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Yuridano Kandano Ep07


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Move along people, nothing gay here to see, nope, not at all…

Keep Calm and rejoice BG, this was a great episode. Save the ranting for the next one, whether it is the last or not!

I mean, Kairi and Yuri practically got engaged EMISON-style this episode! And all that right after Yuri declared herself in front of Kairi’s mother! That’s powerful! And yes, I know I just spoiled the best part of this episode in the intro but who cares!


Be prepared, lots of beef ahead…


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Alright, first things first – I have all but given up on taking this series seriously! Don’t get me wrong, it does have some powerful moments but that’s what they are, moments! The series doesn’t keep that momentum and it never is going to play into the overall story, whatever the fuck that is! Before episode five there was a sense of progression! There was a sense of growth in both the characters and the story and both affected the other.

Now though, nothing at all makes sense anymore! Where Yuri got shook at the simplest form of affection from Kairi, now she doesn’t even bat an eye! They start shit that seems to be important but then they ignore it like it was just for giggles the next episode! This of course I mean Yuri’s relationship with Dick and her friends. That side of the story seemed so important, especially to Yuri’s character but what is it now, but ancient history!

Meanwhile, all these emotions that she should have been projecting on Dick and Shiho and Tomomi, are all thrown at Kairi for the stupidest of reasons and even then, it is forgotten about the next episode or watered down so much they might as well have been drunk and just had vague memories of what transpired!

This brings me to the opening of this episode where Yuri walks out of her apartment at the same time as Kairi and they stand there I am like, Ah crap, this is going to be awkward! Awkward was the farthest thing from their interaction! I expected more hurt and damage on Kairi’s part after that night and what Yuri said to her. I mean, Kairi has a lot of love for Yuri but come on, shouldn’t she be that more hurt the more she loves Yuri and then getting hurt like that?

Should we take it as Kairi loving Yuri so much that she would forgive her for anything? Meanwhile on Yuri’s part, despite seemingly feeling guilty for being out of line, she never even dropped a simple apology! Like, I don’t know about you all but Kairi is 1000x more of a nice person than Yuri! I still go back to the fact that Kairi hasn’t hurt Yuri at all in anyway, unless you think of her thing with Sensei being an indirect hit but then it is cancelled out by all the actual good that Kairi is doing fraternising with Sensei.

Meanwhile Yuri seems to find ways to hurt Kairi, most times directly, whenever she gets the chance and I am really not liking it one bit! Indeed, come what may in the finale, I will commend this show for two things and one of those being giving us one of the best characters ever in a J-drama in Kairi! I love that girl so damn much! She really deserves the world!

Anyway, back to the episode, Kairi returns with one of her moments where she calls the ring her ‘First Love’ ring! Like, bend me over and smack me sideways…I would do anything for this girl! I think it is safe to say that Kairi’s way of dealing with the harshness of the world and the pain is by always being positive no matter what. The world is literally against her, her co-workers, her friend/lover, her own mother and strangers! And yet she finds a way to push forward not by turning to the dark side but by remaining positive, by still being good!

I seriously don’t know how she does it!

They talk about the Sensei situation and Yuri is like if Kairi wants them, to be friends again she has to stop whatever it is going on between her and Sensei but of course Kairi says she can’t do that because we know she can’t. She is doing what she is doing because she is protecting Yuri! If she stops, then the predator will set its sights onto Yuri once more!

Too bad Yuri once again went and screwed that up!

Anyway, more problems are piling up on Kairi and while this time they are natural problems, that doesn’t make her world any better. Apparently every time her period is about to hit she feels the urge to nibble on things and so she asks Yuri to strip off her shoes and stocks and give her her toes to nibble on. Yuri being the character she has turned into, thinks Kairi is lying and she walks off!

Yeah, like Kairi has been a lying snob since you met her!

Like, no one has been as truthful to you like Kairi has been Yuri!!! She has basically borne her true self to you, the faith that you betrayed every chance you got when you went blabbering on to every living being you could meet!

Yes, I am still bitter about that!

Yuri da 07.mp4 - 01;41;24.033
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 02;17;47.786 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 02;16;59.548
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Yuri da 07.mp4 - 03;48;04.050

Speaking of blabber mouthing, it continues in college when Yuri once again has to shared about what transpired after Shiho sees that she is no longer wearing the friendship ring. I guess they were still curious? Anyway, seeing how seemingly disturbed Yuri is with the whole situation between Kairi and Sensei, or what she thinks the situation is, one would think that her admirations for him is more than that!

Leaving the usual talk of slandering Kairi on the aide, what was interesting in this conversation between Yuri Shiho and Tomomi was the revelation that Yuri had about the Stalker incidents not happening anymore. I was like, ka-ching! But Yuri is dumb so she won’t figure it out in time to give us some dramatic moments until it’s too late.

Just don’t think about the previews BG, just don’t!

Meanwhile Kairi is really having a bad day! She is not feeling well and the side effects are beginning to affect her work. Speaking of work, when she collapses and Boss catches her (still not feeling it), he sees on her neck that there is a wound. Apparently, she was the bottom in the S&M activities she and Sensei were having!

I figured it was the other way around but this changes things! That man is a beast! He is taking out his frustrations on Kairi in the wrong ways! Wait, this muthafaka is hurting Kairi!?!


I’m calm, I am calm…

Yuri da 07.mp4 - 04;16;05.798 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 04;21;06.616
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 04;22;58.637
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 04;32;05.000 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 04;34;32.714
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 05;08;33.013 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 05;15;16.746 - 00001
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Back at the apartment, when Yuri returns home (why early this time?) she finds a woman standing outside their complex and apparently she is familiar with Kairi’s eyes so well she figured out it was her mother from just looking at her eyes and goes to invite her into Yuri apartment. Forgetting the fact that those two still have access to each other’s homes, couldn’t you at least have taken her to your own apartment and waited for Kairi? I mean it’s not like she warned you about her mother or anything…

Oh wait, SHE DID!!

Like, what is wrong with Yuri?! I really don’t understand her!

Inside Kairi’s home, the two talk about her and once again Yuri just can’t seem to talk about anything outside Kairi! She brings up the nibbling thing and once again thanks to her mother, we find out that Kairi wasn’t lying, she was telling them truth! But will this make Yuri reflect at all? Nope! Even her basically admitting to Kairi’s mother that she thought Kairi was a cool beauty will not let me like her one bit since last episode.

Meanwhile Kairi proves to be such an Angel when she is does not get angry at Yuri for letting her mother in without her consent or that she was easily deceived by her sweet nature but that is the Yuri that Kairi loves I guess, the Yuri that is trusting of everyone, well, except when it comes to Kairi I guess!

Fuck, I am getting myself riled up again. I need to stop…

Later when her mother leaves to stay at the hotel with her boyfriend, the two meet at the supermarket, having gone separately later that night, I wonder why too. We see Kairi was there to withdraw a ward of cash from the ATM, I wonder why! The two talk and Yuri of course doesn’t waste an opportunity in saying how Kairi’s mother was that different from what Kairi was saying of her but Kairi is like, you will see!

And I know this will make me look like a bitch, but I really liked it when Yuri saw that Kairi had taken off the ring as well, because she looked stupid being the only one wearing the so-called friendship ring. Seeing the little bit of pain on Yuri’s face made me feel good! Too bad it wasn’t enough! She needs a taste of her medicine! I guess we will have to wait for the next episode. For now, I will just have to continue to be pissed at her…

Yuri da 07.mp4 - 05;38;56.411 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 05;53;46.681
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 06;11;42.339 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 06;22;49.826
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 06;58;54.142 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 07;09;28.644
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 07;18;18.273 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 07;58;48.027
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 08;25;53.259 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 08;42;08.107

Because lo and behold, like it was foretold, Yuri goes and does something stupid again! What makes it worse is the fact that it happened right after Kairi’s noble cause where she has the conversation with Boss about the whole thing and stops him from going to the police because it would fuck up Yuri’s life. She basically offers to suffer in the stead of Yuri so she could protect her.

Meanwhile what does Yuri do? She all but renders Kairi’s efforts and pain meaningless! Now, I see her side of things. I see that she is also trying to protect Kairi—Oh fuck that!!

Look here now, she goes to visit Sensei in the hospital and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is how she believes Sensei shouldn’t be betraying his wife like that! She says she knows of his relationship with Kairi, at the point of which I was like, OMG maybe she isn’t so stupid, and when she was talking about him not betraying his wife and thus thinking that was why she wanted him to stop seeing Kairi, I was like, maybe she is a nice person!

But then, she goes and is like, what about me? I can take Kairi’s place and be there for you! We can have dinner together, talk about your wife and I am like…..WTF ARE YOU DOING?!! This is not doing it for Kairi! You don’t know that Kairi doesn’t want in, in fact to you, she wants in so you offering yourself here when you just said you don’t want Sensei to cheat on his wife…


Forget about her fuckin up Kairi’s plans of protecting her! This is about doing the same thing she is accusing Kairi of doing! You think Sensei is just looking for someone to talk to?! He can talk to anyone about things! He has friends, I think, he can find a shrink! You can’t be that fuckin stupid! If he wanted to talk, he would talk to Kairi! But apparently, he wants something beyond talking so what makes you think you will suffice?!

And all this before even thinking of what can of worms she just opened! Like, did you all see that grin on Sensei’s face?! It was like, he was just handed a frikkin Holy Grail! Like, Yuri just literally made the whole thing much worse than it was before! Talk about a lamb offering itself to a hungry lion! Like, what the fuck even prompted her to this?! It’s not like Kairi needed saving! Well, she does but Yuri doesn’t know that! And you just said you don’t want to stray Sensei from his wife so WTF do you think is going to happen if you hang out with him and thus taking time away from him and his wife?!

Like, WTH?!!

And if you thought this was the end of the bad news, you are mistaken! Remember when I talked about Yuri’s relationships at the beginning? Well, at the café, we revisit such relationship where, in a nutshell, Dick and Yuri get back together! Like, no one was delusional enough to think they had actually broken up, not even Kairi! But once again Yuri is all good and forgiving when it comes to people, just not when it comes to Kairi because…Fuck the hell knows!

So yeah, Yuri is back with Dick, Kairi knows it because she was eavesdropping, and all she can think is how good of a person Yuri is for forgiving people so easily. Like, girl, come on! Like, is it me or has this series shifted so blatantly since episode 4?! It’s like, 1-4 was a love story and 5-? Is a whole as different story about some kind of stupid friendship that is actually romantic but everyone and their Aunt are trying to convince the observer and themselves that is it nothing but simple friendship!


Look at that chart…That is how their relationship has been, like, since episode 5, it was like they were trying to erase whatever transpired in the first four episodes by continuously dropping the dreaded ‘best friend’ word! I didn’t know I hated that word until this show! And now they are getting Dick and Yuri back together as if he hadn’t been fooling around with other girls all the time and hadn’t broken up already. And let’s not forget the useless shenanigans between him and her friends!

Nope, that is all water under the bridge! All the progress between Yuri and Kairi up to episode 4 was nothing! The show doesn’t have the word ‘lesbian’ in its title! Nope, none of that! Next episode Dick will be the hero of the show like this was some kind romcom drama or something!

ah shit here we go again

I swear, I am done with that, I swear….

But what is not done with us is the bad, as, when Kairi and Sensei meet for their usual meal, Sensei drops the bomb on Kairi about Yuri’s proposal and as you can imagine, Kairi is powerless to do anything. She can’t go to the police now unless she wants to bring Yuri’s world down! What is going to happen to Yuri now?! That is an answer for another day…

Yuri da 07.mp4 - 08;56;19.961 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 08;58;05.537
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 09;06;26.560 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 09;09;55.318
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 09;36;42.482
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;14;49.263 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;16;04.944
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;17;10.602 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;18;30.667
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;02;02.458
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;30;44.894 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;37;09.008
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;49;32.532 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;51;02.401
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 10;55;28.382

What we can do now is give Yuri some slack for what she does in regards to Kairi’s mother. Putting aside the fact that these fuckers have no idea what they want this show to be, wanting it to be about friendship but showing anything but friendship when it comes to Yuri and Kairi, like, no matter how much you will drop the word friendship, it doesn’t collate with Yuri and Kairi’s actions! They act like lovers! Just give up this bullshit about friendship and everyone will be happy!

Anyway, the next morning Yuri is putting out the trash when she drops in on Kairi and her mother’s goodbye exchange. Kairi hands over an envelope, that has money in it obviously, which made me go, Ha! Take that Yuri, because during their conversation in the shop she was all like, Kairi’s mother said it wasn’t about the money but her love for her only daughter and blah, blah, blah…Now she gets the shock of some truth and I feel happy on the inside and there is something wrong there in wanting Yuri to feel pain but I am not regretting nothing!

Yuri fights for Kairi here and she deserves some points but to tell you all the truth, her words were empty to me! Kairi’s mother is talking about people betraying her left and right, always leaving her, which Yuri kind of just did the past episode, and here she is acting all mighty, saying how she won’t leave Kairi alone, how she believes in Eternal Love and Eternal Friendship…

Yeah bitch? Where is your friendship ring?!

Okay, that is mean, but Yuri has hurt Kairi enough times for me to put her last on my character list, down there with Sensei. They deserve each other…

Harsh, BG, that is harsh…

More good feels when Yuri stops in her tracks at the friendship ring line when she realises that she doesn’t have it on!

I like the smell of bad feelings in the morning.

But wait, wasn’t Yuri all about forgiving people and being nice?! It wasn’t like Kairi’s mother was a mean bitch or something. I mean, would anyone refuse their mother if they came up to them and asked for some money from time to time? And the way she tells it, Kairi too always needs her when people leave her. Which is why she said she will be there when Yuri leaves Kairi and Kairi needs someone. She is not that bad! There are worse mothers out there…

Yuri runs over to Kairi’s side once more and shouts out how she will never leave Kairi’s side, yeah, like, how bitch! Are you lovers or something? Last time I checked you got back to your boyfriend, told Kairi off to stop dragging you into her dark world or some shit like that and cut off your friendship.

These writers don’t know what the fuck they want Yuri and Kairi’s relationship to be so I guess we will just have to decide! And in doing so, my choice gives me no other option than to forgive Yuri here and change my emotional state so I can enjoy what is about to transpire.

But before we get there, Kairi’s emotions through this whole Mother/Yuri exchange though >.< I want to hug her till the end of time and bathe her in a universe of happiness!

Gods, I love Kairi…

Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;06;00.618
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;21;04.348 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;21;58.216
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;50;25.102 - 00001 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;49;55.937
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;00;32.457 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 11;58;08.688
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;11;02.054
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;21;17.541 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;28;48.352
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;38;56.949 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;47;16.636
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;47;38.503
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;50;05.212 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 12;55;57.273 - 00001Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;05;48.877 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;13;01.850
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;13;55.341 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;17;05.291
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;24;30.851 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;23;19.708
Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;24;43.106 - 00001 Yuri da 07.mp4 - 13;24;10.632

And as if I didn’t love her enough already, their conversation begins with yet Kairi making me feel like she was a Goddess that demanded my worship and endless love! She confesses once again how she sees Yuri and what Yuri means to her, how she wants to cross over to Yuri’s world where there are no secrets and love is abound. A world where she won’t be hurt because no one can get hurt where everyone tells the truth and believe in each other. She wants to be able to love someone more than she does herself. She wants to be happy!

And I am here like, girl, you are already in that world! You always tell the truth and when you don’t it is for a good cause, you are doing it for someone you love. You love Yuri more than you do yourself! You are willing to suffer just so she could be safe! Not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. Like, girl, you are even better of a person than Yuri is as far as I am concerned!

Then here comes Yuri who feels for Kairi. She tells her she will find that love. She tells her she will find that happiness! After all, she, Yuri, is there. She a friends is…


I swear to God if I hear that word one more goddamn time!!! You just had to go and ruin the whole fuckin moment with that stupid word, didn’t you?!!

Fuck the engagement! Fuck the EMISON wedding moment! How the fuck am I supposed to enjoy it now after you went and ruined the whole thing?! Like, you couldn’t just resist and left that shit out, could ya!?! Nooooooooooooooo, you just had to say it, right before doing something that is anything but friendship-like.

Fuck you and your rings you fuckin…


*Door bursts open*

*Officers walk in and cuff me*

“You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be used against you….”

*Gets whisked away*

*In Prison..*

And to think that Kairi even had the rings on a necklace, around her neck! To think how romantic that moment was when they slipped the rings on each other’s fingers, to think the vows they made that would have made this the best ever lesbian show on Japanese television had they stayed the course since episode 4, to think of Yuri offering a kiss to Kairi as an apology, like, you know, all friends do, and to think of Kairi sucking on Yuri’s toes, you know, again as friends do…

I can’t believe I am thinking of that and yet instead of being happy I am endlessly furious…


And fuck that preview too!

*Patroller hits the bars*

“Quiet in there!”




Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

40 thoughts on “Yuridano Kandano Ep07

  1. I read your post after I watched the ep, and it was the same reaction. I think I said a year worth of cuss word because of the word friendship. The preview does not help at all.

    • Like, we don’t hate friendship but the fact that they are now just saying it for the sake of saying it and that the girls are shown to be anything but friends, like Yuri and Tomomi and Shiho, that’s friendship!

      What Yuri and Kairi are doing is much more than that!

      Like, why?! Why the fuckin title in the first place?!

      Sigh, I guess we have to reserve judgement until the show is over, who knows, maybe there will be a point to it all…

  2. I have nothing left to said about this show. All my hopes have turn into despair. Before this i tought that this show could be my happy place, to relax and feel the love. But now im left with nothing but feeling like been abandoned. And from the look of the next ep preview it doesn’t seems like anythings gonna happend between kairi and yuri ( ¡ _ ¡ ) Anyway thank you for the post. Appreciate it. Keep up the good work.(^g^)

  3. What with the heartbreak emoji. Now I’m scare.

  4. Does anyone know other movie or drama which Baba Fumiko played L character.?

  5. Are there any episodes passed 1 + 2 subbed in eng?

  6. Can you translate what are said in these?

  7. Sorry, mi ingles no es muy bueno, tendré que expresarme en español.

    Entiendo tu malestar, la verdad cuando comencé a verlo me comenzó a interesar mucho esta serie.

    Como lesbiana obviamente me encanta el yuri, pero creo que a estas alturas comienzo a disfrutar mas del Shoujo Ai. Si son bonitas las historias de amor donde ves a dos personas amándose, pero en lo personal me encanta este tipo de relaciones entre dos “amigas”, le da misterio, le da emoción y permite que la imaginación vuele. Me recuerda a las relaciones entre los personajes de anime como Nanoha y Fate (Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha) o a Kumiko y Reina (Hibike! Euphonium)

    Ahora, como cosa personal, yo soy mucho de la frase que el poeta chileno Pablo Neruda escribió. “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una” creo que pueden existir amistades tan especiales que se vuelven eternas, más allá de una pareja sentimental. Que cuando las ves juntas parecerían la pareja perfecta, y no hay que ser pareja para que eso limite que esas personas se amen. También existen las amigas con derechos (amigas que tienen relaciones sexuales entre ellas)

    Yo no estaría molesta si en realidad los escritores hubieran dado entender eso, una amistad especial, al final Yuri fue una confusión pues en el episodio 4 mostraba ya un interés sexual por Kairi y probablemente hasta sentimental, y de repente se esfumo.

    Llegue al punto de perderle la lógica a la relación y termino siendo una simple amistad. Ni lo yuri, ni lo Shoujo Ai termino teniendo la serie.

    Espero que el traductor haga bien su trabajo.


  8. Whre is the last ep 8 review?

  9. Where the other raw and sub? Thankyou for the effort, im sypporting this.

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