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Here we go again…


Yukirin x Liu Nian

I just went and done it again! I went and shipped another girl with Yukirin in my dreams from just one tiny thing!

AKB48 Team SH’s Liu Nian – A girl I know nothing about and whose group I know nothing about either! That is of course about to change after today!

So, how did things get out of control in the first place? Well, it is all thanks to my NO WAY MAN withdrawals! There I was on Youtube looking up performances of NO WAY MAN that I have not seen yet when I came upon Team SH version of the single! I downloaded it, followed the channel and got the other MVs from them too! It took me a while watching them and for some reason NO WAY MAN came up last!

By then I was already intrigued by this short-haired Ace of the group. Interestingly, she was no obviously Center in formations but she had the most screen time letting me know she is the Ace!

Then I got to NO WAY MAN!

She had Yukirin’s position in that and for some reason it felt like my brain caught fire because I just got this thought and I couldn’t get rid of it! So much did it affect me that I dreamed of her and Yukirin the very first night I get to meet her!

Waking up and going on a hunt, turns out that I have seen her before with AKB48 more than once but I did not pay attention then! I am now! So much attention that my fingers are literally itching top write a fic about them, based on my dream of the two! But I no longer have time for Fics so I went for the next best thing – a pic, now that I can do!

But as the saying goes – Never Say Never so you never know, one day you might come to visit and be hit with a Fic of these two!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to learn more about these AKB48 Teams, and what I think AKB should have done from the get go; AKB48 Team SH, Team TP, now that makes more sense! Maybe they should scrap the other teams and rename them Team NB or Team SK or Team HT or Team SU or Team NG

LOL…I kid, I kid!



So, that’s how it feels like…

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Thank you so much lily love (love your username by the way), you just showed the reason why I love my Readers so much! Thank you for letting us know that there is an alternate cut of The Third Wife!

I apologise for doubting you but I just couldn’t see how there was a different version of this movie when the physical copies I saw were all the same. But that was my miss as I completely forgot to check the one place that would make better comparison – YesAsia.com. Seems I have been brain-washed by Amazon for far too long >.<

Indeed, YesAsia has two different runtimes! Hong Kong and Taiwan got the longer version while we westerners got the shorter version! As we all know it’s usually the other way around with Asia getting the compromised versions and yet another reason why I couldn’t believe it!

Now I know how it feels like when people in other countries get compromised versions of movies!

The difference is small, I mean like, 3 minutes small! That is still 3% of the full movie! And believe me that it makes a big difference, and most especially to us who ship the gay possibility in May and Xuan!

Most important is the kissing scene that was totally cut out! Like, WTF even?!! The “We can’t” line doesn’t make sense in the bluray version because they did not do anything so what can’t they do if they hadn’t done anything? How did Xuan know what May was going to do?

This makes sense in the longer version because there was no grey areas left! May started with the hands, held them, brought them to her lips and kissed them, then proceeded to kiss Xuan! And what a kiss it was! In fact, that was the only kiss we see May get! She did not kiss the Husband even once! And speaking of which, their sex scenes were also longer and also added to the second point I will cover!

Then during the intense kissing, May got even bolder as we went to fondle Xuan like a pro we all never imagined her to be! Maybe the scenes were cut to keep with the innocent version of May because she was in Beast mode here!

Apart from the kiss and super hot make out session, the other thing that was removed was the support of May’s love for Xuan! Like I said, her scenes with the Husband were also extended and this time we clearly see that she did not love him! In my views before it was speculation but here there is no space for doubt! Like, she even literally refuses to have sex with him in one scene!!

Now that wouldn’t be that surprising and some might thing that she wasn’t in the mood but only if one missed the other scene where she all but masturbated to Xuan after catching her and Mistress Ha’s son. Remember that scene I thought she was only dreaming? Turns out it was just her illusions to which she got off, right there next to her sleeping Husband as she thought of Xuan’s hands on her during the bathing scene and that one time Xuan was playing with the fan!

Basically, in this extended version May was all but gay and in love with Xuan the whole time and there was no room for debate! Her sex scene with the Husband was also extended and there you clearly see even the tears in her eyes and it’s not just her words of pain to the other Mistresses but this time there is visual proof!

So you see, we totally got played! And I have to say that I now feel for you all who have to go through this all the time!

I will be buying the Taiwanese version of course and I only wish there were blurays of the longer version! I just can’t believe someone decided to go for the compromised version for western distribution like…why?!

Anyway, yeah, thank you again lily love! You totally made my week!


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Liz in September [VE-Movie]

Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 32;26;54.722
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 04;11;32.197 Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 01;22;10.255
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 09;21;35.936 Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 21;41;58.926
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 12;16;36.984
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 33;07;51.108 Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 16;44;55.458
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 41;44;48.808 Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 41;44;05.813
Liz.In.September.2014.1080p.WEBRip.x264.AAC5.1-[YTS.MX].mp4 - 32;13;37.053

Would you kill someone you love?
Because of Love?

Before we get into that quote that every anime fan should know, let me first say something real quick…

OMFG Patricia Velasquez!!!!!???

How in the name of all that is holy am I just finding out about this movie?!!! It came out six years ago for crying out loud!! This one is by far one of my biggest fails in life!! Like, how the heck did I miss this?!! Yeah sure it is a Venezuela movie, another first one for me, but from the looks of things, I am sure it was popular when it came out in the community so how the fuck did I miss it?!! Patricia was my first ever crush when I saw her in The Mummy movies as Anck-Su-Namun! I crushed on her before I even knew who Jennifer Connelly was (another of my young crushes)!

Fail of epic proportions BG, FAIL!!

Enough about beating myself up over spilt milk though! Let’s talk Liz in September!

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Barash [IL-Movie]

Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 15;37;06.923
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 09;31;57.190 Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 09;31;03.640
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 09;12;01.585 Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 29;51;51.797
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 15;20;56.619
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 29;06;46.522 Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 15;24;05.059
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 30;36;19.345 Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 30;48;33.481
Barash AKA Blush 2015 Israeli 1920x1080 h264 AAC 48Khz Multi-Subs Makalakato.mkv - 27;33;22.959

Wow Israel, just wow!

This is my very first movie I have seen from Israel and I have to say what a way to lose my Israeli virginity!

I am shocked I tell you all! I don’t even know why but I am so very shocked that this movie is from Israel! Does me make me a biased ass-wipe and potentially racist by implying something about a nation? I believe so and for that I sincerely apologise to my Israeli readers!

Please forgive me!


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Yes, I know all about it!

motherland.fort.salem.s01e04.1080p.web.x264-xlf.mkv - 18;07;49.776

Look, everyone has somethings they don’t like or aren’t into and I am no different! There are a lot of couples I have seen and you have probably thought it weird that there are popular ships I have yet to write about!

It is not that I don’t know about them! Seriously, it would be a miracle that I don’t know about them! I just don’t write about these ships because for one reason or another, they just don’t do it for me! This is the case here with Motherland: Fort Salem’s Raelle and Scylla!

In fact in this case I have a kind of dislike for the couple! Now, I really love Raelle! In fact she is my favourite character in this series! Yes, I am watching it but not for the gay this time around (believe it or not) and I like Scylla, well, the real Scylla and by that I mean the red head!

I guess when the truth comes out and Raelle meets the rea Scylla and if they keep her then I might grow fond of this ship but for now…No! They just don’t do it for me and it’s all on Scylla!

So please, stop trying to get me to do something about them! When the real Scylla arrives, come back to me then!