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To The Stars [Movie]


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I am not sure if it’s just me but almost 50% of content that I’ve seen this year has all been set in the 90s. Why is that?! Are creators out of ideas to come up with stories that can happen in present day?! I mean, it’s not new, in the 80s and 90s movies were all about the future and now movies are about the past, like, why?! Are all really that scared to tackle current issues?!

Then again, with the media out with sickles whenever that happens unless you are Christopher Nolan (the reason Zack Snyder is so hated), though in Chris’ case, he too is about to be tested with TENET given the issues seen from the trailers and them being about the current times (albeit with some dash of fantasy).

But that is not the point of this post!

Today we are talking about a movie TO THE STARS, that apparently came out in Jan 2019, though it was only at Film Festivals and only became widely available in April 2020. This movie, just like I have said in the previous post, also granted one of my wishes, which was to see Liana Liberato in a actual goodness to God lesbian role! And it certainly delivered! That is the reason why I am not even mad at the way things played out! Another reason this was probably set in the 90s, because they could get away with the reactions in the movie about gayness!

Not being one to beat around the bush, and again telling you new comers that when you read a post on here, expect spoilers because I am assuming you have seen the movie, I am just giving my opinion on it! That’s what I do anyway, if a site I follow talks about a movie, all I need is a title and then off I go to watch it before I read the posts!

Maggie Richmond (Liana’s character), kills herself because of the homophobia in this home town. At least that is the implication because the body is never found but they do find her dress in that special lake of her and Iris’. The phobia was so big that Maggie’s family moved around a lot just so Maggie couldn’t get attached to anyone or to get her to change her ways, to fix her. Whenever she was out too late she would get beat by her father because that was such a leash she was on!

The hate was so strong that Hazel (played by Adelaide Clemens) the resident hairdresser, had to fake her relationship to her dead brother as her late husband just so people would not ask questions as to why she was single, because in actuality she was gay and had come to this remote town to ‘hide’.

Things were so bad that the whole town literally came out with torches to burn down Hazel’s house when they found out that she was gay when she slept with Maggie and got caught! This might seem like exaggeration, and maybe it is for fiction purposes for this movie, but I can see it happening in real life. I am not originally from Ireland and where I was born, people would be set on fire for simply stealing food! Now imagine doing something considered immoral!

So, why am I talking about Hazel when the post should be about Maggie and Iris our girls? Well, unfortunately, really unfortunately, Iris ends up being straight and that probably made a lot of people actually ship Hazel and Maggie because hello, they had awesome sex and made out without shackles but if you’ve been here for a while, you know I am not that simple a person! I am kind of a masochist,  I guess! No regrets though!

Also you all know my sickness of usually shipping the wrong couple and once I set my sights on a ship, no matter what happens down the road, I never change it! Reason why I am not into  that Fort Salem ship everyone is into! And as such I ship Iris and Maggie over Maggie and Hazel! You see, the way I look at it is that it was Maggie’s fault that her and Iris did not work out! Seriously, Iris did everything she could to be there for Maggie but that girl just made everything impossible! I understand that she was in total freak-out mode because her secret was out and her well crafted lie was crumbling down but come the hell on! And if you were so afraid, then why go and make out with Hazel in the first place?!! That mistake is what even cost both of you your futures!

The moment she came out when they were in Iris’ bedroom, the moment when Maggie finally fell into temptation and kissed Iris as she was comforting her, sure it was a shock to Iris but she handled it so well! She was willing to listen to Maggie. She begged her not to go but Maggie was not listening! Sure I can forgive her for that moment because her state of mind was just…boosh! But then afterwards she started to be a bitch to Iris, who was only trying to be there for her and let Maggie talk to her but Maggie was just so stubborn!

If only she had believed in iris! If only she had talked to Iris! If only she had tried to work things out and at least fight for iris! But for no viable reason, she instead went to Hazel, a woman much older than her, a woman who also had a lot to lose! Now of course maybe she did that because it was easier? I don’t see how though! Some can argue that since Hazel wanted it too and she was a lesbian but it is not like Iris outright rejected Maggie! She never gave her the chance!

And that is the point!

Iris understood Maggie more than anyone did! She saw through all her lies the very first time they met! With Iris, Maggie was happier than we saw her otherwise! Iris was good for her! One would think that she would fight to keep that, at the very least even as friends! But no!

Ah, that being said, the movie is good because of all this! Sure it is an easy gimmickry to pull at our heart strings with stories like this but it still doesn’t change the fact that our soul is moved never the less! You feel for Maggie and the people who had to go through that so we could come to the state we are in now! Sure not everything is roses everywhere but we have come a long way since then! We should always remember our past so we should do all it takes to not repeat those mistakes!

And that is all for today!


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4 thoughts on “To The Stars [Movie]

  1. I can’t be the only who think Liana Liberato and Adelaide Clemens kiss scene feels a bit underwhelming and disappointing, I was expecting a full make out though :/

  2. Have you seen Killing Eve? I think you should watch it! It’s amazing (first season)

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