotional confession with Ava tho but I still hate her for what she did for the first five episodes. If Lilith wasn’t revived I’d seriously take the halo out of her myself.

    • I had the same feeling with Camilla but I figured Mary was just teasing her given that they kill people so their souls are in question…

      Depending on what happens next, Ava will be forgiven. Kind refreshing to have a not so nice Lead

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