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Little Fires Everywhere [HULU-Series]

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Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;28;18.947
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;14;18.015 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;18;18.563
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;08;22.352 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;07;56.834
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;22;44.078 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;17;53.937
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;28;08.186

Isabelle x April

Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;44;28.097
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 12;48;23.711 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 12;47;32.023
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;56;44.514 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;57;50.629
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;54;13.000 Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 05;23;40.051
Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;58;48.648

Pauline x Mia

Isabelle Marie Richardson is the best lesbian character of 2020!!

Yes, I watched THE HALF OF IT and I said what I said! Ellie was great but she lacked many a thing and Izzy has got it all. Well, Ellie might have had a happier ending but since she too went off somewhere, can it be considered a HAPPY END?

This series though…LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE might be the IT series of the year! It hits right in the FEELs and it might have taken the award had it not been for some characters and their actions being blown waaaaay (Yes, those are 5 As) out of proportion!

Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E07.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 01;26;33.461 - 00001Little.Fires.Everywhere.S01E06.2160p.WEB.h265-NiXON.mkv - 15;45;21.351

Let’s start with those bad things. First off it’s Pearl, Mia’s daughter! She got away with so much shit she shouldn’t have! And Mia, like why did she let her?! She sure didn’t let the other girls who weren’t her daughters, get away with anything! How did she parent them better than Pearl?! Yeah, some might see her being lenient with Pearl as ‘good’ but it wasn’t! And the deal with Pearl and the Richardson kids, I totally hated that dynamic! Yes she is young but come the fuck on!

And of course how can I talk about the bad without mentioning our lesbians!! Not only did Mia’s love story end tragically, like, she literally got a double whammy when not only her brother died (a funeral her parents refused her to attend) but her first and only love Pauline died too…of cancer! So, not only did we already get that BAD END but then in the current time, our girl Izzy also frikkin got the bucket of shite! She was bullied, her girl/friend did the worst thing a lover can do and even then I still understood! It was a delicate moment! But that shit went on till the very end even after Izzy and April (the girlfriend in question) had a seemingly meaningful talk! In the end Izzy skipped town! A fourteen year old skipped fuckin town!!?

Okay, back to positive energies…All being said and done, this series won points for pushing it’s characters to tackle really complex problems and what was even better was that there were no simple solutions because there really should and there isn’t simple solutions to these problems and seeing the series taking them as seriously as they should be…really, I love the series for it! It got my respect in that regard!

A lot of characters were unlikeable, nay, almost every was unlikeable at a point, even though I still think Izzy was frikkin perfect, and while that grates on your nerves, it shows how so real and well the characters were written! Mia too I guess you could say she was one of the good likeable ones but like I said, sometimes she was just too much, especially in her adult life! When she was still a student, she was practically perfect!

Speaking of Mia brings me to another good thing I love about this series! When you have seen many normal relationships sometimes you want a bit of spice and in this case giving us a Student/Teacher relationship was a welcome breath of fresh air because it had that forbidden taste to it! What was more was how so naïve and new to those feelings Mia was at the time which made the whole thing all that much more delicious! It sucks the way that ended because I really loved her and Pauline! They were the perfect couple! But Pauline just had to go and get cancer and Mia just had to go and elope with the surrogate child she was carrying (Pearl), whose parents she told the baby had died.

Yeah, that took major points from Mia which left just Izzy as the best damn character on this show! Not only was she the realest person, but she was an artist (those gothic artists you know from the 80s and 90s), she played in a damn orchestra, she had a killer style, she just pure frikkin cool I tell ya!! I am surprised no girls were falling at her feet like…

Speaking girls falling for Izzy, her childhood friend April was also her girlfriend. When the series starts there is obvious tension between the two but we don’t find out what it’s all about until episode 7!! And just like Mia’s love, it was also in a damn flashback!! Another relationship in the past!! Turns out that the two were so tight they might have even got all the way multiple times but one fateful night, when April invited Izzy to one of her other friend’s parties, shit just went to hell!

Playing the spin the bottle (all the rave in the 90s I guess. Now I want a game with EVERYTHING SUCKS cast and this cast. It would be killer!), Izzy’s spin lands on April (totally giving me Emaline/Kate flashbacks) and while Izzy tries to spin again, they end up in the closet and they end up making out. Only for the pigs to open the doors on them and in the panic of the moment April puts everything on Izzy!

It was the bitchiest of moves but I understood April mental state at the time! Remember, they were 13 at that time! What I can’t stand though is the fact that April did not feel enough guilty that she had to continue giving Izzy shit even to the present day!

And that’s where the series lost me! You had two threads! Why did you have to end both of them badly!?! If they are telling us that there will be a season 2, and maybe Izzy and April will makeup, they sure did a poor job umping up people for a second season! The only way I see us getting a second season with the same characters is because of Izzy! I really don’t understand that ending because it seemed like she had gotten into Mia’s car but the last time we see them when they visited Pearl’s parents’ house, she wasn’t in the car!

The only way I see that season happening is if Izzy when to meet with Mia, who then brings her back home eventually and thus they too coming back! And since I am sure Izzy’s mother must have gotten back her senses at the time, there would be better days between the two! I still wish though that Pearl frikking decides to not date any of the Richardson sons because that was just…not okay!

But the best thing, the very best thing was the quality of this show! And with that of course I mean the quality of the makeout scenes! Mia and Pauline’s love scene was basically a piece of art! Something befitting of real artists that they were! And while April and Izzy’s was a hellish pile of blur, it too was miles better than 50% of kisses out there!!

So yeah, I totally recommend this series on all cylinders! But just a piece of warning, Mia and Pauline’s scene were in just a single episode in a flashback but at least they got almost half the episode to themselves, which was like 30minutes already! Meanwhile April and Izzy only got an opening sequence and that was it. Though for them they got some small scenes sprinkled in throughout the other episodes and the while series was Izzy really dealing with her sexuality (and other shit)!

Izzy deserves better!

I am sure there are fics out there already so after this I am going hunting and even if there aren’t…Let’s just say…they deserve better!!!!





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