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[Random] Oh God, They’ve Found Me!



Ooh, I am shaking!

So, I was prepared to write a long essay going off on recent developments, which I will get into in a sec, but then after some time to get myself together I came to the conclusion – I don’t give a tick!

And so, I have decided to write only half the essay (Hahaha).

This is not a normal post so if you don’t want to get involved in moral-killing shenanigans, don’t read. If you are thinking of reading, just know that there is going to be some very colourful language. You’ve been warned!

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice_1rvYlm Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Look here, this is my blog. I don’t do this for any other reason other than to share my thoughts (and some) of tv shows, movies, music videos, books and other media that I enjoy. No monetary value I get from doing this! The blog doesn’t run free! The amount of content I put here surpassed the free tier in the first year, the premium tier three years later, after that I had no option than to go business! You wanna know how much business upgrades cost? They start from 280 (with discounts) and go all the way up to 540! And that is not a one-off payment! That’s subscription!

That money can be easily covered with ads, even with my few visitors I get, a lot of that bill would be taken care of by the time the bill gets around if I used ads! But I do not! My Legendary Readers will remember the last time I had ads on here! It was a long while back! And the only way you can get rid of ads is to go business so I spend money not to gain money! Crazy, huh?!

In addition, while about 50% of content I cover is from the internet already delivered by somebody, the other 50% I have to buy myself! Most of it is from Japan and Japanese DVD/Blurays are stupidly expensive! That is without even considering import taxes and international delivery (which are locked to priority) charges!

So, if some Japanese fans are angry at me, from what I hear, for putting creators out of business (Hahahaha), not only are you fighting the wrong person, a useless fight and for the wrong reasons, but I don’t frikkin care!

First of all your logic implies that I am some grand site that Japanese fans visit. I mean foreign fans shouldn’t impact your profits, right? Even when we do it’s the good kind of impact, when we buy merchandise. And how do we do it? How do we find out about it? By someone who speaks our language telling us about it, like, you know, this blog!!! Secondary, I usually get under 500 visits a day, most of them are the usual readers that have been with me since the beginning and wanna know the kicker? Japan doesn’t even come up in the list of top regions…


See? You can’t even see it! Anyway, this is all if there was logic in what you are blaming me for but the way businesses ran changed with the internet! What bloggers like I are doing is basically marketing! In case you don’t get the picture, I am actually making you money and more than that, much more valuable than that, I am giving you exposure!

I took a holiday in Japan Christmas 2017 not because I am some traveller! I went because I loved the country! From where did I learn of it? From the blogs I follow that showed me content created from Japan! That showed me what the country was capable of and without these blogs, I wouldn’t have come over, spent money there (over 3k BTW ex tickets) and while that is nothing, multiply that by all the other hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat!

Actually,I am so pissed off right now I have made a decision on my latest quandary regarding Yuridano drama! And all this after I had made a conscious decision to wait until it finished airing! Well, screw that!

Next point! In case you all couldn’t tell, I am not Generation Z but Gen Y. So every time I see this SJW, WOKE, Alt-Right, POC, Faminism (Fake Feminism) crap, I completely ignore it! I am included by nature in two of these (up to you to figure out which) and yet despite that, despite me not getting involved in the wars, despite me being born a part of it, the warriors have finally come at me! Me!!!

I have dealt with all this crap both in my life and on the internet! In my life because of what I said I was a part of, on the internet because SPOILERS (LOL) I am a Zack Snyder fan! Or as people like to call us; Cultists, Snychos, Trump Supporters, Terrorists, Maniacs etc…In case you didn’t see that it’s because these wars are contained on Twitter and other Social media corners.

So, not only do I not give a shit but I have already been exposed to this crap so for your own well-being, leave it out of here! If you haven’t seen these comments it’s because I have turned on moderation rights. Now every comment made is to be moderated before being shown! I am not going to expose my nice Readers to your toxicity! You are not fighting for people’s rights! You aren’t fighting for any cause! You are just another keyboard warrior going with the flow like all sheep these days! Keep that crap out of here!

But what is even funnier out of all this is that those “Male-Gaze” warriors have also started to come out of the wood works! You would think that The HANDMAIDEN should have settled the matter! Ah those were great times! Those KWs sure got schooled good back then and they disappeared for a while but they are back now!

And yes you guessed it, it’s because of Yuridano Kandano drama! See? I told you all this drama would be a big deal with how popular the actresses are! Now all the warriors are coming out calling it a male’s fantasy and at the same time blaming us for ruining the Japanese Yuri Business?! I think you all got a screw loose somewhere! Tell me again, appreciation of one’s work and defacing of one’s work, which demotivates creators more?!

First off I never got this “Male-Gaze” shit! What does that mean? Why are you explaining how this content is made? If a man makes it of course it’s through a man’s eyes! If a woman makes it then of course it’s a woman’s gaze! So? Just because you a woman or a man, doesn’t mean that you understand how the other person of the same sex feels, outside of the physical! Emotionally, you are as much a stranger to any other person’s feelings as the other person is to yours! Unless you are mirrors of each other then you don’t know shit!

Everyone knows what love is! Love is the same! You are a bully and a discriminator if you think men and women have different feelings and that neither understands the other’s feelings! How the fuck then would we fall in love if we don’t understand one another or our feelings were different?! And even if a man or a woman was making a movie about things that only a certain sex feels, the actors are of the right sex! The actors know what it feels like! A woman is directing a man? So what?! The man is still the actor! It is up to him to show us what a man feels in the given situation which only men can understand! That is not written in the script!

“Here John, this is how you act like while you are 15 and a boy! Oh, you were 15 once? You are a man? We don’t care, you have to do it like this! This is how a man looks like when he…”

Like, GTFOH!!!!

Movies and Dramas are not books! They are not that descriptive! The actors are real people! They are not frikkin mannequins moved by strings on a puppeteer’s fingers! So please, go get educated in life and use your brains before you come back here with that shit!

Sigh, as you can see, never to be the one to disappoint, I have gone and done it again! I have derailed the train of my thoughts and commitments! I swear, I will start not doing what I set out not to do any one of these days! You just watch!

Anyway, sorry for going off but this has been one crazy week! It is kind of funny! Here I am, probably in the lowest tier of internet ranking and people are giving me shit like I was some significant person or something! I am nothing! I am 1/100th of an ant! So, sorry you all warriors wasted your time here just because Yuridano Kandano is being covered here and it’s a big deal and people are sharing it!

Sorry to say but my life is already filled with enough problems for me to care about your fake useless ones! You are all wasting your time here! You will find nothing here. And this is both the first and last attention you will be getting from me!

Seriously though, really Japan? I believed in you! And yet you come at me with this crap?!

“If you don’t support creators don’t cry about not getting more yuri content”

Get the fuck out of here with that shit! Do you think you are the yuri King or something?! How much yuri content have you produced in the last five years?! How good was the content you have produced?! How relevant?! How supportive of lesbians out there was it?! Just because I seem to cover your content the most doesn’t mean you are the best! I do it because not many have access to it! I am bringing awareness! A lot, if not most, can get Western or European, even other Asian content quite easily! That’s why I rarely cover it! That’s why I spend more money on you than other Countries and yet you come at me with this shit?!

I am so angry, I feel betrayed and very disappointed! You just lost major points from me Japan!

God, I should end this before I do something stupid.

Again apologies for the steaming engine but it needed to let off some otherwise it would have blown up!

Have a great day, to only my good lovely Readers!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “[Random] Oh God, They’ve Found Me!

  1. Gekikara answer indeed.
    Even if I don’t really know what’s happening, I hope you’ll get through it fast . I do not comment often but I read and appreciate most of what you post, so keep it going for a few more decades if you can.
    Take care.

  2. I didn’t mean to offend you with my comment, I just wanted to express my opinion after watching the first episode because it was truly disappointing. I assume there are a lot of lesbian readers that follow your blog (me included) and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who was disappointing with the first episode. It’s always been obvious that you somewhat fetishize lesbianism and that truly isn’t a surprise for any of your readers. I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s not like my support has wavered because of it.
    And the male-gaze is an actual term and also a problem in film & tv. It’s becoming a thing of the past in the west but it’s definitely still a thing in less gender equal countries, and if you truly read up on the Japanese culture, then you should know what gender-equality is like there. Not to mention the way LGBT people are treated. It is very obvious that this was written and directed by a man and not being able to see that is either being willfully ignorant or just oblivious to the way lesbian women are often portrayed in Japanese entertainment. I was hopeful for something more realistic and not filled with so many negative lesbian tropes because we rarely get any good lesbian content from Japan. Though this is only the first episode so things might turn for the better. There aren’t many other places where we can discuss this kind of content so I often come here to comment with like minded individuals. I was also the person who told you about this drama. Anyway, hope I didn’t offend you with my comment but it’s not like I was mean or anything like that. Just calling a spade a spade.

    • Look, I’m just going to make things clear. First, this is not just about you. In fact, your issues were down in the middle of the post. After sara warned me, all types of comments started showing up in here. Which brings me to my second point.

      Stop making assumptions. That goes both about people and ENTERTAINMENT! No, I am not saying you are wrong about the drama being written and directed by men. That is written on the site and in the credits themselves. Barring the delivery, you obviously don’t even know why they made it in the first place. Which ironically was to support lesbians.

      So what if the delivery is not what you want or what you think lesbians should be written as? At least it is out there! They are spreading awareness so people will get more used to seeing lesbians. They have to start slow. They have to only support lesbians but to also make sure that they are welcome by others. These others will swallow the pill better when they don’t think it’s that serious. First we get awareness and acceptance then we get recognition. But jumping into the firy pot is not how things get done.

      All this equality 8s only widening now but without that history first there would not be this progress! Someone else will come along in Japan to truly send a message with a real serious lesbian movie but first there has to be motivation to do so. There had to be support for it.
      Next point, this is entertainment. It was created for that reason and it will stay for that reason. Anyone should see that this is not a serious series and it is mostly entertainment. But within it they decided to include a lesbian in order to bring more awareness.

      What do you know of Kairi? Are you her? Do you know who she is or how she acts? Is what we are seeing her true self? What of she is only acting this way to hide her true self so she can make people think that she is not serious so they don’t hate her?

      You don’t know anything but what you yourself would do. Everyone is different. That’s what makes us human.

      Look, I get where you’re coming from. As you can see I can talk these issues if I wanted to but this is obviously not the place for it. And if you truly are a reader then you would know this. But instead you can’t even tell when something warrants that level of discussion. I know silly movies and dramas and I know which are making a mockery of the issues they are thinking they are discussing.

      I do not do politics only point out what my view on the movie or show is, according to my preferences. I don’t pretend to fight for others because this blog is nothing, absolutely nothing. There are big sites out there that I myself go to with these issues.

      Look, I appreciate you, I really do but please don’t make the mistake of thinking this blog is out to change the world. Well, if I do I don’t want to think it’s because it comes at the cost of something else.

      At this rate, we will not have any more movies or dramas. At this rate only scientists will make sci-fi movies. Fantastical Beings will make Fantasy movies. Only someone who has flown before can make a movie about flying.

      So what if it is directed and written by someone who is not in the same community! You act like no lesbian would ever do what Kairi was doing. That is obviously wrong. Women have fantasies too. That is a two way road.

      Anyway, I only ask that you tone down your feelings, okay? Just on this blog. Find a more relevant blog and go off a s much as you like but not here.


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