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What better way to kick off Pride Month 2020 than with a movie that about just that, finding and coming to terms with pride in one’s self!

ELOÏSE actually came out in 2009 and sadly, I have only come across it earlier this year but I guess it is kind of good because if I had, not that it changes anything, 2007-2009 was just so not fair in terms of the amount of content that we got compared to other years, especially foreign content! Interestingly, Diana (who plays Asia) just had a Netflix series come out and I swear, she hasn’t changed a bit in these 11 years! Like, how?!!

Anyway, this movie is so good! Unfortunately I still cannot find a HD quality of it which is why I have been waiting to write about it and from the looks of things, I won’t be able to so we might as well whip it out to kick of pride month 2020!

PS: This is NSFW!!!


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So Hot!!!

The title is actually a name of a character but not the main character like you might expect! Actually in that regard it reminds me of Madoka Magica where really, Homura is the main character but the show is named after Madoka (Funny story is that the Creator kept reminding the Production team who the main character was because no one thought it was Madoka)!

The real main character in this movie is actually Àsia not Eloïse. The story starts in the future, or present time, then goes back in the past until we get to the current time where Àsia is lying in the ICU and what looks like her boyfriend and her mother there with her! The movie plays this time-line card during the ending which leaves all of us confused at to what the true ending is!

I am sure though that most will come away with Àsia being dead, given the emotions of her mother and Eloïse but those more optimistic will come away with the view that Àsia actually survived and that had run away from the hospital with the help of Eloïse so they could run away together later on to see their ideas of eloping come to fruition!

Unfortunately, given the confusing ending of the two taking a bus ride somewhere both looking so happy, hard facts keep the illusion at bay, the facts being that Àsia was so bad she had been in a 3 hour long surgery which had come when she was still unconscious from the accident! Given that it seemed not a lot of hours had passed since we saw Àsia’s mother asking the nurses about Àsia’s surgery and her talking to Eloïse outside (given that she was still in the same clothes and everything) and that when we see Àsia coming out of the surgery she is still unconscious and the doctors refused to give a report to her mother right there, shows that things might have ended real bleak for Àsia!

Also given the fact that her mother who was totally pissed at Eloïse met her with such controlled emotions, or more like, resigned emotions, means that something happened that just made her to ‘care’ anymore!

Yeah, no matter which way you slice it that ending was just a dream but I give them props for keeping it blurred enough that those who argue that Asia is stillalive, can also still be right! Given that some of the flashbacks were dreamlike in appearance in Àsia’s past, I can only think that the ending was what Àsia dreamed of in her last moments. And since the timeline was no linear, they can very well show Àsia’s dream after she is dead and since it is the end of the movie, kind of like an after credit, then it works even better!

Are you new here? Sorry but that is the way I work! Spoilers come with the territory on this blog! Sorry about that!

But enough of that, let’s get with the beef of the story!

Eloïse is my bread and butter of story and content! I love a story with a challenge to the characters or character and if it involves a fight between being straight and being gay or having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, then the spice is peak greatness! Yes sure there are couples who have it easy, who both know who they are and are not afraid to show and share their feelings with one another and the world around them is supportive and loving!

But let’s be honest, that rarely happens in real life and really, wouldn’t make for an interesting story! And so while it hurts watching the alternative stories and they might leave us raging on the inside, they are closer to home and it is from them that we can learn something from in order to cope with our problems!

Eloïse is such a movie! You see Àsia is as straight as the Eiffel tower when we meet her though, her instant interesting Eloïse as soon as she lays eyes on her put a bit of a cloud in her sunny world! Àsia is such a normal girl! Well, normal high class girl I should say! Her life is articulate and well managed, by her mother! She is literally on alarm! She has a certain amount of time to start, to sleep, to do anything!

She also gets herself a boyfriend and they seem good together to the point that even as he kind of cheated on her that one time, I couldn’t hate the guy! He was so mice Àsia’s family was all in for him, even though her Grandfather did notice that something was off and he gave her choice and wise words that it was her life and she made the choices!

Of course it wasn’t as easy and even by the end of the movie, Àsia hadn’t broken up with him and in fact he did not even know who Eloïse was! But that does not mean that Àsia had not made a choice! In fact her death came as a result of that choice she had made!

You see Eloïse walked in on Àsia and her mother having a fight over her! But just like clockwork, Eloïse had to walk in at the wrong moment where she missed the way Àsia had fought for her! She ran away and Àsia ran after her! She even ignored her boyfriend who was there at the door way calling out for her because all that was on her mind was Eloïse! She ran and ran and ran blindly after Eloïse until she ran right into oncoming traffic!

Fate can really be cruel sometimes, huh! Just as Àsia had finally made a choice! Just as she had chose Eloïse her life is put to an end! And what of poor Eloïse, what was she feeling after that incident, to know that she was the reason that Àsia died! And what of Àsia’s mother! What did her death do to her! She had warned Àsia to stay away from Eloïse and while her fears might have been about something different, it still was a truth that Àsia died because of Eloïse! Eloïse that she had warned her to stay away from!


But while this might seem such a bleak movie, the rest of the movie is straight A’s! It was almost perfect, if only they had made the ending very clear, better yet a GOOD END but I get it, we already got all the GOOD stuff in the rest of the movie! Seriously, this movie did not hold anything back! Àsia’s growing attraction to Eloïse, the battle with her feelings towards her and her finding out if she liked girls, her still trying to fight both sides as she also did love her boyfriend and eventually having to choose and that choice being the final and most important in her life!

So good!

I would rather spoil the ending than spoil the meat of Eloïse and Àsia’s moments in this movie so you will have to watch it for yourselves to see! They were so frikkin good together! This movie really deserves a Bluray Remaster because it is just so good!

And since it is very old and the DVDs are kind of had to get, I will leave a present at the bottom.

With that said, see ya around and have a great Pride Month 2020!



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  1. first love movie, cute!
    one thing I really liked about the film is the language
    thanks for sharing!

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