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Kasane [J-Movie]

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Kasane 累 ―かさね―


Look, I know what you are thinking of doing just from seeing these caps and I just have to stop you right there! Hear what I have to say about the movie first then go on and waste your bandwidth!

The exception being those who are fans of anything movies and not just yuri movies! You can go and start getting this then. But even then…Nah, I think I have to cut a bit of this negativity down because I feel like I am just wallowing and wallowing these days.

But really, you can’t blame me! These movies are already becoming a realty in Japan and yet they keep doing these same mistakes, or maybe it is a formula to them now! I am starting to think it is a formula! The formula of having really bad endings and cold feet in the middle of the story! Now when I say bad endings I don’t mean it in a ‘OMG the lesbian died’ kind of bad end! I mean it literally, and that is if there is an ending at all!


Now, I know this movie is based off of an existing source (manga or something) so maybe they were just true to the material and it is the material to blame! But even if that was the case, this is an adaptation, meaning there is space for modification. You can still change things, if you are making them better! So this being an adaptation is no excuse for a shitty ending!

As I should think you all know, when I write about a movie here, it is 100% spoilery! This should not be news but I might as well throw it out there before I get into things!

If you watch jdramas you must be familiar with both our girls! I used images of them that show them mostly like how they look. Yoshine Kyouko plays Kasane, the title character, who has the fucked-up face. Tsuchiya Tao (or discount Saaya as I used to call her, heh) plays the beauty Nina, the actress, the one who the story resolves around as a character, but not the main character, if that makes sense! Think of Batman v Superman. Batman is the main character in that movie despite the story revolving around Superman!

First things first. Since I have already touched upon it, let’s talk about the ending first! Yes, I know it is weird to start from the end but whatevs. The best way to say it I think is that there is no ending! The movie just fuckin cuts off! There is all this talk of Kasane blurring the line between her fake acting and the real Nina during the finale of the play at the end! We never get that resolution! Her face seems to have returned to normal (the effects wear off after a certain time) which means she returned back to being herself right in front of an audience. But even the ramifications of that were not shown!

After their fight and Nina being serious injured, she whispers something to their agent about killing her or was she talking about Kasane killing herself? Anyway it seemed urgent but even that was left in the dust! Speaking of Nina, we see paramedics getting to the scene but we are never showed her fate!

But then again, since Kasane kept the face of her first victim way back in kindergarten after that girl died, speculating that when the person dies the face stays with Kasane permanently, since her face turned back to normal during the climax of the play, I guess it can be constituted to Nina having survived because if she had not, then Kasane would have kept her face forever!

But all that shit was left unresolved! They did not even let the play finish, finish! We were denied the reactions of the audience upon seeing Kasane’s true face or what Kasane’s mind would have been at that moment! Was it psychological? That even as her face is still hers she would keep the mentality of Nina? Or would everyone else see Nina’s face despite Kasane still having her damaged face? Or would Kasane have lost her mind and still think she was Nina despite her face having returned to normal?

All that will have to be up to the viewer because the film-makers were like, fuck you and they just cut off the movie like that!

You are lost I guess so a quick explanation. You see the movie opens with the funeral of Kasane’s mother. She had left something behind for her, some ancient looking lipstick and she mysteriously tells her to use it and it will give her whatever she wants.

That lipstick not only steals the person she kisses, their faces but also their personality. They don’t completely switch because they are still them in their own bodies but characteristics are switched, like confidence, intelligence and of course, the outward appearance.

The first time we see Kasane use it it seems like an accident and we are lead to believe that she did not know what happened. Little did we know that she had used it already in elementary but that comes much later.

Nina has Nia’s (LOL) condition in Supergirl TV Show where she falls asleep at weird times! This prevents her from taking on major roles and having major auditions in her dream pursuit of becoming a legendary actor. Nina’s agent worked with Kasane’s mother who was the it in her days! He knew the secret and proposed to get a stand in for Nina when she got important activities that would spell her doom were she to collapse in the middle of it!

So he introduces Kasane to Nina as her stand in! Of course things start out volatile until Nina gets to experience Kasane’s power. After that the three come to an agreement where Kasane takes Nina’s face and personality and chases Nina’s dream by going to her auditions and taking part in the inevitable roles.

And of course I shouldn’t have to mention that every switch required a kiss!

Yes, everyday there was practice, basically they kissed! Bye Honey, have a good day *CHU* Hi honey, how was your day *CHU* Since they have to kiss to return back to their selves, unless the time is up but usually it isn’t!

And there lay my second problem, and really, the problem given this blog’s content subject!

Like, can you imagine kissing someone that may times and not even once, being affected in any way?!! I don’t fuckin believe that shit! Unless you are machine there is no way you are not emotionally or psychologically affected by kissing someone that many times! Someone that you stay with in the same apartment for that long (I believe the movie took a span of two or three years) and not be even remotely affected!

And by affected I mean not developing any type of feelings for that person! But believe it or not, these girls were not even friends!!!! I kid you not! Fuck, they even tried to kill each other towards the end! Like, in what kind of world is a person that unfeeling?!! What’s worse they even got the moment where they entered into ‘each other’s shoes’ so to speak in order to understand one another! Despite that it was Kasane that kind of was getting there but the ghost of her mother got in the way! Meanwhile Nina thought of Kasane even worse despite what she found out about her!

I like,  refuse to believe that the source material is like this too! Now I want to read it just to find out because this is pure bullshit! And the ads are all pushing the gay thing, them together holding hands, in kissing positions, like they were being romantic or some shit like that!

There were some scenes like when Nina was helping Kasane train, and some kissing scene looked kind of like they were feeling it, especially Nina but none of these kinda things were discussed! There was no embarrassment, even for Kasane who obviously is still a virgin and hasn’t kissed anyone since that death kiss in kindergarten! Even that wasn’t touched upon!

At this rate I an done with being angry because I think Japan thinks this is normal and no matter how much that disturbs me, I doubt it is going to change any time soon!

I guess we can look at this positively as SUBTEXT, but even then at least sub-text has these hidden emotions that characters keep to themselves but show us the audience even if they don’t show them to other characters! Showing us either Nina or Kasane being affected in some way or showing some affection to the other even without making it known to the other, that would have been enough!


Like, why am I even still talking about this? I will just dump some images and caps after the jump and say..


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    I will give japan a chance >.<!!

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